Booking Out – Rinnie

It was 8pm when I reached Singapore. My phone vibrated and Rinnie was calling me, how could I not pick her phone up. Rinnie screamed: ‘You are booking out today right?!’ Me: ‘Yeah. Why? Haha. Missed me?’ Rinnie: ‘Umm! You want to meet? Like at Paya Lebar MRT. Let’s go out together.’ Me: ‘Huh? I’m in my uniform. Cannot do anything in public...

Go Market leh

Veronica texted me in the early hours of the morning at about 8am to see if I want to accompany her to the market to get some food. I put on my shirt and a simple pair of shorts and got out of the house, eager for some excitement. She drove into AMK Hub’s carpark and went to a slot in the corner. Whispering ‘


Day: Saturday Date: 14 November 2009 Time: 4pm Location: Carpark staircase at building  beside United Square I just got my popper and today I met with my ex for dinner. We had pizza hut and we went for a walk around. I took the popper and unscrew the cap and asked her to take a sniff and tell me if it’s a nice scent. She took a whiff and pushed my hand away. Asking me what was that. I told...


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