Cousin Rainie

This girl, Rainie, had been so willingly showing herself on cam even though I wanted to keep things ‘clean’, for at least till we met. For the many days we have been texting, it was certainly a new experience for me to be sexting, while she played with herself in front of her laptop. After two weeks of busy schedule, we finally had time to meet up, at Compass Point where it was closer to her.

Waiting excitedly for her to appear in the pink babydoll dress and a denim jacket she described, a girl in exactly that outfit was spotted searching high and low at the gantry. I had bought a small gift from Body Shop moments earlier, when I remembered she said something about scars on her legs. So, those very scars became the second affirmation that SHE, was the person I expected.


The prettiest face turned to me with innocent eyes, and I was speechless till she said something.

Translate: (Older) cousin?

‘You are Rainie.. ‘

Of course I remembered her from the yearly Chinese New Year gathering. She was the little girl I watched grow up for sixteen years, and definitely not the ’19 year old’ she claimed she was. Immediately, she took her phone out and made a call, later telling me that she had asked a friend along in case I was some kind of creep.

Her eyes stay glued to a particular girl from the moment she dropped the line, to see her disappear up the escalator for the train platform. In the unspeakable twist of event, we were soon walking around the mall while laughing our crazy encounter off. I was very, very relieved that my once little, cousin, had not taken the whole incident too seriously. After getting a drink each from 7-Eleven, we wandered out of the complex still engaged in our catching up, towards a direction we thought each of us knew where we were going.

By the time we realised our foolishness, we had reached the void deck where we, again, thought was the ‘place’ we mentioned that had a ‘discreet corner’.

(Me asking) ‘So, that corner is where you and your boyfriend always hang out?’

‘Yeah. It was some time back. I’m not attached to anyone now.’

‘Haha. This place is nice! It’s windy!’

‘Do you want to go check it out? You can bring your future girlfriend there too!’

We finished our drinks and took the lift up a block, for the highest floor where the stairs end at the rooftop ladder. The huge window let an ample amount of breeze into the corner, and there was no signs of anyone else using that place for sex or smoke either.

(her asking) ‘It’s nice right?’

The denim jacket came off her shoulders and the athletic figure I saw so many times on camera was totally a different sight when seen in person.

(her saying) ‘Since we are here now.. ‘

I didn’t wait for her to tell me what both of us were too shy to admit we want and brought her back against a wall, looking into her dreamy eyes with our lips inches away.

(me whispering) ‘We shouldn’t.. ‘

‘Yeah.. ‘

Our gaze turned more intense when I brushed my fingers against her thighs, causing her to grab my bulge out of shock. Feeling that hardness meet her soft palm, I slipped my hand under her dress and moved up her legs to where a thin piece of panty hugged around her pussy tightly.

As soon as my pants were lowered, she wrapped her fingers around my dick and began stroking me, forcing me to hurry and get into her panties too. In the small little corner, we began the mutual exchange of pleasure with our hands, rubbing and jerking each other to reignite the cyber lust that disappeared to our family ties.

(her moaning) ‘Should we still have sex? I really want it though.’

‘A condom should protect us.’

I took that silver foil out of my wallet and let her roll it down my hard on which she took a long, hard look at when she came eyes to eye with it. Once it was on, she surprised me by going down on me, sucking on that rubber clad manhood to hear my un-disappointing groans. Even through a condom, her tongue had fondled the rightful places, creating a thicker erection that before.

(me groaning) ‘My turn. My turn.’

She turned to a railing and bent herself over, to give me my first standing pussy-lick ever. On my knees behind her legs, I pried her ass apart and buried my face in her smooth ass, then shaking my head side-to-side with my tongue out. It was a new experience for me to go down (or behind) on a woman like this, using both my nose and mouth to reach that well-hidden clit.

After my face was nicely moisturised by her juices, I stood up and held her waist firmly, readying ourselves for the sin we were about to commit. Taking things slow at the entry, I got about two inches in before she slammed her ass back, overwhelming our senses over that sudden depth we were never prepared for.

(her gronaing) ‘It’s less painful for me this way.. ‘

I started fucking her to take relief the shock, and we were soon going all out in the stairwell as if no one could hear us. My hands were kept full playing with her small, perky boobs while she rubbed her clit vigorously, getting one orgasms after another at my mercy. My mind was going in and out of white spaces in that squishy vagina of hers, which was already too tight for me when I first penetrated her.

Both my body and balls knew I wouldn’t last long inside her, but she wasn’t bothered by it one bit no matter how many times I gave off exasperating groans. For ten minutes, we went like Duracell-powered bunnies, slapping our hips together with frequent breaks in between.

(Her moaning) ‘piao ge, let’s try another position. Hurry!’

My cock slid out of her immediately and we went to the steps, where she sat on top of my slouching body. Bouncing herself in a squatting pose, I lost my mind right then and just moaned as wildly as the amount of pleasure my dick was receiving. In this cowgirl stance, I knew that was how things would end for me.

(me groaning) ‘Gonna shoot soon!’

She stood up in the calmest mind and backed two steps down, giving me a handjob while watching the condom excitedly.

‘Why are you suddenly so focused?’

‘Cause I have never seen a man cum before?’

Within two minutes, powerful streams of cum filled the condom up. She just kept pumping her fist till I quietened down, and proceeded to remove that protective layer for me. The curious little girl actually put her nose at the tip for a sniff, then a lick, before finally taking the whole head into her mouth.

Mmm-ing as she sucked those cum off my shrivelling cock, I was about to go crazy with that teasing if she didn’t stop after a while. The two of us wore our clothes back and sat at the stairs for some time, using the breeze to dry our sweaty bodies before leaving for home.

After we turned that awkward meet up into an intimate catch up session, our sexting and cybersex resumed, on top of our frequent visits to that love nest.

I guess I will leave the story where we meet another couple there for next time.

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