Jenny had finally bought herself a set of gym outfit to motivate herself to exercise and she felt great when she put it on at home. A set of red black sports bra, that held her firm C cups in place. And pulling the skin tight shorts up her legs felt even better without the annoying panties in the way. She turned around in front of her mirror and noticed the cameltoe that was showing. She had a very small slit for her private parts and thus she did not think much of it since it would even be harder to tell in black colour.

She skipped giving it a wash and once she was done feeling comfortable in it, she left her house in the exact outfit, sports bra and tights that reached her upper thighs, she already felt slimmer in it. She closed the door and went to the nearby park for her maiden run in years. It had been a long time since she exercised, in fact, since JC times. She only watched her diet and after some time, the slow accumulating calories caught up and gave her a little flab.

Jenny began running around the park after she put on her headphones and the air was specially fresher that night. About two more guys had noticed and they ran behind her, strangers to each other. Their eyes were fixed on her slim waist and soaking tights, glimmering with a slight reflection off the material. Suddenly, she tripped over to avoid a branch and fell, scraping the shorts against the tar ground and a tear appeared at her butt area.

One of the guys stopped to pick her up and they made a little chat while she rested, tending to the cut at her knees. They sat at the bench under some low lying trees and she turned away from him so she could put her legs on the bench to look at her wounds. The man knew her cameltoe would be obvious and thus did not try anything funny. As the cold breezes brushed against her skin, he knew his bulge would not go away until he was done.

He got up, and hastily grabbed her short ponytail, dragging her by her head into the bushes. A punch across her cheeks was sufficient to let her know she should not make a noise and he went to tear the brand new shorts into pieces. Seated sideways on the dirty leaves covered ground, she could taste the blood in her mouth. But her mind knew she could not win him. That was one of the implications when she missed exercises. He pulled his A-skins running tights down just enough to expose his dick and went to Jenny, who was watching in fear. He flipped her to her back and pushed her against the ground, pressing her face hard against the rocky ground.

Man: ‘If you make a noise, I will make sure your pretty face disappears.’

She knew he could do it easily. She felt her legs being forced open and followed by the man’s weight on her butt, his legs shut together between hers. His hand left her head and went to pry her ass cheeks open like a durian, just enough for him to spit some saliva on her slit and then his dick touched.

Jenny flipped in fear and the man held her face onto the ground, reminding her about who was calling the shots.

Man (whispering): ‘Since you want to keep my hands busy, I will have to ask you to raise your hips.’

She raised her hips like a squirming worm and he rammed a few times into her pussy, missing the first few strokes and finally stopped by her slit. He popped one side of her earpiece into her ear and forced it a little too hard till it hurt. He continued pushing his way into her pussy and finally got himself in place. Her body was rejecting him but instead, it made her pussy tighter. The man did not risk wasting any time and went on to hump her fast, like how bunnies did it.

On the contrary, he was forcing himself to cum quickly and therefore held nothing back as he pounded on her fleshy soft butt, trying his best to keep his groans soft. Her hips had rose even higher to reduce the pain from the awkward direction he was fucking her in. And in no time, she was turned on to the max as well. Her fingers dug into the soil as she tried not to acknowledge the orgasm that was coming. Nonetheless, there was no hiding from it.

A sensation of vacuum and a tight seal around his dick alerted him and he thrashed into her even fiercer, until he paused momentarily while his dick blew the unjustifiable load into her sore pussy. Before he was even halfway done, he pulled out of her and got on his feet, spraying the last few waves of cum over her body and face. A loud piak sound was her cue that he was done dressing and he took off as fast as he could.

Despite her efforts, she could not see well in the dark and the man disappeared. Jenny ended her sobbing as quickly as possible and took out her mp3 player to check at the time. She was about five minutes away from her place, and it was only at 2am before she made a dash home, without any shorts, and a trail of dried cum was all that’s left on her legs when she hit the shower.

Disgusted by what just happened, Jenny spent the night crying and had no one to talk to. She wasn’t even sure if anyone should know about this. Getting the morning-after-pills was the first visit to the doctor in years, and it was for an undeserved cause.

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