Sleepover Me

Me: ‘Wish you all the best guys! Don’t forget what we learnt in this camp.’ My group of eight poly students shook hands and exchanged numbers, a common routine that lasts at least two outings before the group dispersed. Still, the main focus of the camp was to instil critical thinking under stressed conditions, through… Read more Sleepover Me

Ocean Two

The strange woman entered the house again and went into my parents’ bedroom, where Dad was home earlier than usual. She was much younger than mum but wore really fashionable clothes. Short skirts, see through tops, black bra. The unmistakable sex sounds came out loudly from the room and I couldn’t shut the noise out… Read more Ocean Two

Good Sexpension

Janice (whispering): ‘Fuck me now.. ‘ She pulled up her flaring mini dress and started touching her pantyless crotch, giving off purr-like moans in the privacy of his car. He slouched lower on the backseat and undid his jeans, whipping his cock out to fill the car with a salty scent. The excited girlfriend went… Read more Good Sexpension

Meal for Feel

Sophia: ‘Thanks for the food tonight. If not my kids will be hungry tonight.’ The 38 year old mother rested her head on my shoulder as we sat in front of the TV, hunger satisfied from the sticks of satay we devoured. To think it all began with her clothes falling onto mine (from upstairs),… Read more Meal for Feel