Bride’s Maid

Angie was the bride’s maid for her sister who was getting married. And in her family, all the girls had model-level bodies. Probably because of their parents who married because of genetic compatibility. Having to wake up early the next day to help with preparations, Angie brought her gown and lots of other stuffs along, […]

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Pretty Girl

Shilin: ‘You want to go upstairs? I think my cousin is inside, give you a chance to be with pretty girl.’ Me: ‘Lol, sounds so nice. You need to handle the crowd here. I go upstairs first, anything call me.’ Shilin: ‘Thanks man.’ *knock knock* she opened the door a few seconds later. Me: ‘Uhh.. […]

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What If/s

How nice to have a girlfriend to satisfy your every needs. Let me create an imaginary girl, who would I hope be everyone of your desire and fantasies. *tugging at Ivan’s shoulder* Rinnie: ‘Hey, you awake yet? It’s 7am le. Work work!’ Rinnie had spent the night at Ivan’s place, her parents were out on a long […]

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Dirty Secret

The hurt hasn’t been more of a burden more than ever. Elaine’s boyfriend had been in the dark for as long as they were together. They were a perfect couple that never hid any secrets from one and other, friends knew boyfriend and girlfriend. Ivan had been with Elaine for close to one year now, […]

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Play Once Again

*Ringgggg* My phone rang at the worse time possible. 10.30pm. I was just about to go to bed after a long tired day. Peiling was on the line and I picked it up, hoping for something fun. Peiling: ‘Ehh.. you can meet now? My mum is not in Singapore to help me.’ Me: ‘Okay. Do […]

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