Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Just as I almost dozed off in the ferry headed for Batam, a hand next to me woke me up. The girls, one in a black dress and the other in t-shirt and shorts, looked at me with much eagerness. Girl: ‘Are you Singaporean?’ Me: ‘Yeah. What […]

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In the Bedroom

By Nikkinom You can call it ‘charm’, when I found myself seated on the man’s bed, without any clothes, and legs spread as wide as I could. The only thing I knew about him, was the fact that he was almost twenty years older than me. But it was something else, that made me so […]

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Opposite my Window

Peering out of the glass windows of the hotel, I was enjoying the view from the rare occasion where I checked into a hotel for a night of much needed sleep. This particular hotel in Malaysia had a few blocks, and directly opposite me, at a distance, was a dark-skinned girl, about to slip on […]

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Sex, Love and Everything Nice

Girl: ‘Hi there. You’re a new barista here?’ Me: ‘Yeah. Is the coffee any good?’ Girl: ‘It is. One of the best I’ve drank. I always grab my morning cup here. It’s really good.’ Me: ‘Thanks! Hope to see you more often then.’ Her long blonde hair over her shoulders totally mesmerised me, but I […]

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Close Neighbours

Just as I entered the lift to head back home, a girl in a tight black dress squeezed through the closing door, stumbling into a corner before whispering ’12’. Clicking on the button for her, the lift doors closed and she stood quietly in the corner. From the reflection in the tiny window, I could […]

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