The Girl Under Wraps

Part 1 | Part 2 I, J, received this email on Sunday morning, with a request to publish this at a time and date I deem fit. The following content may offend readers, but I had to do this or risk hurting the girl as described by the sender in the email. Hi J, I […]

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Caught Skirt Down

In the heat of the moment, Tim turned Jill’s body towards the opening at the stairs of the HDB, unhooking her skirt and letting it drop to the floor. Her blowjob was getting him too hot to resist and she just succumbed to his force. Pointing her butt out, she waited for his dick to […]

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Nicole arrived at the stranger’s house after a long walk from her place. She had been instructed to meet him at his place after he left a photo of her masturbating in her room, having her image taken from the window she left open by accident. She gave two knocks on the door and the […]

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Suppressed Instincts.

Valerie was so frustrated at her desktop computer in her room that was running slower and slower. And while most people would be angst by such things when they are working on important tasks, it was more of watching her favourite drama that was freezing in frames so badly to a point she had to […]

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Freezing Deal

Tracy: ‘Chef, I think everyone has gone home.’ Mike: ‘Are you sure you want to do it in there? It’s freezing cold.’ Tracy: ‘Yeah. I’ve never tried it before.’ Tracy had been at the restaurant for the whole day, being one of the bidding suppliers for the new source of high quality seafood the business […]

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