Malaysian Sisters

‘Thank you for your help again.’

The new Malaysian neighbors whom I helped for the third time in a week invited me to stay for dinner, after I fixed their work permit issues over an hour-long phone call to the ICA. Qing, the older of the two sisters, worked in the sales department for a cosmetic company, while Ying (initials can stand for ‘Y-ounger sister’) got an accounting job. Having spent three evenings with either of them, I have learnt a great deal about them, especially of their parents’ dream for them to ‘make it big’ here.

(Ying hinting) ‘My sister and your age is actually quite close right?’

(Qing blushing) ‘Wei. Don’t joke ah. Other people is a manager.’

The girls couldn’t be any cuter when they brought the dishes to the kitchen, where I joined Ying to wash them while her sister left the house for some snacks. We stayed in the living room watching TV until Ying laid her head on my shoulders, distracting me with her long legs she stretched to the coffee table.

‘Do you like my sister?’

‘Haha. I only treat you girls as friends. No like or don’t like.’

‘Huh? Then me leh?’


Once Qing returned with a 6-pack, we began drinking and sharing secrets in the darkened living room, with lights coming only from the TV. Ying has been slowly wriggling her fingertips into my shorts then, until her cold fingers went around my erection. A sensual handjob then lightened my head, until her movements got more vigorous to ignore. Everything went downhill at that moment Qing groped my groin angrily, to stop her sister from getting all the fun.

Qing raised her feet and took off the red G-strings from under her black, work skirt, before she hugged my arm in her chest. My fingers hanging at her pussy did not have much time to explore once she used them on her clit, rubbing those dry ‘lips’ to form some wetness. Ying was in a rage when she saw what her sister did, stripping my shorts away so she could jerk me off proper.

Within a minute, Qing’s loud moans got to her sister and Ying’s mouth went right over my dick, taking my excited cock into the warmest orifice ever for some love. The older sister caught the ponytail bouncing atop my groin and shoved her face deeper, choking her to my mind-numbing pleasure.

The painful gags didn’t last very long once Qing felt guilty, and actually kneeled at my feet, joining in the blowjob. I was so sure I saw the girls kissed when both hands interlocked around my shaft, pumping erratically to the sounds of sisterly smooches.

Translate: He is ours.

Whose else would I be? Ying then took her tight shorts and panties off while Qing removed her white blouse and bra, for a little striptease I suspect wasn’t the first time they saw each other naked. After laying me down on my back (on the couch), one of Ying’s knee went across my face to spread those pussy lips apart, for me to eat her out as she bent towards my groin to suck me off. As for Qing, she remain seated on the coffee table with my hand under her skirt, savouring my energetic foreplay and fondling her sister’s dangling boobs at the same time.

The intense 69 lasted about five minutes before Ying had to stop for Qing’s turn. I was in a daze when one of them pulled me upright, only to feel Qing straddling my lap. The wettest gap lowered itself over my enlarged cock, splitting her entrance to its maximum width as I penetrated it with much agony. Her pelvis started riding as soon as I was in place, throwing me into a fit when her tightness literally squeezed me to a pulp.

The girls were obviously enjoying the torture when I heard giggles, throughout the mind-blowing, wild ride. Ying had kept herself busy by playing with her sister’s boobs and clit from the back, occasionally reaching for my balls to make me squirm. The end eventually came for me when an orgasm closed Qing’s vaginal walls, forcing me to ‘plop’ out of her pussy.

The older sister was still shaking when she climbed off my lap, but that didn’t stop her from shoving Ying’s face between my legs to stick an inch of my wet tip into her mouth. Using her other hand to jerk me off, Qing made sure that her sister’s mouth was in place to catch my cum when it came.

For last few minutes I was in a blissful confusion, Ying’s tongue did what she could to tease me till I made my deepest, loudest groan into the empty house. Her lips, under the control of Qing’s grip on her hair, slid down my shaft as I blew my load. The mouth-fuck lasted for as long as I needed to get everything out, before Qing twisted her head to kiss her sister’s semen-filled mouth.

The girls passed my cum around for a bit before dividing the load, and swallowed it together. Just as I was about to get some rest, they dragged me into their bedroom with more strength than before!

Translate: It’s your turn Ying.

Qing went for a quick shower and let Ying played with my dick, on the bed, until it was up again. This time, Qing laid under Ying while I ‘doggied’ the younger sister, going way above my speed limit to make full use of the extended stamina. No matter how tight, or how much she begged for me to stop, I kept her waist firmly in my hands and fucked her without slowing down one bit, which was exactly how she needed to be punished.

Whenever Ying got too weak to hold herself up, Qing would massage her clit, for her to get all crazy and horny again. For a good fifteen minutes, we went like sex-starved bunnies, humping and banging dirty sounds of sex across the room.

At the finale, I yanked my cock out and pushed it between their pussies, to thrust the main load out like mayonnaise over a mess of thinly cut ham. My body basically forced every ounce of strength I had at the girls, draining me of all energy I had to do anything, but collapse once my breaths got ahead of me.

We fell asleep in that awkward position until the next morning, when Ying woke up for work at 7am. In my grouchy state, I was led into the bathroom where a round of morning sex with Ying rejuvenated our senses. With my balls emptied first thing in the morning, I was more than happy to use morning wood to fuck Qing awake.

That day marked the first of many Qing would collect our McDelivery orders in nothing but a see-through nightie, before we resumed our sex over breakfast. With Ying starting my everyday off with a bathroom romp, Qing became my ‘breakfast’. When Ying returned home at 6pm, she was my ‘dessert’ during dinner, until Qing came back at 10pm for our nightly ‘supper’ – a threesome.

Since that day, I became the boyfriend to the two sisters, but mostly a stay-home one to meet their sexual needs.

So that’s ‘Fucking Across Borders’ for you.

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