I love to write. I love it. I mean there’s nothin in the world I like better, and that includes sex, probably because I’m so very bad at it.
– Joss Whedon

Drunk Night

The first time I stepped into a club was with Niki. She was very close to me with all the night to night calls and occasional teasing on the phone. Today, we met for the first time and it was a promise to bring me to a club and get me drunk. As I was a noob in this, she brought me inside and introduced me some of her friends who was standing just near the entrance too. Niki: ‘Girls, meet...

New Way

It was 8.30am when my phone rang. Opening my eyes lazily, it was Joyce. There wasn’t any reason I could think of for her to contact me. But I picked it up anyway. Joyce: ‘Ehh! Good morning! Did I wake you up?’ Me: ‘Duh.. Today my off day leh.’ Joyce: *giggles* ‘Want to go out with me or not?’ Me: ‘Huh? Go where? So early leh. Shops also not opened...

Ding Dong

*Ding Dong!* The door bell rang and Pamela was standing right at the door. I opened for her and she sat down on the sofa lightly. Me: ‘What happened?’ Pam: ‘My dad chased me out of the house for being with another guy. He prefers you. I told him that guy was a friend and he didn’t believed me. Can you help me explain to him?’ Me: ‘Okay.. can can. But tonight...


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