Love Seeds

Seated at the dining table, Wendy waited patiently with her younger sister, Queenie, while Shane cooked a few packets of instant noodles for them. He was a secondary three student in the same class as Queenie and had saw how she was shivering when he walked her home. Not wanting to let her wait till dinner before she had her first meal of the day, he had invited her to his place where she asked Wendy to come along as well, with Shane’s permission.

Shane: ‘Here. Eat slowly k? I added something special to make it super yummy.’

The girls ate in huge mouthfuls to ease their hungry stomachs, unsuspecting that the ‘special’ ingredient he added would lead to something else. It wasn’t like Shane knew what he added too, it was a dried powder he saw in the condiment rack that he got addicted to sniffing whenever he was home alone. Perhaps the girls would like it too.

Wendy: ‘What did you add? It’s super nice.’
Shane: ‘I don’t know too. I always see my parents adding to their own food but not mine.’

While Wendy was finishing up the soup, Queenie had left the table and went to explore his house, one that was cosy and had high end appliances they would never have.

Queenie: ‘Your bed is so big! Can I lie down for a while?’
Shane: ‘Sure. Just don’t wet it.’
Queenie: ‘Wah lau. I’m only napping leh.’

He shut the door behind himself after he pulled the blanket over the uniform-clad girl, returning to the kitchen to see Wendy finishing her sister’s bowl of soup.

Shane: ‘So hungry ah?’
Wendy: ‘Yeah. Thank you so much.’

She did the dishes quickly and went to the living room, sitting next to Shane who was asking about her life. The 20 year old girl was studying in a local ITE then, and working part time to support her family. The two of them spoke for a while before Wendy got too tired, and started dozing off on the couch.

Seeing how tired she was, it was Shane’s turn to see the effects of the spice he put into their food. He removed his pants and sat nearer to Wendy, before placing his hand on her thighs. There was no reaction from her and he proceeded to slide upwards, pushing his way into the black skirt of her attire.

Drowsily, Wendy was feeling something new. Her body did not mind the hand roaming along her inner thighs and she even wanted him to go between her skirt. Turning her head sleepily towards Shane, she whispered to him not to stop and he knew his plan was succeeding.

Slowly, he let his finger tips touch on her panties and trembled intentionally, pushing against her pussy to get her off. Wendy held his hand and shoved it harder onto her panties, enjoying the few minutes of pussy-play till she finally gave in.

Rocking left and right, she lifted her skirt to her hips and pulled her panties to a side, then forcing his fingers into her pussy while moaning for him to hear.

Wendy (whispering): ‘Don’t tell anyone k? I’m just paying for the meal.’

The excited Shane kept his eyes on her face as he sank deeper, exploring the innards of her vagina that he had never felt before. Suddenly, Wendy held his wrist and thrust all the way, going in a jerking motion till her stomach arched upwards. Feeling her pussy closing in on his fingers, Shane was all smiles when he felt a stream of warm liquid flowing down his palm.

Shane: ‘You came?’
Wendy: ‘Yeah.’
Shane: ‘Can you touch me too?’

Grinning tiredly, she knew she had to return the favour. Sloppily, she wriggled her hand into his underwear and grabbed his manhood, still growing in her grasp. Stroking it up and down, Shane was going into overdrive as she had found the perfect tempo to help him ejaculate in the shortest time.

Shane: ‘Stop moving first. Can you use your mouth?’

That young boy looked so tempting to conquer and she let him removed his underwear before lying on his lap. Taking his dick whole into her mouth, she pressed her lips tightly on his shaft before bobbing up and down. It was totally overwhelming for Shane whom had never done it before, especially when she squeezed her lips on the upward stroke, and plunging deep down to her throat whenever she went down.

In her skilled mouth repeating the milking motion, Shane knew he could not last long in this situation.

Shane: ‘Can I have sex with you?’
Wendy: ‘Sex? Do you have a condom?’
Shane: ‘Wait.’

He ran into his parents’ bedroom and fished a condom out of a drawer he saw when he was exploring their room. Wendy took it from him and helped him put it on, before climbing over his lap facing him.

Wendy: ‘I’ll put it in myself. Don’t move k?’

The shy boy nodded as he felt her hand going between her legs to point his dick upright. She then lowered her body and Shane drew a deep breath of air when her pussy enveloped his dick.

Shane: ‘Shit.. I’m cumming.’
Wendy: ‘So fast?’

She then began riding him as his virgin load emptied into the rubber, filling it to the brim and pushing some of it out from the ring of the condom. Having just started with him, Wendy did not let him go and kept grinding him. The poor boy was thrashing his hips violently to get her off but she was pinning him down.

As time passed, the sensitive tip was going numb and he found himself erecting again inside her. The experienced Wendy could feel how strong he came back to and did not stop moving her hips.

Wendy: ‘Let’s do it right this time.’

She went to the bedroom of his parents and laid on the bed, while Shane changed out the condom for a new one. With her legs opened, he knew where to go and planted his dick right into the older sister, where she kept him still by wrapping her legs around him.

Wendy: ‘Move slowly. Don’t rush.’

As instructed, he pounded her at a comfortable pace, enjoying the waves of meat massaging his dick. Unknown to him, his parents had returned home to see the doorsteps with two new pairs of shoes. They saw what he was doing on their bed and did not interrupt him, leaving the house after placing the bags of groceries in the kitchen.

Wendy: ‘Change to doggie. I like that better.’

Doggie did not mean anything to Shane then but he let her flip on her hands and knees, getting into position for the rear entry. He did not spend anymore time looking at her and drove his cock back in, ramming her faster than before.

Wendy’s body was registering an incoming orgasm she least expected from this young boy, but it was too late to do anything. As she screamed out that she was cumming, Shane felt the similar sensation when he ejaculated earlier, going faster against his body’s wish.

Going wild at the older girl, she felt his dick pulsate as the condom filled up with whatever little cum he had left. Too overwhelmed by the second wave of orgasm, he fell backwards onto the bed and watched Wendy who reached for her pussy to massage her swollen clit.

Shane: ‘I’m going to my room to change.’

He then left her masturbating on his parents’ bed and went to where Queenie was sleeping, except that she wasn’t asleep.

Queenie: ‘You had sex with my sister?!’
Shane: ‘Yeah.. I.. ‘
Queenie: ‘You know I like you?’

He could not find any excuses for himself after appearing waist naked in front of his classmate. It was still dripping juices and Queenie couldn’t looked anymore disappointed.

Queenie: ‘It’s not fair.’
Shane: ‘What can I do to make up for it? I’m sorry.’
Queenie: ‘Do it with me too.’

He stared at her as she flipped the blanket away, revealing her pussy between her crossed legs. It was wet and glimmering in the sunlight from the window, giving his dick the wrong ideas as it twitched on its own.

Queenie: ‘See? You wanted it too.’

He looked at his feet where his dick was in the way, and saw how stiff it was standing. Silently, he walked to his study table and retrieved a condom, where Queenie snatched it away from him.

Queenie: ‘I don’t want to use it. I want you inside me.’

With that, she turned herself into doggie and looked back at him. Shane was happily left with no choice but to please his admirer too, after all he had done with her sister. Stepping near the bed, she perched her ass higher and he held it gently, dipping his tip into her while she clenched the bedsheets tightly.

Shane: ‘Your first time?’
Queenie: ‘Yupp. There’s no blood cause I always masturbate with my sister’s toys.’
Shane: ‘But I’ve given my first time to your sister.’
Queenie: ‘It doesn’t matter. I want you inside me now.’

He took a step forward to sink his rod into her, freezing when he felt how tight she was. A virgin after all, was unlike her sister. Increasing his speed slowly, he was in the next level of heaven as his dick kept pushing outwards of that tiny hole. His classmate was moaning ecstatically to his thrusts.

Somehow, the third round lasted way longer than he had ever imagined and they changed to missionary after a while, kissing while his hips kept slamming against her groin. The waves of orgasms began when they took this position, driving her body berserk as she climaxed non-stop from the g-spot rapid firing.

The area under their genitals was soaked but Shane was admiring how much she was enjoying herself. Biting lips, gasping air, serious looking glares whenever she cums, it was all etched in his mind clearly. Queenie simply couldn’t get enough of this vein-lined dick that was pushing all of her buttons at a fast speed.

Shane: ‘I am going to shoot.’
Queenie: ‘Take it out. I’ll suck it for you.’

He pushed himself against the wall to stand before her, closing his eyes as she placed his hands on her shoulders. Slurping his juicy dick in her mouth, she worked diligently, going as deep as she could take it. It was after all her crush’s penis that was inside her. There was no way she would hurt him, and on top of that, the determination to please him was driving her faster.

Shane: ‘It’s coming.’

Queenie took his testicles in her palm and rolled them around while she teased the underside of his little head, swirling her tongue in circles. Soon, the first shot erupted into her mouth and she moved her tongue faster, thrusting her head shallow at his rod.

With that vacuum suction draining him of his energy, Shane’s mind was elsewhere as he lost control of his body. Almost ten shots later, his magazine was firing blanks and Queenie gave the last slurp on her way out.

Patting his hips, he looked at her as she opened her mouth to reveal the load that was as much as his first. Unbelievable to him, he did not say a word while he sat beside her.

Queenie: ‘It tastes good. And it’s a lot!’
Shane: ‘I already shot twice with your sister.’
Queenie: ‘Really? Oh my god.’
Shane: ‘Yeah. I don’t know why it’s still so much.’
Queenie: ‘Not that. But it means we have to go for another round.’

The wooden door emitted two knocks, followed by Wendy who asked her sister to check her phone.

Wendy (Whatsapp): ‘I’m going home first. Have fun with your classmate.’

The main door opened and shut, returning everything to the same quietness as they entered the house.

Shane: ‘This time, I want to make love with you, not have sex.’

He slipped under the blanket with Queenie and let her handle his dick, jerking and rolling her thumb over the tip as he recharged himself. As his mind drifted off to sleep, Queenie woke him up with her weight over his abs, and sent his dick to where it belonged, hot and raw into her pussy.

The energetic 15 year old did the work of riding him for the rest of the session, grinding and bouncing on top of him till his body gave in and went into full relaxed state, keeping only his dick upright for her.

There was nothing he needed to do except to play with her breasts, and waiting for the moment to come. There was no words to describe how much they fun they were having, they were so intense that even his parents were ignored when they returned home.

Shane: ‘The second load is coming! Get off me! I can’t control it anymore.’

Thrilled by the good work she had done, she lifted herself just enough to let his dick out and slid her pussy along the underside of his shaft, stroking it between the fleshy moulds of her roselips.

In under ten seconds, the measly squirts of cum departed onto his body and Queenie glided her body down to rest between his legs. Thereafter, she licked his cum off his body and went back to cleaning his dick, coating it with her saliva in replacement to her juices.

Queenie: ‘Will you by my boyfriend?’
Shane: ‘Of course. You’re mine from now.’

The two students fell asleep till dinner time, where his parents had cooked up a sumptuous meal. Wendy was invited to their place and the girls’ parents couldn’t be happier to save on a meal so they could have more on their next.

Shane: ‘Daddy, this is my girlfriend, Queenie. Her sister, Wendy.’
Daddy: ‘Hope you girls had fun this afternoon. Tuck in.’

Wendy wasn’t jealous nor guilty that she had done Shane before her little sister, because Queenie had texted her, giving her permission to share Shane between the both of them. That night, Wendy and Queenie slept with Shane, but the ‘sleep’ didn’t come till he was too exhausted and dried.

So, what was the ‘special’ he added to their food? Did his parents add it to dinner as well?

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