Uniform Coincidence

Nigel was all self-conscious when he walked through the bus interchange with the 16 year old in her school uniform. Not only he was wearing the No. 4 uniform, the ‘two bars’ made it even worse if anyone were to catch him in the ‘act’. They walked suspiciously like strangers but not strangers, side by […]

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Reserved Load

Hao: ‘Why you wear tennis skirt? No other skirts ah?” Liying: ‘Just wear lo. Keep at home for what?’ The thought of his reservist buddies eyeing his girl was bad enough (most of them had seen her before), and she had to wear such suggestive clothing to fetch him. Luckily for the quick dispersal of […]

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Two Weeks

After two whole weeks of wearing the chastity belt, the desire to have her pussy filled with her boyfriend’s dick was growing like a drug addiction. Doreen had to squeeze a pad between the strap where her pussy was constantly rubbing against, to keep her juices from leaking. Her boyfriend, Ryan, was just enlisted into […]

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Morning PT

Perline: ‘I need to draw my bunk keys.’ Me: ‘Just write your particulars and sign here.’ As I took the keys from the press, I couldn’t help but glance through her wide PT collar, which allowed some view of her black sports bra to escape. She smiled sweetly and thanked me before leaving the office. […]

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Outfield Joy

Me: ‘How long do you think we have to be here for?’ Nasri: ‘I don’t know. Maybe till late at night?’ It’s just ten in the morning, and this very training took place at a natural reserve park at Lower Mandai. It was going to take a whole day of manning a communication radio to […]

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