Fun in Bed

Mika: ‘Why does it smell like strawberry?’
Eugene: ‘I know you like that fruit. So I have been using the lubricant to massage it everytime I shower.’
Mika: ‘It smells so yummy this time.’

She did not wait any longer to devour the long manberry and sucked hard as her lips descended the shaft. Eugene was groaning to her lightly pressed lips, allowing his senses to immerse in the spirit lifting oral sex his girlfriend was giving.

While lying on her chest, she bent her body to lift her hips off the bed and reached down her body, towards her tiny looking slit that was getting wetter from feeling the dick in her mouth. Mika knew which hole was next after she had gotten it to its full length, so there was no hurry to finger herself too much.

Eugene: ‘Can I put it in now? I can’t wait for it.’
Mika: ‘No. Let me have my fun first.’

She wasn’t allowing him to advance to her lower body and kept slurping the pre-cum that was mixing with her saliva. Bobbing her head deeper down his rod, he was throat deep into her and the minute squeezes at his dick head was driving him crazy.

Eugene: ‘Please Mika, I can’t take it anymore.’
Mika: ‘Okay. You can do what you want now.’

He got up from the bed and dashed to his computer desk, where a plastic bag of clothes was handed to Mika.

Mika: ‘What’s this?’
Eugene: ‘I want you to wear it while we do it.’

Seeing that it was not much trouble to just put whatever he wanted on, she took the milky-white wrap dress out of the bag and slipped it over her shoulders. It was a simple dress that she could wear out but it was too body-hugging to be going braless in it.

Eugene: ‘Don’t tie the front for now.’

In the opened bathrobe look, she laid on the bed while he took his position between her legs. Sliding his dick raw into her, the familiar sized rod filled her mind with the sense of love and warmth that she had been missing dearly.

Mika: ‘Do me real hard k? I miss you inside me.’

Wow, that sentence really touched his heart deep down to his balls as she said it in a horny tone. Usually the indecisive girl, she made a request that surprised him in some way. Without further ado, the bed began screeching as his dick slammed into her pussy, forcing the airtight juicy sounds into the room.

She was wet at the right places, making his thrusts seamless and smooth sailing. The gently pressure around his cock felt fitting and there was no unwanted urges of premature ejaculation. Was she the one for him?

Mika: ‘It’s getting too sensitive down there. Slow down.’
Eugene: ‘That’s how it should feel right? It’s so warm inside you.’
Mika: ‘I can’t cum like this. Let me go on top.’

He rested his chest on her body and she hugged him tightly while he did a rollover, adjusting their positions to the center of the bed. Watching the sex-driven girl pick her chest up, she began grinding him by sliding her hips along his thighs, flicking his dick upwards at her sensitive g-spot.

The couple went on for the next few minutes, groaning and moaning as Eugene’s manhood went into overdrive, getting too numb at his tip to feel any pleasure. However, Mika’s body was shivering as an orgasm built up. It was truly a sight to behold when his girl leaned backwards on his knees. Eugene took over the moves by ramming his hips up, thrusting mercilessly into her contracting, fleshy soft hole.

Mika: ‘I’m cumming!’

With her back arched forward at him, he was still ramming into her while a tiny squirt of bodily fluid landed on his body. She had climaxed so hard that her arms went too weak to continue riding him.

Eugene: ‘Mika, let me finish up and we can nap.’
Mika: ‘Okay.’

They exchanged places to let her bend over in doggie, resting her chest on her thighs. As soon as his dick glide through her vaginal walls, she jolted upright and began moving her pussy back down his rod, as though she was fucking him instead. Doing it while she was dressed was one of his harmless fetishes, cause it was the closest scene to be doing it outdoors. Few would dare to strip naked when having sex outside right? Most of the time would be just a quick lift of dress or skirts, and banging away before anyone spotted.

Eugene: ‘I thought you are too tired?’
Mika: ‘I can’t help it. It feels so good.’

He did not say a word but held her waist firmly, taking over the task of making love. Jerking his dick back and forth, she relaxed herself to let him did the work, mesmerising her love with pure hard action.

In and out his dick took no rest in the enclosing pussy. Mika could feel him getting harder with every stroke, and her genitals was getting more sensitive as well.

Mika: ‘Baby boy, go all out. Let’s go crazy together.’

That in mind, he held her by her shoulders and shoved right into her womb, engaging in a rapid-fire mode that sent his body out of control. Thankfully, his dick did not slip out throughout the hardcore pounding and even reached the deepest spot where she had never felt.

Once the first orgasm fired off, Mika could not stop cumming, back to back after each waves. Feeling breathless, Eugene was relieved that his turn to climax was coming. Maintaining that incredible speed, their privates grew hotter from the high-speed sex, generating friction of love sparks between them.

Just as he slowed down to pull out in time, she pushed her body back, forcing him to slump on his butt onto the bed. Still kneeling, she dominated his tired body by riding her ass up and down, forcing the last few thrusts into her pussy.

Eugene: ‘I.. can’t.. ‘

He groaned loudly as he hugged her waist, feeling his huge gush of cum shoot into her. Mika’s pussy was still squeezing him and moving up and down his wasted rod. Eugene was in no position to get away from her, having all of his energy spent in that intense ejaculation.

Mika: ‘Done?’
Eugene: ‘There’s nothing left.’
Mika: ‘Good.’

She fell forth to show him her pussy that was so red from the heat, and dripping on her own juices. After she squinted her eyes a few times, a whitish liquid appeared between her labia, flowing along her slit to her clit.

Mika: ‘Take a picture for me to see?’

He did as she asked and they collapsed onto the bed to admire the seeds of love he had implanted in her.

Mika: ‘Nap?’
Eugene: ‘Yupp. Then another round after I recharge.’

He waited till she was asleep before climbing out of bed to the cupboard where he kept all the bondage straps. Tying her limbs to the corners of the bed, it was only a matter of time before she woke up and let him have his way with her.

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