Writers’ Gathering

This story is written for Asumi, though vastly different from the fetish she told me about. Deep down, I guess writers would love to meet their supporters, but unlike normal genres of writing, this is a taboo side of literature that has no yet achieved the desired level of understanding. As much as I want to improve the impressions of erotica writers on the public, I think our society is not ready for it yet. I hope you’ll like this somewhat ‘messy’ entry, Asumi.

Like all exclusive stories written for Asumi, this entry has appeared on her blog before you read it here. So, in a way, you will find it familiar if you had followed her. In no way this is intended to accurately depict Asumi and her lifestyle, please read it with a pinch of salt.

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘J, I’ve reached. Where are you?’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Come up to 5348, I’m inside already.’
Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Okay.’

I left the door ajar for her and went back to stacking the beers in the fridge. When the door opened to the familiar lady I’ve met a few times, we couldn’t help but looked at each other from head to toe in the outfit we had planned for all the main ‘casts’ to wear. Just a week ago, she had proposed for all the writers to be in their school uniform for easy identification among the readers that we had invited for a gathering.

She was wearing a Sailormoon designed school uniform and could never look any sexier in that. The rest of the writers (two girls and one guy) came shortly after her and began cooking dinner for the casual dine-and-share that was about to start.

We had invited one reader from each of our blogs to come and we had a lot of fun discussing new storylines over the meal, Asumi being the only one penning everything down so we could all use it.

By 9pm, all of us had our fill and the guests left with many thanks, thrilled from meeting the awesome people (like me!) who churned out countless stories for their enjoyment. Asumi and the two girls, I shall name them Anna and Betty for convenient rememberance, went into a room to change out of their outfits. The other male writer, Connie, whispered to me about what was going to happen after the girls were done.

I was astounded to think Asumi had this scheming plan with Connie behind my back. How could I not have expected a gangbang when a bunch of horny writers meet.

Betty (shouting): ‘We’re done!’
Connie: ‘Come, take this.’

The two of us had three condoms each and I was still thinking what the girls were up to. Walking into the room with a queen sized bed, the three of them were naked and sucking on Asumi’s breasts, fingers rubbing on her clit as the girls attacked her nipples.

Betty took care of capping me on and Anna did the same for Connie. As planned, we, the guys, will be taking turns to please each of the three girls. While Asumi was resting (in pleasure), I sank my dick into Betty who was in already in doggie style, making her yelp with her mouth over Asumi’s breasts as I went all the way in.

Asumi was moaning as well as we fucked the girls hard, juicy sounds echoing in the freezing bedroom. Betty couldn’t focus on sucking those nipples when the orgasms hit her, pushing her body backwards over my dick when I slowed down to rest from her contracting vagina.

Connie: ‘How bro? Can take it?’
Me: ‘Betty’s too tight!’
Connie: ‘Ooo! I like! Change change.’

I pulled out of Betty’s tight hole and swapped positions with Connie. Wasting no time, I plunged my dick into Anna, whom I had been wanting to do. Her small figure was most beneficial to those ‘underaged’ stories I had in mind. The gentle squeezes on my warm rod was so soothing and she was able to keep Asumi satisfied too. I went non-stop for another few minutes, pounding her fiercely before her fingers dived deeper into Asumi, fingering her faster as Anna climaxed over my dick.

Anna: ‘You’re so big inside me!’
Me: ‘I can’t take it anymore. You’re as powerful as me. Can you play with Betty while Connie and I take care of Asumi?’
Anna: ‘Okay.’

I’ve remembered how Betty and Anna had written about their girl-on-girl experiences and Asumi, was looking forward to a threesome as well. I kneeled over Asumi’s chest and she took my rubber-covered dick into her mouth without hesitation, sucking while her legs were being spread by Connie in missionary.

Connie: ‘Are you ready Asumi?’
Asumi: ‘Mmm.. ‘

Her lips separated from my dick for a moment when I felt her body jerked from the penetration. Followed by a series of hard thrusts, her mouth was sucking me harder in a stronger vacuum, driving my head numb with pleasure. I couldn’t stop myself from holding her head and thrusting my dick down her throat when she fondled my balls between my legs. Every one of the girls was the dream girl of every men.

In no time, I could sense Asumi returning her focus to my dick, where I was still trying to contain myself from her skilful tongue play.

Connie: ‘Fuck.. I can’t take it anymore. I need to rest.’
Me: ‘Don’t rest lah. Let her suck it all out for you.’

Asumi reached her hand out to him and signalled for him to go over, while I positioned myself at her legs. Ramming my dick in one stroke, she quickly tore the condom and devoured his dick, sucking him sideways. The overpowering pressure of her pussy on my dick quickly let me realised what it meant when Connie said he couldn’t take it anymore. It was indeed to tight to last a long time. Biting my lips hard, my ears were listening to the moans from the two girls while I let my hips moved on their own.

Mmm! Hmm!

Asumi was groaning when I saw Connie’s body trembling. Some of the whitish liquid was leaking from the sides of her mouth as she gasped for air while he continued pumping his seeds into her.

Betty: ‘First blood for Asumi!’

Connie was dragged to the small couch once he was done, where Betty continued giving him a blowjob, and Anna came over to the bed. The two girls in front of me started making out with the cum in Asumi’s mouth and I was still pounding her, going slower as I felt my urge coming.

Anna: ‘Move back a bit.’

She then climbed over Asumi in doggie style and I was glad Anna had came to share the ‘load’. Plugging myself into Anna, both of Asumi’s hands went to their pussies and began massaging their clits. Anna had a more sensitive body and was cumming within a few seconds of my entry, forcing her to crawl away as I rammed deeper into her.

Anna: ‘This is why I don’t like sex. I can’t stop cumming.’

Was it good or bad? Anna’s pussy had maintained a tight squeeze and I was getting to my end faster. It was almost impossible not to go all out at the girls who was way hornier than I was.

Asumi: ‘J, are you cumming?’
Me: ‘Soon soon.’
Asumi: ‘Don’t waste it k? Stop before you cum.’

I slumped onto the bed just as I was about to shoot and let the girls turn towards me. Rolling my condom off, they began licking my dick up and down, taking turns to suck on my rod while I rested my hands on their heads.

Anna: ‘Like it?’
Me: ‘Yes. You girls are great with your mouths.’

After two minutes, it was my turn to cum and I told the girls of my incoming missiles. They pumped my dick faster with their fists and were making out in front of my pee hole, awaiting the final moment.

Me: ‘Coming.’

They opened their mouths and fought a little to direct my dick at them. The squirts came at a split second and they knocked against each other’s head to see who could collect more of my cum. There, I couldn’t be bothered about who got the most, I was trying to let everything out so I wouldn’t get blue balls.

The girls picked themselves up after I was done and used the bedsheets to wipe me dry. Leaving me unattended while I catch my breath from their mind-blowing oral sex.

Asumi: ‘Betty, are you done?’

Betty nodded with her mouth full and climbed into bed with Connie, joining the three of us under the sheets

Betty (whispering): ‘it’s my turn now, J.’
Me (whispering): ‘let’s do it one to one.’

Betty capped the second condom over me and climbed over my body, while Anna mounted on Connie in the dark. Asumi wasn’t asleep yet, and nibbled on my ear after telling me she’s next.

Well, what more could I ask for? I guess the five of us had covered all the factorials of 4 (excluding the other guy) and had the most wonderful get together anyone could ever imagined. Now I am looking forward to more gatherings where we could let ourselves go wild without anyone judging us.

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