Eve and Nicholas met for the first time, ever since they knew each other online, they had been constantly texting. Just texting. Well, they did plan to meet a few times, and Eve even played him out. There was once she was at Habourfront, and so was Nicholas, she walked him around and gave him details about her dress code, but had no intention to even let him see her. So that was it.

This time, they’ve planned to go for a flea market at Singapore’s Art Museum, or many of us would know as SAM. Meeting at Dhoby Ghaut, the two of them held hands and walked there. They are not in a relationship, nor even that close as friends (since it’s their first meeting), they are meeting as no-strings-attached. Nothing of those meet-for-sex kind, in fact, the opposite. Their texts contains traces of playfulness and respect, with a slight tinge of sexuality for Nicholas’ interest in erotica.

It was a flea for artists, to sell their wares, also for blogshop owners to ‘clear their wardrobe’. The area covering the market wasn’t huge, but nothing too disappointing either. Eve finally decided on a Japanese robe style dress(?), finished with floral designs in a brown satin cloth which made her so excited she couldn’t wait to be in it. The weather was definitely a killer, sweltering not just the formally dressed. Nicholas’ attire was quite a match to Eve’s white tank top and hot pants, in shorts and a singlet, showing off his muscular army build. The whole time, Nicholas had been feasting his eyes on this fair-skinned innocent little girl, catching glimpse of her black bra, occasionally visible in the right light. I guess it’s the nature in guys to creatively imagine girls without clothes, or in their lingeries.

Nicholas accompanied her to the ladies on the second floor, one which was far from the crowd, so she doesn’t have to hold her urgency for too long. After a fifteen minute wait, she appeared in the very top she bought, with the strapped black heels she wore earlier.

Eve: ‘This robe isn’t long nor short. It wouldn’t look too obscene without my pants right?’

Nicholas could hide his glee but not the rising hardness. Which guy would complain about a girl wearing too suggestively? Especially when she is your friend to be proud off.

Nicholas: ‘I think it looks great on you. Very fitting.’

Here’s the thin line, Eve wasn’t his girlfriend, whom if she was, he wouldn’t allow her to walk around in that, tempting guys to visually rape her. So, thankfully(?) she isn’t. So this pair of hunky guy and sexy babe prowls around the building, visiting exhibits which no one goes to, because of the flea and a few other events around the basement.

Nicholas led Eve hand in hand into a bend which leads to a dead end after another turn. The walkway was quite dark as it faces away from the sun, hidden by the nearby trees. Finally, the turn which Nicholas was waiting for came about and he held her hands tighter.

Nicholas: ‘I told you I would get naughty in private places right?’

Eve: ‘Huh?’

Eve wasn’t surprised but not expecting it right there either, rather, she felt worried about the location. Nicholas left her against the wall he pinned her on and scouted around looking for cameras or unlocked doors, in case anyone appears suddenly. The next move Nicholas did isn’t recommended to anyone as it was a huge risk including a police record. Nicholas slammed his lips on hers and sucked lightly, keeping her close to his face.

The whiff of Eve’s perfume only fueled his horniness and urged his tongue between her light pink delicious looking lips. His hands started to roam at her 23 inches waist and slowly pulling the draw strings of her robe.

Now, please note that Eve was only a fifteen year old, innocent and only knew the dictionary style sex, nothing more, nothing wild. Though she did read some kinky stories recommended by Nic, she didn’t understood most of it, since ‘pleasure’ was nothing more than a word of addiction.

Under the rope was the bra, now strapless, and a pair of peach-coloured thongs. Her body was so perfect there wasn’t any fats ‘squeezed’ out of her bra nor thongs, or it should be put in another way, the bra and thongs, conformed to her figure. It was the first time Nicholas came across a body so firm.

It was the most awkward moment for braless Eve as she lifted her calves backwards for him to strip her final piece of undies off.

Nicholas: ‘You’re so hot.’

Eve: ‘Why am I naked in public?’

Nicholas: ‘No you’re not. You look best this way.’

His warm hands held her body close and with one, he cupped her breast, gently giving it a squeeze. His fingers then rested on the base, evenly spread open as he tickled her hill, ending with five fingers on her nipples.

With two fingers, he pressed onto her pink point and twisted them around. His eyes were fixated on her lips and eyes, monitoring for pleasure, if not horniness. The other hand, around her waist, glided down her baby smooth slit before her hand stopped it.

Eve: ‘It’s too fast.’

His fingers on her nipple pinched harder and the other hand joined in the fun too, making her tiptoe and breath deeply. It was clear what she felt.

Eve: ‘What are you doing to me? I feel so numb in the head.’

She felt her slit getting wetter, and it was calling out for something. Her face turned red and her hands were grabbing his arms tightly.

Eve: ‘I think I’m getting wet down there.’

Nicholas’ bulge almost exploded as her whisper entered his ears. His fingers swiftly made way between the legs and all Eve could do was to make sure he wasn’t too rough, or break anything. There was no more energy in her to resist what’s about to come. The tip of Nicholas’ middle finger pushed forward, meeting the tiny clit, oiled by her virgin spill of love syrup. His constant rubbing drove Eve close to fainting, but the waves of liquid down her legs kept Nicholas going.

Suddenly footsteps were heard behind Eve’s heavy breathing and Nicholas paused. Listening quietly for the distant mumbling to go away.

While Nicholas was at the edge of the square pillar, pressing onto Eve’s tiny body, listening hard, her hands were on his shorts, near the elastic release. The pair of naughty hands slid inside and felt around for the bulge under the boxers. It didn’t take long for the throbbing to guide them under his boxers and around his hot shaft.

Eve (whisper): ‘You can get wet too?’

): ‘Pre-cum.’

Eve’s hand started stroking his three quarter foot long tool, up and down, all the way from his pee hole to the sack, using the pre-cum as lubricant. Now, it’s Nicholas’ turn to have problems holding his moans in. Once in a while, gossips about guys Eve had with her friends would touch on such topics, that explains her knowledge of masturbation methods for guys.

It merely took Nicholas ten minutes to reach climax and the vigorous tapping of Eve’s hand did not stop her. He knelt on the floor from the weakened knees and Eve took his dick out of his shorts, giving him a graceful five seconds to catch his breath.

She resumed her forceful massage and finished him off with her last ounce of energy as she felt the pumps working in his shaft. Luckily for Nicholas, her hands were worn out to tease his limp, sensitive meat slab.

They sat there for a while, and he covered Eve’s body up, tying the string back without her bra and thongs.

Eve: ‘What about my bra and panties?’

Nicholas: ‘We’ll walk to the MRT like this. If you don’t like it, we can stop at city hall and let you wear them back.’

Eve: ‘Deal.’

She didn’t wear them back, but the stream running down her legs were hard to conceal from those admirers, which anyone could guess what ran through their minds as they watch this girl get wet from public stares.

Slutty? I prefer kinky.

Fun in the Showers

It was normal for baby and I to meet up on Saturdays, at my place. Only my grandma would be in, and occasionally my brother, after his RT in Tekong. But the showers are in my room, so it wouldn’t affect as well. It was one of those Saturday dates that we’ve decided to shower together for the first time, and I tell you, stripping each other was more fun than showering.

First her top over her head, then my top. Step two to reach around her back, while giving a whiff of her hair and unhooking her black coloured bra at the same time. Her hands then go around my waist, with her thumbs at the sides of my pants to pull it down for me. Well, it was a tighter shorts, but she did managed to get it off. And finally, her FBTs and panties together, dropping onto the floor after I slid it pass her knees. I guess that was the sexiest thing I’ve seen for the day.

We hopped into the showers and watered ourselves for a good long time. Who doesn’t like hot water running over their bodies on a cold morning? Especially on a day just for you and your love. It was about time to soap up when I started to worry about the water bills. You can say I’m childish, but I still love Johnsons and Johnsons baby bath. It was the scent that help me relive my childhood.

Soaping was fun. We were teasing each other, and everything that can be done on bed can be done in the showers too. I would be pinching her nipples, making her moan while she would take revenge, jerking me fast and hard. Never too much soap for us. As I’ve been fingering her to the heavens earlier on the bed, this was where she decided to help me release my army load. That moment we kissed, she pulled me to the wall, and took my dick in her hand.

Our height was quite similar, 163 and 160, not too much difficulty for any position. She placed my dick between her thighs and it was quite an out-of-the-world feeling to be in contact with a vagina this way. Not inside, but outside, right outside it and penetration wasn’t necessary. I took the chance to slide it along her slit, poking at her sensitive clit and she was responding nicely with her short and shallow quick breathes and tight clenched on my arms.

Baby then placed her feet together and formed a Y shape with her thighs and pussy. I pushed my dick into the meeting point of Y and she tip-toed in pleasure.

Baby: ‘Sensitive…’

I knew I hit the spot. The sensation between her thighs was awesome, it wasn’t too tight like sex, and it triggered both our soft spots. I began moving my dick in and out, and it felt quite similar to sex. Baby was moaning and hugging me tightly as I thrust on, kissing and pecking her from time to time. There wasn’t any accident, like unintentionally slipping into her. Cause her legs were tightly together, in fact, tighter as I went faster to reduce the sensitivity. I’m not sure if it worked though.

As I was about to near my climax, it felt too good to end. But I didn’t want us to spend anymore time in the showers. We’ve got a lot of cuddling to do. I pulled it out halfway, right about where my head touched her slit and spray the warm thick juice into that little space.

There wasn’t any water running over us, so she could feel the contrasting temperature as it flowed down her legs.

Baby: ‘It’s very warm.’

We washed up and cuddled on my bed for the rest of the day.What a lazy couple. Sometimes, a day of cuddles and kisses is better than a moment of climax.

I know this isn’t really sexy or fun to some of you out there. But I also know some had similar experiences, and I hope this could provide some knowledge about what couples can do, especially when one or both are virgins. If you want to have sex, make sure it’s someone worth giving it to. Try it, bound to love it.

This act of sex is also known as ‘intercrural sex’. Something like ‘sex’ between the thighs. Non-penetrative sex.


Marianna and I arranged to meet after a long time since we graduated from NYP. Since she stayed in Tampines, and I had no plans for the day, I went over and met her. Not before she changed the venue to Pasir Ris’ eHub at the last minute.

Me: ‘Woah Anna. So long never see you, slim down a lot huh.’

And I really meant a lot. She wasn’t fat to begin with, just a tummy and wider thighs. She worked herself out in gyms and yoga classes till she was this gorgeous. Somehow, I couldn’t get my eyes off her 24 inch waist she kept bragging to me about how much she went through to get it. Oh, I haven’t even describe what she wore that day, a low cut white top and a light cotton pink skirt.

Marianna: ‘You too. Haha. Much more macho after going into army ah. Hehe. Totally tempting.’

What did she mean? Hmm. Maybe something is going to happen after all. We walked closely and updated each other about our lives. She had really changed to another person, full of confidence and laughter. She would be a girl any guy would enjoy talking to and might even make a good girlfriend too.

Marianna: ‘Oh wait wait. I wanna get a bikini!’

And she pulled my hand into one of the small shops along Downtown East. Taking her time hopping around the hangers, and occasionally placing the sets against herself, checking and asking me if it looked alright.

I mean.. How can she look not good? Her figure would only drop jaws, all that’s required was a dress or less on her.

Marianna: ‘How’s this?’

She pulled out a hanger sideways from a row of colorful swimwear. It was purple, matching halter top and bottom. Her sweet smile would melt anyone. Not just guys. She liked purple, and it wasn’t that weird to be in for a piece of clothing to go into the waters with.

Me: ‘I like it. Will this be your final choice?’

Marianna: ‘Yupp! This shall be it.’

She took it to the changing room and starting stripping, piece by piece her clothed fell to the floor, which was uncovered by the curtains. Finally, her black bra and her feet disappear for the panties. It was sure damn sexy to imagine her stripping and finally dropping her g-string onto the floor.

A few minutes later, she drew open the curtains, showing off her body in the bikini. All I could do was to gasp and nod. And she got it.

She went back behind and dressed up quickly to complete her purchase. We then went for a walk around the whole place before she wanted to find a place to sit. Somewhere that was quiet and undisturbed. The stairs.

We went to scout for a stairway that is far from public access and sat there, chatting about my army things.

Marianna: ‘Umm. Hold on. I think I need to take out my contacts. It’s dry.’

She took out her contact case and removed them. Placing it back into her bag and taking a pair of huge cute glasses.

Marianna: ‘We’re staying here for a while right? I’ll rest my eyes for a while. And I’m blind!’

Well, her degrees were as high as eight hundred. Might as well claim herself blind. She closed her eyes and rested her head at the railings. It was a tempting sight to behold. Her soft luscious lips, and peaceful sleepy eyes. I shifted my body in front of her and lightly touched her lips with mine.

Her eyes opened wide and looked at me. I didn’t know what to do all of a sudden, just staring back at her and did not move an inch. Her hands then went to the back of my head and held me tighter against her face, her tongue responded. It was a small, wet, excited tongue that was happy to meet my thick, wide one. We frenched for a while before her hand went between my thighs, pulling down on the loose shorts along with my underwear.

Me: ‘Anna, you are so hot in this (while I roamed her body with my hands) you’re melting me.’

Marianna: ‘And wetting me with you melts.’

With our lips still interlocked, she went down a step and started preparing my rod for a good licking down. A little peck later, her lips separated from mine and met the other ‘me’. Working from the sides, I could feel her tongue running all over, coating it wet. Her lips then wrapped around it and went down deep into her warm mouth, squeezing me with every stroke in and out. Every once and then, her throat will give me a treat and the tongue would twirl in rounds around the head, all I could do was moan and find things to grab.

A few minutes later, I lifted her head up and she came back up the step to sit beside. My turn to go down a step, and her legs opened for me, revealing her black g-strings with crystal studs near the edge of the bigger patch ;) There wasn’t really the need to remove it, since it was almost non-existent. I slipped two of my fingers into the dripping cunt and she took it all in without effort. Shaved, smooth, beauty.

My fingers took its time and explored as much as I could, probing, feeling, scratching, wriggling into every unknowns. She was surely enjoying it as she gasped and struggled to relieve the tickles and overwhelming pleasure. Within twenty minutes, she had to stop me and complained that she couldn’t take my teasing anymore.. and require something warmer, harder and longer. She turned around and faced me, while I moved two more steps down to the landing, she slid down my face and realising it does have a nice ‘after shower’ smell, I took a taste of her juice and sure enough, smelled just like her.

Me: ‘You are sure wild.’

Marianna: ‘And you aren’t any bad either. Rawr!’

Marianna: ‘You know, you’re the second guy to have fucked me, apart from my ex.’

I had never expected her to get so wild and daring, probably given her figure, it would look good on CCTV footage too, and might even be better than Tammy’s. A girl who used to be innocent and would get shy around guys, now became someone so open. Almost first blood, second wasn’t too bad. :)

Her hips continued descending with help from the handrails until she was right above my dick. Aiming it at the opening, she sat down and engulfed the whole thing in somewhat felt like a wet, warmth, tight, mind-numbing sensation. I couldn’t move much since it felt like my balls were ready to blow anytime. She wrapped her hands around my neck and started moving up and down, well, I had to say, it was quite intense, the slapping of our thighs were echoing across the levels, and it wasn’t that bad since the full length of it were just standing there for her to enjoy.

However, the back and forth motion following, was seriously, an overload on my mind. It was like using my dick as a scrub, moving everywhere, scrapping and brushing along every corner of her pussy, triggering all the neurons in my brain to climax already. I had to hold it in with all my might, both physically and mentally until she popped the question, which would make guys smile and unload.

Marianna: ‘Are you cumming soon sweetie? I can’t take it anymore!’

All the while sliding across my thighs back and forth, trying to keep her gaze on me. A heave and I pushed every inch into her, working all my pumps to get every drop inside, making sure my soldiers found a home, for a short while. She wasn’t on the pill, nor there was a rubber between us. But no one was worried. Her vacuum sucked every bit of life out of me as she got up, leaving me weak and dazed.

It was one hell of a wild outdoor sex for me! She cleaned herself up, douching with Vagisil wash, and helping me wash mine in it too. Well, we wet the floor with all sorts of liquids and fluids, but it was worth it. The risk, the fun, everything. We got dressed and we continued for a meal, full of teasing under the table, before going for the movie ‘Hangover 2’. Oh, and fingering her with my cum inside was quite kinky and sticky. :p

No Strings

Jacq: ‘Where are we going?’

Me: ‘Hehe. Just follow me.’

Jacqueline didn’t know where I was going, but she was interested in this dangerous evil white sheep seemingly harmless to even chase after anything. She tagged along behind me until we reached the third floor of the carpark. Walking through a door into a utility room with quite some space to spare.

Jacq: ‘What are we going to do here?

Me: ‘I told you I’m going to surprise you right?’

Jacq: ‘Yeah but..’

My lips went onto hers and took her first. One of the many firsts. Her lips didn’t move and was shocked. My lips opened hers and tongue wet her opening. She knew what to do. She watched something about it before. Her tongue met mine and a short fight began, saliva were being exchanged and her hands were all over my back and neck, pulling me as close as she could. Slowly, my nose was in her cheeks and got hard to breath before I had to break her off.

I pushed her against one side of the wall and pinned her head with mine, staring into her pleading eyes. My fingers went to her left ear, then down her cheeks, back to her neck, and down her shoulders, sliding across her collarbone, down her shirt and above her breasts, clearly feeling her bra beneath the tight shirt. As I was closing in to her privates, her breathing was increasing and getting deeper. I could feel it right at my mouth.

Me: ‘Jacq, are you turned on?’

Jacq: ‘I don’t know. I just feel warm.’

My hands started kneading her breasts in a circular motion, making sure all my fingers were busy. Her face went red andher hands were a little lost, not knowing what to do with them. We continued kissing and my hands continued working. Until about three to four minutes later, both my hands went down to her waist, almost tickling and releasing a burst of laughter if she didn’t slow me down. Both hands went onto her thighs and between her legs, lifting her skirt up, coming into contact with her soft cotton panty.

Jacq: ‘Wait, are you sure?’

Me: ‘What about you? Are you sure?’

Jacq: ‘Up to you?’

My right hand pulled her panty open and my left went in. Running my fingers over her smooth south, I pushed my middle finger betwen her slit, randomly massaging around only to hear a yelp from her.

Jacq: ‘Wait wait. It’s very.. I don’t know how to describe!’

I knew I hit the spot. The super sensitive area that would make her moan and tremble uncontrollably, the very reason clit0ris stimulation is the choice for starters and virgins.

Me: ‘Okok. I’ll be gentle.’

My tone and words somehow calmed her down a little, assuring it wouldn’t be any pain or discomfort. My right hand released off the stretchy linen and went above, tugging her shirt upwards, revealing the sexy black bra beneath. Going around her back, I unhooked her bra and went underneath to fondle her nipples. Moans started to be heard and trembling felt through her body.

Both my hands worked in sync and she felt the first wave of wetness in her sexual life. One which she will never forget. The warm fluid flowed down her slit and onto my fingers. She was especially juicy and wet, knowing she was in safe hands and being pleasured with respect.

Jacq: ‘Umm.. let me take it off for you.’

She let her V cut, light blue panties fall onto the floor and pulled one of her legs out. Keeping them separated, my fingers continue to work and her clench on my arms were getting tighter. She bit her lips, lowered her head and released a high pitched hum, her body fell forward and a larger stream exited from her pussy. It was wet and clear, clean and smelled sweet. She bit my shoulders in the long orgasm that surprised me and went weak after, almost hitting the ground if I didn’t catch her.

She rested while I put her panty back on and buckled her bra back. The rest of her clothes were fairly clean, except for her panty which was a little wet. That droplets of juice on the ground wasn’t too much either. I sat beside her till she recovered a little.

Jacq: ‘Hey boy, can you lie on the floor?’

Me: ‘Yeah?’

Jacq: ‘Do it for me? It’s my turn to play.’

I found the cleanest part of the floor and she placed her bag under my head.

Jacq: ‘Just relax k?’

Her fingers started from my lips, down my neck, across my chest, poking into my belly button, and she undid my short’s button, before unzipping it. She then placed her hands on my pants at both sides.

Jacq: ‘Come, up!’

I lifted my hips up and she pulled my pants with my underwear down towards my feet. As the stick thickened in her eyes, she took it in her hands and played with it as though she was doing the ‘money’ gesture. Definitely an unforgettable feeling. Jacqueline then bent over and placed some saliva on her hand, before rubbing it over my dick, stroking it and monitoring my expression of pleasure, grunting and moaning as she tried a few different hand signs.

She didn’t do anything more about from a handjob. It was her first time getting this intimate with a guy anyway. After a tiring twenty minutes or so, she felt my the tunnels pushing and contracting, and knew what was coming too. The first spray of cum covered her hands and she didn’t move until I was done. Partially she didn’t know what to do, secondly she was quite fascinated by the sight and the warmth of it over her hand.

Jacq: ‘Did you feel good? It was fun!’

Me: ‘Yupp, I did. What about you?’

Jacq: ‘From your expression, I think I felt better than you. Hehe. I want to do it again some other time!’

We cleaned up and left the room quickly before anyone appeared. A fun time we had, and this might well be the start of our no-strings-attached relationship for time to come!


Baby was on my bed after a quick shower, dressed in her t-shirt without bra for comfort. And the naughty me was beside her, occasionally rubbing her tummy and tickling her. She was seated at the head of my bed, using my pillow as support for her back, with the little bunny soft toy in her arms among her lecture notes.

Harmlessly, my hand went downwards towards her shorts and there was no signs of resistance. Baby was just looking at me shyly and fearful of what’s about to come. My fingers stopped at her privates and gave a little squeeze.


Baby felt it, but still no signs of a fight. Backing onto her tummy, my fingers then dug into her panties and continued south, reaching her first few shaved pubs. I was so near, but knew where I had to stop. It was kind of a difficult situation for myself, where my raging hormones were about to go wild, and the subtle side of my heart, ready to protect my innocent baby. No one has ever came so close to her, let alone where I was about to come in contact with.

Baby: ‘You can do anything you like.’

She whispered as she felt the little negotiations in my mind. Baby then held my hand which was in her shorts, and pushed down.

Me: ‘Alright. Tell me if it hurts k?’

I went on after her assuring nod. Her eyes were still on her notebook filled with her handwritten notes, trying her best to ignore what I was doing. My fingers went lightly over her pussy lips, and rested for a while. Then very slowly, my ring and index fingers went into position to separate her smooth gap for the first time (for kinky purposes). I peeled the never-before-wet lips to let the cold fresh air come in contact with it. Her clitoris was exposed, unprotected, and shown to the world of stimulation.

My middle finger then gently probed where I thought where her clit might be, and sure enough, it was close.

Baby: ‘Ahhh~’

The sexiest moan escaped from her mouth, and her legs closed – with my finger still on it. I started moving in a circular motion, small, but totally overwhelming in our first contact.

There was no way she could focus on her notes, nor contain her body’s natural response. Her hips was struggling to handle the stimulation, yet it never seemed enough to express what she felt. Foreign, weird in some ways, unfamiliar, yet knowing it felt safe, exciting, and definitely too much for her mind to handle. This sense of explosion is addictive, and she fell in love with it.

Since there wasn’t any strenuous motion on my part, I didn’t get tired at all. The times I paused to rest, I got her messages clearly.

Baby: ‘Please don’t stop. Can?’

Her hands weren’t just grabbing her books or my bedsheets, she didn’t forget to pleasure me as well, inexperienced pair of hands on my throbbing piece of meat. She did her best, but cumming wasn’t on my agenda. It was on hers.

I went faster all of a sudden and she tried to pull my hand away, I planned my fingers to be moving in random wild movements, driving her over the edge. She fought to pull my hand away, naturally driven by every girl’s fear as they neared climax, yet able to overcome it through experimentation. I went on without giving in and her body arched high up as her panties soaked the excess juice up. She knew she was getting horny with the wetness below, but never prepared for what felt so.. different.

She lay on my bed and went into a semi asleep state while I tucked her in. A kiss on her forehead sent her to sleep. She was wet, and sweet. Yes I tasted her after we were done.

Baby: ‘I love it. Did you enjoy yourself?’

Nothing could be better with a smile of satisfaction after she woke up. (:


Samantha came to my place and as usual, stepped into my study room and took her bag of toiletries out.

Samantha: ‘I’m going to bath now. You want to shower with me?’

How can any guy resist an invite to the showers with a girl with figure that most girls can only dream of? She likes to be in a normal tee and FBTs, especially on her training days. Nothing could feel better than being comfortable after a day of strenous activities.

Inside usually would be a set of normal beige bra and umm, for anything below her waist, I haven’t got a glimpse of it. Well, today was a day both of us were looking forward to.

She pulled her red t-shirt off and opened her arms towards me.

Samantha: ‘Help me take off?’

My arms went around her and unhooked her bra, slipping under and out of her hands. I sat back down on the computer chair and watched as she stepped into the bathroom, taking off her FBTs and leaving her panties on.

Me: ‘Want me to help take your panties off?’

Samantha: ‘No! You go away.’

She turned away from me and wriggles her panties down and let it fall onto her ankles before lifting up with her feet to put into the bag, with her back facing me all the time.

The door closed and the toilet cover hit the water tank.


I quickly got into my bathing suit and hopped into the shower while she barely had time to stand up and cover her privates with her hands. I was so enchanted by her body that I stoned for a few seconds.

Samantha: ‘Seen enough? Hehe. Can we shower already?’

I turned on the waters and she closed her eyes as I aimed the showerhead over her. We rinsed and the water was off for us to soap up. All these while, she was so afraid to come into contact with my ‘thing’ as the bathroom is quite a small standing one.

As she finished soaping her hair, I poured some body foam on my hands and ran it around her body, paying extra attention to her boobs.

Samantha: ‘Ehh! What about your head?’

Me: ‘You wash for me!’

Samantha: ‘You ah!’

She went on to bubble my short army hair up and gave me a strong hard massage while I continue to fondle her body. My hands slowly went downwards and she closed her legs to prevent my invasion.

As her first boyfriend, I know where the lines are. I tried all attempts to keep myself from her seductive body as best as I could. She proceeded to scoop some foam and soap from her body and applied it on mine, tickling and teasing my sensitive tummy.

Her hands finally reached low enough to accidentally hit my ‘thing’.

Samantha: ‘Why is it so hot? Is it normal? I barely touched it and I can feel the warmth.’

Me: ‘Haha. It’s normal. Don’t worry. You can hold it if you’re cold.’

Samantha: ‘You wish! Hehe.’

Her hands still stayed around and after a pause, she somehow managed to gather enough courage to grab it. A gasp escaped my lungs and she moved her hand up my shaft, her eyes on my face and watching how my body reacted.

Samantha: ‘Hehe. Like it baby?’

I gave a nod and held her hand to move it up and down. She smiled and took control after a few guided strokes. Her strong forearms showed no tiredness despite the length of the time she went on it. As her inexperienced fingers applied pressure all over, I couldn’t really predict how long I’d last, until the last moment.

By then, I was leaning on the wall and grabbing the edge of my sink, desperately handling her new found skill. Her request was simple, to not go anywhere below her waist until she’s ready. We also said to leave the playing on the bed. So it was really a surprise for me.

Me: ‘Sam Sam, I’m going to shoot.’

She paused with her hands on mine. And smiled as she came close to my face. Her tongue dug her way between my lips and we fought. She turned her body away and kept our tongues locked. Her hand continued ‘behind’ her and I came within mere seconds of her ‘cleaning’, much lubricated with the foamy Shokubutsu.

I unloaded onto her thighs and the warmth somehow soothe her. A smile appeared on her lips which is still engaged with mine. We washed off the soap and she cheekily put on my shirt, leaving only her panties on.

The scent of her shirt made me feel different. As though all her love was physically on me. We then hopped into my bed and cuddled for a long long time, teasing each other to the max. Hehe.

One Fine Line

She lies there on your bed, in a daze and totally wasted from the bottles of alcohol. The type of girl any guy would want to lay their hands on, dressed slutty and out to attract/ seduce. Wrapped in a contour revealing dress, she was there to be unwrapped and played. She was so drunk that she was mumbling to herself and seemed to be in a trance. Shifting her head from left to right and back, as if hallucinating.

Her heels were long gone the moment you brought her back to your apartment. And the position her legs were showed you the cute white g-strings she wore underneath. What would you do? You took a seat at the corner of your bed and nudged her, either you’re checking she’s really too clouded or if she’s okay. I’m guessing the former.

You: ‘Are you okay?’

*some mumbling*

There’s no way you could make out what she said. So being a little more daring, you lay beside her and took a whiff of her long light brown hair. You then placed your hand on her tummy, pretending to be nudging her.

You: ‘Jacie.. Jacie..’

No response. Her short dress were almost at her hips from her flipping and rolling on your bed. But you weren’t the least tempted. Making sure she was knocked out was what’s more important. Your hand slowly went south of her body and reached her g-string. Gently kneading your fingers inwards, she didn’t give the slightest resistance.

Was she enjoying it as well?

Slowly, a patch of wetness confirmed her body response. Horny, but tired. Your hand did not stop and made her even wetter. There was no noise from her, while you expected some moans or sort to be heard. You went between her legs and tugged her undies towards her feet, inching bit by bit not to wake her up. This time, no reaction is the best response.

A few seconds and it was done. Her bare, shaved pussy was right in front of you, glistering in the light from your lamp across your bed. You opened her legs up by her knees and took a breath of her scent. Sticking your tongue out in its soft mode, you lapped her pink flesh and tasted this vixen. Dreaming? You wondered, but nothing feels more real than this.

Droplets of dew formed on her slit and you were quick not to let them go to waste on your bedsheets. After a few more minutes of licking, you had to stop and ease yourself. Letting your berms fall onto the floor, it was only your underwear separating the evil act. Your fingers sank themselves inside her and you were sure her hymen is no longer there somehow. The urge to taste her juices on your fingers were simply too much to resist.

Jacie was your friend in class, and you knew she was those wild type with a cool boyfriend you could never match. Surely she’s not a virgin. So what’s one more dick to her? She probably had too many dicks to count with one hand before this boyfriend of hers. You decided what’s best.

You pulled the stretchy part of your underwear downwards and positioned your pee hole at hers. Here’s the one fine line.

On Arrivals

Once I landed at Changi Airport Terminal 3, a girl came up towards me and looked at me with gleaming eyes.

Girl: ‘Hey! Jasper right? I’m Jaslyn!’

Little did I expect her to ever come pick me up from the airport. Yes I did tell her about my arrivals, but she was more than what my little brother could take.

Me: ‘Ohh. Yeah. Jasper here. You really came to pick me up. Wow.’

Jaslyn: ‘Yupp. You told me about it mah. I help you hold this?’

She took my backpack and sling it over her shoulders. This beautiful girl was wearing a dress, a short one that ends just below her ass. I was totally distracted with stripping her in my mind, pulling those straps off her shoulders and letting her dress slip down her sexy little body.

We boarded a cab and headed for my place to put all my luggages before going out with her. The ride wasn’t just an awkward one without conversations. I told her about the trip and what I experienced, and also passing her a notebook I bought. As we spoke, her body inched towards mine and I wasn’t allowed to move, since I was sitting right behind the driver.

Slipping her arm under mine, her hand made its way to my pants, unzipping it as slowly as possible to avoid the *zip* sound. With a little effort, she got my elongated dick out in the open.

Jaslyn: ‘Remember I say I’ll suck it for you? Hehe. Sit back and relax k?’

She went down on me and her blowjob was done silently, not much saliva to reduce the slurping sounds, and she could still make me feel as though she’s fucking me, with her super tight hole.

After a good 15 minutes plus of road head, I could not hold my load any longer thanks to the excitement and thrill of being seen. Lifting her head up, I managed to get a breather to power down a little and whisper to her.

Me: ‘I’m cumming soon.’

Jaslyn did not say anything to me but to continue sucking, this time, going deeper, faster and a little wetter. Taking a deep breath, i shot my load into her mouth and she immediately changed her lips to suck on my peehole. She knew I was going to shoot, from the pumps that could felt through my shaft.

Me: ‘Jas.. your turn now.’

Jaslyn: ‘Huh? How?

We swapped position and this time, she was lying on my lap, with her lower body behind the driver. Running my hands over her dress, I pulled it up a little and revealed her nicely shaved pussy in the flashing street lights as the cab cruised in the clear roads.

I begin to gently rub her clit in a circular motion with my fingers, flicking it outwards would make her grab tight on my hand. Slowly, I proceeded to push my finger into her hole, and getting deeper into her with every stroke. I could feel her juices trickling down her pussy, through her ass crack.

Not planning to stop till we reach my place, I kept changing between rubbing and fingering her, pinching, rolling her nipples occasionally. How could anyone take this kind of simulation? There wasn’t any exception. We arrived at my place and she brought the bag up, excusing herself to use the toilet and we ended up in doggie position inside.

It was more of a quickie than sex. She was in front of the mirror, with her hands on the ceramic sink. I was behind her, aiming and filling her love hole with my magic stick, making sure she was nicely taken care of. I started to slam her from behind and the sound of my balls against her pussy was priceless.

She did not make a single sound but her hands was backwards, holding my hips as close to hers as possible. Hugging her from behind, grabbing her twin mountain tightly, I whispered into her ears.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to cum?’

Jaslyn: ‘In me! Please.’

I continued my last few strokes of motion and pumped all my sperms into her, making sure I unloaded everything into her. She knelt down, giving in to the tiredness from the pleasure. There was not a single drop that got out of her. I remembered I was cumming and thrusting my hips against hers, forcing the cum to go as deep as my dick could reach.

Jaslyn: ‘You’re good Jasper. I came a few times too.’

Me: ‘Hehe. How does it feel inside you? Only a bit right?’

Jaslyn: ‘What a bit? A lot lo. You shot so much into me. Feels super warm. I like this feeling.’

Me: ‘Haha. Ehh! Look. Still got some flowing out from my dickhead.’

She bent over and cleaned me up, making sure by sucking the thick meat pump like a straw. We had our fun and she went home after making her call to her parents to pick her up. Sure we’ll meet again.