Day: Unknown Date: September 2009 Time: 7pm. Location: Public toilet I always chatted with one of my friends who bought a vibrator, and most of the time, it’s those dirty chat about fantasies that I can only dream about. Soon, we agreed to meet on this day at Aljunied MRT station. I was a bit […]

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Just Be Good

Day: Friday Date: 20th February 2009 Time: After 4pm. Location: J8 Cinema, my house Maybe I had been good lately, not sure. But I am trying hard not to ‘play’ with her. Peiling and I went to watch a movie after her class ends at 11am. So we went to GV Bishan to see what […]

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After A Long Busy Period

Day: Tuesday Date: 11th February 2009 Time: Morning and Evening Location: Peiling’s house then my house. For the past few days, Peiling’s parents were out of the country and she was posted to her relatives’ place for that period. She wasn’t allowed late nights and would have to report to her dad’s paint shop to […]

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My Birthday!

Day: Friday Date: 6th February 2009 Time: Whole day Location: Peiling’s House It was my birthday, and it wasn’t a good day to begin with. Peiling had school at NAFA till 11am, and I thought her school ends at 2pm. I was quite pissed off that she didn’t tell me. It was mostly my bad […]

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