失败的 (Spider) Man

When I walked through the aisle towards the back of the bus, I couldn’t see what the couple was struggling with until I was right beside them. The girl was desperately trying to push the guy’s hand out of her skirt where a V-shape formed around his wrist, obviously having two fingers inside her. How could I get that downward cupping hand, engaged in ‘Spiderman’s web...

Boys Love Sluts

Yes yes, any around them could tell she was a slut. Hugging like a magnet around her embarrassed boyfriend, she was wearing a semi translucent crop top with a spaghetti strap camisole that left her belly exposed. Her waist length hair was most attractive though, not many girls could keep that under the hot weather of Singapore. I could tell she was still schooling from the books her guy was...

Upon Hearing That

‘You know? I always get wet when you say you need to buy condoms.’
‘Yeah.. My mind will just imagine it rolling down that thing and then going inside me over and over again.’
‘You’re so kinky!’

Tiny Pleaser

Strawberry: ‘Sit down and take him out.’ I wriggled my ass a little to lower my shorts and she snuggled into my arm, holding my erection with her hand harder than the last time she did it. Stroking up and down, I couldn’t resist but moan into her ears, where she went faster up and down my rod. Somehow, she managed to grasp the perfect pressure and speed, covering the needed...

Three Seconds

Sitting at my letterbox area (on the concrete box where unwanted flyers are discarded), a girl in a short, black dress was responding to her constantly buzzing phone. The simplicity of her spaghetti dress was made beautiful by the tightness around her sexy curves without any excess crease and ending at her upper thighs. She was just a bend away from exposing her panties, I was sure. A while...

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