Marianna and I arranged to meet after a long time since we graduated from NYP. Since she stayed in Tampines, and I had no plans for the day, I went over and met her. Not before she changed the venue to Pasir Ris’ eHub at the last minute. Me: ‘Woah Anna. So long never see […]

No Strings

Jacq: ‘Where are we going?’ Me: ‘Hehe. Just follow me.’ Jacqueline didn’t know where I was going, but she was interested in this dangerous evil white sheep seemingly harmless to even chase after anything. She tagged along behind me until we reached the third floor of the carpark. Walking through a door into a utility […]


Baby was on my bed after a quick shower, dressed in her t-shirt without bra for comfort. And the naughty me was beside her, occasionally rubbing her tummy and tickling her. She was seated at the head of my bed, using my pillow as support for her back, with the little bunny soft toy in […]