Derrick came from those wealthier families which had everything. From cars, to houses all over the island of Singapore. Born with a platinum spoon in his mouth, he managed to officially escape NS by means not known to anyone. Perfect combination of wealth, medical reasons and liability no organization could make up for, not even the measly two years of his life.

At the age of fourteen, he chose to live in a four level bungalow in Ang Mo Kio, opposite a prestigious girls’ school. At nineteen, he had his driving license and was presented a six seated sedan for his birthday. With no need to work, he helped his dad with accounts of the company, handling billions of pounds movements across continents.

When you live in a big house, and a butler who also drive you around, things could get lonely at times. So he had a telescope normally used for stars, aimed at the school. Engrossing himself with the sights of maturing teens participating in sports or activities. Soon, a fetish built up in him to ‘own’ a girl in that very uniform.

Following his routine of daily morning jogs, girls were often found talking to him and playing with his tamed menacing looking hound. He soon got to know one of the girls, Lisa. A beautiful Chinese mix Malay, speaks both Malay and Mandarin fluently. The two of them got close very quickly and soon enough, sleepover sessions were organized almost every week and having scantily dressed girls in and out of his place were a common sight.

One of the evening, Lisa was too tired to go home after completing her school project. So she spent the night at Derrick’s, knowing she could trust him. But on Derrick’s mind, his wish was finally granted. To complete his fetish, she fell into sleep without changing or removing her uniform.

He waited for her to fall asleep before entering the guest room, armed with a bottle of the strongest popper. Positioning himself beside her sweet baby face, he placed the uncapped bottle at her nose and she breathed in the fumes at a steady rhythm. After about eight sniff, she stirred in her sleep and her hands ran downwards to her PE shorts. She untied the drawstring and loosened it, probably to ease the wetness gathering below.

Derrick: ‘Lisa, are you alright? You feel warm.’

Lisa couldn’t make out much of what he said, distracted by the sudden horniness overwhelming her. Derrick continued holding the popper at her nose, tilting it enough just for the fumes to escape. She breathed in all that Derrick offered and just felt weaker and wetter.

He daringly pulled the blankets of her and lifted up her skirt. Still no resistance from her. Derrick proceeded to remove her shorts and the cute light purple colored panties, poking and exploring the moist patch on it. Lisa soon realize what was happening but was too weak and horny to stop him. Well, she kinda needed a helping hand right?

Being untouched by guys, she struggled to open her legs for Derrick’s hand and when he finally laid fingers on her wet pussy, she squealed in ecstasy. Squirming even more juice, his fingers were soon sliding in and out with ease. That horny boy had no intention to just stop there.

Taking a whiff from the bottle, he got on top of her and pushed his dick right in, pushing her panties to the side, piercing right through her tight hole and hitting her G-spot in one stroke. Addiction to pleasure began and her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him in with every stroke out. She had no energy to resist, yet the overwhelming sensations gave her some energy, for her legs to hold him close. The two perspiring young bodies were cumming non-stop with help of the poppers. Lisa knew she had lost her virginity, and to a person she trusted. Was what he did offensive? Or did she enjoyed the restraints and limitations during which she was deflowered?

Apparently, doggie style was the position Derrick felt most sensitive and turned on. Her butt was still covered by her uniform, and all he could see was her long hair on the pillow, hands grabbing the edge of the pillow tightly. With strong and powerful strokes, he cummed for the fourth time, injecting his warm load of sperms deep into her.

She was dead tired with the constant dosing of the popper, so was Derrick. They slept for the rest of the night after the crazy fuck session till mid day. Derrick did all the follow-up of getting her a medical certificate with just a phone call and another round of popper-induced fucking. Dreams come true huh? Or was it just the beginning of her nightmares?

Lisa could finally go home after that, with juice soaked panties and a cum-filled pussy. She was satisfied and didn’t regret, but fear wasn’t too far away either. She might just had the most addictive sex session and the urge to go back for more simply couldn’t get out of her head.

Don’t girls just like dangerous boys?


Aya was brought up in a single parent family, and most of the time, she would be taken care of by her step-sister, almost twelve years her senior. Her sixteenth birthday had just passed then, and there was not a single present nor cake to celebrate. A year ago, she was placed in the girls’ home for theft despite the pleading by the lawyers about her family background. But for her, the eight months inside was considered lucky, for she was carrying drugs for her friends whilst she was stealing. Thankfully, she wasn’t on it.

Her step-sister, Liya, was out of job for about four months, but had savings to ride out the tide, till she found another one. Aya could take care of herself, she had been doing that for a long time, since her parents stopped caring for her.

A few days ago, her dad returned from business and for the first time, seen her after he lost the custody to her mum.

Dad: ‘Aya?’

Aya: ‘Hi dad.’

Dad: ‘What happened to mummy?’

Aya: ‘Drugs again. Back inside.’

Three years ago, this little girl who left him has now become a beautiful swan. Light brown hair despite the family line of dark brown tone, natural long eye lashes and make-up-like smoothness. On top of that, her breasts had developed into a pair of juicy 34D, which was considered large for her small build. Daddy’s eyes could not turn away from his little girl, who turned legal just in time for him to savour.

Dad: ‘Aya, sister told me she’s got a job. And accommodations will be provided for her. Think she won’t be home so soon.’

Aya: ‘Yeah. I know. She told me.’

Dad: ‘Let’s go shopping tomorrow. Get you a few sets of clothes.’

Aya: ‘Don’t have to work?’

Dad: ‘I’ve just returned from finalizing an investment in an uprising company. Money will come in steadily soon. Hope I won’t have to work forever.’

*And stay home to enjoy this little piece of meat all day long.*

He spent the night learning more about her company and her, explaining the female triads she joined, and how he would home-school her. They both became closer after a three hour-long talk and for the first time, Aya felt the warmth of having love, falling asleep on his bed as her eyelids got heavy.

Dad’s mind was normal. Normal in a sense.. that what would run through the mind of a hormones raged body. Knowing there is no way he would see love the same way again, he could only hold on to the feelings that his first wife gave him. The fruit of their love, on his bed. Ironically – forbidden fruit.

The warmth of love from his hand travelled up her legs, under her nightie and between her legs. Aya knew what was happening and tried to stop her dad. There was no way Aya could stop him, if he persevered. Dad gave in, and broke down. Pouring his heart out to his little girl, about how mum got addicted and sold herself for drugs. No man could take that lying down. Exhaustion caught up with him soon and his body felt heavy, finally, he might be able to sleep soundly for the first time.

Aya: ‘Daddy.. Will doing it help you feel better? Will doing it help bring mummy closer to you?’

Dad: ‘Silly girl. That was rash of me. I don’t want to do it with you. You’re my daughter.’

Aya waited for his fidgeting to stop before wriggling herself away from that monster. This hot little girl had no idea how appealing she was, to be only protected by her innocence. Well, that’s what everyone thought. The triads she joined in the past did had lots of females, and they never failed to bring their boyfriends to the hideout to fuck, even exchanging partners sometimes. She had since started masturbating, fingering herself, and even getting toys to use on herself.

She flipped her dad onto his back and pulled his pajamas pants down. That move made him twitched and upright.

Dad: ‘Aya, what are you doing?’

Aya: ‘Sorry dad. I’ll get back to sleep.’

She was suddenly reminded of the attempted rape by her mum’s abusive boyfriend, and cold sweat broke out, mixing her moist pussy with more fluid. He couldn’t hide his urge and had to know she was fine for the ordeal.

Dad: ‘You okay?’

Fearing her trembling voice would scare him, she nodded in response.

Dad: ‘There’s no stopping it once you woke it up.’

He got on top of her, and forcefully pinned his daughter down, tearing her red laced nightie away like a tiger paw meeting a piece of paper. He held her legs up like a baby given a fresh nappy wipe, just that this time is with his tongue.

Daddy sank his thick rough tongue into Aya’s love hole and felt an opposing gush of thick clear honey. It was already two in the morning and the fun just started. Little Aya could only bite her lips as his tongue slurped up her nectar, prodding in and out at her entrance. After a few rounds of clitoral orgasms, dad got on his knees and aimed.

Her wide eyes couldn’t shut at all, frozen in fear. He would be the first to be in her, and there would be no stopping him once he felt how heavenly she could make him. Clumsily positioning his pee hole at her opening, he slammed his balls onto her butt, driving the maximum shaft length into her virgin vagina.

Not a single sound came out from her opened mouth, shocked from the size of her dad, the pain, and an underlying sensation of pleasure beyond what her toys can give her. The ease of thrusting in and out of her made him wild and it became a natural slipping motion, he pushed beyond the head and the rest will just glide in. He pulls after the little mushroom and her labia will push him out.. only to be rammed open.

Aya had already lost control of her body by then, letting it fall into limbo, totally limped and blanketed by the pleasure, numbed to the pain. Much similar to a human-sized doll, she lay there motionless with her eyes opened, staring at her lovely father, holding her knees apart, pounding his thick slab of meat in and out, squirting juices on the bed sheets.

In the late morning, she woke up on her own bed with no recollection of what happened. But the tingling warmth in her belly explained the weakness in her legs. Seems like daddy helped himself to a sleeping beauty as he awakened.

Aya’s days following that night was a wild and sex-filled one. Getting fucked in daddy’s car in multistory car parks, giving daddy road head, relieving him of his work stress, all had become too common. Having gone through so much pleasuring, her pussy amazingly remained tight and fresh.

Once, he even fucked her sideways on a bus, a fantasy she had always wanted to fulfill. It was on it’s way across Geylang and Mustafa, before she asked him for a favor not to let her wetness go to waste. As there wasn’t anyone on the last bus, he quickly unzipped his pants and lifted up her dress, which was one of the many skimpy clothes he bought and instructed her to wear, and made her lie on the cushion. On the last row of seats, space were aplenty for them to finish their ‘ride’ comfortably. Though she wet the seats, her moans were soft enough to hide their raging sexuality.

On a few occasions, her dad would drug her step-sister and fuck her in front of Aya, which she learnt was a punishment to her step-mum who cheated him of his money and left this daughter (which is not even his) to take care. Frankly speaking, her 1.8m tall lady was sexier than Aya with super fair skin and an angelic face. Even to be mistaken as a Chinese, though she was mixed blood.

Let’s not touch on the days when their dad brought friends home to enjoy Liya while he fucked Aya quietly in his room. Sex slave? Doesn’t seem so to me. At last she’s loved. Now, Dad’s friends are done, who’s next?

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High on Drugs

One last hard sniff and she took most of the ketamine powder. It didn’t take long before she went giddy and high. She sat opposite on the metal bench of the playground, and she just grabbed my arm and shook herself wildly.

With no indication of her slowing down, she pulled herself up and wobbled around the soft ground. With a thud, she fell and lay still while mumbling. I moved her to under the metal support of the playground, where you’d usually find all the musical settings below.

Grabbing one of my hand, she placed it on her skirt and under. No questions asked, I rubbed her pussy gently till she was wet. The effects of K with orgasms seem to have a multiplier effect. Sliding my fingers into her panties, she responded by spreading her legs wider.

I know she wasn’t a virgin, and she’s quite wild on bed too. Pushing my fingers deeper, her wet cunt welcomed me with a stream of juice, receiving me with a little suction. As I sank my finger deep into her, she became more sober. She reached her arms out for me and pulled herself with little effort. Wrapping her arms around my neck, we were kissing forcefully. She knelt and with both her hands available, she got my pants undone quickly in the dark and sat down on my super hard dick.

Flipping her head backwards, she once again wrapped her hands around me and rode me. With her bum slapping on my hips, I could feel my dick giving her the full penetration. She’s not really skinny, probably just the right size for her small built.

With her cumming non-stop and the continuous squeeze on my huge dick with her tight pussy, I was minutes away from cumming too. She gave herself one last push and sure hit me with all she got. Her pussy squeezed hard and she forced herself down onto me, with my dick entering a hole so tight, my load unleashed into her and I lifted her up and down my shaft to make sure I pushed all my sperms into her, and also that my balls are really emptied.

We lay tired for a while, me being inside didn’t create much difficulty as I was really spent by then. I didn’t just leave her lying there, I sent her home before her parents returned. Cleaning up was easy, I just changed her wet one with one new that that’s covered with my cum. =)