Horny Issues

I was addicted to masturbation once, and had to ask her to help me out as many as 3-4 times day, until she got pissed feeling wrong doing it for me. At the staircase of her dad’s shop, at United Square staircase, at the carpark next to United Square, on buses, her house, my house, hotel 81s.

We quarrelled many times over this and I was trying hard to change. Well, I’m not here to address the right and wrongs of changing for your loved ones. I had to do something about it or I will lose her.

So, I tried telling myself, remembering not to do it no matter what. But I soon realised, the more I remind myself  not to be horny/ masturbate, the damn reminder serve as a trigger. It made me want to do it.

Until one day, I’ve decided to say NO to masturbation. I am determined NOT to masturbate anymore and to my surprise, the whole horny issue turned for the better. I only masturbate because I want to, and not because I have to.

Not masturbating solved the problem for me. What about you? Dare to give it a try? I can hold it for indefinitely and at the same, accumulate for my loved one. Wasting your precious soldiers on the bathroom floor or toilet bowl doesn’t feel right. Don’t even bother to do it yourself, get someone else to, hopefully someone you like.

Reducing and eliminating doesn’t make any difference. Stop if you want.