Ding Dong

*Ding Dong!* The door bell rang and Pamela was standing right at the door. I opened for her and she sat down on the sofa lightly. Me: ‘What happened?’ Pam: ‘My dad chased me out of the house for being with another guy. He prefers you. I told him that guy was a friend and he didn’t believed me. Can you help me explain to him?’ Me: ‘Okay.. can can. But tonight...

Knock Knock

The doorbell was ringing non-stop at 1am. I knew it was my sis, drinking late into the night, had forgotten the keys. I took my time and strolled to the door and opened it for her. She fell into my arms as she was supporting herself, leaning on the door when it opened. I pulled her in and she sat with her legs sideways on the floor, after she took her heels off, she stood up and turned her back...


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