Slowly Lowering

(Girl’s voice) ‘Is there anyone outside? I need help.’

Neither seeing nor hearing anyone else near the female shower rooms, I went to the only cubicle with its door closed and knocked on it.

(I asked) ‘What happened?’

‘Someone took all of my clothes and ran away!’

‘Is it your friends? Do you remember the BBQ pit number or something?’

‘We just came here for a swim. Oh fuck them! Do you have any clothes for me?’

The only things I brought for the beach swim were in my hands, a wet towel and the pair of wet trunks. Having no other way out, I took my shirt off and threw it over the door, where she appeared in it a few minutes later, wet bikini showing through the baggy top.

As soon as she stepped out, she almost collapsed to the ground and I caught her before her knees hit the hard bumpy surface.

(She asked) ‘Do you live far from here?’

‘Nope. But you?’

‘Can I follow you home to get whatever shorts you can spare me?’

I couldn’t tell how she was going to make it that far with her weakness and offered to piggyback her. On the exhausting trip to my place, I could feel some warmth at the part of my back where her groin was rubbing on. Luckily, the residents in my area were long used to the sight of half-naked men returning home from the beach, getting even less stares so late into the night.

(She whispered) ‘I’m sorry for wetting you.. ‘

‘It’s alright. We’re almost there.’

In the lift, I held her thighs tighter while placing her against the wall, and saw her bikini top swing around my neck (in her hand) when we needed to move again. Those hard nipples poked and grind on my bare back for the last ten seconds to my doorstep, finally relieving me of her unintentional teasing.


We hurried into my room before my mum could see who I brought home, in an attempt to avoid the introduction which could get very awkward since I didn’t even get her name. She was quick to pick up a worn flannel shirt from THE pile, putting it on without turning away from my full frontal view.

(She whispered) ‘A natural response huh?’


Her gaze on my bulge was embarrassing to say, but she was done when she stripped her bottoms off and rested her wet butt on my bed. I put on a shirt before joining her, assuming that she was ‘airing’ her parts before wearing anything.

(She spoke softly) ‘I don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky to meet you.’

‘How is that lucky? You’re in a stranger’s home! Haha!’

‘But it’s in a hot stranger’s home.. ‘

The adventurous girl pulled my neck close to make out with my confused thoughts, that didn’t take too long to figure out where my night was headed for. In no time, we were in the dark, frenching passionately while pieces of clothes disappeared from our bodies. My fingers went to her clit as soon as she wrapped her fingers around my rod, giving our tired bodies a jolt of lust.

Besides flicking her sensitive spot left and right with juicy noises, I was alternating between her boobs as well, still unable to decide where I wanted to play with. In a fit of desperation, I rolled her on her back and kissed my way down her body for that sea-salted, squirming oyster.

(She whispered) ‘hey hey.. 69?’

We switched position instantly and her pussy found its way over my mouth, twerking to her delight while my cock was getting some erratic blowjob. She knew how to keep me licking, by giving her best on that solid piece of manhood while my tongue, well, tongued her all over, swallowing all those liquor she was leaking through my lips.

For a moment, she lightly bit my cock head and turned her hips away, for the final up-down stroke before I couldn’t reach her anymore. I turned to the drawer by the side as soon as she climbed over my belly. The fast-handed girl took it from me and placed the ring over my cock, moving her pussy up and down to set it in place on ‘the way down’.

In no time, I was thrashing around in bed to her vigorous rocking motion along my hips, flinging the cock down and upright inside her overflowing vagina. After a few minutes, she parked her feet by my sides and let me did some work, ramming that surprisingly hardworking dick into the softest insides I ever felt.

Driving into her too fast too deep, her arms couldn’t keep her balanced for long and she fell over my chest, like a baby. I tilted our bodies to let her slid off me and she laid on her chest under me. That fine ass of hers perked itself for me as I squeezed my way between her ass, plugging that sweet opening for the finale.

This time, it was my turn to rock her brains out, with my pillows muffling her moans that was also soaking up her saliva. Humping her like no tomorrow, her tight pussy pushed me beyond my controllable speed, until I dropped onto her back.

Groaning for my life, her tiny body tremble in my chest, jerking extra hard each time I gave her boobs a squeeze from the sides. Finally, our one-night stand was over. I took my dick out and found the condom to be still trapped inside her.

When I pulled it out, she gave her last moan and we spent a good ten minutes motionless in bed. There was nothing more sensual than a good cuddle after sex, and the icing on the sugar came when she helped me put on my clothes, before she did a reverse striptease for me.

‘If you’re single, we can fling until one of us are attached.’

‘That will be it then.’

We braved ourselves up and went to meet my mum, who was impressed by her manners. Our remained as ‘boy/girlfriends’ in her eyes, while nobody but us knew that we were only connected as deeply as sex goes.

Until we realised that besides wanting my dick inside her, our hearts wanted a go at it too.

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