Fitness Workout

I couldn’t believe it when the sales girl in a sportswear shop gave me her number, which I sent a message to immediately so she wouldn’t be left wondering about her appeal for too long. When I stepped into the shop, my eyes were already set on her athletic shoulders that were so defined. Although she never left the cash register, the pink spandex/ Lycra tank top really flaunted her small waist, where I couldn’t see any lower for her legs.

(text from her) ‘Hey! Are you still around? Wait for me outside Uniqlo.’

I stopped right outside the shop that was next to her workplace, and saw her skipping out after a minute. We walked out of the mall from the emergency exit and took a smoke together, where we then shared more stuff about ourselves. Though I jog occasionally, the flabby tummy didn’t turn her off at all, since I had my thighs and buffed chest to make up for it.

(her saying) ‘Do you want to sit at somewhere quieter? I know of a place.’

‘Is it far from here?’

‘No! It’s in the mall.’

We went back into the emergency exit and climbed one more floor down, at the carpark exit just a one-way door away. When she slipped her hands around my waist, I knew what was coming and dropped my shopping bag, going in for a hug that let me take deep breathes of her deodorant. I easily pulled her singlet off, being made of the latest sweat-wicking dry-fit technology. Coincidentally, she removed my shorts as quickly, made from the lightest, most-advanced material to shave even more weight off sportsmen.

The black sports bra she had on couldn’t seemed more sexy around her full busts that filled them up so perfectly, giving me a good eyes scream when she squatted down before me. Finally, after working out for so long, the length increase of my dick showed its true prowess, reaching 7 inches to let her run her lips over.

First, she laid kisses, then, I gasped. Her tongue rested calmly under my shaft as she gracefully slid her mouth back and forth, covering the tip down to the base. Her lack of gag-reflex totally blew my usual sense of guilt away when she went throat deep, to hear me groan whenever she caressed those teabags.

Once she returned to my eye level, I turned her towards the stairs and peeling those tights down to her kneecaps, where she could then kneel on the ground with more cushioning. The fairest skin proudly displayed the streaks of tan lines from wearing a bikini, and a soft, glimmering pussy showed her willingness to get some cock inside her.

Wasting no more of her break time, I pushed my way through that narrow opening and filled her void with the most eager dick, ready to perform for the both of us. Attempting to match the Olympic records for TPM, or Thrusts-Per-Minute, I guided the first few strokes to set the pace and let my hips loose for the rest of the ride.

Our voices echoed through the stairs at an increasing volume like our thigh slaps, hitting new high as I picked her up by her hips. We eventually got to a wall where she took over the work by nudging her ass at me, fucking that cock which in such a loss. The tightness and speed, against the impact-dampening ass, threw me into a frenzy search for the handrails to hang on to, while she looked at me in delight.

‘Cumming soon?’

‘One minute!’

‘I’m here!’

She did a spin in front of me and sat on the floor with a thud, guiding my feet away from the wall till I could do a half-wall-squat. With her legs apart, knees raised position, she worked her fingers rapidly on her clit to lengthen her orgasm while stuffing her face full of my cock.

The most violent-yet-sexy mouth fuck blew my mind away in mere seconds, getting my load cocked and ready within the minute I warned her about.

‘I’m here now!’

She grabbed my balls to get my attention and right before my eyes, strong burst of cum sprayed into her dropped jaws, embedding that one time I, myself, was so shocked by the sheer amount of manjuice, deep into my memories. Proceeding to suck all that was left in my pipeline, I finally fell on my ass between her legs.

‘Taste it.’

Two of her fingers went into my mouth for me to lick them clean and we wore our clothes back, making our way out in wet clothes and forehead. I accompanied her back to her store and left after buying a pair of ‘support briefs’ she cheekily told me would make her wetter if I wore it during our next romp.

Who would have figured, that the friend I bumped into kept me around the mall till the time her shift ended. So, back to the closing shop I went, for her to see if the briefs fit, with her help in the changing room of course.

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