Jason’s wife, Faith had been pregnant close to nine months now, and he had been depraved of sex for as long as she had feared how it might hurt her if they did it. Being a high sex drive person, the nights with his wife had been uneventful. Insomnia had been the longest problem since […]

Jail Term

Queenie was smoking once she started her secondary school. Being led astray by the clique she usually hang out with, consisting most of her seniors in the same school, she walked on the rebellious path whenever she was away from home. Influenced by the flirty girls, she wore brightly colored bras and sometimes, going pantyless […]

A Beer

After attending a birthday party of her friend, Vanessa was on her way home but was feeling more awake than usual. She could go home to masturbate and rest, or stop by for a cup of ice milo at a coffee shop nearby for some peaceful time to herself. She walked to the shop and […]