Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Cindy (shouting): ‘GOOD MORNING SLEEPY HEAD!’ Me: ‘Whatttt? How did you get in?’ Cindy: ‘Orh hor! Someone is having morning wood.’ Me: ‘Cocks rise and shine earlier luh.’ Cindy: ‘The cleaning auntie let me in de. Not my fault. Let’s go for a massage together?’ The morning […]

I Volunteer

Girl: ‘I’m Michelle! You are?’ Me: ‘J.’ Michelle: ‘Oh! Nice to meet you. You also volunteered to collect goodies for the old folks?’ Me: ‘Yeah. I have some free time today.’ I partnered the daughter of a community centre lady to collect food and non-perishable items from the neighbourhood, as part of the twenty plus […]