Curious Condoms

First, it was Durex Featherlite that has earned its place on my blog, excelling in thinness, availability and reliability.

Then, came Okamoto Crown, outdoing Durex with its price, cutting the cost of responsible sex almost in half, and only took a few more minutes for me to locate a Guardian or Unity that carry it. Although they were slightly less accessible, the savings surely made up for it.

Finally, out of necessity or improvement in Q.O.L. (quality of life), I tried Okamoto 0.02 Hydro-Polyurethane, a latex-free alternative to doing it without. Starting at S$15.50 (on sale, or from Mustafa) to S$19.90 (retail price), it was definitely the first box you turned away from. And on top of its price, there’s ONLY 8 in one box! Such value!

Before more people jump to conclusion, let me share the only benefit (that’s possibly life-changing) I learnt firsthand from using over 5 boxes of this product. This breakdown is so short you don’t even have to bear with me.

Because it is not made from latex, it transmits heat better.

Just like how my lowly-educated ass has it figured out, latex is a derivative of rubber, and besides stretching itself long enough to deliver a painful snap, it is also a poor conductor of heat. So, ‘polyurethane’, made from plastic, would do a better job at sharing your body heat, like if you did it without protection. That heat exchange during sex? Is actually quite important and might improve how you two ‘connect’.

If you have S$20 to spare, or in dire need to surprise her without actually surprising her, give this condom a try! Too bad for you if she ended up liking this more than the latex ones, just don’t tell her how much 8 of them costs.

The (Passing) Age of Silicone Pussy

Tenga Egg (top view)

Just a few years ago, it would be the fantasy of the younger-us to own a silicone toy, priced relative to the ‘touch’, ‘feel’ and ‘look’ of it. Those three benchmarks, were almost as crucial as ‘build-quality’, ‘exterior design’ and ‘extra gimmicks’, in the replication of the female reproductive organ. And let’s not forget that the pricier of them were even capable of pumping, twisting and heating itself up for you!

But as knowledgeable as I would like to sound, the interiors of such toys didn’t make much sense to me, since they (kind of) felt the same once I was in it. And after a few short minutes, all that was left was clean-up.

Contrary to the advertised ‘high build quality’, ‘ground-up redesign’, ‘101 customisation options’, I was more concerned about its price, size, ease-of-cleaning, and of course, the as-advertised quality. Thankfully, the Tenga Flip 2G, H.E.P.S (manual, blowjob toy), and an unbranded, Made-in-PRC, airplane cup held up well over the years since I last bought another toy to try ;).

Now that the era of Tinder, SKOUT and other hookup apps have arrived, what we are facing now is, as I would like to call it, an ‘invasion’.

Basic, sexual urges are now everybody’s problem, as they are advertised, marketed, and even forced into your DMs like you have ever mentioned the word, ‘sex’, online. If, for just a minute, you could take a look at the man-looking-for-woman section (on Locanto or Craigslist), I bet that you’ll start wondering if anyone would even enter such a page.

In a way, we, men, have chased them off to the far corners, void of any respect, trust, morality, and most likely, humanity. It has seemed that a vast number of men, have made women their sole solution to sexual urges we have evolved to suppress, or express in other forms.

Let’s be pragmatic here. Sex-for-reproduction is in less demand than sex-for-pleasure. So I am assuming the need to ejaculate as a timer-based need.

It is surely sad that many of us have neglected the existence of good, well-designed toys in place of affecting others adversely with personal (first world) problems. Save up that money for a one-time, ‘special’ massage and invest in a Tenga Flip, that you will use with all the porn you have ever downloaded. There is just NO bad reason to own one.

As distant as the silicone pussy age is, they are always on sale. Rekindle your passion to take a close look at them again, at the advertisements, video demo, quality, designs, and get one you feel most confident of.

You will never be rejected, or have to say-the-right-things (for sex) again. When you are in the mood, WHAM! BAAM! PUTTT! Heck! The clean up can wait.

Bring the silicone pussy age back again. Change our invasive ways, give everyone a little more space, and earn some good will along the way.

One day, you will have no more use for that inanimate, lifeless object again, or.. will you need it even more so after marriage? Either way, ‘she’ will always be there for you, to be used alone, or when your S.O. (significant other) asked to show her how you kept your head clear all these years.

How (not) to get a Fwb or NSA

For a start, this entry is more for the guys than the girls. Cause there seems to be no limits to what guys will do to get a girl, for any reasons at all. As much as some of you might get offended, I hope you can read between the lines.

What do you guys think of the ladies who are looking for fwb? Are they horny beyond a single man’s capacity to please them? Or filling a void in their emotional state only a dick would fit? If you are a lady reading this, you will know it’s none of the above. Nowhere close at all.

1. Any woman can satisfy themselves without a man’s help. They have their fingers, household tools or toys. Most importantly, they have their minds. Women are a species we (men) can never fully grasp (not even Jhae), because they can get themselves off with just thoughts. Yes, their minds are that powerful.

2. Nothing physical can ever fill their emotional or spiritual needs. It can go two ways, either ‘no dick is big enough’, or ‘the smallest one will touch the deepest spot’. Men are physical creatures (women a smaller extent), ruled by instincts for survival and meeting demands of ‘needs’. Perhaps we will never be as good as how a women can decipher their own emotions. Look how hard we are trying.

Ladies seek men for a few things much further than ‘making babies’ in our current society. Stability, a strong figure to guide them and provide a pillar that is deep enough for them to go further at what they were doing – that’s a ‘lifelong partner’ for you.

Second, it is to relieve a sexual urge. And it works only two ways. Either it’s a cold, lifeless toy they have full control over, or a warm animated body that has full control over themselves. Here is the jizz. Do you guys have full control over yourselves? Perhaps the moment you posted ‘looking for fwb’ was what caused you to be kicked out of the list.

While women are looking to satisfy their emotional needs so they can function better, we men are looking to satisfy our physical needs so we can function normally. See what picture we are painting for the ladies?

Lastly, if you know a lady is looking for lifelong partner, please have some respect and clarify your intents. It might even gain you some respect and hopefully a chance at it. Whatever you are tempted to do to an honest lady looking for a lifelong parter, be it leverage or false hope, it’s going to cause more hurt to your own karma.

3. How to get a fwb?

One, be independent. Don’t act like you have an opening for someone to make your life better. Be more like ‘Your life is already at its best, and you’re looking for someone to share it with’. Makes sense?

Two. Instead of trying to get what you ask for, or pretending to be someone the ladies need, how about making friends for a start? Don’t overlook what FWB means. Seriously, does anyone of us get what we want in life? I have to work hard for it. Investing time, effort, patience.

You know ladies are more emotional. They seek understanding or comprehension more than anything. If you can’t provide a shoulder to lean on, then they won’t need your dick to work out on.

4. Why you will never get a FWB? (Seriously, if you are offended, then keep doing what you do.)

This is the most important part. You can actually work backwards from here to find the solution. Can I use CAPS for this part? IF A LADY WANTS A DICK, WOULD THEY HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE WHO IS LOOKING TO LOAN THEIRS? There you have it. If they are looking to get laid, they don’t have to look far. There are always bigger, thicker, longer nearby.

They can write ‘More than 8 inches’ and most of us will be out of the picture. I know I don’t have 100% of what it takes to be a lady’s FWB, so I work on what I am good at. We are all capable of making friends, spending time on dinners, long walks, heart-to-heart chats.

If they can share their darkest secrets from their sexual side casually with you, AND with an open mind (or even looking) for a FWB, you might stand a chance. What they have shared with you, are things that they can’t tell to normal friends. Even ‘best friends’ might not reach that boundary. I don’t really know how to put this, you will know it when you have gone beyond friends with her. Note: This is not to be confused with ‘love’, cause there ARE secrets not meant for their lifelong partners.

This is what I learnt throughout my failed relationships. If you can provide all the emotional and spiritual support a woman needs, she will provide all you need to stay beside her. For marriages, for the FWBs. One look, and ladies can tell if you are serious or just up for FWBs, from then on, you are judged. Score well from the start.

One wrong move, and the ladies’ just-to-be safe mechanism kicks in, and you’re out. No second chances. Get it right the first time. While everybody is raising hands at any ladies looking for a FWB, are you game enough to keep your hands down to stand out from the rest?

This entry is inspired by Ena, writer of Promiscuous Secret (now in dysfunct).

Guide: Extra Protection 2

Introducing VeraCrypt. Like OTFE (which I have recommended in my previous guide), this software similarly creates a volume-style container to host all your naughty, sensitive stuff on. If you have been using a standard password for all your accounts ever, perhaps it’s time to come up with a new one to follow the times.


Above is the so-called ‘Home’ screen you will always see when you want to unlock your Chamber of Secrets. Also, this will be the window you will see when you want to create a ‘Volume’. See that ‘Create Volume’ button? Upon clicking on that, you will be given three options.

  1. Create a file container
  2. Encrypt an external storage device (you can also make an invisible volume inside)
  3. Encrypt an existing partition or the whole hard drive

For simplicity and technical reasons, I haven’t tried any other options apart from the first one due to safety’s/ lack of confidence to undo/ scaredy-cat issues.

Moving on (From the first option), you will see this window;


Read it carefully and you will realise how expansive is this security tool. Choose either one, and the volume-creating-wizard will walk you through all the way.

The end product of your designated, digital hideout should look like this;


An unreadable file. Yes. Unreadable until you locate that file using the VeraCrypt software.

Going back to the first image, you will pick a drive (letter) that you like, ‘Select File…’ that you just created, and ‘Mount’! Voila! Of course you have to punch in your password. Word is, they say, if you forget your password.. The only way to recover your files is to try to “crack” the password or the key, but it could take thousands or millions of years (depending on the length and quality of the password or keyfiles, on the software/hardware performance, algorithms, and other factors). according to their FAQ.

This little guide is just a method of securing digital files that I think may benefit some of you, shady or not, it’s always good to use some form of protection eh?

Guide: Star Mission (NSFW)

This entry has only one objective, that is to bring an awesome flash game to your daily reads. Less words, more play. You might find it familiar as recommended from another erotica author.

This particular game has a storyline that requires a bit of brains, as well as reflexes. Mini-games within the game puts logic in the absurd progress of other flash games. So your attention will be away from just sexual graphics. Detailed artwork, realistic voices, and properly scaled body movements, makes this one-of-a-kind game to kill time.

The only downside is the lack of a ‘Save’ option in flash (.swf), thus you will have to go through the entire story to ‘revisit’ the girls. The stage-by-stage advancement in the ‘action’ scenes have a good rhythm to masturbate yourselves to. So! Enjoy!

To have a go at the game, visit the creator’s webpage here! I hope this game will become your favourite too!

Guide: Extra Protection

Since the last time I wrote this entry, there has been a newer, more updated tutorial/ recommendation for another software I use for encryption. You can check it out here!

Hello guys, I must say it has been a long time since I used my laptop to write anything on my blog. I’d usually work on my iPad at a more breezy location with occasional sightings of xmm. Anyway, that is not the point. Jhae comes in contact with contents that has certain level of sensitivity on it. Bluntly put it, his personal ‘Inspiration’ folder. We’re not talking about those photos you save on Tumblr or SgGirls, those doesn’t even skim the surface. What I’m referring to are photos and videos from trusted sources – Personal. Trusted. Sources. Never meant to be shown to another person or risk ruining lives or even ending up in prison.

Now that we have got the magnitude in mind, let’s move to the jizz of this entry.

What sort of encryption of you guys use for sensitive data? In particular, on your computers. As for mobile devices, the only way is to find an app that provides password security. But here, I would like to focus on gigabytes of videos and photos.

Jhae recommends – OTFE (On-The-Fly Encryption)

otfe1 (Custom) otfe3 (Custom)

I’ll let the key features do the convincing. If more information is needed on the software, feel free to comment, ask in the cBox or contact me.

  • It can be installed on a portable storage devices
    Apart from decrypting files on multiple computers, it also mean that if someone saw the encrypted file on your desktop, they won’t be able to find the right software to access it.
  • Encryption Wizard
    Upon clicking on ‘New’, a wizard will pop up to help you through the whole encryption process. It’s super user friendly.
  •  Drive-mounting Concept for encrypted files
    By this, I mean that OTFE will create a holding cell for your secrets. Using the wizard, create a Volume* File (which I called it ‘holding cell’ earlier), name it and find a location for it (you can move it anywhere later), select a size for the holding cell, and the encryption strength (I don’t know how secure it is, I just went with the default).

Once you have created the .vol file, use OTFE to mount the file and format the drive if Windows asks you to. And voila! Throw your files into it, dismount it and keep a backup somewhere. Heck, I don’t even have a backup.

What I love most is the developers’ confidence about this particular software, as seen on the password creation window;

otfe2 (Custom)

Here, we have come to the end of this guide to protect yourself better. Great if you are one of those who have nothing that dangerous to hide. But for those who have, making things more difficult for others can go a long way for yourself.

Anonymous Comments

Alright guys, this isn’t anything sexual, but a note I would like to highlight to the fellow SG erotica bloggers out there. This little bit affects me a lot, and if worked on, will certainly increase the amount of feedback or comments your blogs can receive.

Many of the bloggers uses WordPress, if not Blogspot for their medium of expressing their sexual desires. These free sites apply a standard configuration for accepting comments. That;

1. The commenter has to have an account with Blogger or WordPress or Tumblr, etc.

2. All comments have to go through the site owner before they are published.

3. And more settings that is not the point of my entry.

What I want to highlight is point number 1.

As a blogger and reader, I would like to keep myself hidden. Hidden being not exposing my email address, not using my public blog account to log in.

If all you bloggers can, and may, please allow anonymous comments on your site. They will still ask for an email address, and a name. At the end of the day, you will still need to go through all the comments, while the system will help filter all the spam that is reported from the other millions of blogs.

I would love to comment on many of the blogs, but this small inconvenience might just keep me from saying anything about any specific posts, if not the whole blog on its own.

Selfish as I am, I am concerned about exposing my identity while giving a comment. Most readers have an account to read blogs, and some don’t have. They are merely passer-bys who appreciate literature-inclined writers. As much as I do, I think they are happy to comment on your entries too.

Help me, help you, help them.

Seriously, I am dying to comment on some upcoming blogs.

DIY Cuffs.

So I have been making a simple cuff out of straps that is more comfortable than the previous DIY project, and finally came up with this. First of all, I must state that it is not an easy snap or clip on kind of restraints, and it does take two hands to remove it, thus, it is good (at least in my eyes).

Below is the simple three step process. And I hope more can benefit from this exploration instead of spending $$$ on those expensive import. Humph!

SAM_3163 (Medium)

I have upgraded the choice of material from those kind of seat belts to this, more of canvas quality. The required length is 85cm maximum, and it is a 1 inch width. Burn the ends with a lighter to prevent and fluff from coming apart.

SAM_3164 (Medium)

Run a strap adjuster to each ends and bring it to somewhere close to the centre.

SAM_3165 (Medium)

Lastly, run the ends of the strap through the fastener and it will create a nice tight loop.

SAM_3166 (Medium)

Please note that this cannot be undone with just one hand, so feel free to tie both hands close to each other. Give it a few trial and error, to see how loose or tight it must be to prevent the sub from escaping. Safety first.