Breaking In a School Girl

Michelle: ‘Mr. Tay. Detention is over le.’ The NIE understudy was tasked with watching the detention class after a long day of lessons, only to be awkwardly woken up one of his secondary two student. A look at his watch showed him a timing where all school activities like CCA and remedial had to be […]

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Teachers’ Challenge

Ms. Lim: ‘Joseph, are you alright? You look really pale.’ Joseph: ‘I’m fine Ms. Lim. Just a little giddy. Not sure what happened.’ Ms. Lim: ‘Drink more water. Do you have your water bottle with you?’ He shook his head and she immediately placed hers on his desk, squatting next to him as she peered […]

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Pantyless School Girl

Me: ‘You were pantyless the whole day?’ Shermin (whispering): ‘shhh.. Can don’t say that? I’ve been wet the whole day thinking of you.’ After 6pm, we had the whole school to ourselves after most of the students and teachers left, leaving us in the privacy of a classroom we always met in. She took her […]

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Sexual Orientation

Jacky: ‘Okay, as the class chairperson, I asked my good buddy, KC, to stand guard outside while the game begins. Girls, once the lights are out, walk to your partner and don’t do anything till every one is on the floor. Have fun guys!’ A mandatory orientation camp was planned for the freshmen and for […]

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Caught Without

Mr. Ho: ‘You know what is the consequences of not wearing panties under your skirt?’ Jamie: ‘I didn’t mean it. They are all in the washing machine.’ Mr. Ho: ‘Can’t you at least wear a pair of shorts?’ Jamie: ‘I was in a hurry. I have no choice. I promise it won’t happen again.’ Mr. […]

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