PSA: Instagram Scam Ads

Dear readers, please take note. This is a new method of fraud/ scam that has appeared on the Instagram app, a ‘trusted’ social media platform which we might have too much faith in. Days ago, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across a sponsored/ paid advertisement that looked like this.. but selling a […]

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Together Now

Available; Monday night (5th Nov ’18) Tuesday (Deepavali) Friday night (9th Nov ’18) J, is now officially in a relationship, with Maeve. Along with that piece of good news, we will also be exploring my fetish of being cuckold, which mainly evolved from wanting her to experience the best, well-rounded sex life that we can […]

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He is humourous, she is mean. He goes straight to the point, she maybe-s. He is the hermit, she’s the chariot. As they stood before each other, he had his hand on her neck, thumb brushing across her cheek as she tilted her head sideways. It wasn’t the touch that was on their minds. It […]

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