Behind Her Back

Erica was one of Baby’s best friend who I have met a few times when they were out having meals and she helped me out when I wanted to surprise Baby too. But this time, she Whatsapped me on her own with a confession that she liked me, even though she was attached.

We met up at the Subway of City Square Mall and the familiar sight of her in a black dress with a cardigan over her shoulders did not help when I imagined what she had asked me out for. We settled for a quick meal and she led me to a hotel nearby, almost checking into a room before I stopped her.

Me: ‘What are we doing? You know Baby will get angry if she finds out right?’
Erica: ‘Just don’t tell her?’
Me: ‘What happened to you?’
Erica: ‘I don’t know how to put it. The three of us (the girls’ clique had three person) once spoke about sex with our boyfriends, and the way Baby describe how you two did it turns me on so much. I want to feel it for myself.’
Me: ‘You’re attached right? You can ask him to do it for you.’
Erica: ‘No he can’t. He.. he is quite violent when it comes to that. He just wants to shoot.’

I sighed loudly as she went to the front desk, paying for the room and returning to me with the card key. Since she decided that she wanted to do it, how could I reject the demure looking girl whom I’ve never imagined to do such things like cheating on her boyfriend. I was a jerk too, being with someone behind my girl.

We went into the room and she began peeling her cardigan off, unzipping her dress while I sat in a confused state on the bed. She climbed over my lap and pushed me down on the bed, whispering sweetly to calm my messed up thoughts, and that nothing would happen. Yeah, how could nothing happen when her face was telling me she wanted to be fucked.

I did not move after that and let her pull my jeans off, and followed her request to lie towards the center of the bed. My shirt and underwear was still on just like her bra and panties, but I reckoned it wouldn’t take long before they were gone. Erica then tugged my underwear down to let my semi-hard, contemplating dick out and stroked it while lying on my thigh.

Her eyes kept looking at it as it grew in her hand, oozing a drop of pre-cum right on its tip.

Me: ‘Are you sure?’
Erica: ‘Yes.’

She pushed her tongue out to wet her lips before taking my dick into them, darting her tongue around till I was fully erected. Her head then moved directly above my groin and lowered over my shaft, sending my dick into a warm haven that totally blew my mind. Was she so good in giving blowjobs?

The next few minutes was filled with groans as she slurped naughtily on it, driving me crazy and was dying to get it inside her.

Me: ‘Why are you so good in it?’
Erica: ‘My boyfriend taught me.’

Fuck, was he a lucky guy or she an unlucky girl? I lifted her head away after she choked once and brought her into my arms, where I hugged her while thinking about what she had to go through to be so good with her mouth.

Sex was no longer on my mind but the fact that this decent (or used to be) girl had been transformed into such a.. skilled lady, was bothering me. Despite her hand that kept stroking on my dick, I did not let my hormones take control and kept her motionless in my arms.

Erica: ‘You don’t want it?’
Me: ‘I just want to hug you now.’

I heard a sigh from her and she freed my dick, tucking herself by my ribs as her face buried into my chest. Turning towards her, I planted a kiss on her forehead and took in a whiff of her scent. It was the first time I smelled her this close and in my mind was images of her being innocent and doubtless about the ongoings of the adult world.

At least that was how Baby described her to me when they were in secondary school.

Erica (whispering): ‘Is this why Baby loved you so much?’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Erica: ‘I can feel your love, even for someone you are not attached to. It feels so warm. I feel wanted for who I am.’

This time, I turned my body to face her and her head lying on my arm was staring straight at me. Now, I really felt like granting her a wish.

Rolling on top of her, she felt my dick poking at her panties and she pulled it aside for me. Not wanting to ruin the romantic ambience, I let my dick flick a few times along her pussy to get lubricated. All it took me was a few swipes, and I was on my way into her. Inches by inches, there was no rush to get it inside her. I wanted to show her the difference between sex and love making. ‘Love’ was all she deserved anyway.

We took about a minute to get me inside of her, and her legs that went around my waist told me I did a great job. I could almost see the hot air coming from her mouth as my hips started moving, dipping the long stick into her moist, wet hole.

Erica: ‘Is this how love feels like?’

Her hands had gone to her bra to squeeze them while the bed jerked to our slamming bodies. Somehow, my mind was more keen on giving her a taste of an orgasm derived from love making instead of sex, extending the duration from my usual eight minutes climax. For the next ten minutes, she was thrashing her body wildly from sides to sides as I continued to drill my cock deeper, till her body started shaking and squirting a few shots of watery liquid over herself.

Erica (panting): ‘It’s so crazy. I like it.’

She then backed away from me and patted on the bed for me to lie on. Putting my legs together, she mounted over my dick and let her pussy slam straight down, jolting a body awake. Leaning on my chest, her head was next to my neck and planting kisses.

Erica (whispering): ‘Let me try making love to you too.’

Rocking her body along my abs, or rather tummy, my dick was treated to a tight pussy swallowing and spitting it. I could almost feel my rod fully exiting before she rode back down, all the way to my balls.

Erica: ‘Nice?’
Me: ‘Super.’

After realising none of us could cum in this position, she turned herself to reverse cowgirl and picked her body up into doggie. Waiting silently for me, I did not waste too much time and sank my dick right in, pounding from her rear till her boobs were on the bed, groaning to the deep thrusts I was delivering.

Erica: ‘Let’s try cumming together?’
Me: ‘I don’t think I can last that long.’

She brought one of her hands between her legs and massaged her clit while I rammed her harder. In under three minutes, I was blurting out the word ‘cumming’ while she was grinding me. At the moment of desperation, I let my body slump downwards to let my exploding cock out of her, firing into the open air and some of it landed on her butt cheeks.

Lying sideways and looking at me, the afterglow on her face was priceless when coupled with a smile. Soon, her bra was removed and we went back into each other’s arms, kissing and letting our tongues keep each other horny.

Erica: ‘Why didn’t you shoot inside me?’
Me: ‘It can get you pregnant. Does your boyfriend do that all the time?’
Erica: ‘Just sometimes. If not he will shoot in my mouth.’
Me: ‘Poor thing.’
Erica: ‘See.’

She showed the chatroom between her boyfriend and her, with a message ‘Let’s break up’. Dumbfounded by her actions, I bombarded her with questions to ensure I wasn’t the cause of it. All she said was that he was just fucking her instead of loving her. And what I’ve shown her, cleared her doubts about how she should be treated.

In one way, I changed her life. But in exchange, I have intertwined hers with mine, meeting up almost twice a week in the same hotel, to renew our love for each other without Baby’s knowledge.

Sexual Orientation

Jacky: ‘Okay, as the class chairperson, I asked my good buddy, KC, to stand guard outside while the game begins. Girls, once the lights are out, walk to your partner and don’t do anything till every one is on the floor. Have fun guys!’

A mandatory orientation camp was planned for the freshmen and for the past two days one night, all of them had been participating in games and talks, wearing their mental energy out till they were given a free night to bond better within their class. In the empty classroom, the only light sources were from a battery operated lantern someone in the class had brought. The floor was covered by sleeping bags and the night of fun was just about to begin with this game thought up by the adventurous guys and girls. I shall let you guys figure out what it was as the story goes along.

One by one, the girls walked to their ‘ideal’ partners, the guy of their dreams, and sat next to them, waiting for the rest to find their spots. Once all movements stopped in the darkness, Jacky shouted out ‘Let’s begin’, and one by one, the couples laid down on the sleeping bags, generating ruffles and smooching sounds from every direction.

Loren hid under the silky covers with Alex and she moved her hand to his pants, to find a mountain between his legs. He was the few that bought an inflatable pillow and they shared the bouncy headrest, making out in gentle pecks on each other’s lips. Kneading that bulge of his, she felt his hand slide under her black skirt and she turned herself to face upwards. Soon, her white blouse were unbuttoned and the noises began to get louder. With his hand squeezing her bra, Loren moaned sensually to the touches of the unfamiliar partner, roaming up and down her body like a wolf.

Alex (whispering): ‘Take it off.’
Loren (whispering): ‘You too.’

They removed their bottoms and placed their hands on each other, rubbing her wet and stroking him hard. As the night came, she felt his pre-cum leaking and smeared it over his dick with her thumb. Knowing he was ready, she stopped the handjob and waited while he shifted to her pussy. Loren kept her pussy opened with two fingers and closed her eyes to feel the incoming dick, spreading her moist pussy lips apart and sinking into her body. Once he was snuggly fitted into her, he began thrusting to send the gentle shivers up her body. All Loren could hear was the moaning from other girls, and she did not hold herself back anymore.

As he rammed deeper, her legs went around his waist to bring him closer, and the two of them continued making out.

Alex (whispering): ‘Let’s change to doggie.’

He pulled his dick out of her and left her pussy gasping for more. Quickly flipping herself around, he plunged into her again and made her scream out sharply. A ‘shhh’ silenced her cries and the fun resumed, slamming their hips loudly against each other. With a naughty grin to herself, she pushed her vaginal walls together and drove Alex wild, sending his cock harder and deeper into her.

Suddenly, someone cried out he was cumming and Alex fell over Loren’s back, whispering that he was cumming too. She was glad he did not just came inside her and they took their initial position, missionary. She placed her palm open between her legs and he let her hold onto it, before her thighs closed and let his dick get squeezed between her fingers.

Loren (whispering): ‘Just imagine you are fucking me. Go all the way.’

He grabbed her knees together and drove his dick at a impatient fast speed, immersed in the mind-blowing sensation of a handjob that felt like he was still inside her. Alex did not hold himself back anymore and went all the way till he went out of synchronisation, squirting his cum over her body between the buttons of her uniform. Loren was delighted at how much he came as she felt the warmth from his cum landing on her belly.

After his body stopped jerking, she gave him a few strokes to get the last drops out and he stood up to get back onto the sleeping bag. He used his towel to wipe the cum off his one-night-stand and then led her to the toilet to let her wash him up. Once they were comfortably back in the class, they were too tired to care about the noises that other couples were making. Right after his watch beeped the midnight notification, Loren’s hand found its way back to his dick.

Alex (whispering): ‘You want somemore?’
Loren (whispering): ‘Nope. But I want to try sleeping with you inside me.’

The moment she finished her sentence, she climbed on top of him and sat over his dick, to the random flashes of lights from the phones of their fellow classmates. His dick slipped easily into her and she laid on the stiff chest muscles after pulling her skirt to hide their sexy sleeping posture, closing her eyes to rest after that eventful night.

Alex (whispering): ‘Goodnight.’
Loren (whispering): ‘Sweet dreams.’

Alex did not even manage to catch any sleep when he felt her body moving up and down on his dick, stirring it into full size in his exhausted state. How would any guys be tired of sex right? They went for another round in cowgirl and fell asleep halfway, without knowing who saw them or what the others did.

After the camp, the two of them became school ‘flings’ like the few others, and continued their escapades in the school compound whenever they felt like doing it. Who knows an orientation camp could have such activities if not for the horny minds of the pent up generation?

With Much Gratitude

Zi Rong: ‘Why did you agree to come so far to meet me here?’
Kailing: ‘Cause I needed to borrow money from you? So I figured I should be the one making the trip.’

She had met him at the stairs of his house as planned to retrieve the few hundred dollars she needed to tide through her family’s financial burden. They had known each other for some time and Kailing is a quiet girl who is known to spend very little due to the low income her parents bring in, but her friends will not let her fork out a single cent when they went out together. This time, her dad, the only breadwinner, had suffered a small accident and he could not make any deliveries, at least till he recovered.

Zi Rong climbed to the step behind her and took a wristlet from his bag, handing it to her unzipped. She checked the contents and saw the few pieces of blue notes, along with a few S$10s.

Kailing: ‘Why got extra?’
Zi Rong: ‘For you to spend lo. Don’t need to pay that back.’
Kailing: ‘Huh? Really? Why you so nice to me?’
Zi Rong: ‘Cause I know you’re a good girl. It must be tough for you.’
Kailing: ‘Thanks.’

After packing his bag into a corner, he placed his arms over her shoulders and she stayed still without hiding away. His hands then went into the collar of her shirt and dived straight into her bra, reaching for her nipples and giving them a squeeze.

Zi Rong: ‘You’re fine with it?’
Kailing: ‘Yeah. You can play with it if you want.’
Zi Rong: ‘Why?’
Kailing: ‘Cause you’ve done so much for me.’

He almost stopped himself from the guilty act but she did not struggle or show any signs of unwillingness. In fact, her head laid on his chest as he continued to fondle her breasts, till she was moaning in short, soft purrs. Zi Rong’s body was responding to her voice and his dick grew longer, poking against her back. It was only a matter of time before he needed to ask her to do something.

Zi Rong: ‘You want to remove your shorts?’
Kailing: ‘Okay.’

She stood up and stripped her shorts off, leaving the plain nude coloured panties to cover her privates. He made her sit beside him and sat one step lower, going between her legs for the next part. Pushing her panties to a side, he found her clit by sliding his fingertip upwards her pussy and she groaned as the finger circled with a light pressure. Her hands went to his arm to hold him down but she wasn’t resisting.

Zi Rong: ‘Feels good?’
Kailing: ‘Yeah.’

Moving on, he pushed his finger into her wetting pussy and her body fidgeted to his gradual thrusts. With his fingers getting drenched from her juices, his dick was throbbing so hard, reminding him to go further to get his urges satisfied. But in his head, he was fighting from taking anymore advantages of the innocent girl.

Kailing: ‘Do you want to have sex?’
Zi Rong: ‘You want?’

A yes would have sufficed, but she left the decision to him, clearly showing him that it was his call. At that point in time, how could anyone say no. He removed his shorts and let his dick poked out of the opening of his underwear, giving Kailing a good length to wrap her fingers around. Pumping with her inexperienced hand, he shut his eyes to enjoy the rough handling of his dick that gave him a feeling of being with his first girlfriend again. Those wide eyes stared at him to monitor the expressions on his face while she stroked him.

Zi Rong: ‘Come, lie down on the steps.’

She moved to the center of the step and placed her body down, lying with her legs opened for him to do anything he wanted. Zi Rong kneeled on the concrete floor and leaned his body closer. Kailing held his dick towards her pussy and let him did the rest of the work, sliding his cock slowly into her wet hole. Inches by inches, it disappeared into her filling her up with lust and Zi Rong groaned to her tightness over his shaft.

Kailing: ‘Okay?’
Zi Rong: ‘Yeah. You’re too tight. You’ve done it before?’
Kailing: ‘With my ex. You’re the second guy inside me.’

The moment she said that, he almost came. She was truly a decent girl who did not know much about love making, and even let her gratitude control her into giving him her body for the moment. Slowly, he began moving and the pace picked up, dripping her bodily fluid onto the floor under their genitals.

Kailing wasn’t holding back her moans and her voice rang sweetly in his ears, driving him faster in the most pathetic struggle between not cumming and cumming. After a few minutes, he got her to flip over and she went into doggie, ass stuck out at the kind hearted guy. He did not waste any time and sent his dick back into her, where her head suddenly flung upwards.

Kailing: ‘I’m cumming!’

He went faster and her pussy tightened even more. In less than a minute later, a stream of liquid flowed onto the steps and went between their legs to the stair landing. Zi Rong went crazy when his dick was thrown into an overwhelming squeeze, as though in a different world.

Zi Rong: ‘I can’t move anymore. I might shoot anytime.’
Kailing: ‘Take it out first?’

He slumped back down on the step next to her and she squatted with her face in his groin, barely balanced while on just a narrow step. He was sitting upright with his hands just under her arms to hold her and she had her hands on his hips as well. Taking his rod into her mouth, she made a little bounce to start the momentum and the urge in his dick died off a little.

Now, all it took was time before he came. The hardworking girl kept going to suck on his dick, wriggling her tongue all over the place. Until about five minutes later, he held her head still and let his hips did a shallow thrust. Kailing knew what was happening and sucked on the pee hole till a groan came from him.

Thereafter, streams and streams of milky thick cum sprayed into her mouth and she kept teasing his dick for more. After the few squirts, the firing ended and she emptied the rest in his dick by making her way out while vacuuming real hard. Still in front of him, she swallowed his cum and smiled happily, knowing her saviour was satisfied and pleased.

Zi Rong: ‘Come, let’s wear our clothes back before anyone comes.’

They got dressed and spent the next hour on another flight of stairs, clean and free of cum and juices. Before they parted ways, she gave him a warm hug to thank him, and all he could do was to whisper something she would not accept.

Zi Rong (whispering): ‘You don’t have to pay the money back.’
Kailing (whispering): ‘I have to. But for the interest, we can meet when we’re free and I will do my job.’

Will he use her pleasant attitude to get more sex out of her? I can tell you the answer now, it’s a no. That was the only one time they met for sex and the last time they did it, was when she returned the money to him a year later. Friendship and sex isn’t all that far between, but no sane minds would abuse gratitude with personal gratification, right?

Puppy Sex

During the weekends when I did not have school, the two girls who had a crush on me asked me out often. But I felt more like a prop who followed them around to shop and eat, and they even offered to pay my meals for my company. I did not decline them since they were obviously wealthier and continued to join them as long as I was free.

Minnie, who was the first to spread rumours about her ‘love’, was my junior, just a year younger. I was in the Student Leader ‘gang’ then and she was a committee member of the dance club. A girl with a stunning figure and cheerful personality, you guys could imagine how the other guys hated me when they learnt that I did not accept her.

The second girl, Catalina, also in the dance club and Student Leader group, was those quiet type that would just casually locate and join me during recess and before-CCA lunches. Sitting next to me, selflessly helping me to buy my food (she always have the same food as me) with the same dishes I always had, quietly eating and stealing sips from my bottle of Pink Dolphin. You could say she was a girl my parents would love to meet.

They had learnt of each other’s feelings for me and came to an agreement, to spend equal amount of time with me and let me decide. Well, not that I was taking advantage of them, but I did not want to hurt either. They were just too young to go through any breakups. That was my stand to this day. Not start anything I have no intention of finishing.

One of those days, the three of us went to KBox for karaoke. They were dressed in one of the most sexy clothes I’ve ever seen them in. Minnie wore a short dress that had a pink ribbon on her belt. The dress was not those slutty types and she looked great in it. Quite the opposite to her character. Cat was in a tube dress that ‘flaunted’ her flat chest, paired with a black skirt so short I could tell she felt insecure in.

Of course, many eyes were on them as I walked between, a little frightened at the thought that guys would go up to them for their numbers and I would be.. seen as a fake-hero if I intercepted. Thankfully, nothing happened all the way to the room and I had to sit between them again.

Most songs they chose were duets, but I simply let them sing together after five or so songs. You know, the strain on my throat? Minnie soon sat closer to me and was leaning on me, making Cat do the same. Man, was I in a fix then. I did not know what to do. Put my hands around them? Cat took my hand and placed it on her lap, and then her hand went on top to keep me there. Everything that any of them did, the other would follow. I was just a toy – again.

Both my hands were used to brush along their thighs until Cat took her jacket out of her bag, covering her legs so Minnie wouldn’t see. Instead, what she did made Minnie anxious and she simply tucked my hand into her dress! Pushing my middle finger on her panties, I was masturbating her soon and the same happened on the other side, rubbing on Cat’s bare pussy under her skirt.

Their heads were on my shoulders and moaning while the TV continued to blare music, set to play the singer’s voice because no one was singing anymore. Their feet were on the sofa and I was getting the both of them off.

Minnie pulled Cat’s jacket to cover my groin and their hands met on my bulge, created by their sexy voices and young pussies I was touching. First was the zip, then my dick was whipped out from the opening in my underwear.

Minnie: ‘I’m your senior, I go first.’
Cat: ‘Fine! But you won’t win.’

Wait, go first for what? I was so confused then when Cat turned my head to her and began kissing. Minnie didn’t wait any longer and flipped her jacket away, taking my dick into her mouth as I groaned into Cat’s face. Her hair tickled my thighs as I felt her lips sliding up and down, lack of tongue action but the tight seal of her mouth was pleasurable.

The scene went on for a few minutes before Minnie took a break, and Cat went down immediately once my dick was available. She used her tongue better but her lips were wide open, randomly hitting the hood that made it more sensitive. One of my hands were over her head, guiding her to go deeper while the other was in Minnie’s dress, still getting her off.

The two girls were so wet by then and they sat upright when my fingers picked up speed. Having their climax together was so arousing especially when my dick was fully stimulated by their hands. Their dress and skirt was wet when they recovered but they were still in a power struggle.

Suddenly, Cat stood up and parted my knees, before sitting down on my lap. My dick slipped between her butt crack and I knew it was still safe. Minnie did not just let her competition win like that and held my dick under Cat’s pussy, pointing it upwards.

Minnie: ‘Put it in if you dare!’

Shit. Cat raised her hips higher and dropped back down over my dick. She screamed at the entry and Minnie covered her mouth to hide her moans. Wrapping our bodies with her jacket, she was bouncing on top of me against her body’s wishes. I could tell how much pain she was in. Nonetheless, she went faster and faster till she climaxed and fell back on my sweating chest.

Minnie threw her onto the sofa and climbed over me, taking her position but facing me. Sliding my thick cock into herself, she bit her lips and started to grind me.

Me: ‘You had sex before?’
Minnie: ‘Nope. I have toys.’

Her knees worked hard to raise and drop her body, slamming her butt on my thighs. We went non-stop for a few minutes before she came as well, almost causing me to blow my load if I did not push her off. They were lying next to me exhausted and messed up, but I had not came yet.

During that age, BGRs were the ‘in’ thing and couples were already boasting their love openly. But all I remembered was the heartbroken girls whose grades declined when they had to handle the emotional turmoil. No way was I going to ruin these two lovely girls. My hard on slowly died down and I wore my clothes back, adjusting the girls’ clothes after I was done with mine.

Wanting some peace, I went to the toilet and a drunk girl in a one-piece black dress bumped into me. Instead of going into the ladies, she grabbed my wrist and rushed into the gents, locking the door behind us once we were inside.

Right there, she hastily undid my pants and went down on me, sitting on the toilet bowl groaning. After I got hard again, she stood up and placed one leg on the seat, forcefully pulling me close to stick my upright dick into her. She was wet without any effort from my side and I was in in one stroke.

Girl (whispering): ‘Fuck me hard. I want you inside.’

I pushed her back onto her side of the cubicle and rammed my dick into her mercilessly. Juices were dripping onto the floor loudly as my dick slurped continuously as well. Her high mood made her hop into my arms with her legs off the ground and I was slamming my hips at her, reaching deep into her pussy as she tightened around me.

Me (whispering): ‘I am cumming soon.’
Girl (whispering): ‘Put me down on the toilet.’

I used the water tank as support and let her down gently, before she bent her agile back and sucked me off. We remained in that position for a full five minutes till I held her head firmly against my dick, not all the way down, but just enough distance from the middle of my shaft.

Shooting my full load into her, she swallowed as I came. A gag came from her throat and she forced her head down on my dick, sending me a few steps back before she raised the cover. Sitting down with a thud, a stream of pee hit the ceramic bowl as she lifted her head up.

I pulled my pants up and waited till she was done, and brought her dress back to its normal length. She leaned forward for a kiss before leaving the cubicle with me, while two other guys were peeing at the urinals. We left as soon as she was done gargling her mouth and she disappeared into her noisy room.

Back to the two girls, they were in the same position as we started singing and they continued to play with my dick under Cat’s jacket. Only after twenty minutes of alternate blowjobs from them, I got up just as I came and made sure their mouths were close enough to collect my cum – in equal portions.

The two secondary school girls gulped down everything and cuddled in my arms for the remaining hours. Their deal was to be my girlfriends at the same time, and I agreed on one condition. We will never have a three-person date at any one time.

Of course, the girls were more than happy to do that and I had my fun with them, both at school and at their places, or wherever I felt like doing it. They became my obedient little bitches and I was their play toy for as long as they had till they graduated from secondary school.

Trained Bitch

Being with her boyfriend for three years, Vanessa was used to going around in tight fitting clothes that showed off her sexy contours and were often short enough to give at least one person an upskirt view. Mark had been training her to be his slut since the day he gave her a taste of a water soluble drug he mixed into the ‘iced Milo’ he made. Thinking that she was in love with him, the poor girl turned dependant on the Milo he made daily and would not hesitate to give in to his requests, lest he leave her and not make anymore drinks.

That evening, she was made to wear a floral bra top and a micro-skirt, with a pair of g-strings underneath. As insecure as she felt, they were mostly in a cab until they reached the club he frequented. Needless to say, eyes were all over her when she stepped in and they took a round sofa seat in the corner.

Mark: ‘Your drink.’

A staff went over to them immediately and whispered something to him, where he took out twenty dollars and shoved it in his hands. Normally, outside drinks weren’t allowed, but he did not mind the hefty corkage fee to keep his little girl poisoned. Mark’s cocktail came shortly after and Vanessa was getting high to the blasting music in the club.

Mark (whispering): ‘I want you to go and have fun tonight. Come back with a creampie.’

Vanessa took emptied the capful of Milo and hung around till more people entered, before going to the dance floor where guys swarmed around her like bees to honey. Most of them had short hair and it was clear that they were army guys whom just booked out.

She was already in a trance from the music and hands were roaming around her exposed waist in an attempt to turn her on. One guy in a cute Chibi designed shirt had caught her eyes and he was doing her a favour by standing behind, letting her ass rub all over his groin.

Vanessa (whispering): ‘You know, my boyfriend is just sitting there. But he gave me a mission.’

Guy: ‘Which is?’

Vanessa: ‘To go back to him with a creampie.’

The rest of the guys moved away once she turned herself around to face him, and hugged him around his neck. A few pecks on each other’s necks later, they were making their way out of the club and into his car.

In the dim lights from the street lamps, their activity in the car was barely visible thanks to his tinted windows. Vanessa was still in a trance state from the drug and music playing in his car. She was all ready to be owned by that stranger for the night. A zipping sound came and her bra top was undone, leaving her soft, yet firm boobs being fondled in his hands.

Not wanting to let him do the work, she let him sit on the passenger seat in the back and dropped herself into the narrow leg space. The guy knew what she was up to and immediately dropped his pants, before her mouth went over it and taking him deep. It was all groans when he felt how fast she was going and her nipples were constantly teased by his twisting fingers too.

After his dick was coated with her saliva, she got up and removed the pair of white thongs, giving him a few seconds to run his fingers along her slit to get her wetter. The amount of juices leaking was so tempting that he could not wait any longer to be inside. Vanessa kneeled above his lap and held his dick upright, before descending slowly down over his hard cock.

Inches by inches, his dick penetrated into the small body and her face was buried in his neck, breathing warm air in an increasing pace. After she had fitted herself over his dick, her hips began grinding and the guy was thrusting upwards as well.

They only fucked for a while in this position and Vanessa requested to be taken in doggie. She had spotted Mark behind the vehicle and knew he would love to join in as well. Facing a window in the backseat, the guy swiftly got on his knees and shoved his dick in, ramming the brown haired girl till she was moaning loudly.

Right then, she clicked on the button to unwind her side of the window and a guy was standing in front of it.

Vanessa: ‘Keep going. He’s just my boyfriend.’

The guy pounding her rear heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that she was not affected by the intrusion, but slowed down to watch what was happening. Mark unzipped his pants and leaned his dick into the car, coincidentally stopping in front of her mouth too.

She willingly took Mark into her mouth and let the momentum from behind initiate a blowjob, keeping her boyfriend satisfied without doing much work. The three of them remained in this position for close to five minutes, even with people looking at the car in a distance. Vanessa was going crazy with the orgasms that filled her mind and the smell of Mark’s dick made her hornier with each climax.

Guy: ‘I am shooting. Inside you right?’

Vanessa: ‘Mmm~’

Her body jerked faster and her mouth sucked the meat pacifier harder. The guy was pumping with all his might till he came and his load fired into her pussy so hard she came at the same time. Her body was squeezing the dick so tightly that some of his cum flowed out, but the sudden recollection that she had to go back to her boyfriend with a creampie caused her to relax as soon as she could to keep the rest of the sperms in.

Mark enjoyed another few minutes of her blowjob and stopped her right before he came.

Mark: ‘Turn around to face your guy.’

She rotated her body to stick her butt out at her boyfriend and that side of the passenger door opened. Mark rammed his cock into her cum-filled pussy and went for his turn to unload into his sexy girl. Vanessa was looking right at the deflated cock of the stranger and her mind drove her to do the only sensible thing – suck it.

In a reversal of roles, Mark was pounding her and guiding her mouth up and down the guy’s dick. Feeling her wet pussy contracting, he knew she was about to cum and he went faster, jamming his dick in a shallow tempo but stuck right down her vagina.

Mark: ‘Here comes the second serving.’

Guy: ‘I am shooting too!’

Mark: ‘Nice one bro. Give her a three in one.’

The two guys placed their hands on her head and waist respectively, using her body continuously till they groaned together. Both her holes were filled with cum that spilled non-stop, and she was breathless to even moan.

As the guys backed away, Mark reached for her clit and gave her a little pinch, and kickstarted her engine that made her body shake violently.

Mark: ‘Don’t worry yeah? She cums like this when I pinch her clit.’

The convulsion lasted for almost a minute, where the guys spent cleaning themselves up. Once Vanessa had recovered, she sipped her reward of Milo through a straw and her clothes were worn back but in a slightly crumpled state now.

Mark: ‘Let’s go home. I make more Milo for you.’

Vanessa was made to enter the club again to pick up their belongings, and the few guys who stuck their fingers under her short skirt was disgusted by the stickiness of her panties. She appeared a while later with her skirt hiked up her hips and g-string left exposed for all to enjoy.

Their ride home was much quieter as he fingered her through the journey, soothing her senses that were kept in an ecstatic mode for the past few hours. Back home, Vanessa returned to her doggie stance and crawled to her food dish, where some Milo were poured for her to enjoy.

Mark: ‘Come here little doggie. It’s time to suck me.’

Naked but satisfied, she went over to his lap kneeling before the sofa he was on and licked his dick a few times before mouth-fucking him. She was so ready to please her master in anyway he wanted. And that drug he mixed into her drinks? It had kept her horny throughout and made her clit so sensitive she could cum with just a little pinch.

Let’s just hope this guy would be arrested for his inhumane acts, or do you guys fantasise to have such a willing and obedient ‘bitch’ as well?

Forgiven by Lust

Walking past the Coca Cola vending machine under my block, a sobbing sound was heard and I couldn’t help but look around for the voice. A girl was right behind the machine when I tracked the sound and she was seated on the floor in a ball, arms around her knees and crying.

Me: ‘Are you alright?’

She was shivering from the heavy rain that ended some time ago but was obviously not in thick clothing. The top she wore was partially wet and semi-translucent with a black tube showing under it. The pair of shorts she wore was so tiny that a part of her panties were also exposed between her thighs.

Me: ‘I send you home?’
Girl: ‘My parents chased me out.’
Me: ‘Why? You want me to help you call the police?’

Girl: ‘No no. Don’t. I.. I don’t know why I am telling you this but they found a thumb drive my ex sent them, filled with photos and videos taken when we were together.

Me: Why don’t you go home and explain to them?
Girl: But we didn’t have sex then! Why didn’t she believe me?’

She cried harder in the corner and I helped her to the stone table just a few steps away. Taking out my box of cigarette, I slid the box to her and she took one without hesitation. I lit the stick for her and had one myself, puffing away as I watched her cry.

There was something about her that attracted me. Perhaps it was sympathy, pity or just the comical sight of a crying girl looking a little happier with the cigarette she was sucking on.

Girl: ‘Why are you looking at me like that?’
Me: ‘You seem like a strong girl. Too strong to let such small things affect you.’

What nonsense was I spurting, who would appear weak to everyone around them right? She flicked the ashes on the floor and leaned towards me for a hug. I held her damp body tightly and her lips fell on my neck.

Girl (whispering): ‘You smell nice.’
Me: ‘Haha! Thank you. You too! Although a bit wet.’

We sat there speechless till we were done with our cigarettes and got up together for somewhere else.

Girl: ‘Can you accompany me till my clothes are dried?’
Me: ‘Where do you want to go?’
Girl: ‘Not too far. Just around here.’

We took the lift to the highest floor of another block and the top most units facing each other seemed abandoned. There, she removed her black tube by pulling it down her waist and shorts, and let her nipples poke against the white singlet. The thick shorts she was wearing was stripped as well, hung over the railings to let them dry a little. What more could I ask for when there was a braless girl in a thin top and panties?

My shorts got tighter as my hard on set up camp, and we both sat on the steps talking about her previous relationship. Angeline was 20 then, and her ex was her first, not that he deflowered her, but her first boyfriend. There was so much faith and confidence that she did not think twice when he wanted to take those pictures. But now, her actions filled her with regret.

Angeline: ‘Why do you keep moving your butt? The floor too cold?’
Me: ‘No. I’m hard le. Who ask me to have such a sexy girl beside?’
Angeline: ‘Haha. Really meh?’

I leaned backwards on my hands to show her the hard on, and she curiously reached for it, staring at my eyes to see what expressions would I give. Of course, there was no way to resist her naughty hand and I didn’t want to put on a tough front too. As she continued toying my dick, I was groaning with every squeeze.

Angeline: ‘Lie down?’

Whether the floor was clean or dirty didn’t matter anymore, I couldn’t let such a small thing stop us right? I fell back and she tugged my pants off my feet, before holding my erection with her fingers lightly wrapped around.

Angeline: ‘You’re so much bigger. And warmer too.’

Me: ‘My body is always warmer.’

She began stroking it and adjusted herself to sit beside my hips. I was so distracted by her skilful handjob till she had to ask me to pleasure her as well. Such an idiot right?

Angeline: ‘Put your hand inside. I don’t like to be teased outside.’
Me: ‘Okay.’

What a cheeky look I must had shown when I said that. Her pussy was wet before my fingers touched her and it was equally warm and soothing. I slid my fingers along her clit and her body moved erratically, letting the calming waves ease her mood. She lubricated my dick with a few drops of saliva to smoothen things out and I was groaning to her fast jerking.

From my fingers, I could tell she was shaved and the flesh surrounding her privates were totally hiding her sensitive areas.

Me: ‘Can I see it? I feel like licking too.’
Angeline: ‘You want to lick it? I’ve never done it before.’
Me: ‘Yeah. It feels so soft and fleshy in my fingers.’

She stood up and removed her panties in the most sexy wriggle, climbing over my head in 69 position. My tongue went to work immediately and flicked on her clit after a little digging, triggering more shifting in her hips as I continued.

Angeline: ‘Do you know why my ex recorded our fun? Cause I like to see how he turned me on.’

Her body straightened and her phone was taken out from her bag. She set the camera in video mode and the bright LED lights shone at us from the side. She went down on her hands again and took the tip of my dick in, head turned sideways to look at the camera while she went down deeper.

My mind was turning blank from her lips that pressed hard around my dick, moving up and down lubricated by her saliva. The amount of juices leaking were quenching my thirst as I slurped it all up, and we were both moaning and groaning in a controlled volume so as not to wake the neighbours.

After some time, we stopped our mutual oral sex and she turned herself around to sit on my abs.

Angeline: ‘Since he didn’t manage to have sex with me, you will get to enjoy it.’
Me: ‘No wait. I don’t want it. It should be done with someone you love.’
Angeline: ‘It’s not about love when sex is involved. You make me feel wanted and showed me how it was to be loved.’
Me: ‘But I can’t tell if I loved you.’

She raised her hips and moved her butt downwards, sitting over the tip of my dick without saying a word. In shallow thrusts, her body rose and fell, letting my dick pierce into her slowly. Soon, my rod was stuck deep into her body and she was motionless, enjoying the fulfilling sensation of a warm dick inside.

Angeline: ‘I can’t move. It’s too sensitive.’

I grabbed the vertical railings firmly and brought my chest up, giving her something to hug while seated. We were in each other’s embrace when I finished changing our positions, and she was grinding me instinctively.

The both of us were seated facing each other, with her back facing the flight of stairs. Our trust eliminated her fear of falling and I did not want to waste anymore time. Holding her butt in my hands, I pushed and pulled her against my groin, sinking that stick of mine deeper and deeper each time.

Her teeth bit harder into my shoulders as I picked up speed, feeling her pussy squeezing the life out of me. Her pussy was so small in contrast to my size, but that was what made us so high right?

That seated sex position was the only one we did for that night and the elated mood of her simply kept me going. The innocent and sweet looking girl came at least three times from my dick and we were almost giving up when we really went all out.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon.’
Angeline: ‘Okay. Hold me tight uh.’

She held the railings and stepped away from me, sitting two steps lower and her hand went back to my cock. Jerking it furiously, her mouth fondled the tip as her hand pumped my barrel fast. It only took me about ten seconds before I had to tell her the fun was ending.

Her lips pressed around the tip and sucked really hard, even before I came. The ache was relieved by her hand still jerking me off and the Big Bang blew my load into her mouth. It was so intense my head went blank immediately and she removed her hand to use her mouth to continued sucking me clean. The last part where I came felt the most wonderful as she tirelessly licked me up and emptied my tube of sperms.

We were lying on the concrete floor when she stopped and panting non-stop. Being the guy in this little outdoor fling, I brought her clothes to her and she put it on with my help, before holding my pants wide for me to stick my legs into.

Angeline: ‘Will we meet again?’
Me: ‘Give me your phone.’

I punched my number in and she gave me a missed call straightaway. We walked to her lift landing and I stayed a distance, listening to her explanation to her parents before the gates creaked opened.

Returning to my journey home, she texted me in a happy tone that her parents forgave her and even wanted to take actions against her ex. How could I ever let such a wonderful girl go right? Especially not after we scheduled another meeting at her office in AMK Industrial Park for some after work activities.

Bring Me Home Tonight

Going over to the sofa seat where the last customer was seated, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that the bar was closing. She had been drinking alone for the past two hours and even the few guys whom had approached her did not manage to strike any conversation. I left her where she was and continued closing the accounts for the day, until the clock sounded off at 2am. It was the last minute I waited till before heading to her and joined her with a cup of Coca Cola in my hand.

Me: ‘You’ve been crying the whole night. Is there something wrong?’

She took another piece of tissue from the box and dabbed it over her eyes, before picking her head up to look at me.

Lady: ‘Oh.. is it closing time already?’
Me: ‘Yeah. But don’t worry. Today is one of the earliest I have closed shop.’
Lady: ‘I’m just tired of everything. Can you believe I don’t have any friends?’
Me: ‘With that beauty of yours? No way.’
Lady: ‘All my female friends are those pretentious type and the guys only want to get into my pants.’
Me: ‘You can’t blame them I guess. Who can resist a pretty girl?’
Lady: ‘You?’
Me: ‘I am working here. So I can’t hit on anyone even if they appealed to me.’
Lady: ‘Do you want to bring me home?’

I paused after she asked that question, not knowing if she was jus testing me or really giving me a chance to hit on her. The long flowing hair at her waist had been my weakness and her light make up complimented her slim face more than cover her flaws. I did not reply her but sipped on my cup, till she finally gathered herself and wiped her tear stains clean.

Lady: ‘I shall not impose you any further. Can I get my tab?’
Me: ‘It’s been settled. You have no idea guys were paying for you tonight huh?’
Lady: ‘Really?! I should come by and cry more often.’

She had looked much happier after she realised she had saved her drinking money, and waited for me at the door while I placed her cups into the dishwasher. We went to the roadside and waited till a cab stopped before us, where I opened the door for her.

Lady: ‘You’re not coming?’
Me: ‘I have to work tomorrow.’

She held onto my wrists as she entered the cab and I got in reluctantly, not wanting to ruin our relationship by engaging in some rash decisions.

Lady: ‘Uncle, go to any hotel in Geylang.’

The wink the driver gave me totally gave my thoughts away. He was kind enough not to look at us while we spoke about why she was crying, and the clothes she was in didn’t make her look cheap nor easy. For that evening, she was wearing a wine red dress with a purple cardigan, concealing her shoulders and true body shape under it.

Lady: ‘Uncle, keep the change.’
Taxi Driver: ‘Thank you thank you. You two have fun.’

We went to our room after passing through the few female workers at the corridor who gave her a jealous look, probably thinking that she had scored a customer while they were just waiting for the carrot to come.

Like all budget hotels, the slight cigarette odour was imminent and the lady simple removed her cardigan after dropping her bag on the bed.

Lady: ‘I go shower first.’
Me: ‘I haven’t got your name.’

Lady: ‘Just call me Lynn.’

I gave her a smile and she disappeared into the bathroom after I saw her bun her hair up. She took some time in there but after the water stopped running, she came out in a towel and used another smaller one to dry her hair.

Lynn: ‘Your turn?’
Me: ‘Now I don’t feel like showering.’
Lynn: ‘Why?’
Me: ‘Cause you are just so tempting!’

She let off a *tsk* sound and threw her hair towel at me, thereafter I dashed in for a quick rinse. Walking into her with the small towel around my waist, she was just lying on the bed, without the blanket over her body. It was just so sexy to see her leaning against the headboard in just a towel and legs folded to hide her intimate parts.

Lynn: ‘Wahh. So sexy ah. Small towel hiding a big package.’

I looked down on my bulge and only saw the usual size, poking against the fleece so hard that the towel lifted itself.

Me: ‘Big meh?’

I crawled onto the bed and joined her, letting my towel fall apart and she slid her body flat on the comfy bedsheets. I was on top of her in no time and our eyes met with electricity jolting our inner desires to a warm charcoal glow.

Lynn (whispering): ‘You are just as tempting as hell.’

Skipping the small talks, I planted my lips onto hers for a long while and the breath I took totally filled my mind with her scent. She unwrapped her own towel and the full breasts slipped a little sideways, still considered ‘firm’ to my liking.

My lips went from her mouth, to ears, and then down her neck, finally stopped at her soft brown nipples where she began moaning. I was sucking on it so gently and nibbled on them after I lost control over my own mind. After a few minutes, I continued my journey southward of her chest and made another stop at her groin, the curved part just above her pussy.

I kept my eyes on her as my hands spread her legs, but she was too distracted to notice me watching her. As soon as my mouth landed on her pussy, her hands went behind my neck to pull me closer and my tongue went to work immediately on her clit. Stroking and flicking her clit, she was moaning louder and faster. Her feet were on the bed and had raised her hips higher for me to attack her slit, where she had told me to keep going at. For her clit, her fingers were already there and rubbing wildly.

The taste of her juices was so clean it had no taste nor smell, and I did not mind doing it slower for as long as she liked.

Lynn: ‘Don’t lick me anymore. Lie down.’

As though I had stoked the heat into a fire, she brought my face in front of hers and flipped me on my back, wadding on her knees to go between my legs. She swept her long hair to one side and her mouth went to my dick in a flash, using her tongue to wet it a little before taking it whole.

She had two fingers around the base of my shaft and the rest of the moving parts were just her mouth. The sight of her eagerness melted my strength away as she went all out to go up and down on me. Only her neck was moving, and it was something I had not seen except in porno flicks.

I couldn’t help but groan as she tortured me by sucking the tip hard, and then lowering her mouth over it to ease the discomfort. I could only take this much until I stopped her, too hyped for just her mouth.

Me: ‘Lynn.. I don’t want your mouth anymore.’
Lynn: ‘Why? Is it no good?’
Me: ‘No no.. it’s too good. But I want to be inside you now.’

A sly grin went across her face and she laid beside me, cuddling me for a while before we proceed.

Lynn (whispering): ‘Do what you want to me.’
Me (whispering): ‘That would be too much to ask for. I’m going to do what you want to yourself.’

I leaned over her body and held her wrists above her head, using my knees to split her legs as wide as I kneeled on the bed. The next few seconds were spent with my rod rubbing on her pussy, and then pressing my hips against her groin.

Me: ‘I am going in.’

She gasped as I forced my way into her tight hole, causing me to regret rushing into her. The pressure around my dick was so strong it was aching, but did not last very long once I put it into her warm privates.

In there, I could feel her heartbeat pulsing through her vagina and she was feeling the same too. We took a short break in that position to get used to each other, and it truly felt like a long time.

Subsequently, my lust began moving my hips and we were picking up speed at an incredible rate. Her body was jerking instinctively to my deep thrusts and her hands were clenched into a fist.

Lynn: ‘You are torturing me!’
Me: ‘Now you know?’

With one hand holding her hands still, I raised her legs over my shoulders and she was biting her own lips harder, as I sank my meat deeper and faster. She was going out of control as I felt her strength building up, as though she was gaining power over her assailant.

After three minutes or so of intense ‘rape’, she kicked me away and I fell backwards onto the edge of the bed. She grabbed my thighs and jerked me towards her, resting my head on the bed instead of dangling over the corner.

The crazy girl then climbed on top of me and sat over my dick so fast I couldn’t believe she was not enjoying it. Her hips grinded my dick much quicker and the tight grasp of her fists showed me she was purposely squeezing me.

I totally felt her wrath as my dick went into shock, overwhelmed by the sensitivity of my dick head being teased by the underside of her pussy. The countless times she came was unmistakable, giving me an agonising look whenever a gush of juices came to lubricate our genitals, signalling the satisfaction she was getting from the sex.

Me: ‘I can’t take it anymore.. ‘
Lynn: ‘Are you cumming?’
Me: ‘Yeah yeah.. ‘
Lynn: ‘Let’s cum together then.’

She rode me harder and I grabbed the bedsheets, struggling to handle her horniness that had been driving my dick too weak to fight back. After another five minutes of her non-stop grinding, I held her waist down onto my hips and she paused, drawing in a deep breath in the most cliffhanging manner.

Her mouth opened at first to enjoy the incoming orgasm, then a frown appeared with her teeth on her lips, biting down as my body trembled with the enormous amount of cum squirting into her. Part of her expression wanted to enjoy the soothing warmth filling her body up, and the other just couldn’t take the orgasm anymore.

After her tightness subsided, she collapsed over my body and my dick gave its final spit. She rolled herself over to the side and her hands went to her pussy immediately. We were next to each other when she took her hand up, holding the cum that had made long sticky strains between her fingers.

Lynn: ‘You see?’
Me: ‘A lot right?’

Lynn pushed a finger into her mouth to taste it and she showed me her cleaned fingers.

Lynn: ‘Not too bad.’

I got out of bed and dragged her into the shower, washing the cum off her groin like a dad bathing his daughter. She was so lazy in there that I had all the freedom to do anything I want. I went down on her again with the water running over her body, and fingered her at the same time.

We did slept a lot that night, but were still tired when we had to check out. I only start work at 5pm, and had a long way to go before then.

Lynn: ‘You want to go to my place to catch more sleep?’
Me: ‘Are you sure we will be sleeping?’
Lynn: ‘I think so.’

We hopped into a cab and she placed my hand under her dress.

Lynn (whispering): ‘Oh shit. I forgot to wear my panties.’

My fingers went to massage her clit till we reached her place, where she forked out the fare for the second time and we had another round of fun in her bedroom, with her younger sister sitting in front of her desktop in just her bra and panties, oblivious to the action happening behind her.

Lynn: ‘Mei, I brought him home for you. He is quite nice and caring. I think he will be a good boyfriend.’

A Japanese Adult Video was then played on the 22″ flat screen and she came over, lying next to her sister while we were in missionary. Well, my hands got busy fingering Lynn’s sister while fucking, and they took turned to let me bang them in doggy.

I still wasn’t sure if anything that happened was real.

Foreign Bodies

Girl: ‘Hi there. Do you know where is block 336?’
Me: ‘It’s quite a distance from here. The block is opposite AMK Hub.’
Girl: ‘So from here I have to walk straight is it?’
Me: ‘Why don’t I bring you there? You’re not in a rush right?’
Girl: ‘I just need to get there by tonight. My plane landed late and I am not very familiar with this place yet.’
Me: ‘It’s just fifteen minutes away. I’ll help you carry your stuff and walk you there.’
Girl: ‘Thank you so much! So sorry to bother you.’

She sounded like a Singapore from her accent but was actually from China. I packed my stuff and kept the Google Maps opened on my phone, showing her the directions and that I wasn’t going to sell her away. The skinny girl was carrying two luggages, one duffel bag and the other was a trolley bag. I took over her duffel and carried them for her as we walked, chatting about her new life in Singapore.

Liqing: ‘What were you doing with your iPad?’
Me: ‘Oh. I was working. That place is quiet and peaceful. I like to watch people walk by too.’
Liqing: ‘You are so weird. People in my country would find their own house to be the safest place to work in.’

She had two weeks of holiday before her contract with a local design firm started, and was more than happy to let me show her around the island, especially the bus routes she had to take for work. We made our way up to her place after a tiring ten minutes walk and the surprise that awaited for us made me sigh out loud.

The 4-room flat had boxes laid up to the doorsteps and only a narrow walkway was made to her room. The luggage had to be carried overhead and it took us more than ten minutes just to get her belongings into the room. We had no idea how long the place had been in this condition, not that it was abandoned, but clearly had not been occupied for at least two months.

Me: ‘You want to change out first? I don’t expect you to clean the place up in a dress.’
Liqing: ‘I should not bother you anymore. It’s getting late.’
Me: ‘I don’t mind. I usually reach home around 1am.’

That white lie couldn’t be any lousier but the kindheartedness in me just couldn’t bear to leave her in this state, without a clean place to even sleep at. She took a fresh set of clothes, towel and her travel sized body wash into the shower and spent a long time inside, presumingly cleaning the toilet while she bathed. I was drenched in sweat and topless when she called out to me, causing me to tumble over the boxes as I dashed to her.

Liqing (shouting): ‘Is everything alright?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I just tripped over some boxes. You need something?’
Liqing: ‘Umm.. I forgot to take my bra and panties.. do you mind?’

I ‘swam’ through the mess and picked out a mismatched set of lingerie, handing it to her through the gap in the door. I wouldn’t expect her to go braless when she had a guest (me), and so I did not think much about it, going back to finish the sloppy job of wiping down all the furniture she needed for the night.

The freshly showered girl had smelled much better and was apologising when she saw the room cleaned of dust and her luggage opened neatly in front of the wardrobe. The rest of the house was still in a mess but I guessed she could sleep better that night.

Liqing: ‘I can’t believe it. You are really fast.’
Me (panting): ‘It’s not really cleaned though. I just wiped it through.’
Liqing: ‘Are all Singaporean guys so helpful?’

Little did she know we were only this good to pretty girls like her. I gave her a single nod and she went on to unpack her clothes into the wardrobe.

Liqing: ‘You want to shower before you go?’
Me: ‘It’s okay. I don’t have clothes to change into.’

I picked up my shirt hanging on the wooden chair and was about to put it on before she pulled it away.

Liqing: ‘别穿湿衣服。’
Translate: Don’t wear wet clothes.

Me: ‘那我就这样回家吧。’
Translate: I shall go home like this then.

She gave me a cute tsk frown and threw an oversized t-shirt at me. I caught it and told her I would take a quick wash before I leave. In the bathroom, the same body wash and shampoo she used was emptied, and I stuck to my words of having a fast shower.

Liqing: ‘那么快?有洗干净吗?’
Translate: So fast? Did you wash yourself properly?

Me: ‘有!’
Translate: Yes!

I wiped myself dry with her towel and was ready to slip her t-shirt on. Just as I was blinded with the shirt over my head, she came to me and hugged me tightly, leaving the shirt stuck around my neck. As her breasts pushed against me, she made some space between our lower bodies and I felt one of her hands digging into my shorts.

Me: ‘喂,别这样。’
Translate: Hey, don’t do this.

Liqing: ‘Shhh.. ‘

My dick was in her hand by then and her eagerness to please sent me carrying her to the bed, falling backwards with her on top. Her body slid down between my legs that were sticking out of the bed and she brought my shorts lower at the same time, taking a whiff at my manhood.

Liqing: ‘真的有洗干净哦。’
Translate: It’s really clean.

Her head turned sideways to give it a few long licks up and down, while I shamelessly placed my arms behind my head to enjoy her gratitude. She did not tease me for too long before devouring the throbbing piece of meat, gliding her lips up and down my shaft while watching the expressions on my face. It was so heavenly that I wasn’t thinking straight when she asked me how it felt.

Liqing: ‘你是在爽还是在受苦啊?’
Translate: Are you feeling pleasured or suffering?

Me: ‘是爽到很苦吧。’
Translate: It’s too pleasurable till I am suffering.

The answer was somehow accepted and the girl went faster for a while, stopping just as my hands went over her head. She turned around to her luggage and flipped everything out, appearing with a first aid pouch in her hands. The zip went lightning fast for her to fish a condom out of it, and she tore it like a hungry tigress. Placing it lightly over my dick, her mouth went around the rubber ring to roll the protection on and she gave me a bonus feel of how skilled she was doing a blowjob even with a condom on.

After everything was in place, Liqing climbed on top of me and kept her hips raised, inches away from my dick that was dying to get inside her. Instead of just sitting over it, she gave me a roselip tease by rubbing her slit along the base of my shaft a few times. She was using it to turn herself on and only after she felt a little more juices lubricating my rod, did she sit at my abs, ready to please me to her fullest.

Very slowly, she slide south over my dick and the penetration was uninterrupted. In one move, she sank my rod deep into her and a moan from her sounded like a click between a key and a keyhole. I had fitted into her so well that she could not move but enjoy the moment for a few seconds.

Liqing: ‘I was so wrong when I imagined Asian guys to be small.’
Me: ‘I could be only one of the few.’

I stuck my tongue out in the cheeky response and she began grinding me revengefully. At first, her boobs were swaying in front of me, then she leaned back onto my bent knees to let my dick stimulate the underside of her pussy, which she fell weak to after a few strokes. I used the strength in my forearm to keep her hips raised before thrusting my rod upwards, jamming it into her contracting pussy as she moaned louder.

Her wet, chest length hair fell over my calves and she did not last long in that position either. Shortly after, she went back to riding me while seated upright, letting her waist did the work fondling the tip of my dick. In that stance, she could move faster just by wriggling her hips and I was soon overwhelmed from the intensity. Despite not changing position, she had showed me the variations of it and was indulging in the fun too.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon. Keep going.’

She jerked for a few more seconds and stopped as my balls tightened, leaving me a little restless when she ended the fun. Liqing dismounted the stallion and sat next to me, removing the condom carefully and chucking it onto the floor. She went down to take my dick in her mouth and let the saliva accumulate before transiting to the next phase. It wasn’t a blowjob at all since her mouth did not move, only leaving some saliva for her to use.

She wrapped her fair fingers over my rod and jerked me gently, paying attention to the areas under the hood and mostly the shaft. The knowledge she had about where to stimulate was commendable, being a guy who did not mind handjob as long as it was done properly. After five minutes had passed, she showed no signs of tiredness but placed a finger under my balls, where the anus was inches away from.

Liqing: ‘About now.’
Me: ‘Huh?’

Her hand suddenly picked up speed and pumped me hard, playing with my balls as she went crazy on me. My mind did not have time to react when the powerful jets of cum took off like a space shuttle, launching into the air and covering her pretty fingers. It was so thick and dense that it did not flow everywhere but stuck onto wherever it landed on. She went on to tease the tip of my dick with her thumb till I was about to beg her, and she stopped in the most timely manner.

Liqing: ‘Let’s go wash up together.’

She pointed at the sides of her duffel bag and I took the two 1-litre bottle of shampoo and body wash, following her behind into the bathroom. There, we soaped each other up and she paid extra attention to my little one, cleaning it thoroughly till it was smelling brand new. I wore her t-shirt and was texting her on the journey, making plans on where to go the next day. She confessed to me that she masturbated herself with the empty shower bottle after I left, thanking me over and over again for the help I gave her, and the fun too. It seemed that she would now have someone to play with whenever she feels stressed out from work.

To think she even offered me an allowance out of her high salary to accompany her, what a lucky life she has here huh?