New Fun

‘Hey, are you Jo?’, a feminine voice got his attention and he looked at the lady clearly years older than him. She held onto his elbows to direct him once she confirmed her partner and walked straight into the mall. ‘Where’s Jason?’, Jo had to ask out of courtesy since he was the one who […]

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A Given

It was a special day for Bubbles as she received a present from him, in a flat, brown carton box without any wrapper. They were in a chalet room he had booked just for the two of them, since hotels were out of the question. She popped the two cardboard lids open and saw a […]

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PSA: Instagram Scam Ads

Dear readers, please take note. This is a new method of fraud/ scam that has appeared on the Instagram app, a ‘trusted’ social media platform which we might have too much faith in. Days ago, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across a sponsored/ paid advertisement that looked like this.. but selling a […]

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Bruised Beauty

The girl sitting against a wall with a stone table in front of her got my attention when sobbing sounds came. She was wiping her mouth with a bloodied tissue and tearing at the same time, doing all those without moving from the spot. ‘Are you okay?’, I asked squatting down to her level to […]

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Harbouring Lust

Kimberly: ‘Sir, I might need more time to come up with rent this month. I just lost my job.’ The 16 year old American student confused me with her statement since I never knew she worked. Renting the common room based on her student pass, I guess it wasn’t unusual for them to find a […]

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