You probably wouldn’t believed this would happen but where I was posted to, I did manage to get some action as well. Anyway, this is going to be really discreet because of the sensitivity of the workplace. Anyway, I reported at 8am at work as usual, and mingled till about 0930 before we went for our lunch. It was usual, looking out for office ladies (OL) dressed sexily or even those who aren’t dressed sexily, just watching them would be our only entertainment.

We were eating at one of the round tables when this lady caught JX and my eyes. She had long hair, dressed in a black top with short sleeves of see-through materials, and this part of tight pants, of course, her package was completed in heels. She walked to one of the tables and sat alone, then moved to a table with an older man. They then started talking and we were like -_-|||, she should be sitting with us. We continued with our food and then turned together – coincidentally to have another quick glance at her.

She didn’t looked as nice as seeing her from the front. Side view luh. She was still there, trying to pull the back of her top to cover the skin that was exposed. Her skin tone at the back was seriously fairer than her ‘sun-exposed’ zones. Wasting no time, we quickly finished our food so we can.. ya know.. feast our eyes.

Me: ‘EH! Where is she?’

JX: ‘Huh. Ya hor. Where did she go?’

Just in time to see her heels disappearing into the toilet, we knew the show wasn’t over.

JX: ‘Ehh Jasper, inspired to write your stories?’

Me: ‘Haha. Yeah. Wonder what would happen next.’

We went to wash our hands and JX was done before me. He left and walked towards our study area. Just as I finished washing, that lady came out of the toilet and literally face smashed into my chest, I did managed to grab hold of her before she fell backwards and.. creating a scene.

Me: ‘Are you okay? I’m sorry mdm.’

Lady: ‘Huh. Yeah.’ *adjusted hair*

Me: ‘Okay. Really ah? Don’t scare me hor. Later walk three steps faint.’

Lady: ‘Haha. Okay lah. Just a knock.’

Me: ‘My name is Jasper. And yours?’

I know this was a totally bad time to introduce myself and try to hook her up but I guess she wasn’t in a rush when she adjusted herself in front of the mirror.

Lady: ‘My name is Cecilia. You work here ah?’

Me: ‘Yeah. CCenter. I still got some time before I need to go back. I walk you to your building?’

Cecilia: ‘You got time then send me lo.’

We walked to her building and it was quite empty. No one was walking in or out, going up or down the lifts, totally still. I haven’t been to this building, but it suddenly seemed top secret.

Me: ‘How come no one here de?’

Cecilia: ‘Cause you will need special pass to go anywhere of this building. And only a few people has the pass.’

Me: ‘I see. Haha. I guess I can only send you until here.’

We were at the lift landing already. She was still giving this smile that doesn’t feel like where I should stop walking with her.

Cecilia: ‘You can come up lah, if you’re not in a rush luh. Show you the office.’

Me: ‘Really? Okay!’

I was pretty excited and wasn’t quite focusing on her, since we’re in a ‘special’ zone, cameras and security would be everywhere. We entered the lift and she scanned her card before the lift started moving to her office. About four floors before she should stop, she scanned her card again and pressed the ‘HOLD’ button. The lift jerked still and the lights simply turned dim.

Me: ‘Uhh.. What is happening now? I’m a little freaked out.’

Cecilia: ‘Don’t worry. Wait ah.’

Without warning, she leaned on my body and started kissing my neck, giving me little nibbles that will confirm leave marks. My hands was just on her waist, running back and forth. Not wanting to leave any signs of workplace foreplay, I pulled her head to mine and kissed her lightly.

I was surprised why did the wild body kissing suddenly turned so gentle. I’ve not forgotten that she’s had make up on her. We continued kissing and our hands went out of control. Her hands fumbled with my zip and I kept myself busy with hers. Soon, our jeans were down and her g-string was down as well. With ease, she lifted one of her leg and placed it on the handrail in the lift.

Cecilia: ‘Hurry.’ *in a loud whisper*

Everything was like moving in Mach-2. So hurried, yet instinctive. I held on to her and used one of my hand to position my entry.

Me: ‘Permission to enter Mdm, I know you need it.’

Her juice was running down her leg and she simply lowered herself suddenly, sliding herself over my rod. In a surprise, I countered her move by pinning her against the corner and forcing the whole shaft into her, making sure I could feel her meat on my bush.

In the dark, everything was guess work. Fucking her crazy was the only thing in my mind then, she was making me damn wild too. Never would I expect such and encounter in here. The lights came on while we were still at it, but she assured me I still had five minutes. With that timing in mind, I brought her on her fours and hammered her to the steel walls.

Moans, screams, cries were echoed all around in the elevator. I kept going until the payload reaches it’s exit.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to unload?’

Cecilia: ‘It’s time hor, you lasted so long. Hmph. In my mouth.’

Pulling my dick out of her wet hole, I quickly knelt at her mouth and she took all the protein shot into her mouth, without smudging her make up at all. She quickly swallowed and wore her jeans back. It was a little awkward but we still touched each other until level 1 again.

Walking out of the lift, she was still alert enough to get a way to find me.

Cecilia: ‘Jasper, your number?’


Cecilia: ‘Okay! Bye. See you soon.’

Did she get my number? Can she just remember it? Or is it just hope she wanted to give but not let go. I hope I’d see her again. Arghh… No cameras allowed.

Where’s My Fries?

Shirley was kidding when she asked for her fries. There wasn’t any left. I went to the toilet to wash up after lunch and she was right behind. I was about to enter the gents when she stopped me.

‘Eh, use the executive toilet lah. Nah.. the keys’, her hand reached out and passed me. ‘You also going toilet right? Go together lah’, I said jokingly. She went and pushed me while mumbling, ‘go go’.

Once inside, we entered a cubicle and exchanged pecks and kisses. Wasting no time, I unbuttoned her top and massaged her breasts. Without any instructions, she undid her jeans and mine. Lifting one of her legs onto the toilet bowl, I stuck my dick into her and banged her, shaking the cubicle walls without regard.

She cummed hard and hugged me tightly, I was already at the verge from the speed and excitement of having sex so close to the office. Within 10 minutes, her juice were flowing down her thighs and I was all ready to unload.

I quickly pulled it out of her and used her hand to jerk myself off onto her panties. My cum was overflowing onto her jeans, it was more than what her cotton panties can absorb and hold. I pulled her panties up for her and she put back on her jeans. I was doing the same too.

We walked back into the office as though nothing had happened. My phone received a sms as I began work. It’s from Shirley, ‘why you so notti shoot at my panties? I’m so horny now. How to work sia?’ I didn’t reply, my mind was already tired from the food and the exercise.

After-Work Exercise

I was the last to leave the office, so was she. After she offered me a ride home, everyone left the office to her. I finished the machine I was building and went to the office to find her. She was watching shows on her iPhone and listening through a earpiece.

I pulled a chair from the cubicle opposite hers and sat beside her. Knowing I was ready to go, she placed her phone into standby and turned around to kiss me. Both her legs were in between mine, her panties just a little short of her mini dress, covering her mid-thighs. We kissed and my hands went over her silky legs and under her dress. I had to touch her waist as it was so alluring, watching her body shift from the tickle.

My fingers went under the bra, going straight for her nipples. With my hands still under her dress, she stood up and sat on my legs, her chest right before me. Pulling her dress up, I attacked her nipples with speed and wetness from my saliva. Her hips grinding at my pelvic area was such a torture.

I took out my little brother, which was standing in attention, out of my jeans for a breather. Brushing her panties to one side, I positioned my dick head at her opening, dripping with juice to lubricate the penetration. Feeling the tip on my dick with her hands, she eased herself downwards, throwing me into a pleasure haven. She did all the work this time, moving on her own, we didn’t stop to rest nor change our positions for a sick twenty-five minutes. She slowed down as I told her I was cumming and sped up when she felt that I had rested enough.

As the load rings the bell to exit, I warned her and she just kept going faster, quite in the mood to cum with me. In six spurts, a lot of my protein entered her and her vagina simply squeezed every drop out, pushing from the bottom of my shaft (closest to my balls) to the tip. We rested for approximately another fifteen minutes before deciding it was enough.

I was worried about getting her pregnant, but she assured me that she was taking the pill since the first time we had sex. So tired were we that we had to unwillingly separate my meat from her hole. We still got work next day =)

Interview at Office

Day: Monday
Date: 23 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: IAP office

I was there at 5pm for the interview. It wasn’t all that far from school, so I reached on time despite having school earlier.

It was the supervisor who will be doing the interview. It was quite epic, or should I say hoping for something to happen. There wasn’t anyone in the office, and the interview is taking place in her office.

I was dressed specially for the interview with my red Goldlion top and carefully ironed pants. As I walked in, she stood up to shake hands with me, revealing her tight black skirt and a stripped white top. At that point in time, all sorts of dirty thoughts were unpacking in my mind.

The interview took about 30mins as we went off work-related topics and sharing our experiences. It was when I got a little moody when talking about the recent breakup and coincidentally, she was going through the after-breakup period too, 28 years old, career woman.

She sat beside me after passing me a cup of fruit juice from her mini bar. As we chatted along, she paused at one moment, looking at my boner. ‘Are you turned on by me?’, she asked in a naughty tone, while twirling her Japanese-style permed hair with her fingers.

Looking shyly at my feet, I nodded my head and said, ‘Yes, I am sorry.’ She stood up and locked the door, then rested her butt at the edge of her desk in front of me. She placed her heels on the chair I was sitting on, with the darkness in her skirt right before me. Pulling her skirt up to her waist, revealing her orange g-string, she was quick to change from a desperate tone, ‘Can you make me happy?’

I adjusted the chair to position myself directly in front of her pussy and tugged her g-string off to one of her ankles. I licked her slit as though I was enjoy a meal laid nicely in front of me, I just had to keep going to make it juicy. Her juices started flowing, mixing my saliva with her sweetness, well, she actually tasted quite good. By the time, I believed she was unknowingly forcing me not to stop licking by holding my head down,  but it was quite willing on my part too.

She helped me up to my feet and undid my belt, and my pants was even off me faster. Clamping me between her legs, she pushed my hips towards her as I was preparing to enter, forcefully penetrating her. Once inside, she held me close by the arms and whispered into my ears, ‘Haww.. it has been so long since I felt so full inside.’ With a slight smile, my hands held her waist and started moving my dick in and out of her wet hole.

Her pussy was tight after being deprived for so long. It was as though her pussy was asking for more, but not intending to stop. I kept up for as long as possible until I could not take it anymore. Giving her the signal, she whispered to me while breathing very heavily, ‘shoot in me.’

As worried as I was, first impression matter a lot to me. With a final thrust into her tight overflowing pussy, I released my army of sperms into her. I could feel her pussy twitching, squeezing, sucking every drop out of me as I cummed. We rested in that position, hugging each other for another 5 minutes before pulling my stick out of her, quite ready for the second round (although there wasn’t).

It was very kinky to see the mix of my cum and her juice flowing out of her pink sore pussy while she sat on her desk with her legs spread. I cleaned her up in the office toilet (there was no one around) and still managed to finger her till she came again.

We got dressed and knew we know more about each other after the ‘interview’. She’s my supervisor, and I’d expect her to take real good care of me. =)