Taking a Breather

This is a non-sexual entry, and could well stir up some mixed feelings about erotica and pornography (but pornography mostly). Do not continue if you don’t care about what goes behind each professionally-produced porno flicks. It is going to sound a little disconnected once you start reading, and I would like to ask for your intelligence to fill up the gaps.

Firstly, I did not do any in-depth research about pornography, so nothing mentioned in this article should be taken as a scientific standpoint. This little post for ‘awareness’, is solely based on my, Jhae’s, point of view and there WILL be parts where the purpose of my site contradicts what I write here. After all, it has been five years since I started, and my purpose (for this site) has changed throughout.

Pornography – is one of the biggest industry in the world, that is almost, if not, on the same level as drugs, illegal arms trade, gambling, prostitution. Dark and shady, impossible to eradicate, embracement is specifically based on needs and demands. Besides money, there seems to be nothing else of value.

After watching a TEDx talk (titled ‘Why I stopped watching porn’), pornography in other words, is ‘Filmed Prostitution’. I had to agree that it was nobody’s childhood dream to become a porn star, a career often linked to trouble and distress. The collective message from every porn made, purely depicts male dominance over women. (The previous sentence is one of many that you will need to let your intelligence tell you that female-over-male domination sex clips exist, but not enough to create an impact as big as male-over-female.)

So what does the industry defines as ‘sexual’? The answer is whatever men find arousing! And what exactly arouses? Now, that’s a question that has a million answer. Choking, seeing a woman or a child cry, rape, [insert your favourite fetish]. No doubt, more and more production companies (of porn) are moving away from hardcore or robotic old school style shag-and-shoot. No more of those low res, straight up sex and messy spray of bodily fluids. Taking advantage of HD cameras and artistic film making, they attempt to make ‘porn’ a little more ‘beautiful’. But the bottomline never changes.

Now for a brief coverage on the cinematic involved. Look at any clip in general, where is the moneyshot (before ejaculation happens)? Definitely not ‘how they end up there’, or ‘what did he say to her?’, but it is actually the single scene of penetration. That scene itself marks where the whole show starts. The male lead has to make sure he is angled correctly, without obstructing the camera, and the female, has to make sure she supports herself without messing her hair or make up. Then comes the close up, slow entry filled with moans before he was even deep enough. The penetration comes very quickly in any films, cutting out all the boring parts so you get the jizz before your erection dies. Do you find that sexy? Is that the definition of ‘chemistry’?

When we are alone, and have found time to reward our minds with an ‘unload’, what do we think about? For all of us, it’s always a short movie (in our heads) of meeting someone, talking to him/ her, the build up that will create a possible scenario leading up to sex. Yes, she might be quick to go down on you, but you know she is ready. He grabbed your boobs in surprise, but you already expected that. You convinced her or him within your means and that is worthy of an amazing orgasm. At least that’s how I fantasise when I ‘PCC’.

Once we started watching porn, a wall suddenly comes up around our creativity. We loses the ability to imagine. Pornographic scenes pop into minds and slowly kill our social responses and initiatives to get laid, or less crudely put it, to fall naturally into a relationship. Thirty minutes of hardcore sex video changes your perception of sex a little. And thirty minutes of that everyday.. just imagine what kind of damage you are doing to yourself willingly. Slowly, we turn into aggressive actors of our own sex lives.

What takes place in porn, we will never know how much of it is reenacted in the confines of the bedroom. No one ever talks about it. The aggression, the reluctance of a partner to do what a porn star did, the discomfort that the on-screen actors showed none of. We never considered about what porn did to couples and families, young children aside. We never had data about people being coerced into playing the roles of porn actors. Simply because sex is an intimate activity behind closed doors.

Suddenly, young teenagers desired to be loved, turned awry by appearing like porn stars, just that they are clothed. To appeal visually is their first step to get love. Quite the irony huh? It just frightens me to think that in the future, my kids might just turn out that way.

Whatever we search on porn sites, will put one film maker out there looking for what you searched for. No bullshit. I do that here too, I follow trending search terms and recalls or fantasise about it. Sometimes, the interest is just a piece of clothing, but most of the time, it is a category of pornography on its own – rape, incest, drugged, underaged.

What about here, on Phantacee? Isn’t Jhae doing all he said above? When I started collecting data about commonly used sex terms, it was Google I referred to. Human anatomy, psychological responses, chemicals responsible for pleasure, sexual positions, even the basic characteristics of men and women. Yes, I am a consumer of porn, heck, I even recommended a few here. But they are never a mean to jerk myself off. Those close up medical-equivalent shots of genitals never helped in anyway.

People might classify my site as a pornographic site at the first look, with detailed depictions of men and women engaging in primal acts. But deep down, we know what missionary and doggy style is, and I could totally swap that intense, steamy section with inserts like [missionary happens], [banging doggy style], [5 mins blowjob] and my stories would still get you hard, or wet. Our minds has too many images of sexual positions.

But for the x numbers of readers, that is you guys and girls, I believe it is the plot you are here for. The meeting, the conversations, the situations that led to sex. Then the aftermath, the clean up processes, and the most important part, the psychological impact.

Can I proudly announce here? That not one single human being is harmed in the process of writing. Not one single human being is subjected to abuse, physically or mentally, with every story published. Everything on my site is treated as one or more of the following; knowledge, entertainment, lifehacks, a medium to understand the mind of a writer.

How many of you felt no need to get yourselves off after reading my stories? Or are there more people inclined to masturbate after reading?

Well, after saying all the above, something in me tells me that nothing is going to change. People will still watch porn, I will still be churning stories, and exploring a possible venture into sales of sex toys as well.

Jhae writes stories in his free time away from work, and gets paid S$0 for his efforts here. If you would like to show your appreciation through a small donation or a simple meal, feel free to contact him through here.

A Kit in MInd

Being an avid user of toys (alone and with my partners), dildos, vibrators, male-masturbators, light bondage equipments, I have an idea to create something like a package for both males and females to enjoy. Although the items in any packages might make them seem expensive, I am sourcing for cheaper but high quality versions of them.

As of now, here are the two kits that might work, one for the guys, and one for the ladies.

Man-Up: Tenga 2G, USB heating rod, lubricant and a small bottle of Talcum powder.

There is no recommendation needed for Tenga products. Known as the most forward brand to pleasure giving, their standards for quality and hygiene makes some of their products a luxury to have. As I am not looking to impose any long-running costs, the reusable Tenga Flip 2G is an ideal choice for men within the general length of men in our area.

No secrets withheld, I am no longer than 6.5 inches, and that very 2G fit my size really well. I assure you guys that a review for that particular masturbator will come soon.

Armed with next-gen pussy-in-a-tube, there is nothing worse than sticking your manhood into a cold toy, making you feel somewhat like a necrophiliac. Here, the USB heating rod slips neatly into the hole to warm it up, till you found your potential video clip to get off to.

If you have seen the video guide on Tenga 2G, you will know how to apply the lube. But heck, I have a better method to get things started faster.

Once it’s warm and wet, dive into it and knock yourselves out with a trick or two I have discovered while using that toy. You guys know the occasional ejaculation that really calms your mind? As opposed to ‘what the hell am I doing with my life’ kind of mood? Tenga delivers the former more frequently. Trust me.

Once your weak legs recovered, flowing water will take care of the clean up without much effort. You will be grateful after you are done washing and the only worry would be where to set it up to dry.

After drying for a day, the last step which is also the most important one, is to sprinkle some baby powder where the silicon are, to keep them healthy and fresh for your next use.

Silent Drift (ladies’ turn): Bullet vibrator, lubricant, dildo, batteries.

While the boys seem easy to please, ladies seek different things during their personal time. The LED on the vibrator’s control box provide a gentle nightlight as the bullet end buzzed discreetly, barely audible in silence.

Soon, your body built up to yet another climax, and something in you woke up, begging to extend the comforting mood with something longer. Out comes the 6 inch dildo that is comfortable to hold, without a single bit of worry about stretching yourself too much for your man. The mid-length rubber dildo will do a perfect job of satisfying you on your G-spot, never going too deep unless you don’t mind getting your nails wet.

No matter how soaked you are, more lubrication never hurts and will only speed things up to your next orgasm, hopefully not knocking you out too hard to hide your toys before day break.

Apart from these two packages, another two sets I have came up with are light BDSM kits for guys to drive their women wild and ladies to make their boys beg to stop.

Right now, I am in the planning stage for inventory tracking, on the hunt for a breathable bag to keep those gears, as well as fund raising. Samples are on their way to me for quality checks and a short period of use to see which one will hold out. What hurts pocket most will be the Tenga 2G, which I am ready to spend on given its durability and quality.

If any of you have suggestions to the above ideas, please feel free to email me or leave a comment. And if, by luck or by trust, there is anybody willing to invest, please please please, send me an email and we will be talking very soon.

After all these teasing, there could be a chance that it might not take off (if I am doing this alone). But having done the preparation, it wouldn’t take long to kickstart this small entrepreneurial dream of mine.

For interested investors, the initial capital is in the four-digit range. Profits and dividends and returns aside, I am looking at this opportunity to work for myself. If you are sponsoring a sum to fulfill my dream, rest assure that every cent will go into this idea.

Now for the boring stuff that is related but probably not important.

Continue reading A Kit in MInd

New Year Thoughts

With every beginning, it marks an end. Welcome to the first post of 2015. Apart from a server failure, there should be no interruption to all 123 (or more) stories that have been written for this year. Enjoy what I have planned down below, and hopefully take something home that will set your new year straight.

Besides the usual 1-every-3-days stories, Jhae will be looking out for opportunities to bring more contents to you guys. The profit-sharing photoshoots have long been in place, so I shall skip that. The straight out irritating form of advertising proposal continues to be ignored. The ongoing requests for user-inspired stories are in progress, if not completed.

One guideline that I have for this site is ‘not to contact until contacted’. As many of you understands, this blog isn’t exactly one that needs constant marketing. Word of this blog spreads by curiosity, or by me using the link as a signature in a few specific forums. Though I might be looking, it is not at any level of desperation that I am required to openly approach people with offers or incentives.

The word ‘open’, means serious discussion, negotiation, consideration, and explanation. But as an entertainment blog, I hope to get some form of returns doing what I love. Money hasn’t been a problem until recently (out of job), but it has never and will not affect this site.

If any of you would like to open up an online sex shop and wants to leverage on my readership, please, contact me. I’m sure readers wouldn’t mind a catalogue to browse through, and if justifiable, even make purchases. If you are already a retailer in that category, feel free to contact me too. I have plans in mind to contact U4Ria for some unbiased reviews.

I am not sure about how you guys feel, if there is anyone out there who wishes to buy me coffee, I wouldn’t say no to that.

Now, some facts or guidelines I want to highlight to close this wonderful year.

Q: Does Jhae get laid as often as once every three days?

A: No. He gets laid thrice every day. Yeah right. While some of my stories are fantasies, some of them are recounts. From guys, girls, but nothing inbetween – yet. While I do write about my own adventures, I do change the names used. And do I only write one version of my own adventures? No. I write it from her point of view, from a third person’s point of view. No matter how much sex I’m getting, once every three days will be what you guys are getting.

Q: Where does Jhae get his inspirations from?

A: I got it from ‘what if’s. That question can also be ‘Can I?’ or ‘If I were.. ‘. Photos, stories, imagination (a.k.a. fantasies), they help me get the stories out. Skipping real life accounts, we know men has way too many fantasies to live out. One thing I love most about writing, is the ability to include emotions. Feeling it while I write, and writing it so you guys can feel. Jealousy, envy, guilt, gratitude, sadness, or straight up pure raw lust. The best stories are those that plays itself out once the plot is set. Start writing, and it may see the light of the day – or not.

Q: What does Jhae thinks about laying those sweet, young things that often dresses like they are asking to be raped?

A: First, look at yourself. Then look at others. You are not the only guy who wants to shag her. Does she care about those thoughts people have around her? No. Girls dress up to attract that one guy she wants, ladies dress up to make other ladies jealous. The only benefit (or tragedy) that vicious cycle has is on men’s mind.

Let’s face it. You are not going to have her. No one is. Except her boyfriend, her fling(s), the people that connect mentally. Wealth is a mental attraction, looks is a mental attraction, emotions is a mental attraction too. But lust.. is way too common, and well understood threat they will avoid.

Take a look, fantasise and get on with life.

Q: Since Jhae ‘knows-it-all’, why doesn’t he teach or blog about getting girls? He only knows how to shoot us, the single and needy men down.

A: Trust me when I say this. I have written two handfuls of indepth, precise posts about ‘how to get girls’. Only to delete them after I finish. Why? Cause I don’t want to create a ‘foolproof’ method of fishing. If there is a chant that makes girls lust after you, would you still bother to befriend and understand them? Sure, there are certain barriers to get through before you have full access to their pussies. And they are all different, if not, structured as a maze that you need to read and understand. Take the easy path, and she will leave you easily. Take the impossible path, and she will leave you impossibly.

These four questions might turn off guys who are looking for a get-pussy-quick scheme. And it is that group of readers I am willing to forgo.

There is ONE tip I am willing to share though.

For a guy, things can never be ‘too fast’. ‘Make the kill, seal the deal’, right? No. There are certain times when you, will personally feel ‘it’s too fast to be true’. It will often be challenged by ‘so do you want it or not?’ You feel chemistry between a girl and you, and after a few drinks, or dates, things get frisky. C’mon, kissing doesn’t hurt. But what comes after that, might.

No matter what phase of a relationship you are at. Be it friendship, or already stripped and naked, stop. Yes, stop. We can always stop. For a reason, or none at all. What makes a boy a man, is control. With control, you show her discipline, and with discipline, she feels class. Who would turn ‘class’ down? Unless you are a lazy ass student. Then your learning stops.

So, Stop and think. ‘Can this wait? Or is this all I am after?’. A relationship built on lust will ensure that that will be the reason she leaves you for. There are men out there who is bigger and can last longer. Just don’t jump into something you cannot hold on to.

‘Can I just cuddle naked with you?’, if you are already naked. ‘I just want to be with you for now’, if you are sitting by the river bank, watching the night scenery next to her with HER touching you. Or ‘Sorry. Can I just be in your arms?’ if you are in between her legs wriggling your fingers.

It is not yourself that you need to lie to or pretend. It is the small gesture that will go a long way to secure her feelings towards you. For sure, it feels good to know when a girl is with you because she loves you. She wouldn’t leave you for reasons related to your bedroom skills. When that kind of bond develops, I’ll bluntly put it here, you are in luck with unlimited sex.

If she isn’t for you after you sobered up or snapped out of your colour wolf mode, you haven’t done anything wrong cause you stopped.

‘Too fast’ is designed innately to hold us back. Before your heart or dick feels it, your mind has already picked up something that might go wrong. Trust your body, and then convince your body if it is wrong.

With that said above, I wish you guys a happy 2015. By now, I am very tempted to delete this entry. Cause who knows if such information is meant to be known. If you have read to this part of the entry, you deserve to read what I think shouldn’t be known. Please use it for good. Any girls you have misled with that ‘tip’, will be a mess to break free from.

A Little More

Well, you know what? Joseph, the author of Jose Can’t Stop Writing, was the inspiration to write this. Same intentions, hopefully as touching.

In my secondary school days, one major event got me reflecting on my future. Among the days of zero-fuck approach to homework and studies, I was devoted to my CCA. So much that I had neglected my studies. And yes, let’s not forget the MMORPG that threw me off balance – Ragnarok Online. Those were the times. Regret, no. Cause if I didn’t retained, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I retained in secondary three express, and it was that long Nov-Dec holiday that I picked up a book titled ‘Matrix Warrior – How to unplug yourself’. I read that book over and over again, seventeen times to be exact. Life then, had changed completely when I started living in a third person’s view.

The disappointment from my parents was devastating, and I put more time into studies, faring O-K for my O’ levels. Still, I didn’t feel like I was living my own life then. I was driven by the fear of disappointment.

Moving on to poly, I met my first girlfriend, and after two years, we broke up. A few weeks before that fateful day, I wrote a five sentence ‘story’ of one of our sexventures, which led me to an online search for sex stories.

Final year, the most important and unimportant year, at once. I screwed up my FYP and attachment was just a way to get by the second half of the year. Luckily, I passed with borderline results and got my diploma nonetheless. It was painful to hid my sorrows behind a straight face. I was still crying myself to sleep. You read that right.

Thereafter, I stumbled upon LindaMichelle’s InnocentSlut’s blog, depicting a side of Singapore that I had never imagined anyone to write about. Was it even legal? Excitement soon mixed into sadness (of the breakup), and I began writing short recounts of what my ex and I did. Third year of poly, that was 2009.

I was that long-haired guy who was really too lazy to get a haircut, so emotionally confused that embarked on a journey. A journey that no one would have jumped into without a huge stab in his heart. Before I enlisted (June 2010), I went into a hibernation state. The library, bookstores, Wikipedia, became my best friends.

Happy I was to be distracted FROM sadness, seeking out more blogs like LindaMichelle’s. I was certain I was one of the first (few) to join the leagues of Erotiwriters. This porno-graphical side that is far from videos, consisting of texts! Lines after lines, para after para. Right then, those 26 letters in the English language, dawned upon me as the most powerful weapons ever invented by mankind.

You see, the thing that led to my first break up was anger. I had no control over my own emotions and it was only after so much research (on anger and human anatomy at the same time) that I learnt about emotions. When I discovered secrets my own mind, anger had vanished at the same time I learnt keep my emotions in full control. It was the very thing that frightened me with thoughts of losing her, and also the thing that wouldn’t let me forget her.

For a short period of time, it was the driving force of the darker stories I wrote in the beginning of this blog. But when anger finally bade its goodbye, so did my first ex-girlfriend. She was gone. For a good reason too.

From then on, what I wanted to feel was what I did not hold myself from feeling. There was no need to hold back from sadness, disappointment, frustration (that I endured). The last time I did the rowcall, anger was still absent.

NS was pretty much an experience for me. Those two years, all I wanted was everything. Everything the army could throw at me. I had continued writing into BMT, leading to a few discoveries that there was someone better than the Jhae that existed then, and a few buddies that got closer after reading my blog..

In my second year of National Service, I met my second girlfriend. We knew each other online, and she was the first person I had met from a Window-based, social network ‘game’. I was her first too. Things started out great and she put me on an emotional roller-coaster with her innocence, ‘a guy came over to my house today’, ‘we had dinner with my dad’. It turned out to be her badminton coach.

We progressed without a hitch for two years, all the way after I ended my NS stint and started working. She knew about what I wrote and was intrigued by the mood I was in when I wrote them. ‘What is he thinking, like really thinking when he wrote [insert title]?’ I actually wrote more during her companionship than ever before, knowing that she was behind my back. The only request from her was to never mention anything about my blog in her presence. Why would there be any reason to? It had never meant to cross the paths of my day and night life (umm.. I usually write at night).

In December 2013, the happiness that I was giving her was not the one she think she was happy with. So, like me when I broke up with my first, she left – in turn seeking the other types of happiness out there. I can only wish for her to succeed.

Then, I was still emotionally detached. I had not forced her to be with me, and there was no foreseeable force to hold her back. My mind let go of her and it took me two weeks to pull myself together. Not that I had no hope in her, it’s just that.. emotions and love felt somewhat like Bitcoins. The value of a relationship, or in fact, in any relationship, is purely built on what either party is willing to put in.

I had put in 100% and she did the same. She decided that it was worth 0% one day, and 100 x 0 is 0. So, there she goes~

I remained single for about six months, committed to work and nothing else. Nothing could hurt a heartless man. In and out of jobs I went, but that was superficial to me. It was the present I would not allow myself to hold back from enjoying. As I checked my blog occasionally, Ella, the author of Promiscuous Secrets, came into the picture.

We corresponded through emails, getting more personal with each draft sent. Soon, we were talking all about our personal lives, what we faced. Among the shared sense of compassion and understanding, she got me back to what stayed with me throughout (and beyond) the second relationship. It was this blog.

There are people who still checks this place, complaining about the lack of updates, urging me to shorten the three days wait, pondering about the possibilities of more photos. That effort you guys spent to type into that Cbox and emails, surely they cannot be ignored.

So, I returned to writing and was in time to fix the November saga. As of now, I am attached. But don’t put your hopes of seeing her (or parts of her) here too high up. Cause that’s unlikely to happen. She’s just not into this. *If you’re reading this, hint hint! Or you could just pretend you didn’t see this.*

Currently jobless, I am not too worried about the F&B industry’s lack of urgency to hire a barista. I guess it’s time to take a break and do silly things like building my Bitcoin mining rig.

My social life isn’t all that fancy like how my stories painted me to ‘have’. I’m not those bad guys that good girls could easily like. Not that my current IS a bad girl, but simply put it – I am uninteresting.

Words of wisdom to single, uninteresting, guys out there. Love canNOT be seeked. It can be; groomed, or discovered. Sure, love at first sight might not be a myth, but if you build Rome in a day, it surely can be torn down in hours.

If you are in a relationship, keep strengthening the foundations. If you are not in one, build your part of the foundations. Someone will stop in their tracks and see what strong arms, big teeth, powerful tool you have, and willing be ‘eaten’ by you. Okay. I am getting kind of feminist here.

Me, I’m just another guy out there girls wouldn’t pay attention to. I have none of those fancy clothes, cool looking rides, or even a jaw-dropping résumé, let alone exciting night life. Here’s a quote I recalled.

‘It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.’ – Rachel Dawes (excerpt Batman Begins 2005)

Okay, so looking good, driving kick-ass cars, and having a night life is what I should do to define myself. My bad! Not the most inspiring quote.

Where I am now (nowhere), I couldn’t have hoped for more or less. Believe it or not, everything that happened happened for a reason. If nothing has happened yet, then something huge is coming.

Oh yeah. ‘Good things don’t last forever’, sadly, this phrase has not disappointed me yet. My second girlfriend, my seemingly potential (recent cafe). Though they didn’t went up in flames, it did burn me a little.

A heart covered with scars, knows no more pain.

A nice summary of all the good girls turned bad, and bad guys turned good. Quite the irony huh? There will be no words to thank you guys for reading cause I have done that a few entries below, but for the people who stood for and against me, thank you.

I am happy where I am now. I have accepted what is mine, and what will never be mine. However, an upgrade to any of my stuff will be much appreciated! Like she, whom has stepped foot into my life. Given? Definitely. And if you guys haven’t realised, anything good that happens in my life is a bonus, that I will never, ever take for granted. Cause no one ever gets what they asks for, especially me.

Be thankful for what you have, and more will soon come to follow. Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. I have no idea what that phrase is for.

3 Minion Milestone

First of all, Jhae would like to express his gratitude for your support. We have reached a total of 3,000,000 page views. You might notice it is just ‘page views’ but it means a lot to me. Cause you only have to load one page to see my latest story, and I would love to imagine that one visitor arrived.

Lately, there hasn’t been any news or interests in my modelling offer, so that alone will have to disappoint you guys for a while. Let’s hope someone takes up that slot soon.

At the same time, I have resigned from my employment at the cafe, so that explains the disappearance of my listing for a female barista. As of right now, I am looking for a peaceful little cafe to work at, preferably doing what I do best – making coffee. But if you guys have any non-office related jobs, I would love to hear about them too.

This 3 million page view is a huge milestone for me, though it had taken more than 5 years (going 6) to achieve. I have many friends who are close to me, that I sadly cannot tell them about my site simply to keep the friendship existent. Can you imagine that? Writing stories, a trait that would attract the ladies, taking a turn for the worse cause it falls under the category of ‘erotica’.

I have been thinking about sharing my collection of pictures which I sourced online, from various sites like SgGirls and Reddit. It’s a small folder I get my inspirations from, and before you guys start sending me mails for the MEGA link, please note that few of them contains any nudity. I use it more for the fashion and clothing style to expand my imagination of dressing my female leads up.

I, Jhae, welcome any donation anyone out there would like to make, not because I am jobless, but to keep buying the cans of green tea that I drink when I write. That’s all!

Anyway, if any of you guys out there have one-off stories that you would like to share, feel free to share it through my site. Surely the 4k views per day would do some publicity for you. And IF you have any female friends that need help financially (and suitable to model), I am most happy to do a shoot for them and let the loyal readers here decide if the photo set is worth their money.

Finally, I would like to thank you guys once again for your continuous support. It keeps me writing and posting. Really. You guys might think that ‘I didn’t even do anything. I’m just here for your stories’, but actually, we are much closer than you think. You can be there reading, and I am just a login page away from you, writing a story on the other side.

This small act of checking my blog for updates, goes a really long way for me. No doubt I don’t make any money out of this, I truly enjoy what I do in my free time, especially for you guys.

30 Days Hiatus

Hi guys, it has been a surprise to me when I saw a delay in the usual 3-day-a-post incident. I have pinpointed the error to be software-based, having shifted the whole schedule one week ahead. One way to rectify this would be to adjust the dates individually, which is time consuming, or just to have a month’s break. Ya know, to do some housekeeping on my servers and ensure such things don’t happen again.

The site’s integrity and reliability is stable now, and while I try to get my cafe running and stuff, I’ll start something here to keep you guys occupied this month. Updates will come irregularly till December begins, and some mild (possibly) non-sexual entries will be posted.

Here are my plans (which will be updated accordingly);

1. AMA! Ask Me Anything. Reddit has an entire sub-category dedicated to answering questions from readers like an interview, so why shouldn’t Jhae start one right? Though it may not be live, I will be accepting questions to be answered in a single post. So shoot away, here’s a link to my contact page. Your email will still be needed so I can reply direct to you if certain questions are too sensitive or better to be known by fewer people.

2. Submissions! Well, submit pictures of yourselves (for ladies only) or pictures of your SO (significant other) for those attached or married. Some write ups with some background info will be nice. If you have posted your pictures elsewhere, please do let me know so I can ignore the plagiarism results when I x-reference to online databases.

3. (Any suggestions?)

In any case, I’ll be taking a break from sex-filled fantasies and truly engage in some readers-writer talk cock session. I would love to hear from you guys no matter if it is anything related to the above activities. Whew, time for a breather.

Sponsored Post?

This is a sponsored post. Heh. As if. Anyway, this is a non-sexual post.


I am constantly looking for inspirations to write new topics. Having followed me for so long, you would have realised I cannot write like Mel, the author of RoughOrders. Nor do I have a body like Natalie, the blogger for NataliesSins. While storylines can often be suggested, it is the form of writing that I need some breakthrough. I have my own category of less-ideal styles like newspaper reports, or police statement, so don’t suggest them. I like writing letters though!

Shoot me some stories you read elsewhere that I haven’t wrote or you haven’t come across on my blog. I’ll accept topics I haven’t covered or plots you really die die want me to write. No gore please. Bloodshed apart from menses are unnecessary.

For now, like always, I write based on my mood. So I may not work on your feedback immediately. And may I ask for good attitude and etiquette when you send your email or say something in my chatbox? Don’t turn me off. It kills the mood, and a baby seal at the same time.


As a male author, I don’t get many emails or comments. Duh. Most people are reading quietly, hopefully some are beating off to my works. But if you do have a heart burning, dick twitching, pussy aching urge to say something to me, pease do! Who doesn’t like emails (that aren’t work related) written from the heart?


This is an open invitation for girls, or guys who know girls, to volunteer (them)! Yupp. Volunteer. Jhae runs a non-profit blog. If you (I’m referring to the ladies) out there wishes to sell photos, I wouldn’t mind. You’ll take everything. The readers here will enjoy the couple of ‘preview’ photos for free.

To me, this is a project. One I wreck my mind over, tire my fingers out on. If anyone of you ever contacts me, rest assure it would be like the school days, discussing enthusiastically about your upcoming art project. Other projects like programming or presentations are boring.

This site’s intention was never to harm anybody. You, readers or models or fellow writers, will always come first.


As of late, I’m busy with my new workplace. It has been two months into the new company, about time the ugly side of every workplace would surface. Busier than usual, but still writing. All thanks to Ena, the owner of Promiscuous Secret (now disfunc.).

Stories are lined up all the way to April of 2017, with all your incest, teacher-student, underaged, FBTs, public sex, BDSM fetishes on standby. Remember! Once every three days. That’s the frequency of my posts, and also a healthy timeline between each ‘destressing’ period. I’m talking about masturbation that is.

Personal Life!

New workplace. New people. I met someone, but things are on the dating level now. All that’s on my mind now is ‘future’. Your Jhae is getting older, and I’m sure the plots and motivation behind the stories will change.

If anyone of you are interested in getting to know me personally, I wouldn’t say no. I AM friends with some of the other erotic bloggers, and challenges are often brought up to write better. It helps with the writers’ block.


So does Jhae deserve any rewards for coming this far? Sorry if this sounds a bit selfish. Email me if you want to buy me a cup of coffee! Or get something bigger for me, like a Microsoft Surface tablet, or sponsor a sum of money to get a model for all of our sake.


Alright. Here is where this entry will end, but not my legacy. Jhae will still be writing no matter if you like it. If you are starting out on erotic blogging, please don’t be shy to ask me to link you up. Of course, I place high value on integrity and potential of blogs that appear on my links. If you don’t see yours here, I either do not know about it yet, or it infringes some copyright stuff that I do not support (even if no one complains) or that it might be NOT erotic enough. Please note that I am referring to our local, Singaporeans’, blogs.

Anyway, if one day, for some reasons, this blog really do disappear, please understand it must have affected me on that big a scale. From what I write, you can figure out I am quite an emotional guy. As best as I can, I will give some form of warning or statement. Just so you guys can permanently remove my bookmark off your browser. That would be the darkest day of my life. Choy choy~

Goodnight guys.

Write On

When I start writing, there are two mindsets I find myself to be in.

1. Heart-burning Plot
2. I have no idea what to write but I feel like writing.

Point 1.

It’s quite straight-forward, to get the story out in the fastest way (if you write drafts) and then start editing it. Or get the story out in the fast way (that’s for me), writing and editing after every sentences. We have the auto-correct, grammar-check, urban dictionary, common sex-words we know of.

There should not be nothing to stop you.

Point 2.

This is where I call it ‘uninspired’. When you write in this mode, there are only three outcomes. You think your impromptu storyline is ridiculous, or get stuck halfway, and the third finale is you completing the story.

There might be occurrences where you felt tempted to delete whatever you have written.

For me, writing has become a habit (until recently). When I sit at my usual corner, (assuming I have no plots on hand) I turn to the usual input. SBF, SgGirls, or my own website stats.

SBF – Once in a while, I come across pants-tightening stories that I wished was on my blog.

SgGirls – I usually head there to see what girls are wearing these days, to dress my characters up.

Website Stats – Here is where I get most of my ideas from. And here is where ‘search terms’ matter AND don’t matter at the same time. I get to see what are the trending words people used to reach my site, and also the direction the mass are heading.

‘Teachers’, ‘Underage’, ‘FBTs’, father/ daughter’, ‘public sex’, those are always the top searches. When nothing new pops out, I would scroll to the bottom of the stat, and see what one or two individual seeks that they found on my blog.

Word Pairing

When all else fails, look for random words, the more the merrier. They can help plot most of the story, or just one word so you can treat it as a challenge.


I don’t know much about writing drafts for erotica. Personally, I don’t. I know White Wolf does. For someone with a short attention span, I turn to writing the stories as best as I could with one try. Sure, I do go back to edit them when I discover inconsistencies or spelling errors, but generally, I write once.

Oh. When I write drafts and keep them under WordPress’ drafts, I find that I can no longer recall what mood I was in when I wrote it. So taadaa! Delete.

Here is the last part before I write a short message to Jo.

Do you remember the attitude you learnt your languages in during your younger days? Remember picture-narration where you have to write 80 words about 4 pictures? Or those one-picture ‘picture description’ that your teachers could forced so many questions out of? How did you write your 800 word composition?

Now that there are no teachers to correct me, there is also none to guide. Sure, there are lots of resources online, but you are talking about teachers, people who perfected their languages to a point where they can make money out of. Now, it’s all up to me, us, individuals that suddenly realised, why didn’t I try a little harder to be a little better when I had the time?

Jo, I see that you have been writing stories that can be continued in parts. You can focus on that style. Most blogs have a fixed sister or girlfriend that lasts quite a few entries. Characters can be introduced or killed off (with proper ending) easily.

I suppose short stories like mine is a double-edged sword. It keeps some readers hoping for more (to a particular story), but most of them can probably guess there are no more.

Episodical stories on the other hand, keep readers checking back. The question – ‘What happens next?’, for decades, that was how TV series were made. I was more of making short flims. But for me, personally, if I didn’t like how it started, I wouldn’t read past where I lost interest at. So yupp. That’s about it.

End of Jo’s Message.