4 Cameras for your own Homemade AV

At times, we wish to immortalise the intimate moments with our loved ones, and it isn’t practical to hire a production company to make that 20 minutes plus clip with Red-Camera level gears. While the ‘permission to film’ has been cleared, it is now up to the convenience, portability and simplicity of film processing to […]

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3 Ways how NOT to get a FWB/ Fling

While men are always seen on social media for flings and friends with benefits, few understand how to carry a conversation besides stating their main intentions. Sure, your figure might play a part, and perhaps the number of blue notes at your disposal might up your chance, but what if you can NOT screw it […]

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3 Volumes Singaporeans have Sex in

In Singapore, there seems to be only three volumes that we have sex in (don’t tell me you were expecting something related to politics), at about five commonly known residential/ recreational places, in about four situations. It’s not because couples in our country are more shy or less vocal, but it is closely related to […]

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