Reserved Load

Hao: ‘Why you wear tennis skirt? No other skirts ah?”
Liying: ‘Just wear lo. Keep at home for what?’

The thought of his reservist buddies eyeing his girl was bad enough (most of them had seen her before), and she had to wear such suggestive clothing to fetch him. Luckily for the quick dispersal of his camp mates, he did not make up too big a fuss about her attire.

They hopped into a cab after he bade them goodbye, with her acting all fidgety during the short wait. He was tired as fuck after the pre-book out foot drill but her hands all over him almost angered him in the taxi.

Hao (wearily): ‘Eh.. Don’t disturb me la. I’m damn shag leh.’
Liying: ‘Okok. I’ll be good k?’

She quietly intertwined their fingers and brought his lazy hand up her skirt, where his eyes suddenly opened wide.

Hao (whispering): ‘You didn’t wear anything?!’
Liying (whispering): ‘Shh!’

Seated behind the driver, she could well guide him between her thigh gap and let him grope a feel of her shaved pussy. He couldn’t sit still anymore after knowing his girlfriend was horny and proceeded to probe at her clit, massaging the swollen tip slowly while she rubbed through his No.4 trousers.

Once the cab reached his place, they got off and took the stairs, lugging his heavy equipments on their shoulders. Before they could reach the second, he had already gave up. The bags were dropped onto the floor and he gracefully swung her into a corner, forcing his lips on her. Though she had a sporty skirt on, the tight shirt she wore was just emphasising on her small boobs. He quickly lifted her shirt and took her bra off, sucking on her nipples to hear her moan.

Liying (whispering): ‘Slowly dear.. They are all yours.’

As his fingers wriggled through her wet labia, her height increased slightly from his rough penetration. Her mind was as high as how tight her pussy was over his finger.

Liying: ‘Take it out for me?’
Hao: ‘You want you take it out yourself.’
Liying: ‘Tsk.’

She spent the next minute struggling with the buttons on his fly, all the time moaning to his thrusting hand. She had never shaved before in her life, and this time, she had shown him how crazily she missed him.

Liying: ‘Let me suck you.’
Hao: ‘You better don’t let your teeth touch me hor.’

She nodded eagerly and let him lean against the wall, kneeling on his bag and giving his cock a lick. Within seconds, his hand went behind her back and his cock slid easily into her mouth, with ample suction drawing blood to its tip. For five days, he had never gotten hard once and it was obvious from his hardness. Somehow, his workout routine had even made his little head bigger.

The stairwell was filled with groans from her slurping lips, pressing onto his shaft tightly. In front of him, was his little girl engulfing his cock into a hot and wet mouth.

Hao: ‘Turn around and use my bag. Let’s do doggy here.’

His heavy field pack was dragged a distance to let her rest her bent forearms while he took a high-kneel position. Without a condom like usual, he split his girl’s ass opened as his dick forced its way through, curling her toes from where he could see.

Hao: ‘Shiok bo? Big right?’
Liying: ‘Argh.. Why so big? Move slowly can?’
Hao: ‘Painful?’
Liying: ‘A little bit?’

He jerked her waist back and plunged deep into her against her wishes, filling his senses up with pure pleasure. At that point, there was no more ‘gentle’ or ‘slowness’ in him, just deep, hard thrusts that sent her biting down on his bag. The tiny waist felt really soft in his strengthened hands, making her feel weak in his backward pulls.

There was no words to describe how much juices she leaked except for the wet testicles she had given him. Her short skirt had a wet patch at the hems but there was no stopping him. Violent entries made her regret her decision to do it in public, for she could not scream like she needed to. For Hao, he was high in confidence, about his new-found stamina and delayed ejaculation.

Liying (moaning): ‘Boyboy! I’m cumming! Ahh!’

Her pussy got more unbearable to a stage he had to stop, buried in her deepest end that pulsated along his cock. He did not let her rest much and resumed thrusting, to the twitching, pleading girl in front.

Liying (moaning): ‘Stop stop! It’s super sensitive now.. Please!’

Her pleas fell to deaf ears as he launched his full fledged attack on her, flanking her in just one direction. The momentum had caused him to lose control, ramming her puffed up vagina mercilessly.

Hao (grunting): ‘Shooting!’

When he mentioned that word, he was a few strokes away but she just fell away from him, leaving his cock throbbing in the air.

Hao: ‘What the fuck? Come back!’

Liying hastily turned around and covered her pussy, admitting to him that she had skipped the birth-control pills. Knowing that there was nowhere else he would cum (she disliked CIM), she decided to swallow his cock in full. The shocked NSman fell on his bum and let the ‘doggy-style’ girl suck him off, head bobbing up and down between his trousers.

After five minutes of tireless head, he grabbed her head and shoved her into his groin. His hips trembled non-stop as cum exited his shaft, pumping his week’s load of cum down her stomach. Her moving throat triggered all the cum he had stored up and drained him of strength in an instant.

Once he was done, he let her go and she just laid exhausted on his bags, catching rapid breaths.

Liying: ‘You shoot a lot ah? I feel full.’
Hao: ‘Of course la. One week leh. And I get to shoot in your mouth.’

They finished the packet of wet tissue she had to clean themselves, before making their way upstairs.

Mother: ‘Liying! You fetch Hao home ah? So nice.’

Fifteen minutes of welcoming and unpacking later, his mother had dragged his dad out of the house for supper. Back in his room, he was overwhelmed by tireness, unable to move a limb. At that moment, it was Liying who gave him a massage, before it turned into another erotic fingernail-play that made him hard again.

Hao (wearily): ‘Again?’
Liying: ‘Just lie down and don’t move.’

Her wonderful lips went over his cock again and she rode him as if they had not fucked earlier, full of vigour he could not match. The second load was his final one after he came into her mouth again, giving her the ‘supper’ after ‘dinner’. The duo slept till noon the next day, where she was up and working on his morning wood before he even opened his eyes.

Instead of breaking up with Hao during his unescapable NS fate, Liying had decided to embrace the chance to discipline his raging hormones, rewarding him with unparalleled, intense sex marathons during his bookouts. Just imagine the first load(s) she would get to feel inside her every week.

Thankfully for the birth-control..

Two Weeks

After two whole weeks of wearing the chastity belt, the desire to have her pussy filled with her boyfriend’s dick was growing like a drug addiction. Doreen had to squeeze a pad between the strap where her pussy was constantly rubbing against, to keep her juices from leaking. Her boyfriend, Ryan, was just enlisted into the Army and she had confidently assured him that she would not cheat on him by wearing that belt. Now that he was about to book out for the first time in weeks, her heart had been racing to quickly get her sexual needs satisfied.

The buses ferrying the recruits finally arrived and she waved excitedly at his green uniformed boy, who was looking out for her as well. The outfit of a red bustier tube top with a loose black flare skirt attracted the army boys’ attention but she was only interested in one. Ryan bided his campmates goodbye and walked towards Doreen, who had jumped into her arms, whispering that she had been so horny for him the whole day.

In her wallet was some extra cash he had put with her during the two weeks, but on her mind was the plan to check into a hotel for some wild sex with him. They went to his place shortly after to get him out of the uniform, before they left house in a hurry, cabbing towards one of the many hotels at Geylang. In the quickest possible manner, one of the spacious rooms was booked and they checked in, frenching each other the moment the door shut on them.

Ryan: ‘Can you shower first? I want to unlock the belt together with you on the bed.’

Without hesitation, she went for the bathroom and spent some time inside, while Ryan stealthily set up two pin hole cameras, and dialled one of his buddy’s contact on Skype.

Ryan (Skype): ‘Come in when I ask you guys to.’

The phone was left on and he laid on the bed, waiting for Doreen to finish. A few minutes later, she came out of the bathroom with just a towel around her chest and she joined him on the bed, dropping the towel onto the carpet beside.

Ryan: ‘Lie down and put this over your eyes. I’m going to unwrap my present now.’

He took the few seconds when his girlfriend was tying the blindfold to send a text to his two friends, asking them to wait at their door. After she was prepared, he unlocked the door and ran back to her, unlocking the belt that contained her deprived raging hormones. The two guys stepped into the room quietly and removed their shorts, taking their positions beside the bed and Doreen.

As soon as Ryan clicked his fingers, they moved to pin her arms down, and Ryan’s hand went to her pussy to rub on her clit.

Doreen (screaming): ‘Dear! What is happening! Who is holding me down?’

Ryan: ‘Shhh.. just two of my friends whom I asked to help.’

She struggled to free her arms but was helpless against the strong hands holding her down. As Ryan continued to tease her clit, the strength to fight was slowly drained away, leaving her begging for him not to let them do anything to her. The guys picked up their belts and tied her hands together, securing it to another belt around the bed frame to keep her still.

Once she was restrained, Ryan pushed her knees upwards and positioned himself at her pussy. Giving his dick a coat of his saliva, he impatiently drove his cock in and began thrusting, sending Doreen screaming with pleasure as her body approved the forceful thrusts. The men had climbed onto the bed and one of them took her hand to his dick, making her stroke him while the other placed his manhood at her mouth.

Ryan: ‘Open your mouth and take it in. Help my friends out too.’

At first, she did not listen, but the pounding from her boyfriend finally broke her silence and she opened her mouth, giving the guy his chance to shove his dick in. Doreen’s head did not have much space to move, not when her arms were over her head. So she quietly let his friend mouth fuck her, while the horny side of her slowly gave in to suck on his pee hole.

Only working her mouth for a few minutes, she was made to turn to the other side for the other guy, who was much larger and she blew him like a horny slut, engaging in a 4p that her body had secretly wanted.

Soon, Ryan’s hips got tired from the fast paced sex and he waddled his way over her stomach, stopping his dick a few inches from her face.

Ryan: ‘Suck me baby, I’m in front of your mouth now.’

She stopped playing with the dick in her mouth and switched to her boyfriend, feeling more comfortable with the size she was used to sucking. The guys beside her had disappeared from her sides and went over to her pussy, where one guy pinned her thighs painfully by her sides, spreading her wide. His dick then pierced into her unexpecting cunt and rammed furiously, giving her no chance to ask for forgiveness.

The guy was clearly starved of sex when he pounded her, cause it was delivering some of the hardest orgasms she had. At the speed he went, Doreen was letting Ryan fuck her mouth faster as the slight suffocation amplified the climax her body was constantly shivering to. The other guy was heard disturbing his busy friend until her pussy had a chance for a rest. But not for long after the third guy stuck his rod in, thrusting in hyper speed at Ryan’s girlfriend.

Guy2: ‘Oh god! She’s so tight!’

Ryan: ‘Shut up and fuck. Don’t need you to comment.’

Laughters were heard in the background and Ryan got off her body. In under ten seconds, two mouths went over her nipples and sucked on her firm cups, making her body sensitive with the triple tease.

Guy2: ‘I’m cumming!’

Ryan: ‘Shoot inside, she’s on the pill.’

Doreen (pleading): ‘No no.. please dear.. don’t let him.. ‘

The gush of warm liquid filled her womb up and she knew it was too late. The unknown guy’s cum kept pumping her full and she felt dirty yet hornier at the same time. Something inside her knew her boyfriend would be the last to cum, and the extra wetness would help him go super fast.

With some tinkering of the straps on her wrists, she was flipped over to doggie and the larger dick found its way into her again. Her waist was held firmly and the banging resumed on her ass. The extended dick tore its way into the untouched region of her pussy and she came immediately, pushing the guy to his limit with her contracting cunt.

Guy: ‘She’s really tight bro. I won’t last long.’

Ryan: ‘Just finish it and then it’s my turn.’

He rammed her so hard that her head hit against the headboard, and the waves of pleasure echoing through her body was so intense that she could not make anymore sounds, except to open her mouth wide.

Doreen: ‘Dear, let me suck you.’

Ryan knelt in front of her head and she found his dick without seeing. With the pounding at her rear, the momentum was in the guy’s hands and Ryan simply closed his eyes and enjoyed the automated blowjob.

At last, a groan from the dick inside her pussy came and he pulled her waist down hard over his groin, flushing his cum into her while he squeezed her breasts. It had taken him a full minute before he was done, and the exit from her cunt accidentally dirtied the sheets.

The guys wore their clothes back while Ryan untied his girl’s hands, but kept her sucking him until they left the room.

Ryan: ‘Don’t take the blindfold off first.’

He led her to lie on the bed before he pierced her in missionary, before pulling those cloths off her eyes.

Doreen: ‘Who are they?’

Ryan: ‘My camp mates. Don’t talk anymore, let’s finish and clean ourselves up k?’

The change in atmosphere calmed the sex-hyped girl down and she hugged him closely, while his hips sank his rod in and out of her. They kissed passionately while their genitals kept thrusting, until Doreen began squeezing her pussy tight.

The change in Ryan’s expression pleased her to know that he loved her work, and he went faster, without holding himself back. He placed her legs over his shoulders and pounded her ass hard, reaching so deep that some of the cum got forced out.

Ryan: ‘Baby, I’m cumming now.’

Doreen placed her hands on his ribs and pulled him slightly, making him go faster until he reached his maximum speed. The hot streams of cum sprayed into her, hotter and in bigger volume than the other two guys. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held him inside, not letting him go until his dick started shrinking.

They disconnected from each other and a thick spat of cum dribbled out of her pussy, onto the towel Ryan quickly snatched from the floor.

Doreen: ‘It’s so much coming out.’

Ryan: ‘I know. It’s beautiful.’

Doreen: ‘Really? You don’t mind?’

Ryan: ‘No, I love it, especially when you enjoy it that much.’

He picked her up and went into the showers, giving her a thorough clean up and she did the same for her, sucking him to clear his chamber, and at the same time going for another round of deep throat. The second load exhausted him and they went to bed in that early afternoon, cuddled up in each other’s’ arms.

Doreen (whispering): ‘Will you bring another two friends the next time? Or will it be them again?’

Ryan (whispering): ‘What do you prefer?’

Doreen (whispering): ‘Sam is in your bunk too right? I can ask his girlfriend if she wants to join us, she’s my secondary school friend.’

Ryan (excitedly): ‘So it will be a foursome but with two couples?’

The cute nod from her answered his question and thoughts of fucking his buddy’s girlfriend stirred him hard again. It’s a fair trade after all, cause Sam would be having Doreen in exchange too. That weekend was filled with non-stop rounds of sex and just before he left for camp, she had put on the chastity belt again, saving her pussy for him (and his buddy) to enjoy the next week.

Morning PT

Perline: ‘I need to draw my bunk keys.’

Me: ‘Just write your particulars and sign here.’

As I took the keys from the press, I couldn’t help but glance through her wide PT collar, which allowed some view of her black sports bra to escape. She smiled sweetly and thanked me before leaving the office. I was one of the two guys on duty, Jim taking his time to catch some sleep from the late night of soccer last night. Perline was the only female in this cohort, 24 (from her NRIC 1987), medium sized lady whose body wasn’t scarily toned from the training of the army. Having such great governance, it was the place to sign a contract with. Safe, secure and virtually no risks of a war, still if the times call for them, they would at least fight to survive. Long hair to her back, slender sharp face, bright charismatic features, definitely helped her to get to where she was now.

She appeared within a few minutes and the sweet voice placed my thoughts on hold.

Perline: ‘Umm.. The air-con doesn’t seem to be working.’

I followed her back to her room to take a look since the central air-conditioning unit displayed all to be working fine. Due to the fact that there were so few females enlisting, no rooms were specially built, so they had to make do with a spare room amongst the offices, with the luxury of air conditioning – that’s if they even have the time to enjoy it.

Me: ‘I think the vents are blocked, the flaps aren’t coming down. I’ll go grab a chair, hold on.’

She followed me around, breaking the ice with my length of service left and some non-sensitive topics. Since I wasn’t really tall, a bit of struggling helped to finished the job. By the time I was leaving, she was seated on her bed, asking me to take a sit. No girls would even take up anyone’s time if there wasn’t any intention to do anything. The clock ticking at 2am showed me enough time for anything to happen then.

Perline: ‘So.. are you attached?’

Me: ‘Yeah.’

Hoping it would help me NOT to be tempted. Hmm.. But no.

Perline: ‘Good.’

I doubted she even bothered with my status after she pulled her shirt off, gluing my eyes to her waist, showing a tad bit of packs. I guess this IS the time the word ‘jaw-dropping’ is used. Her legs weren’t model-slim, but her waist was. And the ratio of hips to thighs width was perfect, as her shorts dropped, my watchful eyes indulged in admiring the curves widening at her hips. My own breathing got warmer as she pulled me up, helping me undo my pants’ button and pulling my green top off.

Perline: ‘Wow.’

Did my newly trimmed bushes really made the ‘tree’ looked taller? She sat on the bed and gave my dick head a little wee-morning shower, with her saliva. She didn’t care about any odour or pre-cum, swiftly pushing her head down on my speed growing member. With just a handful of strokes from her tight pressed lips, my weapon was fully armed and ready. Her expression was a priceless one, half trance mode with rolled back eyes. Perhaps the effects of pre-cum? A few throat depth seconds and she knew we had to advance. If not, her mouth might just really work me off.

Not wasting any more time, she turned over onto her fours and peeled her black briefs down her thighs. The evil me immediately painted her squirming oyster pearl, engulfing me in the freshly showered scent of strawberry body wash. Her juices were clear and thin, easily thirst quenching if she squirted.

*Ahh.. ahh.. *

Lips biting moans and legs shivering turned me on even more, as though an invisible force was sucking me into her. I could assure you that even married men would have problem saying no at this point in time.

Me: ‘I don’t have a rubber.’

Perline: ‘Just put it in already!’

I piston my rod into her, driving it in and out, at a steady pace. Her body was already telling me it was the fastest she was ever pumped, working with the speed and depth, I was lucky her G-spot was shallow. Who says men needed big long guns? My little head nicely scrapped her sensitive spot and pulled back, going back for more after each thrust. Her pussy was perfect, not too tight, just allowing her body to naturally contract and form the a close fit.

Perline: ‘Ohh.. Fuck me faster. I’m cumming.

I hastened and reached my terminal velocity, all that’s left was counting down to ejaculation. I don’t even needed to go for long before the suffocation quickly squeezed the trigger, my mind was going 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4..

Me: ‘Mdm, where do I unload?’

Perline: *Heavy breathing* ‘Inside. And it’s an order.’

3.. 2.. 1..

My volcano erupted hot lava into her and her hips grinded against mine, demanding all of what I had. As her body collapse on the bed, I laid on her back, still inside her, while waiting for it to get soft before sneaking it back out. Our bodies were wet with perspiration, and her sheets too, with overflowing cum and juice. About three minutes passed and I pushed myself up, checking on Perline to see if she was alright.

Perline: ‘Wait. Let me clean you up.’

Her lips went over my dick and sucked it cleaned, giving attention to the base, where prickly studs were growing. Within another few strokes, it was all upright again and her face was in the trance mode again, instinctively forcing her head onto my hips, taking me as deep as she could. Just like masturbation, all that was needed was time, and when my biological timer was up, the second load was emptied into her mouth, which tallied to about the same amount as my first shot inside her.

*Gulp gulp*

Perline swallowed everything and gave my little one a kiss before getting dressed in front of me, somewhat like the opposite of a striptease. Hmm.. dress-tease? I know masturbation is a chargeable offence, but what about sex? ;) My turn to nap while Jim does duty!

Outfield Joy

Me: ‘How long do you think we have to be here for?’

Nasri: ‘I don’t know. Maybe till late at night?’

It’s just ten in the morning, and this very training took place at a natural reserve park at Lower Mandai. It was going to take a whole day of manning a communication radio to facilitate the training. Having our spot set up under a low canopy, it was secretive enough to avoid detection since no one was supposed to walk into our area. (Hint: Along the path to Rifle Range)

Then, something obvious came to our minds. It was a public park, and there would be civilians here. A pair of Caucasian ladies in their mid-thirties were jogging. It was their chance to take a break from the traffic and work in this leafy forest. As we prepared our area for the exercise, a pair of Caucasians in their teens were running in our direction, with our equipments and uniform getting their attention.

Girl: ‘Morning guys. What’s happening here?’

Nasri: ‘We’re setting up the equipments for training.’

Girl2: ‘Wow! That’s cool! So what are these?’

We had a long chat and learnt a few things about them. The two of them were sisters, thus explaining the blond hair of the same shade, and the two of them were born in minutes’ difference. Their daily run gave them the shapely contour and even the sports bra they wore could hardly hide their perky nipples, let alone hold their F cups breasts.

The best part? Their parents brought them here for a long holiday, having booked a suite at the clubhouse nearby to themselves (just a room for the two girls). Having the whole day to themselves, they decided to have a peaceful jog in the woods.

Their company certainly made our work easier, as we got closer sharing our lives. Then, one of them, Rae, asked us a daring question. It too, explained a lot about their openness.

Rae: ‘Since you guys spend long weeks in camp, and there are no girls in there, how do you relief yourselves?’

Knowing that it was a chance to be cheeky, I gave the best answer that popped into my mind.

Me: ‘When we meet pretty girls like you!’

Reia gave a smile and turned serious. Maybe my statement was too much.

Reia: ‘Ever did it out here?’

None of us men in green had an answer. Cause it could get messy if we were caught. But I could tell the two of them were serious, so I said no.

Rae: ‘Our boyfriends aren’t around to help us out either. And we haven’t tried it outdoors too. Maybe the four of us should do something fun.’

The same thoughts were ringing in our bodies, just that no one expressed it verbally. All of us got up and went deeper into the forestation, stopping at a well camouflaged clearing, yet offered enough space to maintain watch on our equipments.

The two girls pulled their track pants down and perched their ass backwards, holding on to a fallen tree trunk for support. It seemed like they were yearning for it as well, tempting us with their nether.

Wasting no time, I unbuttoned my pants and whipped out my blood-filled penis, fully pumped up to savour some foreign pussy. I stood behind Rae and fingered her pussy to wetness. Sinking my digits deep inside, she was telling me how much she needed it with the tightness she applied.

I don’t know why I picked her, probably due to her height, which was just right for me. Nasri had the hots for Reia though, from the moment they spoke to us, possessing a slightly longer hair and a floral tattoo imprinted on her shoulders. I find girls with tattoos hot too, but in this case, not on their fair complexion.

Anyway, I got to business and plugged my dick into the opening. She had quite a wide slit, possibly caused by the size of her boyfriend, or that blondes were simply designed this way. Still, the wetness and her use of the vagina muscles made my lose my balance and had to tug against her hips to reach the depth.

Both their moans were well controlled as we banged them as hard as we could. Despite our efforts to enforce noise discipline, nature couldn’t stop the sounds of the slapping sounds. The two girls then turned around after a while, spreading their legs wide for a full frontal attack.

Rae (whom I was ‘working out’ with) placed one of her legs on the log and took all of my hard work in, tilting her head back in ecstasy. The womanly scent of her body was such a turn on. You know, the aroma that girls gives off no matter if they were perspiring or not? Well, I could totally feel the end of the celestial experience by then.

Nasri: ‘You cumming soon?’

Me: ‘Yeah. About now?’

I continued my forceful thrusts and withstood Rae’s last vaginal squeeze. That being the last straw, I pulled it out at the same time as Nasri did. Not wanting to take the chance to have kids all over the globe, I directed the hot fudge onto her beautiful pussy and gave it a good coat between her butt.

We all suited up and paused for a while to sense any movements, which would mean someone was watching. Thankfully, there was none detected. They joined us back at our site after taking a moment to adjust their hair and composure, and continued the chit chat session.

Reia: ‘We don’t wear our underwear when we run so it wouldn’t get too warm below. But this time, I guessed it still got too hot.’

They would shave each other often and even get each other off. The topics we discussed got so heated up that they offered us handjobs in exchange for our fingers. Hehe. Get it? At one time, the two blondes even swallowed our sperms as a challenge.

In short, the few hours of companionship was well spent, with not a single trace of radio contact. Though we were exhausted, our little heads had a secret no one else would know.



JT (SMS): Siao ah?

Pearlyn (SMS): Yahh!

It was close to 10pm when he received the few texts from Pearlyn, requiring him to reply stealthily since he was on duty. To be more exact, his last shift of duty. Everyone in his company line had gone home and he can only book out tomorrow, after breakfast. Despite all these arrangements, it seemed pointless as he would be the only one in his block, probably a scheme by an encik which bore a grudge against him.

Finally, the next shift of personnel took over and he dragged himself and his gears back to his bunk. Standing for close to three hours straight, JT was wishing for someone to give him a massage right there and then.

Pearlyn (SMS): I’m in camp. Where are you?

JT (SMS): Yeah right! I’m in Foxtrot.

Pearlyn (SMS): I’m coming! :p

Who is this Pearlyn? She was 19 when JT was 21. They had been together since they met in Junior College. JT had decided to sign on the army when he was in BMT, taking Pearlyn and his future into consideration. She had then fallen deeper in love with JT, especially when he is in his uniform, with a tanned, fit body hidden behind that broad green attire. His facial features were simply too much for Pearlyn’s fetish for army guys, short neat hair and a black frame spectacle made her believe he was hers.

The creaking sound of his bunk door opening shocked the daylights out of JT as he thought was the only one left! Pearlyn’s slim womanly figure broke the shadows and she creep beside JT’s bed. This silly girl did not notice the two soldiers on duty saw her and followed her up into the bunk. Sure it was easy to spot a figure in spaghetti top and short skirt in such a place.

Pearlyn: ‘I told you I was coming.’

JT: ‘Are you crazy? How did you get in here?’

Pearlyn: ‘The gates near the clinic was open.’

JT: ‘You mean the medical centre. How am I going to get you out later?’

Pearlyn: ‘See how later?’

His bodily scent simply turned Pearlyn’s body on, like a bull seeing red, her hormones went wild. Only one side of the lights were left on, and music was playing through his iPod Classic and x-mini speakers. She placed her Prada bag on the bed beside his and knelt beside him, massaging his legs.

JT: ‘Let me go shower first?’

Pearlyn: ‘No.’

JT: ‘What?’

He gave a bewildered look with a contrasting smile. Pearlyn knew what she wanted and climbed on top of him. Unbuttoning his trousers quickly, and that sex-starved JT, was removing his top. She didn’t remove his pants though, merely pulling his underwear lower and letting his rock hard cock free into the air. The two guys out there were faced with the most awkward scene. Anyway, what could they do? Masturbate outside?

Pearlyn: ‘I want it this way.’

She bent down like a gymnast and devoured his throbbing hard rod, slurping and sucking loudly, head bouncing up and down off his hips. Her lips was pressing so tightly on his shaft that many times he thought he was about to cum, but her skillful tongue would tease his small head so much that the sensitivity would drive the ejaculation urge down. It was truly a ‘free show’ to the tactical pair peeping through the windows. JT had his eyes closed and Pearlyn was busy sucking him off, that was how they avoided detection. After three to four times of this teasing deprivation, JT could not take it anymore and slide her off him.

JT: ‘My turn to play now.’

He flipped her over violently and got her on fours, lifted her tiny skirt, which was barely three inches below her pussy, and revealed the soaked panties which only made JT crazier. He used his dickhead to push her thongs to the side and drove it right up her, sending a wave of overwhelming shock into her.

JT: ‘Like it Lyn?’

She was too high to reply, everything was so surreal, being with her boyfriend in his bunk, fucking her mind out while in uniform, with a mix of sweat and his scent in the air. His thick cock pumped in and out of her small slit, desperately trying to handle the big tool, which was getting bigger every now and then. She counted over three times of climax and her limbs were tired out, while JT was still ramming his life into her.

Pearlyn: ‘JT! JT! I’m tired.’

JT: ‘Okay. We’ll have a break k? Come. Lie down.’

She lay on her back and covered her eyes with her forearms to block out the light for a bit. She did not felt JT positioning himself over her pussy, giving her another shock of her life. Despite the soreness from his romp, her pussy was asking for it, always looking so innocent and tidy, perfectly waxed and cleaned. It was the only reason for JT to have love with her, he was the only one who had been in her, ravaging her perfect pussy.

His missionary was Pearlyn’s favorite and most vulnerable position. JT doesn’t know, but he was aware some of the craziest and sexiest moans came from this position. His slightly curved member, scraped across her G-spot and her body shivered, quickly become a tremble to a convulsion. His dick continued to work his way in and out, grinding against her vagina walls with its thick girth and length.

Juice didn’t stop flowing for as long as he pumped, dampening the sheets and dripping off his balls. Finally, the end was almost near.

JT: ‘I’m about to cum.’

Here is where Pearlyn loves and hate. Her hands tightened at the metal frame at the headboard, gripping it so tightly her veins can be seen at the back of the hands. JT burst and went into rapid fire mode, jamming his perfectly curved did in and out, up and down of her vagina walls, pleasure echoing in her head, almost knocking her unconscious. A final few deep thrust and his soldiers escaped into her, like how you would describe a fire hose at work, spraying cum at such force and speed that her pussy squeezed so hard, creating a back flow and pushing some of it out.

With his penis still in her, he gave her a few more strokes to force the last drop of cum out and into her. Before pulling the limp, wasted piece of meat out and dropping it into her mouth for a clean-up. She sucked it clean and even teased him using his hyper sensitive ‘small head’. JT’s got everything done, and Pearlyn fully satisfied.

He went for a shower and returned to dress his sweet little girl up, before sending her the way she came in, out of the medical centre’s gate. Luckily for them, camera devices were not allowed in military camps. It wasn’t long before one of the two sneaky bastards could not take it and fired off in the toilet.

I wonder how would a girl feel knowing a guy is masturbating and releasing while thinking of her?


This was an event the camp always organize probably every three to four months, right before the sergeant trainees start their course. It was more of an open house by the army to expose JC and secondary school students to a soldier’s life. Being stuck inside could only meant activation for that, as a tour guide. To be frank, my job scope was only to bring the kids to various checkpoints and let the facilitator take over, showing them whatever.

I was bringing one group of JC students to the Leader’s hall, by that time, my mind was looking forward to booking out than just eye candies. They were in white top and green bottom. Not sure which school they were from though. Soon, the last guy was in and I walked off to get a drink after I reported the strength to a sergeant. Just two minutes out of the place, a girl tapped on my shoulder and I turned around, staring at a petite girl about 160 tall, with a sling back across her shoulder.

Girl: ‘Umm.. may I ask where is the toilet?’

That’s a very good question. I thought for a while before replying her, because usually these camps hardly have females, and even if there were, it would be only a couple of companies hosting them.

Me: ‘Alpha.’

Girl: ‘Ehh?’

Me: ‘Oh. Sorry. If I remembered correctly, alpha company has female cadets once. I’ll walk you over?’

Girl: ‘Thanks.’

As the walk is quite a ridiculous one, we had to walk a distance around the cluster since we can’t cut through the parade grounds. Of course, she introduced herself and I didn’t have to, I was basically labelled like every other green man. Her name is Hui Qi, mid-back length hair, quite a girl who behaves. I could usually tell from their school skirt, no? Upon reaching, I went to the few floors above while she checked the lower levels.


Me: ‘Uhh. So sorry. I think it’s Delta. I know it’s one of the company at the ends.’

Huiqi: ‘It’s okay la. Haha. Let’s walk.’

We walked over and sure enough, the whole place was quiet for everyone was in the hall. After we reached, I went up to the second floor and there it was. She hopped in and popped her head back out.

Huiqi: ‘Help me stand guard here can?’

Me: ‘Yeah sure. I was going to do that anyway.’

There was no way anyone can have fun in camp. In fact, that thought never came into my mind at all. I treated this place more of a ‘prison’ than camp. As I sat at the stairs nearby, I could hear her peeing and even her adjusting her clothes. Finally, the water flowing draining from the sink and I got up. Ready to send her back to the hall.

Huiqi: ‘Are these the rooms you sleep in?’

She turned right towards the bunks instead of the stairs down. Oh well, since the talk is probably some ‘bullshit’ like always. I brought her on a little tour and we ended up in the unlocked Annex room, or what was known as Recreation room. The aircon was blasting strongly and being in there was totally awesome compare to the hot glaring sun.

Huiqi: ‘How long will the talk last?’

Me: ‘According to schedule.. about two and a half more hours.’

Huiqi: ‘Hehe. Then we can stay here and relax.’

She sat on the couch and took out her phone to play. Well, how can I say no to be ‘officially’ occupied and not asked back to COY line to do ‘sai kang’ (shit work). I sat beside her and we continued talking, I was really paying attention to her, her sweet voice actually, ranting about her work, CCA, and how the guy she liked, cheated on her.

Soon, she got a little teary and I did what guys would do, I placed my hands around her shoulders and pulled her close to me. The room was pretty safe then, with the blinds pulled. We hugged and I made the do-or-get-charged move, kissing her pink succulent lips. It wasn’t much of a tongue fight, but a gentle peck that lasted for some time. Our bodies turned to face each other and both my hands met at her first button.

*cling clang* (sounds of padlock securing)

Oh shit, the room was locked from outside and we stared at each other in shock. Knowing there is only two ways left, one is to keep the fire burning, two would be to ask for help immediately. We relaxed and continued kissing, occasionally touching tongue tip to tongue tip. My fingers undid her top and separated the shirt wide enough to reveal a hot pink strapless bra. It was quite risky to remove any more clothing then as we had to be on the ball if anyone was to barge in. Back to her bra, it was even laced around the edges. Without breaking our lip-lock, I ran my fingers from the back to the front looking for the lock. Her bosoms were so full and fair that I couldn’t resist but gave them a gentle squeeze. I guessed right about the strapless and undid her bra from the front, letting the two soft cups bounce into the open air. I pushed her body backwards and she adjusted herself comfortably on the sofa, while I glide my face down her toned abs. My hands were running up her legs, anticipating some shorts or panties anywhere around her butt.

It wasn’t a surprise after all when I couldn’t find any, except for a width about two finger bone of spandex. Thongs maybe? This little lady was definitely more than meets the eye. I hooked the sides with my finger and swiftly pulled it downwards, shooting off her ankles, strewn on the floor, ignored. She knew how to handle me in such a situation (on a couch) though, she pulled my thighs, asking me to kneel over her waist as she unbuttoned my trousers, using only the wide pee hole for action. It was sexy to see her biting her lips as she put her hand in and went further into my boxers to pull my little brother out. Somewhat afraid of the hairy monster.

By then, her ‘extraction’ had caused my dick to be in sedia (attention) position poking out of the pants. Quite a sight I remember, that pink among the green. She pulled up her skirt till I could see her wax slit, like a coin slot, clean and totally delicious.

Huiqi: ‘Why are you staring at it? Tempting?’

Me: ‘How did you.. know what was I thinking?’

Huiqi: ‘It’s that smoothie that triggered your thoughts, I could have guessed.’

She gave a smile and I went down south to examine it closely, it was like baby smooth, even the pores were too small to be noticed. My fingers were then pressing into her slit to give her a little warm up. It was wet before I laid touch on it, and that massage just further improved the lubrication between her labia and the area around.

Huiqi: ‘You can lick it if you want to. My ex didn’t like the idea though.’

Without giving her a reply, I peeled her pussy lips open and attacked her clit, small and pretty, wet and glistering with her natural moist. Her moans echoed loudly and she cupped her hands over her mouth, while lifting her hips up for me to access, sucking and tongue-ing every spot, even nibbling on her super sensitive clitoris. Finally, she came once when I stuck my tongue into her sweet hole and released some juices into my mouth, relieving a bit of my thirst.

Huiqi: ‘Sorry.’

She gave the shy blushing look as she thought she could portray herself more demure even though we’re at this stage.

Me: ‘Don’t apologize, you tasted sweet.’

She pulled me via my collar to her lips and guided my manhood into the slot, whispering me to push to get inside cause she can’t open her legs any wider, I gave it a shove in and she gasped, clenching tightly to my uniform. I inched my ‘mushroom’ head in, feeling her grip get stronger. Looking at her expression, I paused and let her took a breather.

Me: ‘You alright?’

Huiqi: ‘Umm.. yes. You’re bigger than my two ex-boyfriends. Sorry.’

There was no need for her to apologize, I gave my dick a twitch and kissed her forehead. I took her hand and singled her middle finger, placing it on her clit.

Me: ‘Do this for me, massage your clit. It will help you relax.’

Huiqi: ‘You sure? Okay.’

She began rubbing and I could feel her pussy relaxing, even getting a little more wetter, juice exiting and flowing around my girth. I bent over to her forehead again and I placed my lips very near her ear.

Me: ‘Huiqi, are you ready?’

Huiqi looked at me with a shocked expression and held my shirt with both hands, as I moved my hands above her head on the armrest to deliver a pounding session. As my dick is still rock hard in her, all I needed to do was to drive it down and pull it back, safely held by her tight hole around my mushroom head.

It was literally a war zone, all I could remember and describe was the force of the ramming and how good it felt against her vagina walls, guiding me right into the depth and out. Her tightness created an unintentional vacuum and kept the both of us going even when we’re going into ‘hyper-sensitive’ mode every now and then. Close to an hour have passed since foreplay and about twenty to twenty-five minutes into sex.

The air-con failed to cool us down and she was tearing a little as I continued the hammerage, dipping my honey coated stick in and out of her. She was there biting her lips and breathing heavily trying to handle the size and soreness, opening her legs so wide.. I could say they were all over.

Finally ten more minutes was all I could last and I can no longer take the control anymore. The load was waiting to be delivered. But where? We did it without condom, and that was pretty much wild enough.

Me: ‘Huiqi, where do I unload?’

Huiqi wasn’t even listening, she was staring at my dick going in and out of her, fingers busy masturbating to relieve some pain, and emitting a vocally-possible-high-pitch ‘ngeeeee‘ sound, those which kids would do before crying. I could tell she was close to losing it. I had to end it and probably wake her up. It was too much I guess.

Me: ‘Huiqi?’

I pulled it out of her and instantly she snapped awake, with panting and vision tracking restored.

Huiqi: *gulped* ‘My mouth?’

She remembered. I went over to her mouth and she sucked me well, allowed me to mouth fuck her and even claiming a few strokes of deep throat. Her throat was responding well and although it wasn’t as tight as her pussy, the five minutes or so of blowjob soon loaded my ball load of goodies. I stopped moving my hips and she suckled on my dick like a baby, while I grabbed the couch’s old leather skin with my might, my shaft pumped every drop of protein into her mouth, credits to training which powered the pressure chamber for unloading of rounds every five days.

She pulled it out of her mouth squeezing it with her lips and closed her eyes before swallowing it with a few gulps. She reached into her bag and pulled out the small bottle of water and flushed her throat. I buttoned my trousers back and she lay exhausted on the couch.

Huiqi: ‘You’re awesome. I was in a trance when I zoned out. Felt like heavens.’

Me: ‘Are you sure? You looked scary. I thought you had lost your mind.’

Huiqi: ‘Oops. Hehe. I’m missing the feeling of you inside me already.’

There was no longer shyness between us. Her undergarment was picked up, folded and stacked nicely,while I texted my buddies who were in the hall about the progress. ‘Boring. Got delay. At least two more hours.’ was his reply. Siesta! She fell asleep quickly on my shoulders and I made sure I hugged her the whole time to keep her warm, especially with my abs protector (fats).

I took her iPhone and gave myself a SMS to get her number. After the allocated afternoon nap hours, I woke her up by putting her panties back on for her and sitting her up for the bra. We still could sit around for a few more minutes for the talk/ show/ presentation to end.

Huiqi: ‘So soon?’

Me: ‘Yeah. I’ve sent you a text, so you’ll get my number.’

Huiqi: ‘Okay.’

We got up and managed to get out of the room with a call to the COY office, explaining I fell asleep inside. She joined back the group and made their way back to school on buses. I sure hope she was feeling as sexified as me. I think I have to meet her soon. :P

Made possible with Advanture Girl’s help. (:

Her Guard Duty

Jialing: ‘Hey J, wake up.’
Me: ‘Huh? Jialing? What are you doing here?’
Jialing: ‘Come out then say.’

It was close to three in the morning when she whispered into my ears. It was quite a surprise to see her in my bunk. It was her turn to do guard duty, and she knew exactly where to find me.

Sitting on the cold tiles in the bigger shower cubicle, we talked about our NS life up till now. Seems that she had been masturbating more everytime she thought about me.

Jialing: ‘I missed you. Am feeling so horny now. Want?’

Giving me a wink, I couldn’t resist her at all. Holding her head, I kissed her fiercefully, making sure she remembers the taste of my lips. With her in the Load Bearing Vest (LBV), it was quite in the way of our movements. Turning her around the pin her against the wall, my hands went around her waist and unbuckle the belt for her pants. Unbuttoning army pants was pretty easy since that was all I undid for close to three months now.

I was in my FBT shorts which I usually wore to sleep. Her pants slipped down her legs and onto the floor, she followed by pulling her panties down and bent over.

Jialing: ‘Hurry, I need to get back to duty soon.’

Whipping out my rock hard manhood, I half-squatted and slid my dick into her dry hole.

Me: ‘You’re not wet enough, want me to stop?’
Jialing: ‘No.. just keep going, it will get wet one. I’m so horny now.’

I thrust my hips forward and pushed my dick into the familiar tight hole. It was really tight, tighter than I expected. As I kept my hips moving, I pulled her LBV up and whispered into her ears.

Me: ‘Jialing, you didn’t finger yourself?’
Jialing: ‘Haha. How did you know?’
Me: ‘Your hole is so tight. Oh my god. I’m cumming soon.’
Jialing: ‘Yupp. I didn’t finger myself. I wanted to let it get tight for you.’
Me: ‘Hehe. Naughty girl. I like it very much. Thank you.’
Jialing: ‘Haha. Thank me for what, you also got get bigger ah. I can feel it.’

We went on for about ten more minutes before I had to release my three days of load.

Me: ‘I can’t take it le. Where do you want me to unload onto?’
Jialing: ‘Umm.. in my mouth like the last time?’
Me: ‘Okay. Hehe. Come, hurry. Shooting le.’

She pulled her panties and pants up before kneeling on me. I held her LBV so she would not be hurting her knees. Wrapping her fingers around my shaft, she stroked and sucked me.

It wasn’t even a minute before I shot everything into her mouth.

Jialing: ‘Mmmm!’

She smiled as she made the sound in a delicious tone rather than the ‘a lot’ tone. I forced myself to push as least seven times to unload all of my sperms into her. She slurped them all up and swallowed them all leaving no single drop in her mouth.

Jialing: ‘It was sweet. I liked it!’
Me: ‘Haha. Must be the food here luh. Thank you for today. It was quite a surprise to see you tonight. Hehe.’
Jialing: ‘I missed you too much le. It was only this time that I can come find you. Thank you too. You made my day, really enjoyed myself. Eheh! I have to go le. Time is up le. Here’s my number. I go first!’

She handed me a slip of paper with her number, name, and a smiley face at the end of it. This paper marks the very beginning of a new fun in my life in the army now.

Me: ‘Haha. Go girl. See you soon.’

She ran out of the cubicle and toilet and down the stairs. It was a pleasant surprise and a lucky one though. Hope to see you again Jialing.

Guard Duty

I was doing my guard duty with Elias. We were quite bored but didn’t want to sit around a few shifts just sitting around. As this is the week with a lot of new recruits, we decided to ‘patrol’ around Scropion company which had one platoon, about 20-30 girls recruit.

The  newcomers would be confined for one weekend. And this is the weekend they had to stay in. We walked around and spotted a few on the ground floor, refilling their bottles and walking back up to their bunks.

Girl: ‘Hey, what are you guys doing ah? I always see a few groups of you once in a while.’

Elias: ‘Yeahh. We’re doing guard duty. A few of us will be selected to patrol an area. Then change shift every 2 hours. You girls are new here?’

Girl: ‘Yupp. Hmm.. are you guys free to do anything you want on a patrol?’

Me: ‘Umm.. yes we are. Haha. Why? You want to hear about how BMT is?’

Girl: ‘You sure you can do anything you want? If so I’ll ask if you guys can come up to my bunk.’

We assured them and went up to level 3, where we got into a nice smelling bunk and started telling them of our exercises. The ghost stories were really cool and we managed to get a few of their contacts. After about twenty minutes, most of them went back to do what they were doing and Elias and I prepared to resume our duty.

Girl: ‘Jasper!’

What could she want from me? Right then, another girl shouted Elias’ name and he walked back to her.

Girl1: ‘Hey, just now I didn’t get to introduce myself. My name is Jia Ling and are you still free now?’

Me: ‘Yea, we have a few more minutes before I had to get back. What can I do for you?’

Jialing immediately pulled me into their toilets and into one of those shower cubicles, there wasn’t any need to remove anything, she unbuttoned my No. 4 pants and clumsily got my dick out. I wasn’t really hard then but Elias was just a few cubicles next to mine.

She squatted on the floor and stroked me while giving me the ‘come-fuck-me’ face. She had a pony tail, and was in her oversized admin tee. Her face was quite like any other girls you see along town on a weekday night, sweet with no imperfections.

Suddenly, she stood up and pulled her top off, revealing a sexy night gown, transparent and lacy. What more could I do other than to harden my dick? I pushed her head towards my dick after she hung her tee on the hook at the cubicle door.

With skills, she licked and sucked them like a pro. After about five minutes, I nudged her to stand up and felt her pussy. It was dripping with her juice, this would show how much she needs something to help her get off. I carried her while she faced me and she guided my meat into her hole while I pressed her against the cold walls.

Jialing: ‘Fuck me.. please. I can’t take seven days of no masturbation.’

I bounced her up and down my dick, and it was the moment when I got weaker and started slipping off her body. The penetration was deeper and harder, it kept me going and I almost cummed inside her. With one push, I lifted her up and off my dick.

She bent over and cupped her mouth over my dick and gave it a blowjob, fast and high suction. My little brother couldn’t take it and burst into her mouth, white creamy protein juice.

Me: ‘Jialing, you okay? Sorry leh. Didn’t give you enough notice, you were too good.’

Jialing: ‘Hmm.. Yupp. *she swallowed and continued* Your cum actually tasted good leh. Can tell you eat healthily here. And its a lot too!’

I asked her about masturbation and she said she was a virgin before me, and always wanted to feel a dick inside her. She decided to give it to me since I somehow attracted her. In return, I promised I would be with her for as long as NS will last. After that, we will decide again.

Elias and I finished our guard duty, keeping what happened quiet. Hehe. Our little surprise even though we didn’t book out with the majority on Friday. We could only bookout on Saturday ]: