Washroom Romp

Jason: ‘C’mon, your husband don’t have to know about it.’
Sarah: ‘But I promised to only do it with others when he allows.’
Jason: ‘So? He is not here right now, and you can’t get through his phone.’
Sarah: ‘Okay. Then help me take pictures to show him as proof.’
Jason: ‘Take pictures of us?! No way!’
Sarah: ‘Just me will do.’

She removed all of her clothes like how her husband always asked her to, a habit grown into her when she had those public sex with him. Jason took her phone that was already in camera mode and snapped a few pictures with her masturbating, before he undid his pants. Since they already came this far, she was also turned on by the frequent touching her colleague did when they were the last to leave the office.

Little did she expect him to ask her to the public restroom of the carpark, where her pussy kept wetting her panties as though she had wanted it as much. Her hand went to his dick while she was sitting at the sinks, allowing him to thrust his dick at her palm, getting ready to have his OL fetish fulfilled. In less than a minute, Jason could no longer take the teasing from just her hands and carried her off the ledge.

Pushing her over the basin, he got her into standing doggie in seconds and quickly shoved his dick in. With a few failed attempts, he was partly excited at how tight she was, and when he finally entered her, the hot wife could only moan sensually at the unfamiliar dick inside her. A sense of guilt did overcame her emotions, but faded as soon as Jason began ramming his dick into her.

The restroom was a public one in the industrial estate around Ubi area, at one of those older JTC complex. That was why they could find such privacy at those times. The very fact that it could not be locked, pushing the level of excitement higher as both of them constantly worried about footsteps walking outside. The nude lady who was pushing her butt at him kept him really hard and deep. Although it was supposed to be a quickie, his stamina was helping him last longer than just jab and shoot.

Sarah was trying her best to snap pictures at times but was distracted by the jerking of her body, making most of the photos blur. Jason too, was smart enough to divert her attention away when he spotted the iPhone screen that could capture his face. After a series of mindblowing orgasms from Sarah, her body was sliding down the edge from her tired knees, and Jason wasn’t even halfway done.

He lifted her up to the sink again and stood between her legs, snapping another picture of her sore pussy for her husband who enjoyed seeing his wife getting off by unknown men. Jason could not believe how lucky he was to have a lady so willing to relieve his work stress, with just a request for photos as proof. He made her sit at the ledge while his dick penetrated her again, causing her to hug him tightly.

Her 32A cups weren’t exactly a looker, but the light brushing of her nipples on his chest actually made him crazier. It was those gentle touches that sent him thrusting faster, occasionally leaning her down onto the mirrors to admire her slim body. As silently as they could, Sarah kept shivering in his arms from the climax that his dick was giving, at the same time the intensity of her pussy was sending Jason fainting.

It was the natural instinct to keep fucking that was holding on to both of them, as their limits were push to the end. Sarah was too tired by then and Jason was slowing down as well, taking his time to feel the heartbeat in her pussy.

Jason: ‘Come, help me finish with your mouth. I want to see those lipstick around my dick.’

The worn out girl did not resist to his suggestion and squatted at a wall, where Jason brought his dick to her. He lowered his waist to her face and shoved it at her lips, giving her no choice but to suck on it. As a wife who liked to give blowjob, he was dominating her in terms of strength, dipping his dick at his pace without consideration for her comfort. It wasn’t the first time Sarah was mouth-fucked, but there was something about Jason that she did not mind.

His speed picked up as the urge came, forcing deeper into her throat till she was choking. The persistent slapping on his thigh did not slow him down a bit and Sarah was soon fearing for the part she hated most. With the wall behind her head, she could not move away and he took it to his advantage, fucking her mouth so hard until the hot load fired into her gullet.

At the depth he was at, Sarah could not taste anything except for the rawness of his meat. The warmth travelled into her stomach disgustingly, and Jason stepped away after his craving was satisfied.

Sarah sat onto the floor with a dissed look and Jason just ignored her until his pants were back on. He grabbed her by her arms up and placed her leaning on the wall, pulling her floral tube dress over her naked body. He then led her hand-in-hand to his car, where she proceed to use the tissue to clean herself up.

Jason: ‘Thanks for today. Sorry that I lost control.’
Sarah: ‘I’d rather you cum in me than to do that. I hate it.’
Jason: ‘Sorry luh. I bring you out for supper. Your husband is not waiting for you right?’
Sarah: ‘No he isn’t. Don’t do that again k?’

With that word ‘again’, he promptly made a promise and headed for supper, while his fingers remained in her pussy throughout the ride to pleasure her for the hurt he had caused earlier.

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.

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