失败的 (Spider) Man

When I walked through the aisle towards the back of the bus, I couldn’t see what the couple was struggling with until I was right beside them. The girl was desperately trying to push the guy’s hand out of her skirt where a V-shape formed around his wrist, obviously having two fingers inside her. How could I get that downward cupping hand, engaged in ‘Spiderman’s web sign’ wrong, right?

Once I past them, his arm continued to jerk violently despite being just two rows in front of me. I smiled at her whenever she turned her head to look at me, miserably knowing that I knew what they were up to as much as she wished I didn’t. Her red face, sweating forehead, well, it was a comical sight for the next five or so stops before they alighted.

That’s Singapore’s buses for you ;)

Boys Love Sluts

Yes yes, any around them could tell she was a slut. Hugging like a magnet around her embarrassed boyfriend, she was wearing a semi translucent crop top with a spaghetti strap camisole that left her belly exposed. Her waist length hair was most attractive though, not many girls could keep that under the hot weather of Singapore. I could tell she was still schooling from the books her guy was carrying for her, N levels, ten year series, etc.

Throughout the ride, I sat two rows back and opposite them, hoping to get some peace. But I guess the free show wasn’t too bad either. The guy was mostly keeping still while she was the one having big actions. Finally, she whispering something into his ears and he gave a doubtful look at her. Her hand went motionless while a zip sound was hear, and the fidgeting told me what they were doing.

She was giving him a handjob when I was around. As I was seated before they boarded, I couldn’t recall what she wore under, it was denim material but unsure if it was a pair of shorts or skirt. But it was definitely short from the huge area of thigh I could make out from the side. One of her knees were placed against the seat in front and he turned his body towards her. His further arm stretched across and she was breathing faster from her head movements.

The next ten minutes was just me frowning at the joke happening before my eyes. And suddenly, the guy whispered something sounding like ‘Shoo.. ‘. Of course, we know what was it. The abrupt turn of her body landed two hands over his groin and he shivered as though he was peeing. The girl let slip of her hand to the centre walkway of the bus and I caught the sight of white liquid dripping from her fingers.

A bottle cap was undone and they turned their attention to his groin, shortly after hearing a stream of water and some splashing sounds. From under their seats, the water carried the cum towards the back of the bus and she wiped her hands clean on her bottoms. Next was the guy placing his arm behind her neck and focusing on getting the girl off.

His movements got too obvious and her damp hand held onto his hanging palm while her legs opened into the walkway. Another wave of waterfall sounds hit the deck and her body shook violently. I could only wonder what would the other passengers think when the bus got more crowded. There was no one else around us except for a couple sleeping all the way at the front.

Just as she was cleaning herself, the guy whose head was facing her, noticed my existence and pulled her closer into the cosy corner. They turned to give me a look and then kept their actions small so I wouldn’t notice, probably adjusting their clothes back. The guy kept looking out of the windows while the girl got anxious, unsure why too.

She turned to look at me another time and I raised my phone, flinging forward a few times. More whispers went into the guy who was ignoring her and then she came to the back, sitting opposite me. It was then I realised how short the skirt was, showing that bit of black laced panties above her hips.

Girl: ‘Umm.. can you not report us?’
Me: ‘I’m not going to do that. I’m just keeping it for my own use.’
Girl: ‘Can you tell me what are you going to use it for?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. Share it?’
Girl: ‘Please don’t can? What do you want?’
Me: ‘I don’t want anything. I’m getting off in a few stops.’

She handed me her phone on the dialpad screen and asked me for my number. I gave it to her and alighted after handing her phone back, leaving them a lesson they would never forget. There was nothing caught on my phone though, since I was on my iPad all along.

But the meet up with her was priceless, I showed no interest in her nor anything she offered till she decided to just pounce on me. With a promise she would be mine to do anything to as long as the video was not leaked out. I did not agree or reject her advances, but under the Women’s Charter, I will still be at fault – if she was under 16.

Don’t boys just love sluts?

Tiny Pleaser

Strawberry: ‘Sit down and take him out.’

I wriggled my ass a little to lower my shorts and she snuggled into my arm, holding my erection with her hand harder than the last time she did it. Stroking up and down, I couldn’t resist but moan into her ears, where she went faster up and down my rod.

Somehow, she managed to grasp the perfect pressure and speed, covering the needed length to get me worked up quickly. In the quiet staircase we found, she stopped me from laying my hands on her. How could I bear all that pleasure without any means to express my desires?

Me (groaning): ‘Oh no.. I’m cumming!’

She stood up and let me stand in front of the wall, pumping my dick faster than ever till I hugged her waist tightly. Consistent, thick cum splattered on the beige wall, invisible to the naked eyes, in huge blobs until I was weak in my knees.

Me (whispering): ‘My turn now?’
Strawberry: ‘No. We’re leaving.’

Feeling guilty about what she did for me, she walked in front of me towards her ‘bus stop’, forbidden to so much see her board her bus. Maybe she never did.

Three Seconds

Sitting at my letterbox area (on the concrete box where unwanted flyers are discarded), a girl in a short, black dress was responding to her constantly buzzing phone. The simplicity of her spaghetti dress was made beautiful by the tightness around her sexy curves without any excess crease and ending at her upper thighs. She was just a bend away from exposing her panties, I was sure.

A while later, a man in a cap, singlet and berms came out of the lift and opened his arms to his partner, who smiled gracefully upon seeing him. It was a pity no one else saw the most alluring side of her for that few seconds of embrace. The couple was quick to start kissing passionately, and his wide palms firmly held her waist, almost lifting her up. Both his hands then naughtily moved up her chest and raised her well-hidden assets a little, before she pulled his forearms downwards.

This time, he wrapped his arms around her and cupped her perky ass, squeezing them at the same time shortening the length of her dress. Red. A loud, red panties peeked out from under for the few seconds she was trapped in the intense French kissing. The mood quickly changed when the girl suddenly pulled the hems of her dress down and looked at me, forcing my gaze back to the Singtel bill I was ‘reading’.

Seeing how the preliminary check for ‘desperation’ came to an end, the man hugged her waist as they walked in my direction, giving me an arrogant, cheeky stare while his girl looked away shyly in the opposite direction.

Red. Right at the top of her fair legs, at the bottom of her shapely Barbie waist.

Light Hearted

When you went down on me in your car, at that usual spot in a particular carpark, I was shocked. Not that you did not hesitate, but what bothered me was the smell (if any), and smegma (which surprisingly has benefits besides being weird in one’s mouth).

‘Don’t your ex clean it before you go down on him?’, asked concerned me. ‘No. I guess girls just want to impress their guys’, you replied with a phrase that made me wonder lots more.

The appearance of wet wipes somehow relieved you, and made me felt way better when you blew my mind away with your mouth.

‘Use your hands instead. I don’t want to tire you out’, was the only thing I could say after a whole five minutes of oral that did not get me anywhere near climax.

Were you always asked to use your mouth to finish the job? I felt sorry that I wasn’t as responsive as the other guys you had. Even your handjob, I couldn’t cum as quickly. When you mentioned you could always get them to cum using your mouth, I was worried about your self-esteem.

‘You know, you are the first guy that is.. average’. You had no idea how confused I was. Does a high achiever like you want someone like me? Would you settle for anything lesser than yourself? You are someone guys like me could only dream of meeting (aside from official business), let alone spend the rest of my life with.

One thing that made me go legs wobbling about you is how you loved to please your man (me in this case). To you, I might sound like I am tortured, but deep down, I never felt anymore like a king, pleasured by his queen. You once asked if I went down on my ex(es), and I tell you here, that I will be most willing to go down on you for as long as you like. Of course, with breaks in between.

A part of me wanted to train you to be my slave, which I suspect is due to the ego issues of you being more well-to-do than me. I’m a guy after all. But principles held me back because of my love for you. It certainly transcends above sex and whatever related to it.

You are complete to me. And have no need to conform to my little fantasy of my ‘ideal’ girl. Figure wise, I don’t really care. I would let you ride me like an iGallop. We will get our exercise done together. ;)

Now, I just want to rub you out, and tease you by ‘accidentally’ going too low and poke a finger into you. Hear your squeals again, and admire your horny stern eyes ‘warning’ me. Out of that, I yearn for your fingers around my cock again, using that strawberry lube to control my joystick while I massage your clit in circles.

I love how you would ask for more flavouring before you lick it all up. I love how your fingernail wriggle at the tip before your mouth takes over and suck the life out of me. No, don’t go deep throat. Just lie there, and fondle all you can reach with your fingers. Discover me all over again, listen to my moans as you tighten and loosen your grip. Trail along those veins and find where it pleasure me the most.

And once you’re done, it’s my turn to drag my fingertip along those fleshy wet folds of your pussy. Finding the clit is just the first part, and stroking it is another. My favourite toy for you would magically appear from under the pillow, disappearing into you in an instant. In out in out it goes, throwing you into fits of orgasms as you tried to slow me down but could not defeat the orgasms that sent twitches across your body. As much as you like teasing me, that was my favourite sight. To see my cute little baby falling to my high speed thrusts.

Unlike or like most guys, the foreplay will be the best part of our intimate relationship. We would smell like strawberries when you help me massage that delay spray into my rod, condom ready in my hand for you to roll it down.

You will be the little sheep that stares at me with uncertain eyes, while I spread your thighs for my Titanic to dock. While you were wondering I got the right hole, it would have found its way in. Do you remember how slowly I would push my cock into you? And the gasp of air you take each time I jerked a little deeper?

Imagine it happening repeatedly. We have all the time we need. And you have all the love I have. Slowly, the sharp breaths you take will become shallow, as my hips moved faster at you. At times, you would cum before me. And watching you shiver in pleasure hardens me a little.

Now, turn over for me. Guide me in from between your legs. Oh yes. Can you feel me inside you? I’m going to pound you till I cum. Fuck yes. I cannot forget how my body would not let you go. I just have to have more. ‘Not yet’, was what my mind screamed at me till it was too late.

We know how safe it was with a condom. And those times we needed to take a break to let my senses return to my dick? Today isn’t those days. For a change.. I’ll take it out. I’ll remove the condom, and kneel over your chest. Hold my cock at your mouth. Use both hands to jerk me off. I want to cum on your face.

You kept your eyes on my euphoric expression as I caught glimpses of you, smiling as you drove me to my ends. Before the first load came, I fell forward onto my wooden headboard and you closed your eyes, savouring the beautiful moment when my hot cum splashed over your mouth and nose and cheeks.

It wasn’t strong enough to reach your eyes, but we were both thankful you could still see where to clean. How does it taste baby? Swallow it for me? Just this time?

Well, I wouldn’t know if you can put up a smile after hearing my request. I had no idea how it tasted, but you’re free to spit it out. Okay, there’s some on your cheeks, the edges of your lips and a few drops on your boobs.

Here is when it never fails to get us. Clean up time. Wait. Thirsty me need to drink first. There’s only granny outside. No need to wear your panties. Go go! Into my computer room you went, headed straight for the toilet to pee like after every round.

I love you Baby A. This is for your long distance read.

Two Tables Away

She was in an off-shoulder crop top, almost see-through if not for the white folding layers that pushed men’s imagination wild. There was no visible bra straps but that only made things worse by the exposure of her fair waist where the top ended.

The guy? He had his arm around her neck, hand doing something in her blouse. Where I sat, two tables away at the study corner of a void deck, I could see everything that they were totally cool with.

His arm dived deeper as his movements got slower, till it looked somewhat like breasts-massage. The girl had her face turned to his chest, and his other hand on her thigh just kept moving higher.

Soon, he was in her skirt and her one of her legs went over his lap, making way for more ‘useful’ actions instead of just teasing. She could not do much for him in this situation, kneading the bulge that was poking from under his berms.

When he moved deeper between her legs, a gasp told me she had no underwear on. It was totally fine to wear nothing under such a short skirt. Yupp. Her breathing was loud enough for me and they could not sit any closer.

Siamese twins? They were THAT close. But apparently still too far. Popping sounds started coming as he thrust his working hand, while the other was just too distracted to continue the massage.

Excuse me!

He retracted his hands and she pulled her skirt lower. Well, that was how all of us looked like when we were caught right? At 1am, who else, besides me and them, would be here?

The Police. On Patrol.

Needless to say, they were the firsts to be interviewed and then disappeared towards the longer end of the block. Okay. The badass cops are coming for me now. See ya!

Wishful Thinking

Girl: ‘Umm.. are you Jhae?’
Me: ‘Anyone could be. Why?’

She showed me her phone’s screen that had a WeChat conversation going on, with ‘Blk 2xx’ as the last message received. I gave her a smile and watched her sit next to me, long t-shirt lifted up to a dangerously short length as she peered curiously into my screen.

Girl: ‘Can I read it?’

I nudged my iPad to her and she spent the next minute silently scrolling, hand pressing harder into her thighs as she reached the bottom. I could tell her suppressed excitement, but what could I expect at a brightly lit void deck? I knew this place too well to know what can happen.

Girl: ‘I was shocked when you told me the block. I just wanted to see if you are here even though you didn’t tell me which area you are writing at.’
Me: ‘Haha. Lucky you then. I could be in Jurong.’
Girl: ‘Yeah! I know right!’

I saved the draft of the story I just completed and she picked her phone from the table, looking ready to leave.

Girl: ‘You want to go somewhere else? I would love to know more about you.’

A frown showed her my puzzled look and she folded my iPad case while I gathered my phone. Leading the way, we went to a staircase, not surprising to be available in this old estate of Singapore. As soon as I made myself comfortable, she was touching herself on the black boyshorts she wore below.

Girl (whispering): ‘Sorry. I couldn’t take it anymore after reading your story.’

I gave her a sigh and she let her hand go of her legs.

Girl (whispering): ‘Want to help me out?’

Could I say no? I reached for her panties and rubbed her out while she lowered my shorts, masturbating the hardened rod that had been there since she appeared. Looking not any older than 20, her gentle hand was driving me crazy. We spent some time getting her off at the dark stairwell before she got too heated up and removed her panties.

With heavy breathing, she came up to my ears and asked, ‘can you do me here? I’ve brought protection along.’ She pushed a condom into my hand and I immediately returned it. ‘You’ll have to put it on for me.’

She bit her lips and ripped the wrapper up. The super thin rubber capped over me easily and we went to the corner of where two flights of steps connected. I held one of her legs over my forearm, facing each other while she guided my dick closer. Shirts touching, I did a little squat to get right in and she wrapped her arms around my neck for balance.

Her hips slammed against mine as I made little thrusts, sinking me right in to her sweet spot. Soft ‘oh yes’ came from the demure girl-next-door with each stroke, till she suddenly jumped on me and bit my shoulders real hard.

Looking at the wet teeth marks on my shirt, she got off and apologised for the lack of control – as she came.

Me (whispering): ‘It’s alright. No one will ask me anything.’
Girl (whispering): ‘You wanna do me from behind?’
Me (whispering): ‘Would love to.’

Her narrow waist bent forward against the wall and I dug right in, jerking her boobs I couldn’t see under her shirt. As we fucked harder and harder, we were up against the wall with her butt sticking out, receiving each blow from my joy stick.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey, I’m about to.’
Girl (whispering): ‘Wait wait.’

She dismounted off me and removed the condom. Standing behind me, she held my dick and helped me out, reminding me to tell her when the moment came. Wet with a little of her bodily fluids, the handjob went damn well in front of a wall.

Me: ‘Now now!’

Her other hand came to cover the tip as I squirted violently into her hand, trying hard not to go on my knees. She was forcing every bit out of me with her jerking hand moving non-stop.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m done.’

She went over to the steps and sat down, knowing I would follow suit. What could she possibly do with her dirtied hands? Looking at her bewildered, she had made a little ‘cup’ to contain my cum. Her lips pouted and she slurped the proteins up like a plate of half-boiled eggs.

Me: ‘Hey nooo.. ‘

I pulled her hand away from her mouth right that instant. Nobody is to do that for me, especially a stranger. She licked her lips and cleared her throat, fully understanding my concern for her weird action.

Girl: ‘This is the cum of my favourite writer. I don’t want to waste these smart little guys.’

I sighed once again through my nose and let her lick everything up. The happiness on her face.. I didn’t know if that was something I would be honoured for. She cleaned her hands with her black undies and I was asked to send her to her doorstep.

Girl: ‘Let me know when you’re downstairs again k? Wait for me outside for a while.’

Her door closed after she entered and a minute later, her window along the corridor opened. Upon standing closer to her, she grabbed me by the neck and kissed on my lips.

Girl (whispering): ‘Don’t worry. I’ve washed my mouth. But never washing these.’

She held up her soiled panties and I told her sternly to wash them for hygiene’s sake. As well as making a promise to ‘dirty’ them again next time so she wouldn’t really keep that pair unwashed somewhere.

We parted ways and she collapsed happily on the bed, shirt pulled up to her chest and legs apart as my farewell sight. Do erotica writers even deserves such encounters we never expected?