Shorter and Shorter.

Somehow, this entry had something to do with the link that White Wolf shared, but it might not be linked too. Recently, the updates to awesome local erotic blogs has been dwindling, and the contents now are moving towards increasing number of pictures to replace ‘a thousand words’. True enough, our society has fed us with instant, condensed, easy to comprehend kind of media. I...

Coffee and Stuff

Well, now I understand how writing can lose its touch when left alone for too long. I haven’t been writing for a week and it has been quite difficult to recreate scenes that flow smoothly. I know my posts have been appearing on schedule, but as a guy, I do have more fantasies and recounts than just three times a week. So, I must make it a point to write at least once every two days. A few...

About You

I am writing this for a female friend, who is in a similar situation like me. In this post, I will be myself, where I am a mirror, that reflects who she is, and hopefully show her that there will be someone who will understand her, no matter how complex she think she is. It has been some time since this blog has any true personal entries, so expect not to comprehend what I type here, for it is...

A Message

I would like to send a message to all guys out there, and whatever you read is a direct expression of my thoughts and I have to warn you, it is strong. This entry will be bias (although I think in a good way) to those who have been reading for some time. What I write from here would not be too relevant because I believe you guys are the intellectual ones. Please treat this entry as a rant, as...

Happy X-th Birthday

Happy birthday to me~
Happy birthday to me~
Happy birthday to staplerma.. ann~
Happy birthday to me!
Where’s my birthday sex? (;
Here, I would wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year as well. All the best to us, and our relationships, and to find your true love for those who are spending their Valentine day alone.


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