Hello people! Just because you’re here reading my site, I’m going to tell you something that I wished only the right people would know. Cause it’s going to make you somewhat attractive as hell. The best thing is, it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl! Strong language incoming. Okay. To all […]

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Figment, Fragment

When you came into my life, I couldn’t believe how someone could be so similar to exist. Not that you like everything I like or have the same habits, but at a frequency you can understand me when I go quiet or have the lights out in my eyes. We spoke about everything we felt […]

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Typical SG50 Post

A SG50 Special by The Singaporean ero-writer, his mother’s son. Well, as you can see in the ‘Category’ this post belongs to, it’s a rant, but one closer to heart. With all those ‘what it means to be a Singaporean’ and ‘what I like being a Singaporean’, how could I miss this chance to write […]

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Get Bigger, Last Longer

For SG50, will be updated daily for these three days, ensuring you have something to wake up to every morning. To start things off, here is a little bonus material for you guys out there! Happy holidays! Have fun and stay safe. Are you guys lacking in size? Or stamina? You have came to […]

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No Need to Know

Before I start, I just need to clarify that this is kind of a pointless entry, just to indulge in my own imagination. If you have nothing to do, feel free to proceed. This isn’t going to make you any harder or wetter than you are, nor will it make you less horny. Cheers! At […]

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