Young Again

After the years of marriage, it was one of Gladys’ concerns that her husband, Stan, got tired of their relationship and sought outside fun to satisfy himself. Not that she had been avoiding sex or anything, but she understood that every men would want to experience something different as they grow older. For a few days when Stan was out at work, she had been shopping for clothes online, and it was one of those that younger girls would wear out.

Once the clothes had arrived and hidden away from Stan, Gladys took the effort to plan for an evening where they would go for a dinner out and then return home, like most of the dinners that they used to enjoy after work.

Gladys (Whatsapp): ‘Hubby, can you meet me straight at the restaurant? I’ll be a little late.’

Naturally, Stan understood her busyness at home and he made his way first, before receiving a message shortly after that she had arrived. As he kept watch at the entrance, his thin but curvy wife entered, scanning the place for him. A casual wave in the air brought the lady in a short, black spaghetti dress to his table and she sat down, to the confused look on Stan’s face.

Stan: ‘You went out today?’
Gladys: ‘Nope. I bought this for you. Nice?’
Stan: ‘Very sexy.’

Their dinner was eaten with him in a distracted mood, disbelieving how he had missed his wife being so good looking. The usual outfit of old t-shirt and shorts simply unjustified what a figure she had all along. He had felt so much younger dining with the mature looking lady whose make up totally complimented her body.

After the hour-long meal, they drove home in his car and Gladys sat quietly next to him, with her dress lifted a little to high without revealing her underwear. That alone, kept Stan turned on with his resurrected hormones. There wasn’t much happening on the ride home, but after he had took his shower, she was waiting on their bed with her MacBook opened.

Gladys: ‘Hubby, come. I got something to show you. It’s sort of a secret I have been keeping. Hope you won’t get angry.’

Angry? What has she keep keeping from him that would anger him, or did she wear so seductively to make up for something wrong? He jumped into bed without showing his irrational emotions and looked at her mouse pointed at a folder named ‘Nineteen.’

Stan: ‘What’s this?’
Gladys: ‘I’ll let you browse through it yourself, I’m going to wash up.’

She placed the laptop on his lap and went into the bathroom, leaving him bewildered to what he was about to see. Clicking on the folder icon, a densely packed thumbnails of images stirred his curiosity and upon enlarging the pictures, he realised what he was seeing. It was his wife, at the age of nineteen to about twenty plus, in various poses and sexy clothes she had wore. That file was one that could easily ranked too secret from the amount of suggestive photos in it.

Gladys came out of the toilet before he even reached the halfway mark, and his hard on was poking at the blanket proudly.

Gladys: ‘Like it?’
Stan: ‘When did you take these?’
Gladys: ‘I started when I was with my ex-boyfriend before you. I had wanted to send to him and you, but never dared to.’
Stan: ‘Come here.’

He pulled the blanket away and placed his head on a pillow, lying down with the laptop on his belly. Gladys went to his legs and laid chest down on the bed, stroking his manhood while it grew a little more from the visual stimulation. Admiring the long dick she had grown in love with, she pointed it at her mouth and sucked lightly on the tip, to the noises coming from the laptop, where he clicked on a video of her masturbating in her old bedroom.

Slowly lowering her head down his shaft, Stan groaned in his manly voice as he took deeper breaths, until he could no longer focus on the laptop. Stowing it away on the night stand, erotic sounds were still coming from it and he turned his attention to the working girl, licking and slurping his rod.

Surely, reliving his younger days felt totally different and somehow made him recall the times they had together. After the few minutes of watching his wife blow him to an unbelievable size, he grabbed her arms and flipped her onto the bed, where a savage took over his body, but with his gentleness still kicking.

Pecking gently on her lips, Gladys closed her eyes to reminisce the old times, and felt his kisses moved down her cheeks, to her ears, neck, chest, stopping at her nipples. He then carefully pulled the shoulder straps of the black dress off and stripped his wife naked, breathing in her scent as his body followed the dress down her ankles. Once they were in their bathing suit, the ever-familiar tongue came to tease her nipples and those naughty nibbles just drove her crazy with lust.

Her moans came out different from before, sounding younger and demure, like a nineteen year old girl going through sex for the first time. Moments after her nipples hardened to his licking, he proceeded south to her clit. Flicking it a few times, he teased her till she started begging for more and a hard suck on her clit sent her cumming unexpectedly, drooling her cum over the bedsheets. It was more than an achievement for Stan though, for he had never seen this side of her so closely, only to be rewarded by the beautiful sight of the clear, thin liquid stream between her slit like a river.

At last, his loving side took control and he got into the missionary position, in front of the girl who was looking at him with an ‘Are you sure’ look. Feeling his youth returning, he lifted her knees to the sides and plugged himself in, to her groans as her pussy split to that new and improved size. She was clamping down on him uncontrollably as her body had registered this session as doing it with someone new, for her husband really felt years younger.

After a few moment of rest inside her, Stan started pounding her and she only moaned, without saying anything. It was just so sensual to hear her voice getting louder and softer to his speed and depth, causing him to pump harder into her. The ‘shyness’ from her was simply too much for Stab to take. He totally felt like he was fucking a nineteen years old girl, and she was all his to play with.

Gladys: ‘Stop stop. I can’t take it anymore.’
Stan: ‘Too much for you?’
Gladys: ‘Yeah.’

Her hand rested on his abs as she pushed away, wishing to continue but did not want to ruin the whole experience. Gladys rubbed her clit for a minute to ease the heat and then rolled herself over on the bed, sticking her butt at him. She remained in that position until Stan realised it was his cue.

Parking himself at her rear, he let himself in slowly and heard the same sexy purring from her.

Gladys: ‘You’re hitting my sensitive spot.’
Stan: ‘Do I keep going?’

She shyly nodded her head and let him begin thrusting deep at her. His dick had fitted her pussy so perfectly that her fluids were forced out while he pumped, making sure to let her hear the slapping sound between their bodies. It had been too long since she felt so much love from him, and somehow, she felt tighter too.

Still childless, they took their time to make one and this night, she had told him to just cum inside of her. The couple fucked away in their bedroom, creaking the wooden frame and filling the room with moans and grunts. Stan was at his limit after she climaxed and had kept her pussy tightly wrapped around his dick. There was just so much Stan could only take.

Giving her his last burst of energy, he held her ass and tugged it down on his groin so hard, banging loudly until he felt the pressure in his balls. Sticking his rod into her body, he almost reached the screaming lady’s womb and the thick glob of cum squirted strongly. To the excited voice of Gladys, she loved how he filled her up with love and kept her warm.

They fell to the sides after he came in a spooning position, drifting off to bed as he massaged her shoulders, with his dick still inside her.

Stan: ‘Dear. Can I keep the photos?’
Gladys: ‘It’s all yours. In return, can I have more allowance to buy clothes?’
Stan: ‘Like the one you wore today?’
Gladys: ‘Nope. I’m not saying. It’s a surprise for you.’

The next day, she woke up to an empty bed and saw the cheque of a thousand dollars. Tidying up the stuff her husband used to prepare for work, she got back to favourite shopping site, browsing through the pages of SYT clothes that would make her husband go crazy. Gladys was not so old for a start, just 30 this year, but with a body of 24.

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