​Gradual onset, first of warmth.  Indulge of calm, smitten slurs.  Growth in length, expansion of area.  Jolts be felt, from the down.  Flashes, pulses, urges the exhale.  Breaths drawn, in loud silence.  Gentle buzzing, within front of mind. Wild beats of heart, rising unknown waist. Yearning more, of that fear. Wanting all, but not beyond. […]

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Dancing Trail

The little finger dance, across your burly chest. Not exactly firm, with a bit of fats. She walks them down your ribs, right over your heart. The little trimmed nails cut, leaving marks on your skin. Not exactly deep, but enough for you to want more of it. Going down the bouncy tum, hopping over […]

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Tight Fisted

A clench of her fist, sent nails into the flesh. Underneath the glowing red, wrapped in the palest beige. Pain, she guessed right, a fetish brought by plight. A shiver of my hips, sent a smile across her face. Guided by lust and play, she nailed the tip, with her thumb in place. Quickly, my […]

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Wishful Desire

She whom not knew, worked right beside. The unknown forces of words, were the only knowledge she had. A curiosity bounded by the circumstances of ‘chance’. And by ‘chance’, she saw the familiar layout. One that is unmistakable, with four images on the side. Causing her to ask, who I really am. The mind of […]

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Pipe Dream

In the absence of light, her arms resisted. The slight glow from the blindfolds, only told her day from night. A gentle finger runs down her fore, going between her sidewards breasts. A breath of life filled her tiny chest, gathering force for the tired soul. The kiss of death warmed her nips, playful tongue, […]

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