Lust for Size

It was the third time Yuko’s ex-boyfriend texted her this week for sex, as much as she hated such superficial commitments. Although they had broken up and she was attached to another guy, it was his dick that she missed. And that one time she went to him for sex made him aware he was much better than her current boyfriend, who had loved her in such a special way like no others.

After her last lecture ended, she went to her poly’s washroom and removed her panties under the short pink tank dress. Unable to resist the thoughts about having James’ dick in her again, a good five minutes was spent in the toilet, with her fingers masturbating her pussy to an orgasm, readying her for the meet up at his place. A short message was then sent to her boyfriend to tell her how much she missed him, feeling most guilty about yearning for another cock inside her instead of his.

What most guys feared suddenly came true in her relationship, and she understood that everything was on the line in this mess she created, but there was just nothing she could do to break the addiction for the pleasure a huge dick could give. Upon reaching James’ house, he had already stripped to his underwear, with a huge bulge greeting her disrespectfully. Once the door was shut behind her, Yuko dropped her bag and went to tug his underwear down, holding the warm throbbing dick in her hand.

James: ‘You know what to do.’

She went on her knees right at the door and placed his dick into her mouth, jerking it at the base while making long slurps along the shaft. Like a king, he stood with his feet apart and watched how his ex-girlfriend satisfied the leaking dick, swallowing the pre-cum as she sucked him off. Her opened knees gave her the space for her fingers to sink into her pussy, thrusting into that desperate, sex-starved cunt of hers. All along, images of her boyfriend kept enforcing themselves in her mind, trying hard to convince herself that she was doing it on someone she loved.

James: ‘Let’s go into the bedroom. I’ve had enough.’

Her dress was pulled above her head as she got up, leaving her only in the blue laced bra on her chest. She took the blindfold that he placed on the bed by her request, just to make the whole session less guilty. He was fine with it as long as he was getting his sex, like how men did not mind right? James laid on the bed with his hands behind his head, admiring the 28 inch waist positioning itself on top of his dick. She sat down slowly over his dick for the first entry and the biting of her own lips showed him how huge he was.

Soon, that thick, long piece of meat was fully accepted into her body and the natural rocking motion began in her hips. Riding the replacement sensually, her tummy wriggled skilfully to rub her g-spot against his penis tip, triggering the build up to the orgasm she had been waiting for.

Yuko (whispering): ‘Rex.. I’m so sorry for doing this.. I love you Rex.. ‘

Rex was her boyfriend, and it was the only thing she could do to remind herself that she did this because of her own desire for him, except with a bigger dick. The constant grinding of his dick soon threw her into climax as she leaned forward, rubbing her clit at his groin to enhance the explosive orgasm. The tightening of her vagina brought back all the unhappy memories being with James, and he felt even more vengeance from losing her to a much ‘smaller’ guy.

Right after that, he turned her over into doggie and brought her to the opened windows facing the corridor, perching her body over the empty study table in front of it. Her bra was unhooked and left lying on the floor, while he rammed his dick deep into her. In that few moment of silence, thinking that he was merely stopping to enjoy the wetness of her pussy, he had texted Rex (her current boyfriend) with her phone to come to his address, in an urgent tone.

Once he had officially screwed her love life, the sense of achievement drove him fast and deep into her. Holding that sexy waist firmly, the table banged against the wall, shaking her body into a series of continuous orgasms that she had grown addicted to. It was only that huge dick which could give her such intense climax, one that Rex failed to do. During the ten minutes of mindless sex (with an orgasm for Yuko) drowned with loud moans, the lift had rang at his very floor, sending a guy walking past that very window they were fucking at.

Rex watched in bewilderment as his girlfriend moaned in an ecstatic voice, while mouthing Rex’s name. James then proudly gave him a thumbs up, before ripping the blindfolds off. Yuko fell onto the table the moment she saw who was outside, peering at her with tears in his eyes.

Yuko: ‘I’m sorry Rex.. Forgive me please.. I really love you.’

The pounding at her rear persevered on and James signalled him to come in. Rex made his way into that exact room hastily and stood behind them, disappointed at what his loving girlfriend did.

James: ‘Come and fuck your dirty bitch. She loved my huge cock, compared to yours!’

Rex’s anger took over his sanity and noises from his dropping pants came to join in the fun. He shoved James at the bed and James laughed sheepishly at the saddened young man. Yuko did not know what to do and just stayed on the table, burying her face in her arms.

That moment James paid attention to the size of Rex, he was dumbfounded. Right in the sunlight shining into his room, that piece of raw dick grew exponentially, beyond James’ length. Yuko was dragged by her hair to the bed James was on, kept on her hands and knees for Rex’s turn. A merciless thrust into her pussy froze her body as that new size ripped her opening wide. On top of that, the filling up of her cunt with his long stick went all the way in without stopping and a new wave of energy flooded into her.

Rex: ‘I still love you Yuko. I know I am not as big as him, but not anymore.’
Yuko: ‘Oh my god! You’re so much bigger now!’

She glared at James who was lying speechless below, while her body jerked forcefully back and forth. She sat herself upright from the doggie pose and let her boyfriend toy with her nipples, squeezing on her boobs to amplify the pleasure. They did not last long for that session, but it was the most mind-blowing sex that they had ever enjoyed since the beginning of their relationship.

Rex: ‘I’m cumming Yuko.. ‘
Yuko: ‘Fuck me harder! Cum inside me.. ‘

He went all out at her and plunged his dick so deep that her eyes rolled white, mouth opened, drooling saliva over James. Rex was the one smiling at James this time with his weapon of destruction, while happily pumping it into his mixed blooded, Chinese-Japanese girlfriend.

In mere minutes after, he yanked his dick out and turned her around, sitting onto James while her face was pulled to Rex’s groin. His long dick just sank into her mouth down to her throat and he rammed it into her, gagging and choking that cute pink lips senseless. James watched in confusion at her pussy above him, moving on its own like a squirming oyster. Ten strokes later, Rex’s hands pressed her face into his groin and the involuntary waves of cum poured down her throat.

Sensing that he was almost done and she was in pain, he pulled out of her and let her recover from the choke. A few gags later, the thick glob of cum exited her gastric and fell onto James’ dick. She then climbed away from him and went into the living room, while Rex spent a minute with James.

Rex: ‘Thanks for the trouble. I don’t think she’ll ever see you again.’
Yuko (shouting): ‘Fuck you James!’

Rex put his pants on took Yuko’s bra by the table and the couple left his place, utterly destroying James’ one and only outlet to relieve his balls. The couple walked hand-in-hand from that point on, with Yuko still braless, and panty-less. Her still-kicking hormones made her force him to finger her whenever they were out of sight of the public, like on the cab, and the little walk through the alley to his place.

Yuko: ‘I am sorry for everything Rex.. I didn’t mean to hurt you like this.’
Rex: ‘It’s okay. If I had not gone through that, I wouldn’t be able to get turned on so badly too.’

They went into the right bedroom this time, spending the next few hours fucking their brains out with the new life breathed into his dick. Now, Yuko is addicted to that one and only dick that surpassed James through a live demonstration, and her inner slut was awakened, constantly finding opportunities to fuck whenever they were together.

It did not take long for Rex to realised he had gone too far, totally leaving out those non-kinky activities for countless rounds of sex. It had reached a state like.. the only reason she was with him was for the sex, and not the loving dinners, movies in a normal couples’ life. Which wasn’t too bad right? I think none of us (guys) would mind giving up dates for sex.

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