Breaking In a School Girl

Michelle: ‘Mr. Tay. Detention is over le.’

The NIE understudy was tasked with watching the detention class after a long day of lessons, only to be awkwardly woken up one of his secondary two student. A look at his watch showed him a timing where all school activities like CCA and remedial had to be ended, a perfect timing for him to go home.

Rubbing his eyes lazily, Michelle took the opportunity to flip through the common test papers he was marking but did not get too far before he slapped her hand away.

Andy: ‘Don’t ah. This is my homework.’
Michelle: ‘Please la ‘cher. See my score only. Good or not?’

He stretched his neck away from the stack and scrolled his thumb through the corners, until he lifted more of the A4 foolscap to see the name attached to her index number.

Andy: ‘Not really good. Can be better.’
Michelle: ‘Pass? Fail?’
Andy: ‘Fail.’
Michelle: ‘Shit man. My dad is going to hit me again.’

Surprised at the corporal punishment still given out, in particular to a girl her age. He slid her copy of the test out and looked through the pages, disappointed to see that there wasn’t any marking errors.

Andy: ‘I really can’t do anything. Can I talk to your parents for you?’
Michelle: ‘No thanks. It will only be worse. Really no marking errors ah? Can I do some other homework to add points to it?’

The mentally drained teacher had little energy left to think that deep and dropped his head over his folded arms, helpless at the state his average student was in. Michelle was the usual school girl like most of her peers. A little lazy, noisy, but studies as hard as the teacher taught. Missing homework and self-study was something Andy understood perfectly, which no child their age should be going through.

Andy: ‘I’ll stay with this marks for now. But don’t tell your parents yet. I will set another paper for you to do. Can?’

Can!‘, the bright eyed girl opened her arms and pounced on the listless educator, smothered by her liveliness that made her a popular girl in his class. The hug she gave lasted for a while and she was slightly rocking him on the chair, feeling her boobs giggling around on his shoulder-back.

Andy: ‘Okay okay. Go home and rest.’

Michelle was already in a dazed mode when he shooed her away, with her hand gliding down his stripped shirt to his belt buckle. Things were starting to go awry when she lifted her skirt up to ride on one of his thigh, grinding back and forth on her pussy.

Michelle (whispering): ‘You’re the first teacher to do that for me, and I.. have a crush on you.’

His pants came open and she violently wrestled his cock out. The attempts to cover his groin did not help after she cupped his palms on her breasts, about B sized for her young age. Andy gave no fight when faced with her ferocity and continued playing with her boobs while she jerked him, pumping that slab of meat while riding her orgasms out.

Michelle (panting): ‘Are you attached Mr. Tay?’
Andy: ‘Yeah.’
Michelle: ‘So you two have sex often?’
Andy: ‘Uh huh?’
Michelle: ‘I want you to have my first time. Can?’

The next thing he did was to get her off his lap and turned towards his sturdy table, neatly rearranged not to mess his papers up. Andy guided her carefully to rest her chest on the table top, and keep her legs spread as wide as possible.

Andy: ‘It’s going to hurt a little. But it will feel good after. Okay?’

The enthusiastic nod boosted his confidence and he started thrusting, poking his cock from the side of her panties, then deeper into his female student with each stroke. As her fists opened and closed, her vagina was expanded sideways to contain his thickness. Finally after half a minute, her clit touched something cold and when he pushed his balls against her, she realised he was completely buried inside her.

Michelle (whispering): ‘How does it feel ‘cher?’
Andy: ‘Nice and warm inside you.’

He pinned her nubile body down with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other. Ramming at high speed, Michelle’s mind went blank from the shock she received, both pain and pleasure intertwined. She could not see anything clearly and voices came and went like a slow-mo scene. As Andy kept on pounding her at a steady tempo, her vision began to align and the overwhelming warmth at her pussy was emitting flashes of electrical jolts through her spine.

Michelle (moaning): ‘I love it ‘cher! Fuck me harder.’

Her nipples were hard from the rub on her shirt, and pussy was nicely draped in a soaked pair of panties from his energetic humping. Among the manly groans he made, a subtle, juicy, slurping sound reminded her of her slutty character. Her pelvic bone had expanded just to accommodate his size and the aching stretch in her pussy was barely holding it together. For Andy, she was as unbearable too but the orgasms she had made a little more lubricant for him to go further.

Michelle: ”Cher.. I can’t take it anymore.. I’m going crazy.. ‘

He unleashed his final burst of energy and pounded her so hard the table moved from its original position. Her legs were almost on the body from the force and if he could see her expression, she was drooling and white-eyed from pleasure.

Andy: ‘Urghh! I’m going to cum!’

In a swift move, he pulled out of her and used her ass crack (and panties) to help ‘jerk’ himself off. It was almost five minutes till he came all over her bum, between the crack and most of it absorbed by her cotton panties. Andy placed her on a chair first before wearing his pants back, unaware of how sticky it felt when she sat down on his cum.

Michelle (breathless): ‘So can you bring up my marks now?’
Andy: ‘I guess I can.’

He placed her test paper right on the top as he tided his desk. While Michelle left school, Andy started his car to fetch his diligent student for some extra ‘lessons’. As far as he was concerned, she had become his little pet, always flooding their shared DropBox account with lewd videos to keep him hard. And almost everyday after school, they would drive to somewhere secluded and fuck their brains out before heading home.

To take the chance with the law and groom someone this young (14yo), would you guys take the risk?

Teachers’ Challenge

Ms. Lim: ‘Joseph, are you alright? You look really pale.’

Joseph: ‘I’m fine Ms. Lim. Just a little giddy. Not sure what happened.’

Ms. Lim: ‘Drink more water. Do you have your water bottle with you?’

He shook his head and she immediately placed hers on his desk, squatting next to him as she peered under his arms his head was resting on. Joseph had been a studious boy among her secondary school classes, until recently he had taken a three-days MC. Now that he is back, he did not seem well enough for lessons.

Ms. Lim had been teaching English for her NIE course, and this was the second year she had taken his class. No doubt she was already in her mid twenties, her after-school gym visits had kept her in great shape. To a point many guys had crushes on her.

Placing her hand gently on his thigh, she had never felt this worried about anyone. Joseph rested his hand on hers and gave it a squeeze, as though another wave of migraine passed through his head.

Joseph: ‘Cher.. I.. ‘

She got up and went behind his seat, tilting his head till he was lying on her stomach. Beginning with a massage on his temple, the bosom before his eyes relieved the pain gradually. Unknowingly, her hands shifted down to his collar and onto his chest, where he suddenly reached above his head for her breasts, massaging her in return.

Ms. Lim: ‘Don’t tell anyone k?’

She helped him by lifting her loose V-neck shirt so he could reach under, and even though her bra was in the way, it felt good to have such lively, young hands working on her boobs.

Joseph: ‘Ms. Lim. Let me turn around.’

Their hands stopped working and the chair was spun around, her knee-length skirt raising as he made his up. Going between her thighs, the unusual warmth got his attention. The first contact with her panties told him she was wet, and that was all he needed to know to keep pushing further.

His fingers shifted her panties to the side and he tried to touch further up, till her standing position was too rigid for anymore action. Ms. Lim went over to his desk and lifted her skirt before sitting down, legs wide open for him.

Ms. Lim (whispering): ‘Can you lick me?’

Joseph: Mmm~

His head went down on her and tongue immediately went into action. Flicking the folds of her pussy randomly, the accidental clit contact made her squirm. More juices began to flow and Jo’s hard on was getting more painful to bear.

Joseph: ‘Ms. Lim.. It’s hurting down there. My pants are too tight.’

Ms. Lim: ‘Umm.. Take it out then. You ever had sex?’

Joseph: ‘Nope. I’m not even attached.’

Ms. Lim: ‘You don’t mind me taking it?’

Joseph: ‘You’re not taking it. I’m giving it to you.’

He stood up and leaned closer to his teacher, all eyes on his dick as he aimed it at her pussy. Placing it on her clit, he looked at her confused. No matter how he pushed, it wasn’t entering anywhere.

Joseph: ‘Sorry.. I don’t know.. ‘

Ms. Lim (whispering): ‘Hey, it’s okay. Let me.. ‘

She gently pressed down his erection and it found her opening. One that was cold in contrast to his rod. The excited young man pushed his way in and Ms. Lim laid lower on her elbows.

Ms. Lim (whispering): ‘Go slow k? You can shoot inside me. I’m on the pill.’

He nodded and kept staring at her pussy. Smooth, fair, pinkish, raw, young, whatever words you can describe your ideal porn star’s vagina. It was a dream come true for Joseph. The moment he felt her soft walls slide against his rough shaft, it all came to him about why was sex so pleasurable. The lack of control of the lubrication, the unexpected tightness, the erratic collapse of her pussy. It was the unknowns that made it all so perfect – compared to his bath time masturbation.

As instincts took over, his body ignored his attempts to savour the session. His hips sped up driving his shaft non-stop into her. As much as he wanted to hold himself back from shooting, his virgin mind would not listen.

Joseph: ‘Ms. Lim.. I can’t stop. Help me.’

She closed her legs to immobilise his motion and pushed him away, giving her clit another flick as his dick bounced upright.

Ms. Lim (whispering): ‘Why? What’s wrong?’

Joseph: ‘I don’t want to shoot inside you.’

She placed his dick in her hand and stroked it as she gave a smile none of her students would get to see.

Ms. Lim: ‘How would you like me to finish it?’

Joseph: ‘Can you lick me?’

She grinned at his innocent request and hopped off the desk, adjusting her clothes for the position she needed not bare herself for. Swapping seats with Joseph, she started by licking his shaft, coating saliva all over the throbbing piece of meat covered in her love.

Bending lower, the term ‘tea-bagging’ came into play as she sucked on his testicles, making him weak all over. His fists kept opening and closing, but no moans was heard. Of course, they WERE in her classroom.

Joseph (whispering loudly): ‘Ms. Lim.. I need to shoot now. It’s too much.’

Her lips went over the tip and did not stop till he reached her throat. Bouncing her neck, only the lower part of his dick was being stimulated. Much like how he often masturbate. However, the wetness, made things so much smoother and she went faster once she felt his dick thickened.

Joseph (whispering loudly): ‘Ms. Lim.. Arghh!’

His cum fired into her throat and she lifted her mouth enough to contain the rest of the shots. Still teasing his dick head with her tongue, the poor boy flung his head back and forth, as cum erupted continuously. Her eyes stayed on his face till the frequency slowed down, and a long stroke away coupled with a gently suction made him groan another time.

They sat upright and she opened her mouth, showing him his expenditure for the day. Chin tilted upwards, her throat swallowed his load and a smile broke his awkwardness from the sudden disinterest after ejaculation.

Ms. Lim got up and stripped her panties off, folding it neatly with her juices on the thicker section.

Ms. Lim: ‘This is for you. Don’t tell anyone k?’

Joseph: ‘I won’t. I’m feeling much better now.’

Who wouldn’t? Especially with this young, hot teacher not even her colleagues could lay hands on? They packed their bags and made their way out of school, heading in opposite directions for home.

Once he was out of sight, Ms. Lim, or I should say, Rachel, took her phone out and opened the chat with her friend.

Rachel (Whatsapp): ‘One more down. Any catch for you?’

Mabel (Whatsapp): ‘Idiot. No. I’m sticking to my number 8. We’re just done.’

Rachel (Whatsapp): ‘Where did he shoot?!’

Mabel (Whatsapp): ‘In me? :P’

Rachel (Whatsapp): ‘Hey! You are not on the pill!’

Whatever they said later did not matter. The challenge WAS the highlight. Just imagine what goes on behind the classrooms. Damn, why did we grow up so fast?

Pantyless School Girl

Me: ‘You were pantyless the whole day?’
Shermin (whispering): ‘shhh.. Can don’t say that? I’ve been wet the whole day thinking of you.’

After 6pm, we had the whole school to ourselves after most of the students and teachers left, leaving us in the privacy of a classroom we always met in. She took her seat on one of the grey plastic chairs and I stood before her, letting her remove my pants and lowering my underwear just enough to whip my dick out. Stroking it a few times, I got hard real quick at the sight of the school girl no one could imagine to be so slutty, especially when she started a habit of not wearing any panties when she attended school.

Once I got big enough, she gave the tip a lick before landing a kiss, making out with it till her mouth enveloped the whole thing. Her soft, warm tongue couldn’t feel more soothing as her head bobbed up and down. Those pink lips of hers just slide along my shaft so easily even without much saliva, making me dizzy from the gentle waves splashing in my head.

I reached for her buttons to expose her bra and wriggled my hand into one side, pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers. Her moans always aroused me no matter how many times I’ve heard it, as though a cat purring to pats. Picking her pace up, she left more saliva on my rod before ending her blowjob, prepared to be loved by this sweet stick she made hard.

Shermin: ‘What position you want?’

As hard as I could, I couldn’t come up with anything new. She pulled two tables together and sat on one of them, while waiting for my next instruction. Recalling that she was in the gymnastics CCA, surely my ideas should have some challenge for her.

Me: ‘Lie sideways on the table.’

She curled up with her skirt at her hips and I stood behind her. I picked one of her legs and straightened it across my chest while her other was left dangling over the edge of the table. Going raw like usual, I stuck my dick into her slowly while her pussy opened to my entry, splitting those soft flesh apart with my hard rod. A sudden relaxed state from her signalled me to start and I thrust my hips into her pussy.

Filling that hole up with my life, her slim waist was something I couldn’t get enough of. Holding her down, I rammed faster at her till she climaxed after just a few minutes. I knew she could cum easily especially with a dick of a matured man. The length and thickness was just perfect to touch every part of her on the inside. She was soon jerking her body on her own to get me to go deeper, while I tried to focus on the view in front of me.

Shermin: ‘You’re touching all my sensitive spots. Can we change to another position?’

‘Sure’, I replied, not knowing what she was planning. She turned her body around to face the ceiling fans and the basic position was missionary. I held her ankles and raised them into the air, while banging her body on the table. Instead of some difficult stance, she chose this? Just as I was enjoying myself inside of her, she grabbed her knees and pulled it to her chest. Giving me a constipated look, I paused for a moment to feel what she was doing.

She was using her vaginal muscles to squeeze me in a milking action. Her hands were on my abs, nudging me to move herself while I stood motionless. It was like the girl taking control in missionary. I was free from doing any work as she kept moving her body, though in small motion, but the main actress was her pussy that was swallowing me.

Shermin: ‘I’ll try to make you cum in this position k? Don’t move.’

She reached her arms at me to help herself up and we hugged tightly while she tightened and loosened her legs around me. Supported by the table, I felt a little girl fucking the surprised dick that was imagining to be fucking her. We spent a slightly longer time in this position till her pussy suddenly loosened.

Blood rushed into my dick like a collapsing dam and the tip suddenly got super sensitive. She pushed me back and bent her back to an astonishing angle to take advantage of the wet throbbing piece of meat. It felt as good as being in her pussy though it was only her mouth working. A man could only take so much teasing and my end was nearing fast.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum soon you know?’
Shermin: ‘Then put it back inside.’

We held each other in our arms and her pussy slipped easily over my dick. This time, I picked her up and bounced her up and down, moans going into my ears as her arms stiffened around my neck.

Shermin (whispering): ‘I’m going to climax too.’

Her arms suddenly gave way and I had to hold her while she made a last squeeze on my thickened dick. The final blow came and I jerked my hips all the way into her, filling her up with my cum as she trembled gently in my embrace. Panting together, we stayed like this for a few minutes till she recovered.

Placing her carefully on the table, I pulled out of her to see a super swollen red dick. Not that there was any blood on the outside, but the pressure she applied on it was causing a massive clot in my dick. Though it was nothing serious, the concerned girl massaged it till it returned to its normal pink shade, and she dressed me up like a king.

Shermin: ‘I have CCA tomorrow till 5. We meet here again?’
Me: ‘Nah. Don’t want here. I’ll pick you up behind the blocks opposite and we will go somewhere else.’

We walked to my car in the school compound and I was treated to a roadhead while driving her home. It was just her method of ‘payment’ for the favour that would get her home without being in a crowded bus. How could I risk anyone taking advantage of her horny and pantyless state right?

That night, she sent me a video and a few lewd photos of her masturbating, moaning my name so sexily that I had to sleep early in case I jerked off to her.

Sexual Orientation

Jacky: ‘Okay, as the class chairperson, I asked my good buddy, KC, to stand guard outside while the game begins. Girls, once the lights are out, walk to your partner and don’t do anything till every one is on the floor. Have fun guys!’

A mandatory orientation camp was planned for the freshmen and for the past two days one night, all of them had been participating in games and talks, wearing their mental energy out till they were given a free night to bond better within their class. In the empty classroom, the only light sources were from a battery operated lantern someone in the class had brought. The floor was covered by sleeping bags and the night of fun was just about to begin with this game thought up by the adventurous guys and girls. I shall let you guys figure out what it was as the story goes along.

One by one, the girls walked to their ‘ideal’ partners, the guy of their dreams, and sat next to them, waiting for the rest to find their spots. Once all movements stopped in the darkness, Jacky shouted out ‘Let’s begin’, and one by one, the couples laid down on the sleeping bags, generating ruffles and smooching sounds from every direction.

Loren hid under the silky covers with Alex and she moved her hand to his pants, to find a mountain between his legs. He was the few that bought an inflatable pillow and they shared the bouncy headrest, making out in gentle pecks on each other’s lips. Kneading that bulge of his, she felt his hand slide under her black skirt and she turned herself to face upwards. Soon, her white blouse were unbuttoned and the noises began to get louder. With his hand squeezing her bra, Loren moaned sensually to the touches of the unfamiliar partner, roaming up and down her body like a wolf.

Alex (whispering): ‘Take it off.’
Loren (whispering): ‘You too.’

They removed their bottoms and placed their hands on each other, rubbing her wet and stroking him hard. As the night came, she felt his pre-cum leaking and smeared it over his dick with her thumb. Knowing he was ready, she stopped the handjob and waited while he shifted to her pussy. Loren kept her pussy opened with two fingers and closed her eyes to feel the incoming dick, spreading her moist pussy lips apart and sinking into her body. Once he was snuggly fitted into her, he began thrusting to send the gentle shivers up her body. All Loren could hear was the moaning from other girls, and she did not hold herself back anymore.

As he rammed deeper, her legs went around his waist to bring him closer, and the two of them continued making out.

Alex (whispering): ‘Let’s change to doggie.’

He pulled his dick out of her and left her pussy gasping for more. Quickly flipping herself around, he plunged into her again and made her scream out sharply. A ‘shhh’ silenced her cries and the fun resumed, slamming their hips loudly against each other. With a naughty grin to herself, she pushed her vaginal walls together and drove Alex wild, sending his cock harder and deeper into her.

Suddenly, someone cried out he was cumming and Alex fell over Loren’s back, whispering that he was cumming too. She was glad he did not just came inside her and they took their initial position, missionary. She placed her palm open between her legs and he let her hold onto it, before her thighs closed and let his dick get squeezed between her fingers.

Loren (whispering): ‘Just imagine you are fucking me. Go all the way.’

He grabbed her knees together and drove his dick at a impatient fast speed, immersed in the mind-blowing sensation of a handjob that felt like he was still inside her. Alex did not hold himself back anymore and went all the way till he went out of synchronisation, squirting his cum over her body between the buttons of her uniform. Loren was delighted at how much he came as she felt the warmth from his cum landing on her belly.

After his body stopped jerking, she gave him a few strokes to get the last drops out and he stood up to get back onto the sleeping bag. He used his towel to wipe the cum off his one-night-stand and then led her to the toilet to let her wash him up. Once they were comfortably back in the class, they were too tired to care about the noises that other couples were making. Right after his watch beeped the midnight notification, Loren’s hand found its way back to his dick.

Alex (whispering): ‘You want somemore?’
Loren (whispering): ‘Nope. But I want to try sleeping with you inside me.’

The moment she finished her sentence, she climbed on top of him and sat over his dick, to the random flashes of lights from the phones of their fellow classmates. His dick slipped easily into her and she laid on the stiff chest muscles after pulling her skirt to hide their sexy sleeping posture, closing her eyes to rest after that eventful night.

Alex (whispering): ‘Goodnight.’
Loren (whispering): ‘Sweet dreams.’

Alex did not even manage to catch any sleep when he felt her body moving up and down on his dick, stirring it into full size in his exhausted state. How would any guys be tired of sex right? They went for another round in cowgirl and fell asleep halfway, without knowing who saw them or what the others did.

After the camp, the two of them became school ‘flings’ like the few others, and continued their escapades in the school compound whenever they felt like doing it. Who knows an orientation camp could have such activities if not for the horny minds of the pent up generation?

Caught Without

Mr. Ho: ‘You know what is the consequences of not wearing panties under your skirt?’
Jamie: ‘I didn’t mean it. They are all in the washing machine.’
Mr. Ho: ‘Can’t you at least wear a pair of shorts?’
Jamie: ‘I was in a hurry. I have no choice. I promise it won’t happen again.’
Mr. Ho: ‘It is not just that I asked you to stay back. Look at these photos.’

He placed his phone on the table where a series of pictures of her smoking in her uniform was cycling in the slideshow, wearing an old school uniform that was going translucent was bad enough. But to be caught with cigarettes, and some photos even showed her sitting on the railings exposing her panties to passer-bys.

Jamie: ‘Who sent this to you? You can’t let my parents find out. They will kill me.’
Mr. Ho: ‘I am the head of discipline you know? A new teacher saw this and took the photos. It was only after he asked me what to do before I noticed it was you. I have to let your parents know no matter what. If not how would I get their signatures?’
Jamie: ‘Please please.. don’t. I can do detention or whatever.’

The usually defiant girl suddenly turned soft in this situation, and Mr. Ho showed no signs of any other options for her but to embrace the consequences.

Jamie: ‘Is there anything I can do so you won’t let my parents know?’
Mr. Ho: ‘Even if I can close one eye, I don’t know if the new teacher will forget about this.’
Jamie: ‘Who is he? I can talk to him another time.’
Mr. Ho: ‘How can I just put this on hold and do nothing?’

Jamie’s feet under the table rose between his chair and pressed onto his pants, wriggling her toes to tease the unwavering teacher’s mind. Knowing that his student was doing something he should not be enjoying, something in him held him from pushing her away. Sitting back onto his chair, he shut his eyes to feel her feet stroking his growing bulge. It was definitely a way to convince him not to report her, and after him, Jamie needed to settle with the new teacher as well.

Mr. Ho: ‘Alright. I will forget about this if you do a good job.’

Seeing the glimmer of hope for her offence, she went around the table to sit beside him and unzipped his pants obediently. Her hand took some time to fumble into his underwear, beginning a handjob that he was groaning to.

Jamie: ‘Is it good?’
Mr. Ho (whispering): ‘Yes. Keep going.’

A little struggle in his pants while she whipped his cock out, ready to do more than just using her hands. The desperation was not only to keep her smoking habits from her parents, but to ensure that she could keep going to school. It wasn’t the first time she had been a bad girl and the demerit points were almost reaching the limit.

Her long hair fell over her face as she brought her mouth to his lap, flicking on the tip a few times. Jamie’s mind was delighted at the second chance to correct her wrong and her hardworking mouth totally showed him how grateful she was. Still groaning non-stop, the slightly plump teacher’s hands were over her head and forcing her to go deeper.

Jamie (breathlessly): ‘Mr. Ho. I can’t take it any deeper. Can I do something else instead?’
Mr. Ho: ‘Up to you.’

She stepped between his legs and perched herself over the edge of the table, holding onto her skirt with one hand to keep it out of the way. So was it a coincident that she was pantyless with a debt to pay? Right before him was a freshly shaved pussy that reeked a bit of sweaty goodness. He was in full control by then and took his time exploring the young cunt that was gapping in response to his massage.

At first, it was her clit being tortured in a fierce vibration. Slowly, his fingers penetrated into her love hole and started thrusting his hand in long strokes, make each pump count. Jamie was too turned on to care about the rightfulness of doing such a thing and finally begged him to put his cock in, getting more horny by the thick, rough fingers.

Mr. Ho: ‘You asked for it k? Not me.’

A loud gasp came from the girl as he slid his dick in one stroke, stopping only when his hips landed on her butt. There was no way she could take all of his length but he could not be bothered with that. An underaged pussy was too much to resist for anyone I guess.

Pinning her body firmly onto the table, he began pounding her pussy, shaking the table. As he increased his pace, the table was screeching across the floor as she moaned louder. Her body was drifting into convulsion quickly from that oversized dick, pushing along the sensitive areas of her vagina.

Jamie: ‘Mr. Ho. I am cumming.. ‘

It went unheard as she felt him going even deeper, causing her mind to shut down momentarily as an orgasm shot through her spine. It was so mind-numbing that the words she mumbled after was barely audible. All Mr. Ho cared about was his own ejaculation that was coming soon. There was no way he could last with that tightness, packaged with a petite body designed for some hard fucking. The next moment she woke up was when another climax struck her, jolting her up with the dick still pounding behind her.

Mr. Ho: ‘I will shoot in your mouth later. Don’t move after I pull it out.’

The grown man went for another five minutes at the lifeless, panting girl till he pulled out way before the urge came, just for precaution. Hurrying over to her mouth, she was waiting for this moment and took his dick in. With her body still lying on the table, there was nothing much she could do except to let him fuck her lips, pumping deep and choking the poor girl.

As expected, her lack of an active tongue delayed his orgasm much longer and she was barely awake when he told her he was cumming. A few shallow thrusts later, his watery, warm cum streamed into her mouth and her tongue got a taste from every bit of it. It wasn’t pleasant at all to have a mouthful of cum that was bitter. Bearing the deal in mind, she kept it as long as she could till he sat down on the chair in front of her.

Mr. Ho: ‘Swallow it.’

The ‘hopeless’ look appeared across her face as she closed her eyes to empty her mouth. It took her a few gulps to clear her throat that had cum still sticking around, and Mr. Ho’s smile was all she needed to see.

Mr. Ho:: ‘You want me to ask Mr. Yap over? I think he is still in school.’
Jamie: ‘Okay. I think he won’t mind ba.’
Mr. Ho: ‘He doesn’t need to know. I will be leaving soon. Make sure to thank him well for not reporting you k? Tell him I gave you a second chance.’

She sat down on her chair and tided her hair and clothes, in preparation for the next teacher coming in. Hopefully he would be as ‘gentle’ and ‘kind’ like Mr. Ho, if not she would be having a tough, or should I say ‘fun’, time with him.

Right as the school bell rang for the remedial around the campus to end, a burly guy, smartly dressed walked into the empty classroom. Jamie swallowed her saliva unneeded this time, as she could already see the bulge in his pants even before they were erected.

Mr. Yap: ‘Mr. Ho said that you wanted to see me? I am Mr. Yap, home economics teacher for the lower secondary.’

What? A big guy wearing an apron and cooking? That would surely be interesting.

Jamie: ‘Yeah. I wanted to ask you about the photos that you took of me smoking. Mr. Ho said I should thank you for not reporting me.’
Mr. Yap: ‘Thank me? I don’t even.. ‘

She went up to him before he could complete his sentence and ran her hand along the erection under his pants. Giving a hint so strong, he did not need to question any further and sat her down on the teacher’s desk, unzipping his pants immediately for her to start work.

Being a Natural

Me: ‘Valerie, don’t you feel unsafe in such short skirt?’
Valerie: ‘Huh? I’m okay with it ah. Is it too short?’
Me: ‘I think so. I can totally see your panties if you bent over.’

She turned herself to look into the window of the class ongoing in the computer lab and did exactly what I warned her about. She reached for her laptop bag on the floor and revealed that tiny g-string of hers under the black tight skirt. My eyes were giving the disappointed look but another treat to her panties changed my mind about her. Her laptop bag was back on the floor and it was just her and I in the walkway. We were the only ones to skip lunch and waited outside our lab for lesson to begin. In case you were wondering, the previous class was held in a cleanroom facility that had slightly more layers of doors to it. It was just right behind me.

She walked towards me and stopped a few inches before my face, granting me a false hope she would kiss me. But the whisper at my lips caught all my attention and my mind cleared to process whatever she said.

Valerie: ‘There is still about half an hour before class starts. I can’t sit on the floor in my skirt. So, how about we go back to the cleanroom to wait? Your admin card can access right?’

I took the card out from my pockets and tapped on the yellowing old scanner. I was one of the two who were given special rights as a reward for being too early. With my both hands full, Valerie pushed through the heavy airtight doors and entered into the suit room, windowless except for the small glass pane on next door. Temperature was at the lowest to maintain the integrity of the sensitive equipments, and our sensitive equipments were heating up instead.

She reached under the back-laced top and unclipped a hook at her boobs, letting the melons hang free.

Valerie: ‘Oh my gosh, finally I can let some air between my boobs.’

Then, there was a few seconds of silence.

Valerie (whispering): ‘Someone is shy eh.’

I had no idea she was this wild but still gave into her. My bags was placed nicely against the wall and my pants unzipped. She approached me and dug her way into that opening and flipped my dick out, growing halfway into a man. Her skirt was lifted up to flaunt that stringy underwear but I was given nothing more than that.

Her body was up against mine with her back on me, and butt crack grinding on my warmed rod. As she stroked up and down, an extra lift of her butt brought my dick into a horizontal position, poking right at her damp pussy. My hands did not move away from the side and she just moved her body back, slipping my dick into her with a flick of the centre string to the sides.

Knowing there was an hour, I thrust my dick at her and she just grabbed onto the sides of my shirt for support. The speed was slow, and impatience was growing. As much as she tried to pump her butt towards me, the number of slippers were getting irritating too.

Finally, I got what I wanted to hear.

Valerie: ‘Can you just fuck me?’
Me: ‘Am I not doing it already?’
Valerie: ‘Teasing asshole.. ‘

My hands held onto her shoulders after rearranging her hair to one side, and pulled her hard as I rammed forward. Her voice became much more meeker and it sounded so much better. As I forced myself deeper with every stroke, we were moving half a step every few seconds. Until a point, she was leaning against the lab suits that hung from the hooks on the wall. It was also then I pinned her body against the cold wall and started the rampage.

Her butt was flubbing quicker as I pounded harder. The silence had amplified the droplets of liquid coming out of her, and the growing tightness just showed me how much she wanted this. Without much space to move away from, her pussy was clamping down on my dick every minute from orgasms and the afterglow was appearing before we were done.

Valerie: ‘I am getting tired.. are you cumming soon?’
Me: ‘You want me to? Where?’
Valerie: ‘Yeah. Inside? So we won’t have to clean up.’

True enough, the moisture in the preparation room had pushed the humidity readings up, engaging the auto lock to the main room and blasting more cold air from the vents. A fifteen minutes break should be enough before the next class start, and we were just three minutes away.

I picked up my pace and increased the frequency of our bodies banging, I could feel the tension in her vagina, but I preferred to think that I had grown throughout the session. Pounding mercilessly into her, at least two more orgasms rang her dishevelled mind and turning her legs jelly. Going full speed ahead, my cum loaded themselves at the exit and I did not bother telling her that it was coming.

I just grabbed her waist and rammed the daylights out of her, while engaging auto fire midway. My precious load spewed into her like a water balloon with the end untied. A turn of her head gave me a slutty encouragement and I just kept thrusting all my cum deep into her. Slowly, my hip stopped and I stepped away from her, dripping some onto the floor.

She adjusted her strings and reached under her shirt to buckle the strapless bra back, before pulling her skirt down to a decently short length. As I was still enjoying her dress up performance, it was her who came up to me and tucked my full-fucked dick into my underwear, ending the quickie with a zip.

Valerie: ‘Don’t tell anyone k? Especially my boyfriend.’

Oh, did I mention he was in the same class as us? I placed my index finger on my lip as an assurance, but shot a condition right back at her.

Me: ‘Only if we partner for the Oracle project later.’
Valerie: ‘Sucker! And what do I tell your girlfriend?’

Oops. I haven’t been honest with you guys. She applied the same terms to remain silent about what just happened, so long we are in the same team for another project she was good in – so we could have more free time for other activities.

No one had seen us exit the cleanroom with messed up readings, and the next lesson was spent at the back of the class next to her with her skirt high enough to masturbate with my cum.

Not Alone.

Karaoke was blasting at Tim’s house and he could not stand the noise any longer. It was a beautiful Sunday with an overcast sky perfect for sleeping but it was not just his good day, his sister had invited friends over as early as 10am and they started screaming their lungs out while on the large LCD TV connected to so many gaming consoles. Taking his laptop in his hand, he slipped a singlet and pulled his black army shorts over.

Once in the lift, everything was so much quieter and he made his way to the childcare centre below his flat. He called up a database on his excel sheet and searched for the pin code that his company record. Working in a digital lock company had its perks too, he had virtually the access codes to all the locks they ever installed, including the one right below his house.


The magnetic lock detached itself and he entered the centre. It was empty and only the air conditioning of the admin office had been running. But it was normal for such places to miss out shutting down every electricity consuming equipments. He found a nice spot to sit and lay down in the play area. There was much sleep to catch up on and his peaceful day resumed. The place was cool, and blinds had been lowered to prevent any curious eyes and also to keep whatever valuables out of sight. The darkness was perfect.

Suddenly, the office door which had cold air pumping out underneath swung open and he jolted on his feet. It was a fucking huge deal to use his privilege to trespass private property. His eyes fixated at the lady whose long hair had covered most of her face. She was just slightly shorter than him, and was wearing a tight singlet and a pair of denim shorts too. She must be someone working here and had came back to work.

Lady: ‘Who are you?’

Tim: ‘I’m.. just here to check on the doors that used digital locks. There was an update.’

His stammer did not help curb the suspicion she had. There was no notification such works were carried out, and even if there was, no one would be allowed to work without supervision.

Lady: ‘Are you sure?’

Tim: ‘No. I am sorry for trespassing. I just needed a quiet place and your childcare centre uses our locks. So I just came in and used the place.’

Lady: ‘Bad choice.’

She was standing a distance from her, but the ambient was tensed. He was neck-deep in trouble. She went back to her room and returned with her cellphone, ready to make a call that could end his life.

Tim: ‘Please please. I am sorry. I am not here to steal anything. I am begging you.’

He sat on the floor and hugged his knees knowing she would not let him go and even if he did run, the whole situation would turn out worse for him. His company would be affected and possibly landing him in jail. She walked over and pulled a short stool, sitting in front of him.

Lady: ‘I’m Melissa. I’m a junior staff. And I guess I can understand why you are here. I’m here for the same reason you are here too.’

Just that she had the authority to be here and he did not.

Tim: ‘So you won’t report me?’

Melissa: ‘If you do what I say.’

Money, explanation, to get out of that place, that was probably what she could ask him for. Since their positions in this situation was clear, she could extort something to keep this low.

Melissa: ‘I’ve been here since 4am and was sleeping until you came in, at 10am.’

Tim: ‘Yeah.. ‘

Melissa: ‘Apart from breakfast, I am feeling a bit frisky as well.’

Frisky? That could mean so many thing. ‘Stand up and don’t move’, she spoke in a stern voice and Tim followed. Perhaps she wanted to cane him to punish for his crime? She walked closer and pulled his singlet off, she lowered his pants too along with his underwear. Shit. She is going to really blackmail me. TIm could not resist in any way, she was in control.

But instead of a camera, she reached for his uninterested dick and held it in her palm. He could not fight his urge with that grip and intend, and felt himself getting turned on. Once slightly lengthened, she stroke it until it was red and throbbing with either life, or fear. ‘Masturbate’, spoken in an emotionless tone.

He took over her hand and masturbated. A video or photos would not make any difference now. His mind could not stayed focused and it slowly grew soft and began shrinking. There was no way to know what was coming.

Melissa: ‘Look. Just satisfy me and give me breakfast and you are free to go. Get it?’

Tim: ‘No report or request of any kind?’

Melissa: ‘I just made my request. Do I have to say it again?’

He shook his head and increased his pace, until it was huge again. It was just so difficult to do that without any stimuli. She pulled her top off and then followed by her shorts. The way she wriggled out of her clothes was cute, but he had a job to do. As she stripped, his dick required no more help to stand on its own.

Melissa: ‘Help me remove my bra?’

She turned around for him and he unhooked it with no problem. Her panties was gone as well and her pussy looked shaved from his view. He did not move from his place while looking at her pull a play mat that was made out of foam and she placed a few of it to form a more comfortable ‘bed’. She finally tumbled onto it and laid still with her arms over her eyes.

Melissa: ‘Now, do what you need to do.’

Tim went over and knew he was damn lucky to be able to get out of his mess this way, he could even enjoy the process. He focused on the various course of actions with his IT brain and proceeded to sit beside her body. His mouth went for her nipples and one of his hands went to the other. He began sucking her breasts and toyed with her other nipple at the same time. Melissa started moaning softly and her body moved with his fondling. He then went over to the other side and worked on her nipple with his mouth, while letting his hand slide to her stomach.

Her hand went to his and pushed downwards to her pussy. He reached for one of her knees and pulled it apart to have a better reach. It wasn’t that hard to turn this girl on. As his finger continued south, her clit was the first stop of his journey and she was already wet. Usually it would be the vagina that would get wet first, then the other external parts would catch some of the wetness from touching, but her clit was wet too. It just showed Tim how much she wanted it.

His fingertip went in circles at her clit and it made her moan even louder. The cold air from the office had covered the ground by then and it was fairly cool for them. His fingers slid down lower and it reached her slit. Taking a pit stop, he felt around her opening and explored her slippery flaps altogether.

Melissa: ‘Keep doing what you’re doing now. It feels good. It has been some time since I’ve explored myself all over again.’

He swiped back and forth the various folds and he realised she got even wetter. He then pushed his finger into her pussy and the opening was quite closed, sealing his entry without a leak. Melissa continued her moaning slower and inhaled a deep breath as he gave her a surprise jerk. From his angle, he could only reach that depth, so he hooked his finger and scraped against her walls as he began fingering her.

Melissa: ‘Put two in.’

He exited to her opening but did not fully pull out, he rubbed his index finger with some of the natural lubricant and went in together with his middle finger, slowly coating and penetrating at the same time. Two of his fingers were finally in her and he pushed as far as he could and scraped against her vaginal walls again, thrusting to a slightly faster speed each time. It did not take long for her to finally subdued to his vigorous movements and her body arched up and down.

Melissa: ‘Fuck! You found my G-spot before me!’

He smiled and glanced at her face, eyes still covered with one arm. He stopped sucking and went to sit between her legs, now being able to finger fuck her better. He had barely resumed his digging when the hand over her face suddenly reached his wrist and held it still. Her pussy contracted until he felt a vacuum and her abalone got even juicer.

Melissa: ‘I did not remove your shorts for fun. I’d like you to use him now.’

He understood her words and cleaned his fingers of juice on his shaft. He sat with his legs bent to the sides and he held his penis in position as the ship began docking. He entered her gently and did not even stop, until he was engulfed in her warmth. Her legs raised in midair and he began fucking her.

As her legs dangled freely, Tim was finding himself out of control as she felt so good. His pace increased and Melissa’s hand had grabbed onto the leg of the nearby table, shaking the toys on it to the floor. Perhaps she realised the windows were not soundproof, but her voice had quietened and only her shallow, quick breathing was heard. Her moans was not escaping her closed mouth.

She finally placed her feet on the floor and sobered while Tim was still at it. He noticed her change in expression as well and slowed down.

Melissa: ‘I like this better.’

She flipped around on her fours and reached for her butt, spreading them apart so he could see her pussy better. It was evenly coated with her clear juices and it was pure to a point it looked like commercial lubricant. That was how clean she was. Tim did not waste a minute and held her hips as he shoved his dick into her. Well, that was the first and last moment of rest she got.

The overwhelming sensation and overwritten his train of actions and he basically just grabbed and rammed her butt fiercely. The full length of his dick pierced into her time after time and she could only groan and fumble her hands around for something to hold on to. Jerking her body back and forth, his engine was in full speed and there was no stopping until the end. Melissa held her body up as her face would be in danger if she continued to seek for something to grab.

His hands went around to the front and pinched her nipples hard, rolling them around with his fingertips as he continued pounding the life out of her. No matter how hard she squeezed or pushed backwards to deepen his movement, he was not cumming at all. She was losing her mind and she knew it. The man who was supposed to be the losing end was gaining on her.

Her pussy tightened for the third time since they started fucking and whatever vision she had was slowly fading. The glimpse of consciousness she had was gone. Tim continued shoving his dick deep and hard into her, dripping droplets of perspiration onto her back. He knew he was at his limit soon. Melissa bit her lips as his rhythm maintained swift and quick, reaching ever deep into her pussy and filling her up with energy, and then drawing out so fast that her pussy did not have time to react, resulting in a vacuum that pulled him right back in.

Tim: ‘I’m cumming!’

He pulled out of her in the shortest time and she fell on her back. He knelt over her chest and held her head up, while stroking his dick. The momentum kept him in the firing position and he put his little head into her mouth while the huge load of breakfast was served. Shot after shot, it seemed never ending. As his ejaculation slowly died down, he gave his shaft a final squeeze like an empty tube of toothpaste and the last drop finally fell onto her lips.

The scent of his sperms was strong and Melissa could even smell the slight ‘raw egg’ flavour of it. Whatever he just gave her was simply too much to swallow, much more than what she expected. She opened her mouth to breath as the cum swirled around her tongue. Luckily, the taste was so varied that she could not decode what it tasted like.

Tim remained on top of her as he noticed her difficulty in swallowing it. He pinched her nose shut and air was quickly depleted. She had to swallow or suffocate. Closing her mouth, she gulped loudly and it disappeared when she breathed through her mouth. Tim quickly got off her and grabbed his phone from his shorts, and sat back on her, and fired the camera app.

His non-master hand moved backwards to her pussy and rubbed on her clit furiously, losing her mind as the sensitivity had not died down and it was too much for her body to take. The video recording started as she trashed her body around to stop him. Her hands were too weak to even reach him, let alone push him away. He made sure the clip was recorded as steady as possible and he slowly brought himself to his feet, while aiming the camera at her limp body.

After he had a few more rounds of fun giving her orgasms in all manner, she was finally adequately humiliated on video. He wore his clothes back and took her bra and panties, stuffing it under his shirt before walking away with his laptop, while still recording, like a movie with a fade-out effect.

Breakfast; checked.
Frisky feeling; checked.
Video of the slut who thought she was in control, checked.

Now, who has the upper hand? Of course, Melissa could not ever sleep in peace again, knowing someone out there would be masturbating to her video.

Well Done

Ms. Ng: ‘Good job class. Well done for the semester. I have a little token for the class for passing all the exams. No one failed.’

The class applauded loudly and she went around to give out the presents individually, presenting cards she wrote the night before for everyone in her class. When she reached Harnold, she flipped through the cards and could not find his. So she asked him to look for her at the CCA room as she might have left it there.

Lessons ended for the semester and the next few days would be field trips around the island as post-exams events. Harnold went to the room and saw Jun How there too, along with Jason, the lower secondary boy. After they got seated in the sofa at the room, Ms. Ng finished up her work with some documents and stood at the table, leaning her butt against it. Soft vocal music was playing on her phone that was on the table.

Ms. Ng: ‘Guys, I don’t have enough cards for you, instead, I will do something special for the three of you. Keep it between us k?’

She pulled away her black cardigan off her shoulders, dropping it into a pile. She then lowered her thigh length short skirt and wriggled it down her long slim legs , since she possessed the figure, no teachers made noise about how sexy she was in despite the simple outfit. The straps of her spaghetti top dangled on her thin arms, and she pushed it towards her waist, down her barely thick hips, until it was at her ankles.

Jun How was new to this and he still did not understand what was happening. He was in the same batch as Harnold, and knew him as a hi-bye friend. But this was something he never imagined. Her boobs stayed firmed in the bra and she finally unhooked the strapless black bra with the clip at her cleavage and matching panties landed lightly onto the ground before she stepped out of it. Standing stark naked in front of the boys. She kept the heels on as it made her looked tall and sexy in it.

Ms. Ng then walked around the sofa they sat at, doing a spin after stopping before them. She kneeled on the floor in front of Harnold who was in the middle, and reached both her hands to the groin area of the pants of the other two boys. Harnold undid his pants and let his cock stand out in full glory, the other two boys taking a while to do the same as well. Her head then went down over his rock hard dick and sucked on it, while stroking the other two dicks in her hands.

They could tell she was horny as well from the moans and eagerness to get the guys ready, after all, she was a woman and needed her reward as well. The guys kept shifting their bodies as her hands and mouth warmed them up. Harnold then swapped places with Jun How and he took the blowjob slightly less well. His hips thrust involuntarily into her mouth at times and his urge arrived faster. Just as he signalled to his teacher he was about to cum, she stopped and asked Jason to sit in the middle. He changed his place but she did not tease his dick with any more handjobs.

Jason who was smaller in size at both his build and dick, could withstand her blowjob better and she could deep throat him too. But with her tongue roaming around the head, Jason found it too stimulating to cum. After the three dicks were hard and wet, Harnold was asked to go first.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, you want to go first?’

She was still in front of Jason, so she crawled over to Jun How and climbed onto the sofa, right over Jun How’s mouth. He took her nipples in his mouth and sucked on them like a baby. Her boobs stayed firm and round above him and did not suffocate him. He buried his face a few times while Harnold went behind her and did his business.

He stroked his dick a few more times and pushed his way into her dripping pussy, giving her a shocking gasp as he entered into her love hole.

Ms. Ng: ‘Jason, go to the back of the sofa.’

He did as told and she placed her mouth over his dick again, but did not move. Harnold began thrusting his meat into her and her body jerked forth and back, delivering an automated mouth fuck to Jason who held her head in position. He could even push her jaws closer, feeling a bit of her teeth as well. Harnold kept groaning at her tightness and Ms. Ng barely made any noise with the dick at her throat.

Ms. Ng: ‘Jun How, you’re next.’

He managed to squirm out under her boobs and went to where Harnold was, watching him thrash her pussy violently with his hips. Right before he cummed, he pulled out and sat at the available space on the couch and admired his two friends enjoy the mature body. Jun How, who was closer to cumming, really put in all his energy to fuck his female horny teacher and drove his dick so hard her knees weakened and slid a little downwards. Her mouth let go off Jason and bit into the leather to cloak her screams of agony. Her pussy tightened to a point Jun How could not pull out but kept going, until his dick gave in and shot his load inside her, until it leaked out a little.

Guilt immediately overwhelmed him and he put on his pants. Ms. Ng knew he was done giving her the reward and politely asked him to leave while still recovering from the orgasm. Jason gave her a grin and went to her ass, before taking his turn to fuck her. Harnold went to her mouth and forced his dick into her, right down her throat with his size. She choked but did not stop.

Although Jason was small built, he too gave his all to ram into her slit and at the same time reached for her boobs to squeeze them. His dick was not bigger than the two older guys but his speed was way faster than any of them. Ms. Ng’s second orgasm hit her hard and she felt Jason getting bigger inside. The harder he pounded, the deeper Harnold’s dick went into her mouth.

Within minutes, Jason went faster than she thought possible and kept going as his sperms exited his rod, pushing them as deep as his dick could reach, until it overflowed with the double servings of cum. Jason was done too, and he took his belongings after wearing his pants back.

Harnold was barely holding out, drenched in sweat in the air conditioned room. He went back to the sofa and sat on it with his legs wide opened. Ms. Ng got on top of him and lowered her soft pussy flesh over him, and began riding. Her butt did hit his hips hard, but it was more of a soft, hard pounding his thighs got. She cleverly squeezed hard with every down stroke and was literally pumping his super soaker with immense pleasure.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng.. I cant.. ‘

She lifted herself even higher and changed her slamming to a grinding, moving her hips in a scooping motion, against his groin. Her pussy tightened for the last time, and it was an orgasm approaching. The cum-filled pussy of hers was so wet she had no problem getting to the speed she enjoyed.

Harnold held her hips tightly and took over the work, thrusting his hips upwards against her pussy at high speed, until the nanosecond came where the triggered was pulled. Ms. Ng rose her hips till only his little head was inside, and squeezed her vaginal muscles so hard and slowly slid back down.

He hugged her tightly as he fired his load into her lovely body and she held him in her embrace too, feeling how his precious juices filled her up with warmth and love. She clamped his dick with a seal and pulled away from him, keeping all the little sperms safe inside. She quickly went back to her clothes and put on the panties first, before sitting on the table and spreading her legs opened, savouring the moment when she relaxed and the panties forming a patch of sticky wetness.

The two of them dressed each other up and they stayed in the room for a while more before leaving for home. She had left a note in his bag while he was at the toilet, saying how much she enjoyed the times with him and watching him progressed. Harnold couldn’t resist running through the memories that day and went into his toilet for another round of self-pleasuring to empty his balls for the day.