The Fifth

‘Is it alright if I join you?’

(I replied) ‘Sure thing. Careful though.’

The teenage girl held onto my arm and climbed over the parapet in the most un-glamorous fashion, exposing the dark abyss under her skirt at one point. Once seated next to me, she then dangerously tipped back and forth as she fumbled her bag for her pack of cigarette. While over-friendliness sometimes turned me off, there was something adorable about her when she blurted ‘borrow this’ and used MY own lit cigarette to light hers up.

‘Thank you.’

Within three puffs, her body started swaying and I had to put my arm around her back to hold her steady. As little as we knew about each other, I was soon the audience listening to the thoughts that were supposed to play out in her head. Like how I had expected someone to feel better after sharing their woes, Trina was smiling once the third cigarette flew into the trees below us.

(she asked) ‘Have you brought anyone up here for sex before?’

‘Nope. This is my zen spot.’

The fair-skinned Chinese girl then turned towards me by bringing one leg across the wall, unembarrassed about the awkwardly ‘flashing’ position. There was nothing but calmness on her face when she brought one of my hand into her floral bandage skirt, not stopping till I felt her pussy at my nails.

‘Can you give me my first rooftop orgasm tonight?’

‘If you help me out too.’

There was no doubts about my luck meeting such an adventurous girl like her, except I did not know how wild or ‘into it’ was she. Fully aware that it might be a one-time thing, I began wriggling my fingers on her clit as we undid my belt and jeans, lowering just enough for her to hold onto my dick.

Taking a ‘specially blended’ stick of cigarette from her, the both of us got high after a few breaths of it. Whatever was inside, I was almost certain it was illegal as hell. Her soft innards were gently squeezing my fingers as I plunged them deeper, keeping them curled like how she mentioned it would stroke her sensitive spot. The rhythm of her jerking hand synced nicely with my thrusts, swapping consensual pleasures to the groans we were pouring out into the foliage.

(She whispered) ‘Let’s change another position.’

I followed her instructions to sit with both legs over the wall, while she turned herself away from me. My hands held her ribs as she lowered her chest to the wall, and the sight of her knees clamping on each sides cleared up my guesses. Doggy-on-the-rails, I hope that would put an approximate image of our poses in your head.

My hips jerked forward till it reached her pussy, that was well spread apart on the thin wall. Part excited, part worried, I slid my cock into where it belonged and froze for a few seconds.

(I groaned) ‘This really gets my adrenaline pumping.’

‘I know right. I just came up with this just now.’

I grabbed her waist and started rocking my butt, using the fats to swing me back and forth. There was nothing to obstruct the gorgeous view of my cock sliding swiftly into her pinkish gap, pushing out translucent whitish cum as it filled her emptiness.

At that height, no matter how much I wanted to go all out, my tingling senses kept me from going ‘overboard’. The strokes were paced, the speed was timed. We were just awaiting for the climax to fuse our bodies as one under the stars-filled sky.

Just as I increased the rate of thrust to a manageable peak, we both felt the growth in my size, and her tightness overloading our senses.

(I whispered) ‘I think it’s here.’

‘Me too.. Keep going.. Don’t stop.’

My hips did its own work and I let my mind float away as my balls shrivelled up, for the burst of cum deep into her vagina. The tiny ass before me shoved backwards at me and fucked itself, till I shrank out of her.

A trail of semen was left in her wake when she pulled herself away, and waited for me to dismount and helped her down. She was all high and tipsy when we made our way to a ‘shortcut’ as told by her, which was actually another unknown corner. We ended up fucking another time there, in more traditional and less-thrilling positions for an intense end to our night.

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