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As of 22nd Feb 2018, a new format will be adopted in regards to JAV recommendations. From next Monday (26th Feb), you will be able to read a short review of the videos I recommend. I hope that that will be able to streamline your process of finding good, fap-worthy clips.

In this always-up-to-date guide, you will find adult videos that have earned their place in my hard drive. Not only do most of them have excellent casts, interesting AND intriguing story lines make them somewhat more engaging.

6th Nov 2017

6th Feb 2016

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Review – M Hotel

You and your girl managed to squeeze two days out of your busy calendar to spend quality time together. What now?

There’s no better place/ activity than to go on a staycation to get those raging hormones of you two, satiated. Sure, you might say that your house is available, but what about her spiritual needs? That healing, connecting, letting-loose, carefree, unrestrained factor? This is the moment for you to finally unwind, perhaps a chance to not do anything. Yeaaaaas, I knowwwww, hotels in Singapore are expensive, and you don’t want your woman to feel lesser by bringing her to those kind of hotels for a staycation.

But hey, why not push things a little further? I have assumed a reasonable budget of S$200 for one night of all-out, crazy sex, PLUS buffet breakfast. Will you consider that? Now, this, will be my honest, unbiased review of M Hotel, followed by PROs and CONs at the end of this entry.

Located in the CBD, there is only one time (or two days) that I will recommend – the weekends. Why Saturday and Sunday?! Or Sunday and Monday?! Because all sorts of traffic, human, cars, and even businesses are mostly absent or closed, on those days. But will there be food if we are hungry? Of course there is! Assuming that you are not going to fork a single cent more at the hotel, there’s a 7-Eleven and a 24-hr McDonald’s within three minutes’ walk. Such convenience if you have forgotten to bring protection right?

For one, I got my room at S$200+, breakfast included. That said, the breakfast spread isn’t all that impressive, but it has comfort items like sausages, eggs, juices, salad bar, ham, bread, buns, soup. I would say that it’s more homely than hearty. The experience in the restaurant was priceless though. Surrounded by tourist-businessman-look-alike guests, I did feel a little touristy. It was pure entertainment to watch hunger claim souls.

Okay, enough of nonsense. Let me break that one reason for you guys to choose this place. This is one of the two hotels I have found on Expedia that has bathtub in their lowest grade rooms. Any room – will have one. Doesn’t that just brings your mind to bath bombs? Yeah! ;)


PROs: Bathtub in every room. Walls, doors, so thick I couldn’t hear anyone else on my level. Smoking and non-smoking rooms available. Spacious, like really. I don’t have a wide angle shot but it is big. Easy to get into the ‘vacation’ mood thanks to their interior design, professionalism. Free 24-hr access to gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi.

CONs: Not-so-nice view outside my window. TV has no AirPlay or AndroidCast feature, neither are the HDMI/ USB/ AV ports accessible. In my case, the aircon remote wasn’t working. But a call to the front desk fixed it. Complimentary breakfast is so-so but filling. Don’t expect much out of the lunch buffet if you are planning to go for it (not included in stay).

Will I stay again? Yes.

Review – Tenga Flip (Lite 2G)

It has been a long time since I owned this much-acclaimed toy, and my perspective of it has changed quite a bit. Does it mean that the problems have worked itself out?

Not exactly.

But after multiple, somewhat-successful attempts at using it, I am now in a better position to give a more in-depth breakdown of the earlier (like years ago) hiccups.

  1. Price

    No matter if you already own this toy, or am planning to own one, this is an investment. ~S$100 isn’t a large sum, but not too small either to put it in the bin if it disappointed you (not even failed to meet your expectations). Do your research across websites, compare prices, keep a look out for promotions.

  2. Suitability

    Before we move on, I would like to apologise for an erroneous report made in the previous version of the review (which you can find below).

    It is, actually the girth of your penis that will determine if the lite version is suitable for you. As for how you would find out if you are thick (or thin) enough, I will just vaguely ask you to apply my ‘OK’ method. If your thumb can’t touch the index finger (on the same hand!) when wrapped around your cock, it’s safer to get the standard version.

  3. Noise

    This baby can get a little noisy if you are a really tight fit for it. In my case, no matter if I press the vacuum/ vacuum-release button, wet, loud, slurping noises can still be heard trying to get me busted. My solution? Remove the cap and open the toy up to relief some tension. Sigh.

  4. Maintenance

    Although I am not very sure of the exact procedure to maintain this seemingly-futuristic toy, these are the steps I take, in sequence.

  • Open device and rinse under running water
  • Air-dry device by standing it upright like an open book, on the O-shape base of lock-lid
  • Dab baby powder across silicone surface before storing it closed

It is a small hassle at the baby-powder part, a step usually reserved for long-term storage. Without a fap/ no-fap schedule, I treat every use as an impromptu occasion.


Priced well for a high-quality product with attention to details. Great sensation delivered by the texture of the silicone insert, excellent design for ease of cleaning. I can only imagine the success stories of this toy if I had gotten the right size.


A little of a hassle for maintenance, but reasonable given its price and next-gen material of silicone insert. Drying process can be risky, especially when left in windy areas for anyone to question. Otherwise, it will take longer to dry in more discreet corners. Dire circumstances call for dire solutions, I hope you don’t have to split the toy open to get one off.

**Beyond the line break is the very first review, which is outdated and written with premature exposure to said product.

Having owned this futuristic, male-pleasure toy for some time now, I think I am in a better position to give a more in-depth review. Many months, or should I say, a year ago, I have bought this masturbator with the juvenile fantasy like any boy out there.

Yes, I have used the word ‘boy’ because this object is now sitting in my cupboard without so much a notice from anyone, not even me.

At first, it was all fun to explore how to use this next-gen shit. Slide the lid out, pour some lube in the middle, shut it, lock it, pillage it. That 5-step process may sound simple, but what got me was the last part.

I, an owner of a 5.5 – 6 inch cock, cannot get it in comfortably. While it is not impossible, the discomfort came after using it for a while. The problem? It’s too ‘tight’. I have so humbly thought that ‘okay, maybe the lite verios is more suitable for Asians. I wouldn’t want to be fucking a tunnel as wide as a toilet roll centre’ right?

Turns out, whoever came up with the dimensions, has imparted the wrong impressions that ‘lite’ is tighter, when in fact, it is designed for extremely small penises. In summary, I used it once, refused to believe it, used it another time, admit to fate, deep-storage it. To sum it up, I am going to provide a handy PRO-CON layout.

PROs: Damn high quality product. From its outer shell to inner silicon lining, it’s truly a showcase of good design and workmanship. To make it reusable, Tenga had made everything so easy to rinse. If your tool is less than 5 inches, this will be a good investment.

CONs: For someone with an average (I think) Asian cock size of 5.5 – 6 inches, this product failed miserably to maintain an enjoyable experience. Note that I used the word ‘maintain’ because while it started out nice and tight and cosy, the never-changing, or little-difference-at-max, pressure setting never got to a point I was comfortable fapping to. It was just ‘tight, tight, oh shit, abrasion? Nope, shall keep going. A little more. Nah. I’m done with this thing.’

For S$20 more, get the standard Flip model and appreciate the spaciousness instead of lamenting the tighter one you could have gotten. A little less pleasure is better than pain.

Review – U4ria 2

SAM_3452 (Custom)

Looking too high-tech to be a sex toy!

I must say this entry is a bit late, but better than never right? I’ve went down to U4ria at Peninsular Plaza for the second time today and got myself a toy. It’s not that I needed this desperately, but it is to take the stress of someone who prefers not to include the use of any mouths for foreplay.

After reading countless reviews and price checks, the safest way to get a toy would be to go down and have a look and feel before getting one. And that was what I did. I am writing this with great pleasure as this particular toy really does its job and shows me a new world without requiring help from anyone.

HEPS Fantastic Japan Edition (Price available on their website) – This high-tech looking toy is actually a masturbator. To be exact, a replacement for oral sex that men loves to get no matter where or when the need arises. You guys should have seen the box, it is so professional looking that no one will suspect what is in it. Imagine a thick DVD cover with this toy in it, with care and usage instructions. Never had I felt money so well spent, especially on a sex toy.

The tongue, lips, even the mouth part is similar to a real person. From the point you put it through the lips, the tongue will ‘accidentally’ tickle the underside of your penis, and then flicking back to its original position like how a girl would. Once you’re in, you can then twist the side caps on the device to get the suction you need. Yes, it slurps while maintaining suction. I also like to feel some pressure of the teeth against the lips, and with the removable.. squeeze cover I call it, you can either create the teeth effect (pressing against the silicon, not directly on your sensitive cock) or a tight throat that contracts whenever you send your dick down all the way.

Now, durability. This special material is unlike conventional silicon toys. Once I have filled it up or emptied myself into it, I simply remove the side caps and flush water into the mouth, rinsing it of any.. biological beings. The holes at the side (that controls the suction) will let the water out and there, cleaning is done. I store it by placing sideways, and keeping the covers off till it’s dried.

But I must say before hand, it’s never going to dry. Cause I find myself addicted to it before it dries and so, the caps or more or less permanently gone. But if you are not that driven like me, drying does take some time, a full 24 hours to be exact. I’ve left it for a few days untouched before and that impressive material (I have no idea what), does not break down even when wet constantly, but please don’t test the limits by soaking it in water.

For most part, this is a very good invention and provides a lot of freedom to get the feel you like. From the pressure on specific areas of your manhood, to the suction, it’s great to a point I have no words to describe. If you are longer than 8 inches, you will be slightly disappointed. Cause you know, you’re too long ========)

Writing this makes me tempted to use it again, argh.. Take good care of it like how you would treat your girl, it will last. Next, I should try putting lipsticks on it. Hehe. I’ll give it a ‘must-have’ if you are a blowjob lover without someone who can give it anytime you want, which is like all the time, right guys?

Review – U4ria

Awesome photo taken by Jhae once again!

Just about a few months ago, I was randomly surfing online sex shops and stumbled upon A few of the items got my attention and so I went down to one of their shops at Peninsular Plaza. First thing on my mind was the ‘Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray’, the rest of the items were introduced by a friendly staff named Rosco, which was so helpful in a monetary sense that he checked for all the best price for every item I asked. I would definitely go back for products that is for more of the medical use, for both safety and reliability.

Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray (Price available on their website) –  This awesome solution comes in three flavours – cinnamon, chocolate mint, and spearmint. I had intended to get the chocolate mint since I know that it would be the most preferred taste for her. But it was out of stock that day, so cinnamon was my second choice. The spray worked well by numbing the gag reflexes that looked so agonizing and painful for girls going down on you. The desensitizing effect will take that choke away after a minute or so after spraying. That said, I’ve tried it myself by sticking my finger down my throat after it was applied. There was no choking to my expectations, but the mental barrier to get my finger out was there. It’s a must-buy for men who wants their girls to give them head with less inhibition.

Adam&Eve Marathon Spray (Price available on their website) – Without saying too much, this bottle had improved my sex life tremendously. Getting MY pleasure out of sex had been easy, but giving HER pleasure was one of my weaker points. As a careful man, I have always used a condom every time we get on it, so this spray only made our sex better. Like a marathon, my timing improved with an justifiable drop in sensitivity. I am not talking about total numbness that you won’t notice if someone cut your penis off. Here, let me explain. I would usually give a spray or two at the head of my penis before we start, then use the condom I have prepared to rub the solution over the rest of my shaft. The condom rolled right over after I had covered enough skin with it. My foreplay would then continue for another two minutes, while waiting for the effect to kick in.

A tap or two at my dick, will show me if it was properly numbed. The tip and the sensitive ring below my penis were well-numbed. But the rest of my shaft could still make out ‘pleasure’. As the deed was carried out, I still felt all the good things, with delayed ejaculation. More positions, less disappointment. Rosco did highlight to me though, that if you are to have sex without protection, do remember to give your manhood a rinse to remove the solution before penetration.. if not, she would have delayed orgasms too (which is bad!).

Nuru Gel Normal (Price available on their website) – What more could I say? In times of need, without my girl around, this would be my partner. And take note, I didn’t even claim my silicon masturbation aid to be my partner, cause this liquid is the one that really made me feel sexy. After shower, while we are still wet, I poured a palm sized of Nuru over our bodies and naturally, the gel produced the sticky strains that was so slippery and fun. It made us both feel so sexy in the shower that I would impatiently slip my dick between her legs, beneath her pussy and just thrust to my heart’s content.

The whole shower became much more than just getting cleaned. Apart of just being a slippery liquid, it is also certified to be clean enough to use as sex lubricant, massage gel, whatever you can imagine, but please do not try to eat it. Usually seen on Japanese Adult Videos (JAVs), this gel has really lived up to it’s reputation and definitely not hurt to get one. A waterproof sheet (like PVC or Latex) would bring the fun to the bedroom, but if you’re like me, without the budget, this bottle of Nuru Gel is not a ‘must-have‘.

Review – EdenFantasy

SAM_3154 (Medium)

Another review from Jhae!

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by Edenfantasys and I was super excited. They have lots of products on their page but sadly, I have the same sentiment about the the delivery charge making the item unaffordable. However, there IS something stronger than just the money sense. It is the pleasure of getting something that will help in the long run. So, I did not hold back when I found this while browsing their site. It was something I had been wanting to get, and will help me in some, if not other ways to ‘level up’.

Adonis Pump (USD$31.99 w/o shipping) – You guys can follow this link to the product page. The wait for this to arrive was agonising as it was one of the hottest selling pumps. As of right now, I think the pump is out of stock, and that shows how effective it was. If you are intending to get this to increase the size of your manhood, I would ask you to have more patience when using it. Turning a sausage into horse size is not an overnight thing.

So, I would put on one of the two sleeves at the entrance. Usually the one on the right as the length of it was shorter, thus exposing my not-so-long size to you guys reading this.

SAM_3155 (Medium)

A little lubricant to help make things smoother, and I would press on the handle of the other end of the tube. It was nice to see it suck down on my groin, but it was easy to get out of hand as well. If you pump it up too much at once, you’re gonna have a bad time. There will be an ache at the tip of your penis from the vacuum.

I learnt from that and did it slowly, letting the blood rush into my rod where the vacuum was demanding to be relieved. A little dizziness was felt, but it was nothing serious, and for a greater good. Of course, since there was nothing to keep me hard for extended period of time, I began to use it as a masturbator, moving it up and down with the suction on. And trust me when I say this, the suction, plus the sleeve, is beyond pleasure. I’m not saying that it can replace sex, but it is unlike anything else on the market (referring to silicon pussy or Tenga Eggs).

This was something I almost got addicted to using, which I cannot NOT use it because of the contradicting effect! First, there is a benefit of increasing my size, but secondly, it would often tempt me to get myself off using it. Hmm.. I’m feeling lost. Overall, I must say this is a must-get item. To be safe, there are a few reputable brands which you can try, but it is the sturdiness of this product that touched me. Everything felt high quality, from the thick plastic tube, to the quick-release valve, to the ergonomics friendly pump. No regrets!

I have written this entry as a review for EdenFantasys as I think their site deserves some recognition from me, making the whole shopping experience a smooth and satisfying one. No doubt shipping charges cannot be reduced, I think the pump has earned it’s worth. Oh, and did it increase my size? Hmm.. I have not used it since this is the festive season, and a lot of visitors to my place, so to be safe, I’ve stashed it somewhere out of sight.

SAM_3156 (Medium)

The picture above is not an indicator of how long my tool is. :P

I’ve already got a list of items I am getting from the site, to make someone go crazy. Teehee!

Review – Durex

Kinda hard to believe I took this picture yeah? I really did.

Durex Fetherlite Ultima (S$11.96) – With all those episodes in my stories, would you think protection is really absent? Out of so many brands I’ve tried, this is the brand, and type I would recommend. Away with those extra thick, extra lube, extra bumps and dots. Skin-close is the way to do it. Firstly, a couple’s relationship should be strong enough to withstand 3rd parties, love history, monetary issues, distances, family pressure and etc. Yet, that single moment of intimacy is divided by rubber. Sure, family planning huh? Then, the next thing to focus on is getting as physically close as possible to her.

So, Fetherlite Ultima. It’s the closest you can get. Thin enough to stick so close to your (penile) skin, that you’ll forget it’s there. One thing though, rubber is always smoother than skin. So, live with slight loss of grooves and bumps from your RAW penis. Family planning remember? Safety first. I like this model because of the feel. It doesn’t affect the whole act much, and you can release safely inside. The tightness is not to a point semen will get pushed back out (unless you are XXL in size, you’ll need expert level contraceptions).

Durex Play Strawberry (S$8.48) – Woohoo! Sometimes, it’s not the issue about your skills. It could well be the female body that just doesn’t produce enough. So, lubricant to help. I’ve tried the tingling one, and this. Before this, I tried the ‘standard issue’ KY Jelly by Johnsons & Johnsons and the Tingling Durex one, which was a no-no for me. The minty effect was too much to take, to a point I was disabled and shrunk to an unbelievable size. It’s more of dipping your cock in Colgate instead of eating Eclipse and receiving oral.

Next, KY Jelly. Great product, had totally no problem with it. Except the drying part. Once, I missed and wasted a few drops on the floor. Mum came in and asked what is the sticky substance, I said.. ‘water’. It took a long long time to dry out, therefore a great juice-replacement. Take care when using it on bed. The ‘wet looking patch’ does not come off easily.

The strawberry one was much smoother, like.. less water, more slippery. Please note that it’s not really OILY, I’m just stating a description. Like those use in JAV, it takes a while to dry out too, so it’s a 5 out of 5 for long battles. The reason I recommended this was for the strawberry flavour. It still tasted a little weird, and sweet! on my taste buds, but we know we’re not supposed to drink this. I loved how the scent fill up the room and gives the little high class effect while procreating.

For masturbation wise, please please do not let water mix with this as it will lose it’s lubricating effect. Do it before you shower, and be generous with it. It would prepare your rod in case you get a random hot looking girl, she would smell the after scent of strawberry too! Apart from DIY, I would recommend this for use with toys as well.

Most importantly, hygiene comes first. Try them, enjoy making love.