Are you?

Me: ‘Anastasia?’

Girl: ‘Jasper? Oh my god. Wait.’

*turned around to her friends and mumbled*

Anastasia turned back to me and pulled my hand while walking away quickly from her friends. It was a quite a coincidence and challenge. I was at Vivocity with my parents and so was she. My parents then left to walk around, while I took the chance to get my iPhone case. It was after a while of texting with her before we realised we’re in the same area.She gave me a challenge, that is to find her. Clue? She’s dressed in a short white dress and flats.

And I found her after an hour of walking in circles. Prologue, we knew each other online, and it was her name that makes her so special. Somehow, it created an angelic character in her.

Ana: ‘I didn’t expect you to find me. Let’s go somewhere, away from my friends. They’re so gonna ask me questions.’

We held hands and walked to one of the corners of the mall. I was surprised at how quiet and isolated the room can get. One door to get in and out, it was more of a room for all the controls for water, electricity and etc. Any bad points? Not at all, the door can be locked from the inside, and the switches for the super bright light in that room can be flipped. No one would turn off all the lights, right? And we kept a few turned on.

Ana: ‘It was.. such a surprise.’

Me: ‘Yeah. I didn’t know you were right in front of me until your friends were laughing loudly.’

Ana: ‘So what are we going to do here?’

She was sitting sideways with her legs closed, and my hard on was quite concealed in my dark coloured jeans.

Me: ‘Cross your legs like me.’

Ana: ‘What? It’s going to show!’

Me: ‘Do it for me?’

A few seconds and she adjusted her legs, spreading them wide for me to catch a good view of her black lycra underwear.

Ana: ‘It’s so awkward!’

Me: ‘Just sit here and don’t move.’

Ana: ‘Huh? What are you going to do?’

Standing up, I walked around her and sat behind. Wrapping my arms around her waist. Both my legs opened around her thighs.

Me: ‘Ever been handled by a guy?’

Ana: ‘No…’

My hands slid down her tummy and onto her panties, pulling it open with one hand, and entering the sacred garden with the other. It was nicely trimmed, into a little V shaped bush right above her slit. Gently pushing my fingers downwards, she gasped as my fingers reached all the way down her pussy, stopping before her crack. A little tease at the bottom, and heavy breathing started. Honey dew formed and it was soon coating her soft spots.

Ana: ‘Ahh.. ahh..’

Me: ‘Like it?’

Ana: ‘Um~’

Soon, it was slurping, sliding fingers across her slit and fondling her clit. She finally felt the urge to pay some attention to her 34D cups and unknowingly, both her hands were squeezing them through her dress. And I know exactly how to do it right. Slipping the four straps off, her bra and dress came loose and revealed much of her breasts, which she instinctively went on to massage them, giving them the tender loving they missed.

My fingers were always running, and it helped her to cum for the first time. Yes, she was so pure she doesn’t masturbate, which wasn’t all that surprising. Her body went into a little shiver and a long moan was heard as her warmness streamed down my fingers onto her panties. It was so smooth and tempting that I couldn’t help but gave it a lick.


From inside her. I couldn’t imagine. Her orgasm lasted a while and she went limp, laying in my arms and looking at me like a little kitten trying to lick. We rested for as long as twenty minutes before she got up and dressed proper. What about me? Her moans and body reactions were distracting me too much. All I could thought of was to see ‘what doing this would do to her’, and I definitely saw the naughty side of her. No I didn’t get my fun, but I did get my share of her.

No Strings

Jacq: ‘Where are we going?’

Me: ‘Hehe. Just follow me.’

Jacqueline didn’t know where I was going, but she was interested in this dangerous evil white sheep seemingly harmless to even chase after anything. She tagged along behind me until we reached the third floor of the carpark. Walking through a door into a utility room with quite some space to spare.

Jacq: ‘What are we going to do here?

Me: ‘I told you I’m going to surprise you right?’

Jacq: ‘Yeah but..’

My lips went onto hers and took her first. One of the many firsts. Her lips didn’t move and was shocked. My lips opened hers and tongue wet her opening. She knew what to do. She watched something about it before. Her tongue met mine and a short fight began, saliva were being exchanged and her hands were all over my back and neck, pulling me as close as she could. Slowly, my nose was in her cheeks and got hard to breath before I had to break her off.

I pushed her against one side of the wall and pinned her head with mine, staring into her pleading eyes. My fingers went to her left ear, then down her cheeks, back to her neck, and down her shoulders, sliding across her collarbone, down her shirt and above her breasts, clearly feeling her bra beneath the tight shirt. As I was closing in to her privates, her breathing was increasing and getting deeper. I could feel it right at my mouth.

Me: ‘Jacq, are you turned on?’

Jacq: ‘I don’t know. I just feel warm.’

My hands started kneading her breasts in a circular motion, making sure all my fingers were busy. Her face went red andher hands were a little lost, not knowing what to do with them. We continued kissing and my hands continued working. Until about three to four minutes later, both my hands went down to her waist, almost tickling and releasing a burst of laughter if she didn’t slow me down. Both hands went onto her thighs and between her legs, lifting her skirt up, coming into contact with her soft cotton panty.

Jacq: ‘Wait, are you sure?’

Me: ‘What about you? Are you sure?’

Jacq: ‘Up to you?’

My right hand pulled her panty open and my left went in. Running my fingers over her smooth south, I pushed my middle finger betwen her slit, randomly massaging around only to hear a yelp from her.

Jacq: ‘Wait wait. It’s very.. I don’t know how to describe!’

I knew I hit the spot. The super sensitive area that would make her moan and tremble uncontrollably, the very reason clit0ris stimulation is the choice for starters and virgins.

Me: ‘Okok. I’ll be gentle.’

My tone and words somehow calmed her down a little, assuring it wouldn’t be any pain or discomfort. My right hand released off the stretchy linen and went above, tugging her shirt upwards, revealing the sexy black bra beneath. Going around her back, I unhooked her bra and went underneath to fondle her nipples. Moans started to be heard and trembling felt through her body.

Both my hands worked in sync and she felt the first wave of wetness in her sexual life. One which she will never forget. The warm fluid flowed down her slit and onto my fingers. She was especially juicy and wet, knowing she was in safe hands and being pleasured with respect.

Jacq: ‘Umm.. let me take it off for you.’

She let her V cut, light blue panties fall onto the floor and pulled one of her legs out. Keeping them separated, my fingers continue to work and her clench on my arms were getting tighter. She bit her lips, lowered her head and released a high pitched hum, her body fell forward and a larger stream exited from her pussy. It was wet and clear, clean and smelled sweet. She bit my shoulders in the long orgasm that surprised me and went weak after, almost hitting the ground if I didn’t catch her.

She rested while I put her panty back on and buckled her bra back. The rest of her clothes were fairly clean, except for her panty which was a little wet. That droplets of juice on the ground wasn’t too much either. I sat beside her till she recovered a little.

Jacq: ‘Hey boy, can you lie on the floor?’

Me: ‘Yeah?’

Jacq: ‘Do it for me? It’s my turn to play.’

I found the cleanest part of the floor and she placed her bag under my head.

Jacq: ‘Just relax k?’

Her fingers started from my lips, down my neck, across my chest, poking into my belly button, and she undid my short’s button, before unzipping it. She then placed her hands on my pants at both sides.

Jacq: ‘Come, up!’

I lifted my hips up and she pulled my pants with my underwear down towards my feet. As the stick thickened in her eyes, she took it in her hands and played with it as though she was doing the ‘money’ gesture. Definitely an unforgettable feeling. Jacqueline then bent over and placed some saliva on her hand, before rubbing it over my dick, stroking it and monitoring my expression of pleasure, grunting and moaning as she tried a few different hand signs.

She didn’t do anything more about from a handjob. It was her first time getting this intimate with a guy anyway. After a tiring twenty minutes or so, she felt my the tunnels pushing and contracting, and knew what was coming too. The first spray of cum covered her hands and she didn’t move until I was done. Partially she didn’t know what to do, secondly she was quite fascinated by the sight and the warmth of it over her hand.

Jacq: ‘Did you feel good? It was fun!’

Me: ‘Yupp, I did. What about you?’

Jacq: ‘From your expression, I think I felt better than you. Hehe. I want to do it again some other time!’

We cleaned up and left the room quickly before anyone appeared. A fun time we had, and this might well be the start of our no-strings-attached relationship for time to come!