Perfect Love Life

After the last customer left the bar at 11pm, I was given the go ahead to close shop for the night. Tidying the place did take up some time as Baby was constantly texting me to see if I was done. As usual, the glass door was the last to be locked and a lady in a short skirt walked up as I squatted down to the keyhole.

Surprised by Baby’s appearance in a short mini skirt and the denim jacket I gave her, I opened the door for her and she stepped right in. I quickly locked the door and picked up my iPad and phone, along with the wall charger.

Me: ‘You don’t have to go home today?’
Baby: ‘My parents just went overseas. So I thought of giving you a surprise. Is my Baby shocked?’
Me: ‘Of course! Let’s go up. I show you where I sleep.’

We went to the function room on the second level, to my thick sleeping bag on top of the carpeted ground. I had turned on the air conditioning for this unique day and Baby took her jacket off, revealing her bare chest for me.

Me: ‘You didn’t wear bra?!’
Baby: ‘Hehe. Yupp. Guys like it right?’
Me: ‘What guys? You’re mine!’

Our arms were locked around each other and we made out while standing. She was quick to pull my shirt off and proceeded to undo my jeans. Once I was down to my underwear, we knew what was about to come next. I stopped the tongue fight and grabbed my bath towel, pulling her to the bathroom where my toiletries were waiting.

Me: ‘Let’s shower together.’

I made her stood still while unbuckling her belt, and her hand couldn’t stop rubbing the hard on in my underwear. We got naked as fast as we could and stepped into the showers, too impatient at the privacy we just found.

I wet her body while she squeezed some of the body foam out of the squeeze-tube, waiting for me to rinse my body before she applied it over my chest. It was too much soap for one person but there was something else on her mind. I was all ready to give her a body to body hug-and-rub to share the soap.

Baby: ‘Soap me with your body. I want to try it.’

Hugging her in my arms, I bent and straightened my knees to lather her up, till our bodies were densely covered in bubbles. With her still in my embrace, she wrapped her arms around me and did the same, giving me a backrub with her palms as her breasts slid along my chest.

Baby (whispering): ‘Wash my down there for me.’

She back stepped to the tiled walls and led me in front of her. As soon as my fingers dived between her legs, her hand wrapped around my dick as well, stroking it as I massaged her clit clean.

Our voices were filling the small cubicle with sex and the passionate frolicking was getting too intense. We rinsed the soap off our bodies shortly after as just teasing each other with our hands weren’t enough.

Baby: ‘Is it clean down there?’
Me: ‘Very clean.’

With that, she went on her knees before my watchful eyes and took the tip of my dick into her mouth, sucking on it in small waves till I lost control and begged her to stop. Instead of giving me a break, she let her lips slide down my dick and went in an in-out motion to stiffen the rod further.

I was as high as the heavens when she sent her mouth all the way towards my groin, filling me up with a sense of satisfaction. As I knew her as someone who did not favour giving blowjobs, that night was a special one but I did not let her keep going for too long.

We stepped out of the shower once she got up and I carried her with the towel between us. Her arms were around my neck and legs clamped me firmly, dripping water from our backs leaving a trail to the ‘bedroom’.

Placing her gently on her back on top of the sleeping bag, she did not let me go so easily.

Baby (whispering): ‘Put it inside me.’
Me: ‘But condom?’
Baby (whispering): ‘Just for a while.’

I conveniently pushed my hips at her pussy and it went straight into her, sending a chill of shiver across her arms as I warmed her up in the cold room. Not wanting to cause any accidents, I kept still in the condomless state and enjoyed the pulsating meat pressing around my shaft. How I wished I could have moved without any fears, but that was too much to ask.

A full minute later, her legs relaxed to free me and I quickly took out the condom I had always carried in my wallet. Baby snatched it from me and did the job of capping me on, further pushing my desires for her as she rolled the ring down slowly.

Pushing her legs to her chest, I sat upright while my hips docked into her, spreading the slippery walls apart with my stick. Baby was holding onto the sleeping bag tightly as I joined with her. It was definitely a moment to remember for the rest of our lives.

Suddenly, she turned into a demure girl who seemed like she never had sex before, biting her lips as I began thrusting. She did not moan like usual but groaned while my hips slammed onto her butt. I could tell how awesome it was when she smiled at me behind the agonising look.

The renewed energy kept me going non-stop, and even pushed my maximum speed to its limit. Baby was just trembling from the orgasms that my dick was delivering, brushing along the underside of her pussy in particular. Her legs slowly straightened to let me know she needed a break, or was it something else she wanted.

The minute I pulled out of her, she turned around and sat on her heels, back facing me. I remembered how I used to ask her to get in that position when I want her to ride me, and that was exactly what she was hoping for.

Sitting with my legs opened, she squatted over my dick and held it in place while it pierced into her once again. Supporting herself with my thighs, her body bounced up and down to milk my rod and I couldn’t help but feel honoured for her to be doing this for me.

Baby was soon grinding me by moving forward and back, driving me nuts with the pose as it was pushing the tip of my dick against her vaginal walls. I couldn’t last more than a few minutes with her doing that to me and I wrapped my arms around her from behind to end the cowgirl ride.

Picking myself up, I remained kneeling as her body fell forward, getting into our favourite doggie style that would drive her crazy. I let my dick wait at her entrance for a few seconds before ramming it down her pussy, making her moan as a surge of pleasure fired into her head.

With the powerful pounding from the rear, she managed to pick her body up and grabbed my hands to put them around her boobs. In this close combat, I could only pinch her nipples real hard to add to the orgasms, often knocking her so hard I had to keep her still by holding her breasts.

Baby: ‘Baby, I’m going crazy!’
Me: ‘I can feel it coming. Let’s climax together.’

She squeezed her pussy tighter (something I disliked as it would overwhelm my sensitive dick head) and it drove my horniness to the next level. I was soon banging her so loudly that the sleeping bag was shifted out of position, kneeling on the rough carpet as I went all out.

Me: ‘I’m shooting! Relax B, relax!’

Her body was thrown forward as I sent the last stroke into her, savouring the instant when my hot rod pumped the condom full of semen. Baby’s body was shivering at first but slowly increased to a violent convulsion, forcing me to back away from her while her pussy gasped uncontrollably from the orgasm.

She was staring at me throughout but I knew better to let her body struggle than to hold her down. After one or two minutes, she finally quietened down and I hugged her from the top. We were locked in embrace once again for the next few long minutes.

Baby (whispering): ‘It was awesome. The best I’ve had.’

We took a break to get the condom off me and laid under my worn clothes as a blanket. It was heart warming to see her stealing sniffs at my shirt that was covered with my scent from the long day at work.

Baby: ‘B, I want to do it again.’
Me: ‘I have no more condoms.’
Baby: ‘I have.’

She covered her mouth and nose with my shirt innocently as I looked at her surprised. Pointing to her bag, I ransacked it to find a three pack waiting to be unwrapped. Like a beast gone wild, I tore the packaging apart and capped myself, spreading some saliva over the condom to lube it up.

As I tried to open her legs this time, she put up a struggle to keep me from getting what we wanted. Well, the next segment sounded like she wanted me to rape her. So why not?

That night, we had a banging good time making love to each other. She even took the initiative to ride me when I was exhausted, milking me of another load before collapsing on top of me. When I woke up the next morning, it was only 6am and my movements woke Baby up as well.

Instead of getting off my chest, she covered her head with my shirt and went over my naked dick, just halfway to a full blown morning wood. Seeing how she diligently worked it to its full length, I rewarded her with a non-stop crazy doggie style where she expended all her strength and let me do her lifeless body.

Just before the clock hit 8 in the morning, we had taken our shower and she was all dressed, ready to head home.

Baby: ‘Text me when you end work k?’
Me: ‘You want to fetch me home?’
Baby: ‘Yupp. But not to your house. My aunt had booked the hotel room and given me permission to bring my friends over.’

I couldn’t be happier to hear that the plan we made actually came true. The excited me had to excuse myself from work earlier to meet Baby at my place, where we picked up our ‘equipments’ to spend the whole day at the hotel.

Perfect love life? You bet!

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