Writing Erotica

Writing as never been an easy task for me. A lot of things has to be right to even begin. The quietness of the environment, the occasional visual stimuli, the mood has to be just right. Ever since I started out about two years ago, it has been a journey of research, learning and applying the best of my English. And reading my old entries, I could see the little but proud progress I made. A few of you might not think much of the improvement, but having a little is better than none.

I would always choose an environment that is quiet, usually writing at my void deck. It would help to let me travel back in time, and replay every scene that I was about to translate into words. The more difficult part would be putting myself in the female’s shoes and write what she felt, which being a guy, I had no idea of. The cold winds, sometimes rainy nights, or in the light of the sun, that looked so glaring but soothingly warm. I was conditioned to write in that ambience, and one that would not change. At times, writing at home would help, since I had access to my laptop which can multitask, looking up terms to clothing that better described what was worn, and positions that had a few accompanying words I can add. For the rest of the time I wrote below my flat, I did it on my iPad which kept me focused with the lack of multitasking.

Visual stimuli is not to be mistaken as porn, but actually the occasional passing of residents, which some dressed in their best for work, or skimpy for clubs, and just casual to buy something nearby. Watching eyes on me bothered me the least, after all, it is not common to see an iPad working wirelessly with the Apple Wireless keyboard. Apart from the random people that walked by, it was not the most important for me to keep going.

Getting in the right mood is the most tedious part. For a start, if you understand yourself, or guys (for the female readers), you would know that the sensation of ‘sian’ (lethargic or tiredness) after you cummed. Sadly, we (guys) are not tuned to have multiple orgasms without external efforts, so, my energy has to be reserved for the one time release. If a man went without relieve for a long time, you would expect him to feel a little more energetic and willing to make the trip or effort to find someone to help him out or somewhere to release.

Keeping myself controlled and un-cummed is the first step to get into the horny mode to write. Yes, I write when I am turned on, and it helps a lot. It would make me desperate at times to end the story with the cumming part, but it is another thing to hold myself back, and focus on the details that would help you to visualise the scenes and emotions. Putting myself into slo-mo, that was when all the tiny descriptions make up the story.

After that, I will leave it all to my hormones to play the story out, be it recounts or fantasies. Writing is my alternative to masturbation, and since it worked that way, the urge to get myself off was reduced, in turn, generating the stories that you all came to read. Not too bad a life cycle I would say. Cumming in the story is as good as cumming in real life, that is if you guys would ever understand what that means.

Doing research to write seems like lame, since we men know how pleasure felt like. But for the ladies, it is more than just pleasure. It can be guilt, sorrow, the heartbreak, the nightmare. They are more concerned about the whole package instead of just ‘oh yes oh yes. keep going.’ To write unbiased, I had to learn a lot more about them (which I estimate is just the tip of the iceberg) and let their untold emotions be heard. As eager as I am to tell everyone how good the male or female lead is feeling, there has to be more than just the ejaculation that men are looking for, or the climax.

Don’t you feel at times it is just the recognition and approval that you wanted instead of just cumming? Or getting the attention you never received? Or burying the sorrow and sadness in sex? Guilt of doing the wrong things yet enjoying it? There is too much to tell in words, and I am sure the female readers would agree.

In a way, I will never be able to fully express how girls feel through questions and observations, because there are some things that cannot be told, in fact, never be told to men. And just like them, men have their secrets that exists, no matter what the wedding vows would make them pledge, or the thirty years of marriage with beautiful kids they might have, that can never be told.

So, while I keep writing, you guys keep reading, and learn a bit more about the other gender. I understand that as some of you enjoy the rape (for example) stories, others might look at it at a subjective piece of information, letting the judgemental state of mind take over and even feeling unfair or frustrated. There is no way a person can be two gender completely, so, strong topics are often misunderstood if not in the person’s shoes.

Week one of the new year has ended and I am about to begin on my new career at a new company. Do give me your support by reading, or if you are slightly more well to do, can contact me for something I think everyone would need. Just making a living here.

Sad Facts, Not Fucks

New year is coming guys! And is there any invitations to countdown parties? Perhaps one of you can throw one for the writers? Today, I’ve been wanting to talk about something that guys shamelessly would do and how would I sound if I were to give it a try.

We have seen and heard a lot of appearances of advertisements that guys often make themselves sound yummy so that girls would be tempted. It’s not that we don’t know what do girls want, but we imagine those guys to think themselves of being a product.

8.5 inches. Lean. Fit. DD Free. Drive.

A few simple words. And it would move someone’s hormones. WRONG. To me (I AM a guy btw), 8.5 inches sounds like pain. Lean sounds like pain (lack of padding). Fit sounds like you can go many rounds without giving a fuck if she had cummed. And drive! We all have the drive don’t we? You can blame my average sized penis for being jealous, or my abs protected with fats tummy. Truth is, we are just denying the girls what they want to hear, and making a human body sounds like beef at a butcher stall.

Here, I shall attempt to create an advertisement for myself, of course, would be saddening and noobish compared to the experienced posters.

5.5 inches (to 0.5 inches accuracy). Average body with a tad of fat. Proven comfy to lie on and provides cushioning for back end positions. No longer fit due to life of luxury. Stamina will be subjected to your appearance and skills. No owned rides, to do my part for the environment. I don’t have a big dick to make you go crazy, I don’t have long lasting erection to pound you tired. I only have patience, time and attention to make you feel like a woman. Applicable to unmarried, open minded girls who would dare to step on the line of morality on a soft, fluffy bed.

It’s long, boring, and unattractive. No big tool, no ride, no Duracell grade stamina, no abs. It’s like offering a puppy to a little girl. And exactly! Why would the girl turn down the puppy? She will have to take care of it, walk it, play with it and even adapt to it. You wouldn’t want to offer a hound, smart and protective. What? So she can ride on it? And get pulled by it on a wagon? And die before her from old age? No way.

We know we make wrong decisions all the time, sometimes filled with guilt that take too much time to fade, wishing you had not made that wrong move. So why the hurry and not write more? Mine is vague, missing details and lack fancy strong words.

Guys, when you are looking for sex, especially for the free ones, please put in more effort and tell the girls about you, not describe what they can see from your picture that you are going to attach anyway. If they are interested, they might not compare that mental image of your tool with other bigger guys, so don’t scare them away with too much info.

Girls are not stupid. They might just deserve more than you. Have a great new year guys!

Army Days

When I was doing my BMT in year 2010, June to October to be exact, I wrote a substantial amount of stories with the ultra mini personal computer (UMPC), a.k.a. netbooks. It wasn’t easy to hide at the top bed and write, but thankfully, I know my buddies in the same bunk can keep secrets.

My buddy’s name is Zack, Zachary for short and he was one of the many who knew what I wrote. Due to the fact I was so busy with my laptop. I didn’t have FaceBook then, cause it was a distraction. When the net was congested, I would write using the top of my cupboard, while listening to my mp3. In a way, I looked like a bookie. Hehe.

But I think it was unusual for guys to want to be turned on in camp, after all, there is nothing to look at! As much as porn is so sought after, I found my calling in words, or texts. So I wrote and wrote. It was the one thing that brought my mind away from the shagness, pain, aches. The next day would always be a scary one due to more training and more strengthening.

Girls, please don’t let your guys have it their way whenever they book out. Make sure they earn it, and not just because they bore with it for a week or two. Although, in the end, please give them what you are willing to do for them and not just all the way cause they felt like it. Hormones are sure raging, but protection, prevention and precaution must still be in place.

Guys, I know it is impossible to access pornography, but you can try going to my website, maybe in incognito mode, the times in BMT, I learnt that at times, my site is blocked, but most of the time it’s up. Get hard, get rest. Everyone knows what goes on in the shower or toilet (getting off if you get what I mean), but getting caught is lame. I do know of one person that got caught and I have no idea how or who.

I wrote non-stop every night, trying to hang on to a piece of reality in the main island of Singapore. the raging hormones definitely helped, and tamed to a certain extent I don’t have to be so vigorous once I booked out.

Love one another guys! 21/12/2012 is coming! Omg! What if my future posts never sees the light? Will someone find my hard disks and experience what is sex in pure lust? Okay. A black cat is looking at me from a distance. Have a good day guys.

Thank you

Hey hey! It’s Jhae here! And I would like to thank a seemingly random person, but she is the one who truly showed me the right way to form English sentences. She is none other than my English teacher from the secondary school I spent 5 years in. After I retained in Secondary 3 (express), she had become my teacher at a subject we speak, write and abuse everyday. Sure, grammer, vocabulary, who cares as long as we are understood? Singlish worked fine in Singapore.

I remembered it was a composition test and no, I did not try writing erotic stories cause it’s just a fine line between psychotic and pervertic, and both would get me sent to the same place, either IMH or unlimited counselling. So I got my paper back and the spelling and grammer was pretty much non-existent. But these long lines of.. ____|‾‾‾‾ appeared all over my texts. I was so confused. So I asked.

Me: ‘Miss Lim, what does these lines meant?’
Ms. Lim: ‘Your sentence structure is wrong.’
Me: ‘But but.. how is it wrong?’

Then lesson ended and for the first time, I wanted to find out what the heck did I learn. When we speak, phrases are formed so quickly and naturally that we do not bear much thoughts to them. People understanding what you wrote does not mean you wrote it well. Taking the previous sentence, the other structure could be ‘Writing well does not necessarily mean people understanding the same message you tried to send’. Making things easier to understand does not mean you did a good job.

I found her after school and she explained through a few examples on how to rephrase, and that secret part of my language mind was unlocked that instant. From then on, I loved writing, proof-reading, and rewriting the whole thing again in a much much more smooth and flowing method. It had become an obsession when you can see two other ways in every existing solutions.

So with that, I am who I am today, writing this kind of.. art? Haha. Thank you Miss Lim. You might not even know who I am, but if these three initials make sense to you, then you are the lady I want to thank. LYW. I still don’t write very well, and my site is wordy, yet the 1.5k readers still supported me daily. All I have is gratitude to Miss Lim, and all you people out there. I know you don’t like to give me money, neither are you guys very rich. So, just keep reading in a form of supporting yeah?

DIY BDSM Restraints

It’s J here! I’ve decided to write this entry for the benefit of those starters in the world of BDSM. And oh, please don’t tell me you are a sub or a dom because of how 50 Shades of Grey influenced you. If you have to pick a side, make sure you give both roles a try before making a choice. I will start with the list of items, then the steps in making and improving the straps.

The placing of every piece of item for the restraint has been carefully planned and designed. The idea of a restraint is to restrict. Along with that, I had decided to put the buckles far away from where the hands can reach. The strap adjusters CANNOT be undone with just shaking or struggling.  There is NO emergency release. Please use it wisely and smartly.

List of Items required

X metres of Straps

– The length will be approximately the width of your bed. Multiplied by two pairs of limbs. The width of the straps will decide the sizes of the items below. I had used 6 metres of Nylon (like seat belt material)  for mine.

For queen/ king sized beds, please read all the way to part 5, ‘Upgrade’, section as you will NOT be following the width of your bed. Do note that the minimum total length (multiplied by 4 for the 4 limbs/corners) will be the distance from the floor to the height of the mattress, plus a generous extra length for adjustment freedom.

4 Quick-release Buckles

– Preferably bought at the same time to ensure compatibility.

4 Strap Adjusters

 Step-by-Step Guide/ Instructions

1. Cutting

Cut the strap into 4 equal parts. This is the length of one strap. In my case (of a 6m length), each is approximately 150cm.

2. Strap Adjusters

Insert the 4 strap adjuster to make a loop on all 4 straps. At a distance you think whoever or your own wrists, thighs, feet is comfortable with. Since it’s a strap adjuster, you can actually adjust the size of the loop after you’re done. Please note that it will take some time to figure out which direction the adjuster has to be installed. But you’ll handle it after a while.

3. Buckles

When you are done with the adjusters, take two of the straps, and face the untouched ends at each other. Insert the ‘fork’ and the ‘spoon’ into the ends. Like above, it will take some time to figure out how to install them. And most importantly, after you are done, join the two straps and tug at the loops real hard to ensure you’ve placed the buckles in the right direction. If the straps lengthen when you pull at the loop (which should not happen), redo the buckles, you might have inserted the straps wrongly.

4. End

At this junction, you should have completed the basic restraints. Use it over or under your bed, or around the bed frames. It should be strong and sturdy. If you’re using a nylon strap like shown in the photos, you can use a lighter to burn the edges to an ‘unhairy’ endings. Read on for an upgrade using the remaining two buckles.

5. Upgrades

Now, you’re ready for a little upgrade. Follow the photo above and install the ONE set of buckles for these two straps. The photos below will help you visualise better what is at the middle of the straps.


Above, you can see the ‘fork’ side, and the ‘spoon’ side. Note that it will look weird after you’re done. But try your best to angle it as shown in the pictures to know you have got it right. It will take more time to do this part.

The above is another picture to show you how a single strap will look like. The loop on the left is created by closing the buckles. The loop on the right is for the wrist. In case your bed is a king or queen sized, the width is too big to be covered with a single strap. So, this upgrade will allow the end, with the buckle, to reach around the legs of the bed.  Please do not use the end with the buckle for the handstrap as the sub/ victim roleplay, can actually reach and break free. Unless that’s your intention.

The above shows the ‘weird’ positioning of the secondary buckle (which is the lower one) and how it can be a instant shortener when you clip them together.

Up to this point, everything on the strap is adjustable. So, let your creative minds take over and find out how short or long it can go. The pain around the wrist is your partner’s cue not to struggle, and not letting him/ her go is YOUR sign that you are serious. The more the person struggles, the more hurt the straps will cause. Let the person know giving up and letting you do what you want, is the best option.

6. Knees

I am currently in the work to include a simple PVC pipe that will force the knees apart using the constraints that we just made up there. I’ve been cracking my head and if anyone has any good ideas, please feel free to let me know and I can give it a try.

Writing What I Write

Note: This entry has nothing sexual about it. You can treat it as a rant. The entry below is what I feel about the local erotic literature scene in Singapore and the topic of sex as portrayed in my stories. This is an independent view and does NOT represent what other bloggers feel.

In Singapore, the genre of erotic stories exists very lively underground, blogs like undertable999, theinnocentslut, are visited so frequently and had to be done without spying eyes, probably due to the fact that there are photos included in their write ups. The moment you step into any major bookstores in Singapore, you would see top sellers, and almost every category are displayed neatly on shelves. What about erotic storybooks?

When I was in Australia for my training (during NS), the erotica section is not hidden away, and better still, given a fair share of shelf space although in a corner of any book stores of all scales. Why can’t I find a publisher? Why can’t I print articles for sale? One reason would be that the media is controlled by the government, which is not a bad thing at all. We need to be constantly reminded of the bad things that’s happening around the world and be thankful for all the good things we had.

As the push to encourage our citizens to have more babies gets fundings, coverage, basically all the good things. And local writers have access to funds, publisher rights, subsidy, are the local sex bloggers doing anything shameful? For example, we got no choice but to either buy the hard and soft copy of ’50 Shades of Grey’ online, or through other not-so-glamourous ways of getting the PDFs.

This is not about getting money out what of I write, neither it’s unfairness that I felt. According to my site statistics, my page is getting about 1.5k views this month on average and others out there are getting more, I only have myself to blame for the lack of photos. But it’s something I did not want to leverage on too heavily.

Reading is good. You get the details, and my use of (limited) vocabulary words would open you to a few more words you don’t come across in your daily life. Doing what I do best, I am attempting to change how people get off, instead of pictures and videos, to really show that your mind is powerful and creative enough. So much so that you would invent pickup lines, be aware of the social dangers of sex and it’s unlawful exploitations, try out a few more positions, explore private spaces in our modern urban scape.

If you have came (no pun intended) to my site, it’s not about understanding the pervert keyboard warrior, you’re here to let me help you out in your private ‘alone time’ and I am grateful for that. I would love a studio apartment I can write in peace, organise photoshoots and help you guys get a better picture of what my stories are telling.

But look at the stereotype that erotica has in our society, it’s shunned, it’s quiet, it’s unspoken. Readership is one thing, open mindedness is another. Who are we to deny the public of such a subtle erotic content? Basically, reading erotic stories in public is no different from watching porn on the train. Why do we even need a warning that such contents are not suitable for the young? Surely, someone who can understand my complex writing structure would have a base in English and comprehension level would protect those who should not be reading. Adults should even know better what they’re reading.

Is it better for them to explore sex physically first? Or to ‘accidentally’ stumble upon my site (a bit arrogant here I admit) and get an idea before crossing the line?

Do anything, don’t get caught.
Get caught act blur say sorry.
When all fails, prepare to go DB.

That was what my BMT Encik told me and it still applies. Just that DB would probably mean a holiday in a Changi chalet (prison). Casual sex, tempting, accessible. Underage sex, illegal, but still a fetish for many. Rape, always fantasised about, but illegal. BDSM, scary, but sounds fun. Any other kind of fantasies, a dark secret for many but not impossible.

Fashion has changed how people dressed, and it played a huge part in temptation. And more daring outfits are still being innovated everyday. Food itself is a pleasure, and we kiss with where we eat, just that we are ‘tasting’ without really eating. Lingerie (which should be under ‘Fashion’), had evolved, and the thrill of imaging what lies under is still a hobby for many. Then we have the emotional side. Pain, someone somehow discovered it would go well with pleasure, so there we have it. Something we hate, plus something we like, turns into something we lust.

Love is not lust, and vice versa. All of us are destined to live, fall in love, get married, have kids. But what about lust? Does it have a cycle? YOLO (You Only Live Once) ya know? Sex for me, falls under play. And since young, children had ben playing (not sexually of course). We know the fun of getting what we can’t and when we get it, indulge in it. Now, here comes the ‘climax’ of my entry.

Glad to say, the reward system in our society worked. When you do well in school, you get bursaries, monetary rewards. When you get an answer right, you get a chocolate, food rewards. As you grow, you get applauses, hugs, recognition, promotion, in short, emotional rewards. We are conditioned to look at the final outcome and work for it. Sure, sometimes the process is enjoyable, but most of the time, tiring and exhaustive. So, we invented ways to make the process more enjoyable, and on top of that, still retains the emotional satisfaction at the end. I shall skip the process of love making as you would notice the tiring part and the satisfaction part is actually how sex is.

Thus, the ‘forbidden fruit’ term is coined. Guys go after girls, guys seek to ‘eat’ outside, girls seek to escape possessive boyfriends through extreme means (flinging outside their relationships), teachers leverage on their power to grade in exchange for something. Suddenly someone very much older/ younger of the opposite sex seemed fun to chase.

It’s all for the rewards. A mental ‘getaway’ in exchange for a few nanoseconds (for guys) of pleasure. There’s never an outlet where you can get a reward equivalent of your hard work you put in. Except for sex. It’s worth it and we all know it.

So, let this genre of literature spread. Erotica is nothing to be shameful of, and those who could not (or yet to have) access (to) sex are most vulnerable. The fruit itself is sex. Curiosity might kill the cat, for those who are virgins reading my site could get tempted, but along with that, is the preparedness they have to be sure of.

Girls, don’t be in a hurry to lose your virginity. Guys, don’t be jerks and be in a hurry to get virgins deflowered. As forbidden as it is, and as fun as it might sound, there’s no turning back. A simple SMS to an underage ‘you want sex?’ and you can be jailed. I’ve known some very adventurous dudes who have partners willing to go on film, and I can safely say, their sex life is awesome. The level of trust, faithfulness (no matter how much or little), the lines that they draw to protect their personal lives, they are all accounted for.

It takes only one side to be responsible, and everyone is safe. No jail time, no fear, although there could be a tremendous amount of guilt which I trust they can handle or offload in their ways. My final word for everyone reading, don’t let one moment of pleasure ruin your future. Imagine you have to find someone to settle down all over again, imagine you found an awesome guy who made you wish you had saved your virginity for, imagine a life with no risk of STD and have a partner for sex anytime you want (married couples if you quite get it). I’m ignoring the ideal situation of ‘my partner should accept my past and blah blah blah’, that rarely happens and even if it does, there would be some thing you wished you could undo.


Review – Durex

Kinda hard to believe I took this picture yeah? I really did.

Durex Fetherlite Ultima (S$11.96) – With all those episodes in my stories, would you think protection is really absent? Out of so many brands I’ve tried, this is the brand, and type I would recommend. Away with those extra thick, extra lube, extra bumps and dots. Skin-close is the way to do it. Firstly, a couple’s relationship should be strong enough to withstand 3rd parties, love history, monetary issues, distances, family pressure and etc. Yet, that single moment of intimacy is divided by rubber. Sure, family planning huh? Then, the next thing to focus on is getting as physically close as possible to her.

So, Fetherlite Ultima. It’s the closest you can get. Thin enough to stick so close to your (penile) skin, that you’ll forget it’s there. One thing though, rubber is always smoother than skin. So, live with slight loss of grooves and bumps from your RAW penis. Family planning remember? Safety first. I like this model because of the feel. It doesn’t affect the whole act much, and you can release safely inside. The tightness is not to a point semen will get pushed back out (unless you are XXL in size, you’ll need expert level contraceptions).

Durex Play Strawberry (S$8.48) – Woohoo! Sometimes, it’s not the issue about your skills. It could well be the female body that just doesn’t produce enough. So, lubricant to help. I’ve tried the tingling one, and this. Before this, I tried the ‘standard issue’ KY Jelly by Johnsons & Johnsons and the Tingling Durex one, which was a no-no for me. The minty effect was too much to take, to a point I was disabled and shrunk to an unbelievable size. It’s more of dipping your cock in Colgate instead of eating Eclipse and receiving oral.

Next, KY Jelly. Great product, had totally no problem with it. Except the drying part. Once, I missed and wasted a few drops on the floor. Mum came in and asked what is the sticky substance, I said.. ‘water’. It took a long long time to dry out, therefore a great juice-replacement. Take care when using it on bed. The ‘wet looking patch’ does not come off easily.

The strawberry one was much smoother, like.. less water, more slippery. Please note that it’s not really OILY, I’m just stating a description. Like those use in JAV, it takes a while to dry out too, so it’s a 5 out of 5 for long battles. The reason I recommended this was for the strawberry flavour. It still tasted a little weird, and sweet! on my taste buds, but we know we’re not supposed to drink this. I loved how the scent fill up the room and gives the little high class effect while procreating.

For masturbation wise, please please do not let water mix with this as it will lose it’s lubricating effect. Do it before you shower, and be generous with it. It would prepare your rod in case you get a random hot looking girl, she would smell the after scent of strawberry too! Apart from DIY, I would recommend this for use with toys as well.

Most importantly, hygiene comes first. Try them, enjoy making love.

Dirty or Beautiful?

Is sex supposed to be dirty, insulting and degrading? Look at all the porn. Guys are just pure sexists, rapists, perverts, minimally, always horny. Then again, it gives the impression that would turn girls (of the wrong age) off till they are ready. It’s just pure dirty and cheap. Double edged.

Erotica, on the other hand, paints sex and the female form in a beautifying manner. No matter guys or girls would be visually pleased to see such an effort done for females. The repercussion? Girls (no matter what age) would look at their bodies differently, and might embrace nudity, sexiness, playfulness and start having sex at the wrong age. Double edged.

Food for thought for today.