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Aaron knocked on the door of an old apartment in the Ang Mo Kio estate, worn out after his long day of driving his tour bus. It was almost 11pm when he reached the place he had arranged for a full body massage, easily found on the Craigslist page under the ‘therapeutic services’.

The door opened to a girl wearing a JC uniform, seemingly young to be doing that freelance job, but all he needed was a relaxing massage to ease the aches on his back. Although ‘special’ was common among his friends who frequented massage parlours, he was clear about what he needed.

Girl: ‘Hi, I’m Rebecca. Come in come in.’
Aaron: ‘Are you giving me the massage?’
Rebecca: ‘Yes.’
Aaron: ‘You look a little too young for it.’
Rebecca: ‘My skills will show you otherwise. I won’t let you go home disappointed.

He used his feet to tidy his shoes by the main door, following her into one of the rooms that has a spa massage bed in the centre, along side a trolley with bottles of oils and essence on it.

Rebecca: ‘Take off your shirt and pants. Please leave your underwear on.’

That sounded alright to him as he had opted for a sea salt deep body rub that appealed to his needs. He placed his head on the head holder and closed his eyes, ready for whatever she was supposed to do.

The first fifteen minutes was spent on his shoulders and upper back, working her knuckles over his stiff muscles that came from the day long sitting posture. He was getting his money’s worth when she continued downwards to his waist and then to his calves.

Rebecca: ‘You can turn around now. I’m going to work from your neck down to your thigh area. It will improve the blood circulation in your legs so they don’t get numb so easily.’
Aaron: ‘Sounds good. Please do.’

She placed a hand towel over his eyes and a few droplets of lavender essence was applied to the corners of the towel. Moving her hands from his neck to his thighs, there wasn’t many areas along the way that she could work with.

As Aaron felt her palms rub against his inner thighs, the occasional brushes across his underwear did not bother him, knowing what he was paying was just for the massage. After ten minutes, he felt her fingers going into the sides of his underwear, getting into position to lower his briefs.

Aaron: ‘Do I need to take them off? No offence but I am not going for any special.’
Rebecca: ‘This is part of the massage. Don’t worry. There is no extra charge. It helps to loosen the muscles where I have worked on so blood can flow into them.’

Doubtful, he raised his butt to let her remove his underwear. Thereafter, a warm liquid was poured over his manhood that was in flaccid state, totally unprepared to get any special treatment.

Rebecca: ‘Don’t hold yourself back. Let your body do what it wants.’

With his eyes covered, he breathed out a mouthful of air as her fingers went around his dick, peeling his foreskin back to spread the liquid over it as well. Using both her hands, she stroked him in the most graceful manner, pumping from the head to the base and letting go.

After she executed the move a few times, he was as hard as a rock and there was no more movements on his body.

Aaron: ‘Are we done?’

Right then, he felt some pressure on the side of his hips and her legs touched his waist. In shock, he flipped the towel onto his chest and saw Rebecca spreading a special ring over his dick.

Aaron: ‘Hey. Are you sure?’
Rebecca: ‘Yupp. This is a female condom. I am doing this as part of the therapy because I believe a female’s body is best to give a massage on that part.’

Not wanting to suspect her skills, he lifted the towel and placed it over his face, breathing in the lavender scent coming from it. His dick was left to penetrate into the rubbery walls of the contraceptive and she sat still on him while giving her clit a rub.

Slowly, a squeezing sensation came and ran along his shaft, moving in an upward wave to sooth his senses. As her body got used to his size, she began rocking up and down, synchronising her biological vaginal massage with an exterior rise-and-drop motion.

It was nothing like what Aaron felt before, and his energy was focused at his penis. While he was enjoying the unexpected treat, the girl started moaning as she went out of rhythm, riding him in cowgirl.

Rebecca: ‘It feels good inside me. You’re strong down there.’

Was that how masseurs know if their clients was healthy in certain parts? Cause it was obvious to Aaron from her body movements that was giving her more pleasure than him.

Aaron: ‘Why don’t you lie forward? I can do some work to help you.’
Rebecca: ‘Won’t that be too much to ask?’
Aaron: ‘Don’t worry. You’ve done a good job. I can use a little work out too.’

She leaned on her hands above his shoulders and let him thrust deep into her pussy, leaking juices over his groin as her moans got louder. For a mature man like him, she could not have been more alluring with her body size and school uniform outfit, living out his fantasies of doing a school girl without getting into trouble with the law. The IC she showed him before they started was proof she had reached the legal age.

Pounding forcefully into her, Aaron’s body was charged up and he gave her no chance to reposition her slipping arms. In no time, her uniform was on his oiled body and the bed jerked violently to his powerful hips.

Aaron: ‘I’m cumming soon. Inside?’
Rebecca: ‘Yeah. Shoot it all inside me.’

He maintained his tempo as her pussy tightened. They lasted for another few minutes before she climaxed hard, releasing a small amount of fluids out of her genitals over his testicles. His dick rammed faster than ever into her impossibly tight cunt and he let off a loud grunt as he hugged her over his body.

Following the first squirt, Rebecca quickly composed her breathing and timed her contraction with his pulses of cum. Although it was a heart stopping moment when he ejaculated, the gently waves of meat pushing his semen out was unbelievably calming, draining him of every drop and leaving him no regrets.

She carefully picked herself up from his body and dismounted her client, not wanting to accidentally let her vaginal muscles make any opposite force downwards of his dick.

Using the towel over his face, she wiped him clean before pulling the femidom (female condom) filled with his huge load of cum.

Aaron: ‘So much?!’
Rebecca: ‘It’s normal to release this amount after the massage. It’s a sign my skills are still there.’

He went into the attached bathroom and washed up, while Rebecca took the time to tidy her uniform. He took longer than usual to rinse the oil off his body but was done before his time slot was up.

At the door, he could not withhold his curiosity anymore and popped the question while he opened his wallet for payment.

Aaron: ‘Are you really still studying?’
Rebecca: ‘Yupp. Year 2 now.’
Aaron: ‘Okay. Here you go.’

He handed her the money and left the watching girl at the doorstep, still turned on by what seemed the best client she had ever met – with an eight inch dick. Before Rebecca slept, she texted him about a second appointment, which he nonchalantly agreed to be two weeks later.

Deep inside her, she was missing the dick that could pleasure her as though he was doing it raw even with a rubber between them. What will happen on his next appointment? Surely, Aaron couldn’t just treat that massage session as lightly as those typical sleazy ones. There was something about her that kept him hard at night.

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