Single Purpose

The man she once loved, had turned into the damned who came up with a ‘make-your-own-sex-tape’ deal for any men who didn’t mind paying a fee to do exactly just that – with his own wife.

Lying on the bed motionless with a concoction of drugs running through her body, she saw the fourth man enter the room naked, though with a bag in his hand. He, came in after him and poured some liquid into her mouth, to give her the vitality needed to do the job. With just enough strength to hold herself up, both of them knew she wouldn’t make it past the door if she tried to escape.

‘She’s all yours.’

A slam of the door left her alone with the man, who gently laid himself next to the red-eyed woman before caressing her bare 36C breasts.

‘I know what he is doing to you. I won’t make it any worse.’

In five places, small, 4K action cameras were aimed at the bed, where all the abuse took place with ample lighting to illuminate the hurt she watched those men inflict. The first three men of the day had gone all out at her, using her as a sex doll to satisfy their own fetish. Chaffed lips, raw inner thighs, swollen anus, how much worse would it get?

After a moan whimpered out of her mouth, he moved his hand down to her pussy, which had gotten wet from his delicate stimulation on her nipples. This man, was unlike the previous who caused her so much pain from wanting to ‘fuck a dry pussy’. He was thoughtful, careful, and considerate.

When he placed her hand on his manhood, she began stroking him without being instructed. Perhaps, just perhaps, he could really make things better.

‘I’m going to eat you out now.’

‘Don’t! I have no idea what those other men carried.’

He went between her legs nonetheless and opened her legs, further teasing her wet folds before licking those juices up. For the first time that day, a soft tongue relieved those tired, overworked flaps. He was going non-stop at her pussy till she found herself groaning, in more pleasure than pain. Her clit got the affection it deserved but not given, her anus, it felt intensely better when he vibrated his fingertip at the ‘entrance’.

‘Are you wet enough?’

‘I think so.’

He fell on his hands before she could catch a glimpse of how big he was, only to feel the thick head with her pussy when he lovingly let himself in. The way his dick spread that frightened vaginal walls apart, she couldn’t believe how comfortable it was despite him being so wide and long.

(her whispering) ‘Fuck me.’

His hips made graceful strokes into her groin, sinking that stick of his so satisfyingly deep at her G-spot. At one point, he held her knees together and pumped really fast, to savour that tightness her husband had advertised so daringly. In the sensual connection between the stranger and her, orgasms began to overload her mind, albeit in a good way.

(Her moaning) ‘I’m gonna climax.. oh fuck.. You’re the first to give me any today you know?’

He picked up his pace and slapped their thighs together faster, and louder, until she got into a fit from the hardest orgasm ever. She was so certain that he had set a new record that even her husband couldn’t beat. The twitching body was left on its own for a good few minutes, before he kneeled by her face turned sideways.

(her saying) ‘Ahh?’

To think he actually brought one of her hand to the base, she knew he had gotten what he came for. She kept her teeth out of the way as he plunged his cock between her lips, enjoying the hand-blow-job till the cows came home.


She pouted her lips and created a little suction for him to cum into, collecting his semen while he groaned like a little boy. She kept milking him with her fingers till nothing was left, and only let him go after some more unintended sucking.

When the man finally gave a thumbs-up signal to the cameras, HE walked in with a dog leash and some restraints, ready to bring her around the house to eat and get cleaned up for the night.

‘You have five appointments tomorrow. Rest well.’


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