Always a Next Time

‘Bye mum!’

‘You guys take care of yourself k? I’ll visit again.’

My mother-in-law had spent a night at our place, something she would do once in a while to see how we were doing. Lisa, my Eurasian wife, and I had kept our hands to ourselves during her stay, to put on a ‘dutiful husband and wife’ front for her. But looking at it differently, how would ‘dutiful’ work without sex right?’

(her whispering) ‘Psst! She’s gone!’


The honed up wife came up to me in front of the TV and removed my shorts, stripping her clothes off under the bright daylight of our house. When she went on her knees between my legs, I knew I was about to get the most addictive part of our foreplay. Thinking back, she was the young, clueless, innocent girl when we first met. With the progress of our relationship, things got kinky and she became the submissive one who loved being abused and used.


She started the blowjob with a deep throat before pulling her mouth away, licking me by the sides so the cold would meet her warm tongue making long trips up and down. When I begged for her to take it into her mouth, she covered the tip with her lips and circled around the little head, heightening the sensitivity that I was losing consciousness to.

Finally when I was groaning and twitching more violently, would she stuff her face with my cock, gagging for a good few seconds to get me throbbing wildly. Many a times I would lose control right there and start fucking her, but that day, we had reasons to take things slower. Since there was definitely a lot of ‘build up’ when her mum was around.

The usual up-down strokes hardened, lengthened, and thickened my erection with her full awareness. We had no idea how wet she was until she jumped up all of a sudden, and climbed over my dick impatiently.

‘Hey hey! Condoms!’

‘Fuck that! If I got pregnant during my safe period, then it’s meant to be.’

I laid back and watched my cock disappear into her pussy like some lazy fuck, indulging in the pleasure of her riding my manhood. She was on automatic mode once she started grinding, making soft, wet, slurping noises as her pussy leaked some white liquid.

Having completely nothing to do except to admire her ecstatic face, screaming voicelessly in euphoria, how could I not be lucky to marry someone like her? The pussy that was slamming so hard onto my lap was squeezing me at unbelievable strength, till it was too intense for me to cum.

(me groaning) ‘You’re getting too tight! I can’t cum like this!’

Lisa immediately threw her legs across my body dangerously to face the TV, bouncing on me while glued to her Korean drama. The slightly relaxed pussy got me edging till she sped up for her own orgasm. Right after, she sat down next to me and confused me when she jerked me off instead.

‘I thought you wanted me to cum inside you?’

‘Next time la.. ‘

My urge came after a few minutes and she casually brought her head into my lap, containing all the cum I so desperately unloaded into her mouth. That straight face of hers was seriously a turn off, but I suppose it was better than no sex. She worked my dick till every drop was licked up, before swallowing it down with coffee.

Thankfully, it was one of the few times the TV was more entertaining than me, though it wouldn’t hurt our love if she did it all the time. After all, I knew how to get her into the mood anytime.

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