​Gradual onset, first of warmth. 

Indulge of calm, smitten slurs. 

Growth in length, expansion of area. 

Jolts be felt, from the down. 

Flashes, pulses, urges the exhale. 
Breaths drawn, in loud silence. 

Gentle buzzing, within front of mind.

Wild beats of heart, rising unknown waist.

Yearning more, of that fear.

Wanting all, but not beyond.
Perfect beat, impeccable deep.

Of right and good, eager pleasure.

Doom inbound, end begins.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Erupts the warm, slight cream.
Giant flinch, giant twitch.

Void of purpose, for time being.

Careful grip, help smooth.

Slumber soon, eyes weary.

Self gone, but not done.
Sudden hot, in between parted.

Rise up to, fall wide apart.

Of wet and wild, dirty tones.

Counting, counting of last.

Five, three, two, one.

Dancing Trail

The little finger dance, across your burly chest.
Not exactly firm, with a bit of fats.
She walks them down your ribs, right over your heart.

The little trimmed nails cut, leaving marks on your skin.
Not exactly deep, but enough for you to want more of it.
Going down the bouncy tum, hopping over the belly port.

The little prints slide, disturbing your furry pubes.
Not exactly a tickle, it restyled your hairs.
Slithering like many snakes, constricting your lengthy stick.

The little squeezing grips, shifting blood into it.
Not exactly tight, just right for your thoughts.
Shifting up and down, drawing breaths away.

The little speed increase, drives you craving deep.
Not exactly exhilarate, but depraves you of air.
Slurping hungrily, she watches you in grin.

The little rub on the tip, nudges you over the edge.
Not exactly hard, and it releases your pent-up-urge.
Generously coating her hand, a smile satisfy her goals.

The little jerk for the last, drains you of them all.
Not exactly awake, she kept you alive.
The graceful mouth approaches, taking all the cum away.

The little pat on the little him, showed you her love for him.
Not exactly lust, a goodnight kiss ensued.
She cuddles into your arms, for her rewarding crush.

Tight Fisted

A clench of her fist, sent nails into the flesh.
Underneath the glowing red, wrapped in the palest beige.
Pain, she guessed right, a fetish brought by plight.

A shiver of my hips, sent a smile across her face.
Guided by lust and play, she nailed the tip, with her thumb in place.
Quickly, my fingers pinched, onto the swollen inch.

An exchange of delight, challenged to a fight.
Her arm laid across my chest, my moving hand between her legs.
We knew to not give up, as voices rose in pitch.

The torture on my dick, traded for soreness on her clit.
Redefining sexual fun, sent us twitching in the setting sun.
A struggle that never ends, in the hands of two insanes.

Are you fucking cumming yet?
We asked in turns, continuing the sickly fun.
A timer ticked in us, for a blast, from each casts.

A gentle wave of shakes, lining the way to her hips.
My back bent and arched, to unleash the threads of white.
We came at no better time, into palms that held on tight.

Minutes past like seconds, leaving two panting fast.
Dirtied hands moved on, as if Durex lube lubed us.
For another orgasm, multiplied by the weakening two.

The darkest love for sore and despair, transformed pain to gain.
Never did we know, the other’s tolerance,
for such a dirty game.

Wishful Desire

She whom not knew, worked right beside.
The unknown forces of words, were the only knowledge she had.
A curiosity bounded by the circumstances of ‘chance’.

And by ‘chance’, she saw the familiar layout.
One that is unmistakable, with four images on the side.
Causing her to ask, who I really am.

The mind of an author, publishing only in bytes.
Killing the cat, or rather, the pussy, unintentionally.
Our conversation, filled with excite, showed her one too many.

She now knew, who worked right beside.
The known forces of words, will just be enough to guide.
An interest summoned by a chance stumbled upon.

Two moons dawned below her waist, soon to be touched by experience.
The pillar of lust before her, was embraced in outmost care and gentle.
Starry nights, above our heads, cold winds to calm our wrongful thrusts.

A split of two, sent warmth to her core.
The bite of a forbidden fruit, sets us across.
Nails into flesh, sticky bods connect.

A hard thud on the wood, brought her voice out loud.
Arms resting flat, only her legs apart.
Embraced by graceful pleasure, awaited the burst of joy.

Fiery moans, unextinguishable by perspiration.
Growing hotter, going faster.
Beyond their control, a flash of light appeared.

Flicker, flick, the blinding lights stayed.
His skin so hot, melting onto hers.
The glow of kamehame, filled the unknown void, until now.

A perfect fit, for her stretchy container.
To hold his love, that he left trails of.
The breaths they took, kept a beautiful part in each.

An undying kiss, lingered on their lips.
They might part, but not their minds.
For the love, stays in and around.

Pipe Dream

In the absence of light, her arms resisted.
The slight glow from the blindfolds, only told her day from night.
A gentle finger runs down her fore, going between her sidewards breasts.

A breath of life filled her tiny chest, gathering force for the tired soul.
The kiss of death warmed her nips, playful tongue, circled her breasts.
A gentle breath runs down her abs, going over her resting pubes.

The rise of knees, bring sigh to please.
His slipperiness, parted her bliss.
A gentle flick runs between her folds, over and under her swollen clit.

His face of play, went away in pants.
A warmer tip, replaced his playful tongue.
A gentle thrust splits her gap, deeper in and in, into her throbbing lust.

Firm pieces of thighs, hit her gluts.
The wide, long stick, brushes her tube.
A gentle groan of air, envelops her snow white skin.

Balls of steel, tap onto her puffs.
He moved faster, beyond her grasp.
A gentle touch of him, triggers the eruption in her.

Hot, sticky cum, rose her mood.
The paused strokes, still sprouting love.
A gentle slide out of her, leaves the satisfying trail.

A kiss lands on her cheeks, filled with care and love.
The tiny squeezes, still come from her.
A gentle stream, let his piping steam, flow out of her pipe dream.

Across The Distance

Lifting up in a whine, the ears flood with air.
In the confines of four, light flashes through the door.
A ding gives way for the two, the concrete paths line with green.

Towards where the floor ends, a wooden fence prevents their fall.
His hands resting on her hips, slowly raised to let light into her legs.
A shiver excites her, headed for the mysterious.

The cool breeze caresses her bum, so fair under the dress.
Cranking zips came from behind, landing a warm glory stick on beautiful moon.
Gazing at Dorset across, his handle painted lust on her.

Between her bum, under her legs, he parked nowhere else.
Moving gently to tease her mind, the upward tilt sent him there.
Into the abyss their souls went, taking air by the mouthfuls.

No one else but them, moving discreetly in the shadows.
Huffing between puffs, bedazzled she was in the cityscape.
Groaning at her fleshy puff, euphoric he was in her deadly grasp.

A tremble came for him, and one went to her.
His fingers mimosa on her soft waist, to compliment her sensual kitty purrs.
The slaps of their hips clapped for the ends, different in terms of sense.

He groans, she moaned.
Glitter exploded in her eyes as a pie was filled, with cream of Man.
The little thrusts, were really little twitches.

Ahh, he pulled out, and the panties went.
To keep his seeds, buried six inches in.
A turn of her head, and a smile greets.

Into the lift, zooming to the ground.
Planting their feet firm in the longest gaze.
Two kisses, four sides, to seal their unrequited love.

A New Dawn

He continues to explore poetry, writing his second attempt with much hope. After thinking about what to write, nothing but beautiful scenes appeared in my head. It will surely get rougher in future, but bear with the gentleness for now.

Each plot I came up with seems to unfold easier when I write in short. A lot of redundant details are left to imagination, but a new paragraph comes when the scene changes. It is truly an eye opener to think from a different view.

The orange sun,
shone upon her naked self.

Bringing light, to the dark,
but unseen by anyone else, only by touch.

A little flick on those pinky tips,
raised her chest with grassy air.

The very first,
for all her life.

A little flick between the slender thighs,
sent her squealing in delight.

The first tongue to ever taste,
gave her the softest feel on her naked mind.

A little flick on the delicate clit,
twitched her waist left and right.

Weathered fingers, rub her fast,
Weathered prints, rub her well.

A little twitch on her legs,
made her pretty toes, curl in aches.

Deep breaths filled her worthy lungs,
and exhaled an air of sexy groans.

The little death, greeted her,
the very first, by a foreign hand.

A fully grown length pleasured her,
mounted in packs of five, on either hand.

A little flick on her geesus spot,
sank her hips, into the silky sheets.

The untrained mind,
clicked unlock.

Sweaty palms, never stopped,
pumping bliss, into the warmest slot.

The little death, a new friend made,
with less unsure, and more in need.

Do it again, said the yearning voice,
a bigger death, draw her breaths.

Fleeting Moment

Well, this IS the first time Jhae has attempted poetry, so please be gentle with the comments. ‘Literature’, referring to the secondary school subject, has never appealed to me, like at all. My teachers focus a lot on deciphering what the authors meant, but never brought my attention to see the books/ passages as a whole.

Haiku and poems sounded like ‘they must rhyme’. Either that, or too high a level for mere mortals like me. Somewhat ‘toastmaster grade’, whatever that means. After a quick search on the types of poetry, I realised I haven’t really seen the world.

Yes, there are less words. And it means I need to widen my vocabulary, since perfection and concision (concise) are the keys to write anything decent. On this journey to pick up poetry, I have ignored the word limits and paragraph counts for a start. I will find a style most comfortable to write in, to fit the beautiful concept of erotic poetry.

Shut up, he said, and she bit her lips,
to mute her cries, from the bulky meat.
The thrusting dick grew hard with time,
taking her pain with outmost pleasure.

Helpless unlike before,
there was no undoing her err.
Black skirt rises, dark cock pounds.

The gentleness was gone,
in her former self,
disappearing to the merciless thrusts.

Grunts and groans showed her his beast within,
forceful strokes wasting her breaths away.
The tingle of pleasure,
awakens in the sorrows of a beautiful.

Chaffed on shoulders, bruises on tits,
he didn’t gave so much a thought about her fits.
The sobs from her pretty lips,
came like cheers from a wrestling match.

To win is to cum,
into the lifeless gap,
twitching away, from unknown zaps.

Tiny cuts, lined her palms,
and bigger strokes, ache her vag.
Bleeding nails, fought with pride,
but powerless, in his strides.

Faster he went, against the begging pleas.
The fight against the invader, gave him please.
Cumming! He growled, and crawled, from the bear.

Scraping her knees to the reddish flesh,
brought her back to the tireless hips.

Hot life streams, from within,
unready, for child baring.
He was done, and she was gone.

Nothingness, filled her void,
already empty of any love.

Inspired by the witty Mel, who got to write a poem before me.