Four Levels Deeper

Ivan’s mind, and heart was thrown into a disarray when his plan went accordingly, to which he had to watch his very own girlfriend, Jacq, mingle with friends of Jake, the asshole who fucked, and left Jacq with a pussy full of his cum for Ivan to discover later. The mere thought of that fateful […]

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A Stick for Carrie

‘Bei.. help me take it off.. ‘ Lying drunk on Bob’s stomach, Carrie could barely focus on removing his shorts, let alone keep her eyes open for it. Moments after they shut the door behind themselves, she had gone ahead to strip herself down to her lingerie, leaving little for him to do while he […]

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The Innocent S

LindaMichelle: ‘Thanks for your help. So sorry to trouble you so late in the night. I don’t know why my iBanking isn’t working.’ Me: ‘It’s okay. How’s everything now? Is the money helping?’ LindaMichelle: ‘Yeah. Slowly fixing.’ We walked along the busy road along Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 towards the park behind the station […]

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Open Invite

It had been too long since Sarah had a good rest and she returned home to find her husband on the laptop, working although it was late. As busy as he was, he left his desk and went to pour her a glass of wine before continuing his work. Sarah was feeling horny that night, […]

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Dirty Me

This entry is written on behalf of a friend’s wife, Sarah, from her point of view. My husband was a weird man, somehow, I find him too loving and understanding, almost too good to be true. Nonetheless, I love him a lot and am grateful for him. This recount was written to express myself to […]

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