A Surprise of Gratitude


Dear J,

in appreciation to your hardwork delivering weeks after weeks of erotic literature, I feel that you deserve a reward. Attached is an access card to an apartment in Sentosa Cove at 10am on the 10th of March 201-, you are invited to a closed-door event. As read in your blog, please do bring along your camera and writing equipments. I am looking forward to inspire you for your upcoming stories.

With gratitude,

In the same envelope was the mentioned card, but there was too much uncertainties it could lead to. Either way, I wasn’t at work that day and that person, who sent the email, had grasped my work schedule well enough to catch me in time. Seeming to come from a reader, I didn’t think that he meant any harm. Writings are after all harmless (to an extent).

On that day, I wore a collared shirt and a pair of jeans, carrying my usual sling bag with all the stuff I needed to write. I made my way into the island and went up the lift after wandering for a long while to find the apartment. As expected, the access card was for the lift that would bring me right to the door step.

I entered the empty looking unit and placed my bag down, exploring the place with all the windows opened. While walking past a closed door, I felt cold air rushing from under the door and knew it was occupied, along with the reason why I was invited there.

Pushing my way in, I was shocked and stumped to see Baby tied up in the room decorated in red and pink. She was sitting on the bed quietly in a white/blue lingerie with earphones on and eyes shrouded with a lacy blindfold. Thick metal chains were seen from the wall to her hands on her lap, legs secured to a 12kg bowling ball with the same chains.

Baby: ‘Who’s there?’

She removed her earpiece awaiting for some reply but I wasn’t going to say anything. I did not even know where to start imagining about what was before my eyes. THIS was probably why the email asked me to bring my iPad and keyboard along so I can write this story down with the details clearly etched in my head.

I stripped myself as quietly as I could and went to the bed, making sure Baby knew someone was in front of her. She was silent throughout, with a tinge of fear but did not struggle when I guided her hand to my dick,still a bit limp from the twist of fate I least expected.

Baby then stroked it for a while before she let some saliva out of her mouth and onto my dick, tucking her hair behind her ears to get started.

Watching her lick her lips, her mouth went down on my dick head to suckle on them for a while before gliding her lips down my shaft. Never had she seemed so pitiful and she was still able to please the dick she did not know who it belonged to. Was I supposed to get mad at her?

Once she had worn out her jaws sucking me off, she leaned backward to reach under the pillows to hand me a Okamoto Crown condom – the brand we always used when we do it.

Baby: ‘Can you put it on?’

I shoved the condom back into her hand and she peeled the wrapper opened, hand fumbling around blindly for my dick. The rubber was in place after I let my dick slip into her hand and she laid on the bed, legs opened for me, or, the stranger who was about to fuck her.

As I positioned myself under her panties, she tugged at the knot by her hips to undo the panties. Holding my dick at her pussy, she then brought her hands above my head and locked her fingers behind my neck.

Inches by inches, I pierced into her tight hole that made her grunt painfully from the initial entry. That was how it played out when we made love too. Pulling my mouth to hers, we were kissing as my hips thrust forcefully at her, releasing moans into the air as she tried to spread wider for me.

Baby: ‘Baby? I know it’s you.’

When she said that, I paused. There were questions to be answered.

Me: ‘How did this even happened!?’
Baby: ‘One of your readers found me, and he sent me a picture of a girl in chains on the bed. He wanted me to be that girl for you. He said no guys can resist a girl in constraints. I spent a long time to plan this you know?’
Me: ‘You didn’t get anyone to help?’
Baby: ‘No~ I wanted you to be the only person to see me in this state. I didn’t even hear the voice of the guy who contacted me. I don’t know how else to keep myself safe for you.’

I pulled the blindfolds off her eyes and she stared at me sensually, eyes locked in a showdown of lust. Lying flat on her, I was almost at tears after knowing what she had done for me. It was my perfect little girl who was doing all she can to keep me happy.

Baby (whispering): ‘I want you to make love to me now.’

There was no way I can stop right there. I continued pounding my hips at her and she was looking so high with the chains restricting her movements. The usual struggle she put up was ineffective in this situation but I knew she never wanted to stop me anyway.

Me: ‘Turn around for me.’

She followed my command and got on her knees, looking at me as though she was pleading me not to go too fast. Well, fast was what would get girls going right?

I shoved my dick into her in one stroke and she almost flung forward from the sudden entry. I had held her waist strongly and kept her from moving while I slammed our hips together, blowing the mind out of her. She buried her face in the pillow to hide her moans but it was useless when I guided her knees to lay her lower body flat on the bed.

This time, I was lying on her back and my dick was rubbing along the insides of her vagina. Angled at a hammer-and-nail position, my dick continuously attacked her g-spot till she trembled to an orgasm. I was not even half way done and she was already getting tired.

Me: ‘Baby, can you ride me?’
Baby: ‘Yupp. Lie down.’

She climbed over me and pushed against my stomach for balance. Her pussy then grinding me up and down along my body, throwing my legs out of control as it overpowered the masculine strength in me.

Me: ‘Keep going. I’m going to shoot.’

She fell onto my chest with her locked wrists above my head and made out, letting my hips do the work while her kisses renewed my energy.

Baby (whispering): ‘I think I’m going to climax too.’
Me: ‘Let’s cum together!’

She nodded and kept her lips closed, allowing me to kiss her forcefully. After a full minute of non-stop pounding, I felt my balls contracting and she was getting tighter as well.

With the last few powerful upwards thrusts, I sent my seeds into the condom inside her and she froze while her pussy moved in a milking motion, squeezing from my base up to the tip of my dick. I could feel every drop exiting happily and my mind was at peace when everything was planted into her.

She rolled off me once we were done and I took the condom out carefully. Looking at her flat body panting from the climax, I poured my cum over her boobs and some into her mouth, where she had no choice but to swallow them after I sealed her lips with a kiss.

All satisfied and smiling, she pointed to a drawer where the key to her chains were kept and we went for a shower after that. When I returned to my phone, an email was waiting for me and I opened it, to see the same address that sent the first mail.


J, how is it going? I hope you like your surprise. I will be looking forward to your story about the unexpected invitation and it will be one of the best you will ever write. I have requested for dinner to be served at 5pm, so you guys just have fun till then. Everything has been paid for.

Tomorrow, it will be a new day for all of us and I wish you all the best. Keep up the good work. Your girl is a gem, don’t ever lose her.

With thanks,

Nothing could have been more wonderful to have this getaway with my girl. She loved the fine dining style dinner and the mere numbers of raw oysters managed to get the aphrodisiac into her system again, keeping her horny for a few hours straight after the meal.

We finished using the five condoms under the pillows and were worn out when we finally dropped onto the bed for sleep. Who is this sponsor? And how did he managed to convince Baby to do this for me? From what I see, he must be a powerful man.

After that day, Baby couldn’t keep her hands off my package no matter where we were or what time it was. Our new life of frequent sex (consisting of outdoor and even going raw) began thanks to Yu who initiated the change in Baby.

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