Well Done

Ms. Ng: ‘Good job class. Well done for the semester. I have a little token for the class for passing all the exams. No one failed.’

The class applauded loudly and she went around to give out the presents individually, presenting cards she wrote the night before for everyone in her class. When she reached Harnold, she flipped through the cards and could not find his. So she asked him to look for her at the CCA room as she might have left it there.

Lessons ended for the semester and the next few days would be field trips around the island as post-exams events. Harnold went to the room and saw Jun How there too, along with Jason, the lower secondary boy. After they got seated in the sofa at the room, Ms. Ng finished up her work with some documents and stood at the table, leaning her butt against it. Soft vocal music was playing on her phone that was on the table.

Ms. Ng: ‘Guys, I don’t have enough cards for you, instead, I will do something special for the three of you. Keep it between us k?’

She pulled away her black cardigan off her shoulders, dropping it into a pile. She then lowered her thigh length short skirt and wriggled it down her long slim legs , since she possessed the figure, no teachers made noise about how sexy she was in despite the simple outfit. The straps of her spaghetti top dangled on her thin arms, and she pushed it towards her waist, down her barely thick hips, until it was at her ankles.

Jun How was new to this and he still did not understand what was happening. He was in the same batch as Harnold, and knew him as a hi-bye friend. But this was something he never imagined. Her boobs stayed firmed in the bra and she finally unhooked the strapless black bra with the clip at her cleavage and matching panties landed lightly onto the ground before she stepped out of it. Standing stark naked in front of the boys. She kept the heels on as it made her looked tall and sexy in it.

Ms. Ng then walked around the sofa they sat at, doing a spin after stopping before them. She kneeled on the floor in front of Harnold who was in the middle, and reached both her hands to the groin area of the pants of the other two boys. Harnold undid his pants and let his cock stand out in full glory, the other two boys taking a while to do the same as well. Her head then went down over his rock hard dick and sucked on it, while stroking the other two dicks in her hands.

They could tell she was horny as well from the moans and eagerness to get the guys ready, after all, she was a woman and needed her reward as well. The guys kept shifting their bodies as her hands and mouth warmed them up. Harnold then swapped places with Jun How and he took the blowjob slightly less well. His hips thrust involuntarily into her mouth at times and his urge arrived faster. Just as he signalled to his teacher he was about to cum, she stopped and asked Jason to sit in the middle. He changed his place but she did not tease his dick with any more handjobs.

Jason who was smaller in size at both his build and dick, could withstand her blowjob better and she could deep throat him too. But with her tongue roaming around the head, Jason found it too stimulating to cum. After the three dicks were hard and wet, Harnold was asked to go first.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, you want to go first?’

She was still in front of Jason, so she crawled over to Jun How and climbed onto the sofa, right over Jun How’s mouth. He took her nipples in his mouth and sucked on them like a baby. Her boobs stayed firm and round above him and did not suffocate him. He buried his face a few times while Harnold went behind her and did his business.

He stroked his dick a few more times and pushed his way into her dripping pussy, giving her a shocking gasp as he entered into her love hole.

Ms. Ng: ‘Jason, go to the back of the sofa.’

He did as told and she placed her mouth over his dick again, but did not move. Harnold began thrusting his meat into her and her body jerked forth and back, delivering an automated mouth fuck to Jason who held her head in position. He could even push her jaws closer, feeling a bit of her teeth as well. Harnold kept groaning at her tightness and Ms. Ng barely made any noise with the dick at her throat.

Ms. Ng: ‘Jun How, you’re next.’

He managed to squirm out under her boobs and went to where Harnold was, watching him thrash her pussy violently with his hips. Right before he cummed, he pulled out and sat at the available space on the couch and admired his two friends enjoy the mature body. Jun How, who was closer to cumming, really put in all his energy to fuck his female horny teacher and drove his dick so hard her knees weakened and slid a little downwards. Her mouth let go off Jason and bit into the leather to cloak her screams of agony. Her pussy tightened to a point Jun How could not pull out but kept going, until his dick gave in and shot his load inside her, until it leaked out a little.

Guilt immediately overwhelmed him and he put on his pants. Ms. Ng knew he was done giving her the reward and politely asked him to leave while still recovering from the orgasm. Jason gave her a grin and went to her ass, before taking his turn to fuck her. Harnold went to her mouth and forced his dick into her, right down her throat with his size. She choked but did not stop.

Although Jason was small built, he too gave his all to ram into her slit and at the same time reached for her boobs to squeeze them. His dick was not bigger than the two older guys but his speed was way faster than any of them. Ms. Ng’s second orgasm hit her hard and she felt Jason getting bigger inside. The harder he pounded, the deeper Harnold’s dick went into her mouth.

Within minutes, Jason went faster than she thought possible and kept going as his sperms exited his rod, pushing them as deep as his dick could reach, until it overflowed with the double servings of cum. Jason was done too, and he took his belongings after wearing his pants back.

Harnold was barely holding out, drenched in sweat in the air conditioned room. He went back to the sofa and sat on it with his legs wide opened. Ms. Ng got on top of him and lowered her soft pussy flesh over him, and began riding. Her butt did hit his hips hard, but it was more of a soft, hard pounding his thighs got. She cleverly squeezed hard with every down stroke and was literally pumping his super soaker with immense pleasure.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng.. I cant.. ‘

She lifted herself even higher and changed her slamming to a grinding, moving her hips in a scooping motion, against his groin. Her pussy tightened for the last time, and it was an orgasm approaching. The cum-filled pussy of hers was so wet she had no problem getting to the speed she enjoyed.

Harnold held her hips tightly and took over the work, thrusting his hips upwards against her pussy at high speed, until the nanosecond came where the triggered was pulled. Ms. Ng rose her hips till only his little head was inside, and squeezed her vaginal muscles so hard and slowly slid back down.

He hugged her tightly as he fired his load into her lovely body and she held him in her embrace too, feeling how his precious juices filled her up with warmth and love. She clamped his dick with a seal and pulled away from him, keeping all the little sperms safe inside. She quickly went back to her clothes and put on the panties first, before sitting on the table and spreading her legs opened, savouring the moment when she relaxed and the panties forming a patch of sticky wetness.

The two of them dressed each other up and they stayed in the room for a while more before leaving for home. She had left a note in his bag while he was at the toilet, saying how much she enjoyed the times with him and watching him progressed. Harnold couldn’t resist running through the memories that day and went into his toilet for another round of self-pleasuring to empty his balls for the day.

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