Occasional Sightings

Browsing aimlessly in the NTUC of AMK Hub, I was trying to recall something that I missed out. It was when I saw a lady wearing a one piece black dress, translucent to a small extend not to be mixed with ‘slutty’. Her black bra was showing under the dress but from the waist down, an extra layer seemed to be protecting it. The features of her face was more towards Thailand or Indonesia origin. And her make up wasn’t too bad, just light enough just to complement her beautiful eyes.

What was I thinking! Of course she would wear appropriately to such a crowded place.

I went about my Zen walk to remember the seemingly important item, going through the aisles again. By the time I returned to the milk section, she was no longer at the original spot and I walked around the sushi section, only to spot her among the veggies. I went to that area and stood at a distance, watching and still wondering what was she wearing underneath exactly.

Finally, she moved away from the choi sum and headed for the fishes, where I shamelessly stalked her. After she picked one of the sea monsters, she reached forward to chope the weighing scale and her dress rose. It went up to her butt cheeks and a glimmer of pink hope shone from below. Still in my own world, she pressed her hemlines down and turned around, to see me looking at her direction.

Oh shit..

I picked up the packet of frozen prawns and threw it into my basket, before walking to the pasta section to complete my grocery list. My mind was suddenly intruded by the devil and angel, one begging me to tail her until she paid, and the other told me that I got all I needed and my stomach is empty.

Turning towards the fish section again, I walked all the way straight to the sushi and examined the price tags for the ‘Past-9’ promotions. At last, my fears ended when I stood in the self-checkout line, moving swiftly for me to complete my shopping trip.

Walking pass the Pau stall, I stared at the har gao that I regretted trying  a long time ago, only to be stopped by a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see that same lady I had been stalking with four bags in one hand.

Lady: ‘Sir?’
Me: ‘Yes?
Lady: ‘Can you help me carry my bags to my car? It’s too heavy.’

Yepp, she is from Thailand. I took two of her bags and followed her to the underground carpark. A six-seater sedan was unlocked and she placed all the stuff tiredly onto the seat, asking if I needed a lift home.

Free ride! Why not? I told her my address and we agreed to let me guide her. As her seatbelt went across her chest, her short dress went up to her thighs and that pair of pink panties greeted me again. In silence, the car headed for my place, and she entered the carpark.

What happened is now up to your imagination, with her noticing my stare at her long legs and ‘touched’ by my helpfulness. We stopped at the lot for a full hour, thankful for the powerful suspensions that stablised our midnight activity.

Weird Reactions

As I stood in line to get my lunch along the quiet streets of Geylang, a couple was hugging intimately in front of me. Well, a guy’s urge can come anytime right? I didn’t pay much attention to what they were doing but couldn’t keep my eyes away from the tight tube floral dress she was wearing. The small portion of that flowery tattoo, partly hidden by her blond highlighted hair. How much I wanted to see the rest of the ink work.

The queue shortened by one customer and they took a step forward, one that the girl failed to make. Her knees gave way and she collapsed onto the rough concrete ground, half-rescued by the guy who tried to catch her. The rest of the customers stared at the commotion as the girl tried to pick herself up to no avail.

The guy then let her sit on the floor and reached for the bunch of keys dangling from the belt, clicking on a car key. After which, the girl managed to stand on her feet as though the flow of electricity had stopped tormenting her. Of course, I had recognised the remote control, it was tethered to a wireless toy.

She stood back in line with her hair shifted to the front, covering her embarrassed situation. They murmured in mandarin and placed their orders soon. Acting a little blur, I did not move forward but pretended to click on my phone, taking the opportunity to admire her legs.

Well, the shimmer of a wet trail down to her heels had completed the story in my head. They disappeared into a car parked illegally by the exit to the one way street and went on to arrange the messy interior.

Just as I thought that was the last of them, I happened to bump into their car on the shortcut path to the restaurant. The car was motionless, but both the seats in front had their backrests lowered. A pair of legs with heels rested on the dashboard, jerking in small movements. I intentionally walked closer and saw the two of them masturbating each other. The guy’s hand between her legs under the disgruntled dress and her hand stroking his dick sticking out of the zippers.

What a sight to catch under bright daylight! It’s Geylang after all. I guess I haven’t saw those who fucked in the bushes yet. Lucky or not? I shall let you guys decide.

Far End.

Sitting at the end of the upper deck SBS bus, it was a norm for me to do that when I have an hour ride. With an iPad, the only position comfortable was to place my knees against the seat in front, and blasting music through my iPhone while constantly checking Google Maps for the stop to alight.

As the bus stopped outside Junction 8, it was a longer wait than other stops as more people got off the bus, while a handful boarded during the period of time just after lunch. Among the few passengers that came up to the upper deck was a young couple in their teens walking towards where I slouched on. They saw that I had taken the best seat, and took the adjacent (front, left) seat from me, only a row away. The girl wore a standard white spaghetti top with a black latex looking skater skirt, and the guy was in a fashionable shirt and jeans. He sat down with the girl on the outside and the rising skirt exposed much of her fair white legs.

The bus started moving after a while, and the guy helped her removed her cardigan, letting her thin shoulders suffer in the coldness. The shuffling of their bags got a little messy, but it was done to cover his lap with her pullover. There was no doubt to what they were attempting to do, and from where I sat, it was also unlikely I could catch any action too. But boy oh boy, I was partly wrong. The guy placed his right arm across her chest, letting her hug it like a bolster against the boobs which I could not see. Then, her skirt slowly raised higher up her legs, revealing part of her butt. Damn, tt was just so close to see what colour she wore under.

Her back slowly sank down the seat and her face was glued to the guy’s bicep, fairly obvious that his fingers were busy between her legs. I could see her arm stretched towards his lap as well, and making jerks while they tried to hush each other quiet. I have to say it was very distracting for me whenever I tried to get the number of points before the countdown ended for Candy Crush. My ears were also going into ‘DareDevil’ mode after I removed the unneeded music, picking up their breathing and whispering at random occasions.

A short while later, the guy lifted his bag up again, placing it on the floor and the girl was whispering something to him with an unsure look. His hand then lovingly went behind her head, and nudged her to ‘lie’ on his lap for a ‘rest’. I smiled and shook my head, looking out of the window in the usual emo style. Right then, I realised the reflection was clear under the overcast sky and could see what they were up to. Her head was on his groin, and her butt shifted out of the seat, and that was in front of my eyes, not the reflection.

Finally, I saw the pink under her skirt, and the guy just leaned his head on the window to enjoy the blowjob – in a public bus. What a ride I got onto huh? They were so daring and, not caring. She stopped after a few minutes and her head came back into sight, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as though she just finished a meal. Her outer hand (right) once again reached for his exposed dick, that was emitting an unmistakable stench. That salty, salivary smell. A few times he brought her hand to his mouth, and lowered his head, to give her something we all know to work with – his own saliva as lubricant.

Her arm movements soon got very big and obvious, while he was covering his own mouth and looking everywhere in front. Suddenly, the exciting action stopped, and his arm raised to go around her shoulders. Another short whisper later, her head disappeared in front of the seat again, and her cute looking panties showed themselves. That bit of her ponytail went up and down a few times, before his hands went over her hair and held her down.

She appeared after a few seconds with her cheeks puffed, and a zip sound was heard. Fearful of looking around for staring eyes, she focused searching in her bag for minute, and drank huge mouthful of water out of the bottle she retrieved, in a manner similar to swallowing medicine.

Seeing that the show had ended, my eyes returned to my iPad and the girl readjusted her skirt to cover up the exposed part of her thighs. The rest of the journey was pretty quiet, as she laid her head on him to rest. I assume everyone gets a little tired after a meal right?

Bus Window

On the short bus ride home, you chose to stand at open area near the exit and stared out in a daze. A traffic light stopped your bus and the black car pulled up in front of you. As soon as the car jerked to a halt, you saw the man reached the girl’s head and pushed it towards his lap. Glancing upwards at you, he smiled and resumed bouncing the girl’s mouth over his dick.

She looked barely 18. Tiny body and a loose off shoulder crop top. She doesn’t seem to be wearing a bra either. As her body rested over the gearbox in the middle, the lights changed and your show was interrupted while the black car zoomed away.

Train Contact

As Alina got pushed towards the other side of the MRT cabin, she had no chance to adjust her bag to cover her chest. Her body was pressed onto a man and the padless white bra she wore that day offered no protection. For a woman with a D cup, there was no need for padding anyway. The man in front had tried to turn back to catch a glimpse, but thankfully, she was standing directly behind him.

The train moved along and the frequent pauses between platforms kept jerking her soft boobs of him. She had been feeling sleepy since the morning, and somehow, the constant movements of her boobs managed to turn her on. Apart from that, the G-strings she wore was barely holding up the liquid that was coating around her pussy. She had to clamp her legs tight while a single droplet rolled down her legs.

Suddenly, the man in front of her became important. His wide shoulders, hairy forearms and fitting muscles in his plain white shirt. What would happen if she reached around him to feel his zip? Would there be a hard on in her hands?

She pulled her bag to her hips and placed her hands over it, to let the man’s butt rub against the back of her hands. It would be possible to see if he had a bulge from the tightness of his pants right? Damn, she desperately need a cock as soon as possible, if not, she would have to waste time in the toilet rubbing herself to an orgasm from this accidental contact.

I hope he felt her erected nipples. :)

The One that Got Away

Note: The following story is part love part sex, though there is a longer section of it for romance, it is based on a true story of a friend in M’sia. 

What does falling in love means to you? Can it even be described? It was the year 2004 when Ashlee began her 13 year old schooling life in a government school. All along, she had been in a private school, which consisted of children brought up in perfect families. For her parents, sending her to a public school meant showing her the world, and how beautiful it can be, with the ugliness it hid.

The first days of school were mostly administrative, and it was too, the first sighting of a guy that would change her life. The first person she met was the person-in-charge of newcomers, and while she was talking to him, two guys were pulled by their ears bypassing her, with a strong cigarette smell that would not require any explanation. As they were struggling to keep up to speed with the teacher, one of the boys gave her a smile, which melted most of her heart away. And so it began.

Without any friends or thoughts about what was happening around her, uncertainty clouded her mind more than anything and fear wasn’t too far away either. Being a Chinese-American did not provided much help as it would attract more undesirable attention that would be tough to ignore. And just as her thoughts were floating all over, a shout blocked out everything.

Guy 1: ‘Hai awak comel nak cium skit boleh!’
Guy 1: ‘Can I kiss you cute?’

Kiss me?‘ Ashlee thought to herself. If not for the other guy who smiled at her earlier, she would have allowed her anger to take over and lunged a slap on his cheek.

Guy 2: ‘Brani kau… ini depan office penggetua la.’
Guy 2: ‘How bold you are! This is the headmaster’s front office!’

The charming boy managed to hold his friend back while she recomposed herself. As they finished the lecture with the headmaster, they left shortly after. It was her turn. Introductions were made and as expected, testimonials had reached this district and most of the management had heard about her excellence academically and in sports. However, Ashlee was more distracted about him, than what the school cared. Asking about the two boys earlier, they were Edwin and Navin, and was promised to be the least of her worries (but not concerns).

A few hours of administrative work later, and she was sent to 2A, presumingly the best class. Without proficient Malay, she was deeply embarrassed by the mocking from her classmates. Settling down quickly, a shadow caught her eyes at this point in time, passing the window of her class slowly enough for her to admire – Edwin. The sunlight behind him cast an attractive silhouette of him onto her mind, with an impression she could never forget.

Lucy, who was sitting beside her soon became her source of information, although most of it only concerned Edwin. Although he was two years older, they became an item just two months later, which was her first boyfriend, with much care and kindness still unmatched. However, memories of him could only reside in her memories as Edwin was no longer with her, or us, in this world.

Ashlee was only 14 when she gave her first to him, and it still bore the deepest and fondest memories of him. Despite many guys she had came across in her life, that moment her boyfriend took her virginity still remained fresh in her mind, and coincidentally, still the thought that got her wet and horny many times.

Amazed to see a cock for the first time, Ashlee began sucking on it without any hesitation, since it was the most common act in pornography. While her mouth got busy, Edwin’s hands weren’t lazing either. But there wasn’t much boobs to grab since she was that young.

After a while of fondling, he laid her down on the bed, and leaned close to her.

Edwin (whispered): ‘Honey, I promise I would be as gentle as I could for you.’

Suddenly, she felt something going inside her pussy, splitting her walls apart for the first time ever. With a hot piece of hard meat going between, it wasn’t without pain, and intense pain, almost tearing her, both physically and in her eyes.

With that much fear, he wanted to stop, but Ashlee resisted him and held his ass firmly close to her.

Ashlee: ‘I’m a big girl. I can handle the pain.’

Hesitating a while, his small head decided to proceed despite some unwillingness. Another of a sudden, something broke through within her and Edwin were balls deep into her. Freezing for a good long minute, her pussy was getting used to his dick, his size and warmth. Looking emotionallly into his girl’s eyes, he asked if she had any regrets, and she could only give the reply in her heart.

‘No, cause I love you so much. And I know you would take care of me.’

Edwin smiled and tears fell, from his eyes to her cheeks, if only that scene could stay forever, she would be more than happy to freeze in time for life.

Ashlee: ‘I think I am used to the feeling of your cock in me. So fuck away.’

Being so wet and ready, his cock needed no assistance and just glided in and out of her pussy, while she rubbed her clit. Moments went by with much heat and intensity, until he slowed down.

Edwin: ‘Honey, I’m gonna cum.’

He wasn’t wearing any condom at that time, so she simply gave him the permission to cum anywhere he wanted. Pulling it gently out of her, he sprayed his sperms on her stomach. Waves after waves of love spill over her, coating her navel and reaching as far as her nipples.

Ashlee: ‘Why didn’t you cum in there?’

Edwin: ‘You’re too young to be a mother, not now, not yet.’

The newly couplated pair cuddled all night long at her parent’s house. Partially thanking them for leaving their ill daughter along at home for a trip to Hong Kong. Sadly, Edwin is no longer around, and all that’s left of him were the fond memories and love for Ashlee.