For Mel C

Unknown Number (Whatsapp): ‘Hey J. I’m Rick here. Just want to ask if you know Mel, the blogger.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Mel? Yeah I know her. How did you get my number?’
Rick (Whatsapp): ‘Ah. Don’t bother about how I got your number. You free tonight?’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘I’m working. On most nights.’
Rick (Whatsapp): ‘Oh! In that cafe right? Tell me the address, I’ll bring a surprise for you.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Postal code 428XXX’
Rick (Whatsapp): ‘Alrighty bro. I’ll be there past midnight. I’ll text you to make sure it’s empty before going up.’

Apart from being distracted by what we spoke about earlier, time passed pretty quickly for a Monday night. There wasn’t many people and I was done closing the shop at about 12am. Rick had been messaging me since he found out the shop was empty and at 12.30am, the glass door pulled opened to a familiar girl in a sports jacket and a guy following closely behind her.

Me (confused frown): ‘Mel?’
Rick: ‘You recognise her? (Talking to Mel) You didn’t tell me you are in contact with him.. now things are going to get interesting.’

A whisper from Rick into her ears, her jacket unzipped and a collar with chains leading down to a set of nipple claims showed themselves. That darting eyes on her face, fists opening and rubbing and closing themselves, the quick blinking, I had no idea if she was unwilling or just glad that it was me.

For a start, Mel and I are perfectly normal friends. We spoke about what we write, thought I never understood the motivation of her stories. Bluntly put it, I wasn’t that much into her level of BDSM. But now, she’s right in front of me, quiet and looking somewhat confident of herself. She knew me from my stories, mostly sweet and nice. I wouldn’t be able to do half of what her friends (or enemies) did to her on her blog.

Rick: ‘Stap, don’t be shy. Tell her what to do.’
Me: ‘I don’t know.. I’m not really into that kind of torture.’

Another whisper sent Mel in my direction and I exited the bar. No matter if she had staged this or was forced to do, I had to say something I would prefer not to say – I am easy. To get her out of this mess, I probably just have to cum, I guess?

Mel went over to the sofa in the middle of the cafe and Rick took a seat at the bar. The first thing I did when I went over to her was to ask if she was alright. That few seconds made Rick to shout to her, clearly not wanting her to think that I deserved any less than what she was made to do in her stories.

Rick (shouting): ‘Mel! Shut up and remove your skirt.’

Her tanned skin did not suit her in a skirt, but she had to wear it for obvious reasons. It was easy to remove. She bared her pantyless bottoms and sat on the couch, waiting for me to start.

Rick: ‘Stap, just do anything you want man.’
Me: ‘Can I just let her do anything she wants?’

He spurted a phrase ‘you can try!’ between his laughters and I turned my gaze back to Mel. She gave me a tilted head look and proceeded to remove my jeans, where I had problems getting it up given how much respect I had for her.

Right then, Rick came over and flung my hand over the chains on her nipples. I yanked on it accidentally and a scream echoed in the quiet cafe. Only then, did I feel a reaction below. Am I.. no. I shouldn’t be. I tugged at the metallic chains once again and the pitiful adjustments of her body trying to reduce the pain slowly got the better of me.

Without much contact, my dick had hardened into rock upon seeing this Medusa. I grabbed her hair and guided her mouth to my cock, which I was sure was reeking of perspiration from the day’s work. Pushing her head before her mouth opened, I swung a slap across her face for being slow.

Me: ‘I’ll try to hold back k?’

Before I knew it, my hands had been holding her deepthroat over my dick for five seconds. It was nothing less than heavenly. This athletic girl whom most guys would not be able handle was in my control. It was indeed, power given to someone who never had the chance of domination. Soon, she was choking as I slammed my groin in her face, splashing saliva all over as she tried to keep up.

Rick: ‘Bro, not going to fuck her ah?’

‘Fuck’ huh? In this case, love-making or sex would totally not fit this occasion. I picked up the clanging chains and led her behind the bar, where a chest freezer filled with ice was opened.

A strong push bent her chest over the bags of ice and resistance was immediate. I kept my force on her back and her nipples became the only contact on the ice.

Mel (shivering): ‘J.. it’s really cold. It hurts.’

Just as I was about to loosen my grip, something caught my eyes. It was an ice cube tray in the corner where sticks of ice were in, frozen for use in tall glasses. Best of all, I remembered a size that would fit her well.

Taking an ice cube, I ran it down her back till she gave in and left her body hovering the freezer. Splitting the covers of the tray quickly, I took a stick about thick fingers thick, rinsing it to smoothen the edges.

Rick: ‘Nice one.. ‘
Mel: ‘What is nai.. ‘

I had positioned the tip of the popsicle-dildo at her pussy and ran it along her slit a few times.

Me: ‘You have faced a cold hot dog before right? This shouldn’t be worse.’

A cold hot dog IS the opposite of a frozen ice stick. Her body stiffened and I could sense more strength in her. As soon as the first inch poke into her pussy, I pulled it out.

Me: ‘Mel.. I’m sorry for doing this.’
Mel: ‘It’s okay.. I know you didn’t.. ‘

A high pitched scream interrupted her sentence as I slipped the dildo into her ass. It was wet and totally harmless. I just sank it as deep as I could till it was being forced out by her innards.

Mel (screaming): ‘Fuckk!’

A brief brush along her slit told me how wet she had gotten and I shoved my dick right into her pussy. Using my belly to hold the dildo in place, both rods, hot and cold was sinking into her repeatedly. Inside her, I could feel the cold upper walls and warm underside. She had embraced the freezer in her body at that moment.

Mist started pouring out as her body got warmer, jerking the freezer as I rear-ended her. Of course the dildo would get smaller, and that was what I wanted her to do – melt the ice.

Going for almost three minutes, it was long enough to change our positions. I pulled out of her and kept my index finger in her dripping ass, giving her a genuine command from my heart.

Me: ‘I don’t want to see any stains on the bags of ice. Hold it in.’

Her anus tightened and I turned her around, lifting her to sit on the ice bags. Her hands clenched my arms tightly to express the pain but what was I supposed to do? Let her off?

She opened her legs and held my dick gently, pointing it in her direction as I stepped forward. Her arms went around me in an attempt to lift herself off the ice bags, but I wasn’t going to move.

Me: ‘Let go of me.’

Mel had no choice but to lean back on her hands, which were having difficulty finding a less cold spot to hold. By the time I was at my full speed, the ice had melted a little and causing her to slide. Time to change places.

Me: ‘Hug me.’

She jumped into my arms and I checked if she had leaked. So far so good. The lid was put back on and I brought her back to the couch. This time, I wanted a royal treatment. She went on her knees and crawled between my legs, sucking me autonomously without saying anything. The only sounds I could hear was the melting dildo, and her slopping blowjob.

Lightly, I placed my palm on her cheeks and brushed them. Mel.. who would have imagined a girl like you.. sink to such deep ends that you have probably lost yourself. The slim figure, on her fours, sucking on a friend that she knew wasn’t into BDSM but ended up making him like it more. My impression of her had not changed though, but the photos that Rick had been snapping secretly.. I knew I could make use of them.

Me: ‘Hey Mel.. ‘

I got on my feet and went behind her, sinking my erection right back at her cold, wet pussy. The dildo had melted and had unintentionally soaked her with the coldness. It was just a matter of time before I was done.

Just as I embarked on the final lap, I held her ponytail and rammed with all the energy I am left with.

Me: ‘Fuck! I’m cumming Mel!’
Mel (pleading): ‘Inside me please.. all of it!’
Me: ‘Arghh.. ‘

In an attempt to make her realise she doesn’t get what she wanted even with me, I felt her pussy clamped my dick really tightly, as though preparing to hold in the load I was about to unleash.

Instead, I pulled out and sprayed it over her legs, where huge blobs of it just stay stuck on her calves and thighs, some of it forming sticky strands behind her knees.

Mel: ‘Whattt?’

I got up and went to my clothes, biting my lips in satisfaction. I needed to see her expressions when she realised why I picked her legs to cum on. Mel got herself up too and went to her clothes, forbidden by me to wash anywhere clean. As she pulled her skirt up her legs, the cum smeared themselves all over, leaving obvious white substance no one would miss.

On top of that, the length of her skirt and the amount of skin exposed on her legs, eyes would gather there.

Mel: ‘Shit. You really.. ‘

Rick kept tapping on his phone as he went ahead of her, causing my phone to keep buzzing to the influx of pictures.

Rick (shouting): ‘Thanks bro! (Talking to Mel) Aren’t you going to say goodbye?’
Mel (shouting): ‘See you soon J.’

Deed done, no mess. An old friend met. Not too bad to start the week off.

Foreign Connection

Girl: ‘Excuse me, are you guys hiring?’
Me: ‘Yeah! Are you interested?’
Girl: ‘I am. But do you guys need any educational qualifications?’
Me: ‘Not really. Do you have an ID or passport?’

She fished her wallet out from her tote bag and handed her blue IC to me. Emma, 1991, U.S.A. Frankly speaking, I had no idea why she chose to apply for work here, so I had to ask.

Girl: ‘To be honest, I was adopted by a family whose agenda was for me to work as a sex slave. There were five of us around my age. When they were training us to perform and do those dirty acts, I managed to escape. Since they cannot report me knowing what they have done. I need a job, so I can get a place to stay.’
Me: ‘Have you gone to the police?’
Emma: ‘No. I’m actually grateful to have a citizenship here. It’s just sad that no one suspected how wide-spread this is because of the nice image Singapore portrayed.’

I made a call to boss without the specifics, and she was allowed to start immediately. As it was a non-working day for housekeeping, she finished her work quickly from the experiences she got at home, practically done every chore herself.

Just as I finished carrying the cartons of soft drinks into the storage, she creeped up behind me and hugged me.

Emma (whispering): ‘Thank you.’
Me: ‘Hey. It’s cool. Boss agreed. So I guess you’re in.’
Emma: ‘No really. I’m very grateful. Can I repay you for the favour?’
Me: ‘Of course, how about taking the morning shifts so I can come in later?’

Her fingers wriggled into my jeans and I immediately took her hand out. That wasn’t how I pictured ‘favour’ to be, and she’s probably just working here till she found a better place. I couldn’t bring myself to make any physical promises.

The 1.6m girl pushed me up the racks once I turned around, forcing herself on my neck, breathing and pecking while her hands ran up my shirt. I pushed her back with ease and she fell on her butt, where I then quickly carried her up and returned to the bar.

Emma: ‘Why wouldn’t you want it? I thought guys would not turn down any sexed-up girls.’
Me: ‘Look. This is where I work, and you’re my colleague. No matter what background you come from, I got you the job you needed to turn your life around. I’m not going to ruin it here.’

Standing a few feet away, she raised her tank top over her head and a pink strapless bra hid her assets. A quickly motion with her hands behind her back dropped the bra and her shorts were tugged down her skinny legs before I could pick her shirt up.

Emma (whispering): ‘You’ve given me a chance. And.. I made a promise to myself. That I’ll belong to anyone who helped me start a new life. I’m just grateful it’s you.’

Helpless, I let her undo my belt and jeans, shirt coming off easily as I did not resist. This girl had been hurt enough, and perhaps through the next part, I could show her the way out.

After I was naked, I stopped her before she got down on her knees.

Emma: ‘Want me to do something else?’
Me: ‘Help me open the sofa bed.’

As if it was normal, we opened the sofa up and laid on the mattress, with her hands roaming all over my body.

Emma: ‘Shall I suck first?’
Me: ‘Nope.’

I turned on my sides and kissed her, frenching with just the tip of my tongue while she tried to make it wilder. Holding myself back, I did not let it turn into a tongue fight, kissing passionately while my fingers dived between her legs.

Emma (whispering): ‘This is awesome. I’ve never kissed like that.’

As I sunk my finger into her pussy, her hips twitched and her lips parted from mine. Turning all the attention to her pussy, she took my other hand and sucked on the fingers.

Emma (moaning): ‘Touch me like that.. I love it.’

Her hands too, had reached my dick and began pumping it to its full size. After a while, I stopped the petting and rotated myself around. So I was lying on her thigh and she was lying on mine. Playfully working my tongue on her clit, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked on it gently. It was as though she was sucking a tube of toufu. So delicate, yet confidently.

That sexy scent of body wash at her crotch was unforgettable. She looked so clean without a single bit of hair and the smoothness.. her pubs were permanently removed. Once I heard the choking sounds, her head was pushed out of the way and I returned to the proper position on the bed.

Emma: ‘Can I go first this time?’

I gave a short chin-up shake of my head and she climbed on top, looking all pretty with her blonde, brownish hair combed behind her ears.

Emma: ‘Do you happen to have.. a condom?’

I pointed to my bag by the side and she dragged it to me, where that silver wrapped protection was taken out from my wallet. She held the rubber loop outside her pussy and sat over my dick, stretching the condom as she slowly slid over me.

Emma: ‘Nice and tight. You fit comfortably inside me.. ‘

Once I made sure the condom was in place, the excited new staff began riding me, rocking her hips with her hands on her thighs, enjoying herself. In between one of her orgasms, she laid on my chest and told me her ambition.

Emma (whispering): ‘I’m going to be your little girl.’

After a while, I got her off me and made her lie missionary, legs lifted to her waist and pushed onto the bed. Piercing my dick slowly into her, every inch of her vagina can be felt squeezing me bit by bit. Unable to comprehend my delay, her feet was trying to hurry me up.

As soon I was inside, she was wishing for me to stop. Pounding loudly with echoes around the cafe, her legs couldn’t be spread any wider. I was so deep into her her eyes constantly rolled white, screaming untold pleasures into the air.

Emma: ‘I’m cumming again.. oh noooo.. ‘

A powerful jet of cum squirted onto my abs, pouring freely onto the floor. Her pussy went into shock and closed itself to a point I couldn’t pull out. Since I was stuck, I continued ramming her feeble body, till she felt my rod harden.

Emma: ‘You’re gonna cum with me!’

I pulled out suddenly and she held my arms desperately, pleading for me to put it back in.

Me: ‘Am I going to cum with you?’
Emma: ‘Sorry master. You can cum anytime and anywhere you want. I’ve long been addicted to sex since they began training me. Those long days of non-stop orgasms.. ‘
Me: ‘Where would you like me to cum?’
Emma: ‘Umm.. frankly, I’ve never seen cum before. They would make us imagine that water is cum, and filled us up with it, swallow it through a thick pipe, but I’ve never come in contact with any.’
Me: ‘On your hands then. Make this worth it.’

She went quiet and sat between my legs, rubbing her juices over her palms and began with the handjob. As I groaned in pleasure, she was exploring the different parts of my dick. Where to touch, where it got the most response, and how to get me to cum.

Five minutes past, and without any complains of tiredness, I was about to end too. Telling her about the progress, she pumped her fist faster, but holding on with a light grip. On and on she went, paying close attention to the balls that were in her fingers, and my body’s reaction.

Finally, she saw my belly tucking in and one of her hand cupped over the tip while the other continued jerking. The eruption surprised her as the warmth filled the grooves between her fingers, oozing for as long as she kept stroking.

Me: ‘It’s getting too sensitive Emma, let me go.’

She gradually slowed down and opened her hand, where the load of sticky cum got her curiosity. Giving it a lick, she smiled as I got more confused. Astonished, she slurped up my cum like half-boiled eggs, licking her palm as if it was that good.

Me: ‘It’s not salty or bitter?’
Emma: ‘It’s a little salty. I’ve had worse. They always told me it tasted like vinegar or raw eggs. I kinda like yours.’

She washed her hands thoroughly and came back to help me with my clothes. For the rest of the evening, we went shopping and dinner. After which she came over to my rented apartment, where we started spending the rest of our work stint having intense, passionate sex with each other.

Oh yes, she never got used to wearing panties no matter if she wore skirts or shorts. Which made everything easier whenever we saw a corner discreet enough for outdoor sex.

Almost Forgot You

Guy: ‘Bye J! See you next week.’

Emily: ‘Bye bye.. ‘

The girl who have been chatting with me a lot gave sweet smile as she left, behind the guy who brought her along. See how they interacted, I could only assume he was after her when he ordered a tower of beer, which she finished almost half of it without any signs of drunkeness.

After ten minutes of washing up, I took out my personal stash of sake and sat by the window, enjoying the warm breeze outside the freezing bar. Sipping quietly, the main door suddenly creaked opened and I got off my seat ready to tell them we were closed.

Instead, it was Emily, in that light pink layered spaghetti top with a black skirt.

Me: ‘Forgot something?’

Emily: ‘Yeah. Forgot you.’

She came to my table after dropping her bag on the couch, emptying my glass without knowing the contents. A slight wobble backwards got my arm around her back and she wriggled that tiny ass on the bar stool next to me.

Me: ‘Where is your friend?’

Emily: ‘He got on a cab first. We stay different places anyway.’

Pouring herself another shot, she took the cup and tugged at my wrist, pulling me to the sofa against the darkened room. Another mouthful of sake went down her throat and she leaned against me, brushing her hair against my neck while I figured out what was happening.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey.. You’re drunk.’

Emily: ‘Are you still worried about him?’

Me: ‘A little?’

Emily: ‘He is just a classmate. Just another guy who wants to bed me.’

Well, it wasn’t a surprise to me. Her pre-teen look, thin figure with that ‘thigh-gap’ girls are after, long highlighted hair that flowed past her back. Who would say no? Before I served them the tower, I had checked their ICs and they were of legal age. Yes, legal.

Emily: ‘You’re the first though.. that pays more attention to him than to me. Can tell you don’t want to offend him by hiding behind the bar.’

Me: ‘I’m just doing my job. I need to tidy up anyway.’

Her face turned red with that two shots of sake faster than half a tower of beer. Those fingers working at my shirt buttons, she was no doubt drunk. As they came undone one by one, she was pecking my neck, out of control.

Me: ‘I think I’m done. I’ll get a towel for you k?’

That guy with her had tattoos over her legs, and with those stereotypical mindset, I could really get into trouble. She knew too, she could sense my confusion.

Emily: ‘Stop trying to push me away. And he is really nothing. If he dares to lay a finger on you, I’ll get my friends to settle him. No one dares to stop me from liking a guy.’

On the other hand, given her looks, she certainly had no problems getting ‘brothers’ to take care of her. Perhaps what she said was true. It was more deadly to offend her than that guy whose agenda for the night was written all over his face.

By the time I clear my mind, she had clear my shirt. Those snap-release belt came off with a click and my zip was halfway down. I turned her back towards the empty space and placed her lying down, before jerking her body to let her head rest on the sofa. With that move, her skirt hiked up to her hips and those pink panties were in full glory.

Emily (whispering): ‘Take it off.’

Sitting between her legs, I slid those underwear off easily and that smooth, glorious sight.. my underwear and jeans stripped themselves. Climbing over her body and resting on one arm, our lips melted together with her top was messed by my hand running under it. First under her shirt, then under her bra. They weren’t huge, and that was why it was such a turn on to fondle them. B cups I guess? Her nipples turned hard as I pinched them around, causing moans to whizz past my ears like a whisper.

Her hand reached for my dick and caressed them gently, using her palm to slide it like a revolver. Her womanly scent, the occasional touches of her nipples on my chest. If anyone had taken a picture of her, it would be the most unglamorous one with her top at her neck and skirt around her waist.

Emily (whispering): ‘Put it inside.. ‘

I lowered my hips and the tip was guided right to her doorstep. Her genital lips parted to my advances and I could feel how small she was from the tightness.

Emily (whispering): ‘Keep going. Don’t stop. I can take it.’

Me: ‘How many times have you done it?’

Emily: ‘Just with one guy. He’s my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. I’m sure he’s fucking some other girls right now.’

She said it with an assuring smile. But it wasn’t her status that I was going in so slowly, instead, it was that sensual entry into a tight, yet welcoming spot that I took my time to enjoy.

Me: ‘You okay?’

Emily (panting): ‘Yeah.. you’re really big.’

That final year ITE girl brought my confidence way up high and my hips were moving in excitement. Starting with gentle strokes, I made sure to pull out as much as I can before replacing it into her deepest spot, where her mouth would open to a silent moan.

Emily (moaning): ‘Oh yes.. oh yes.. do that again.. ‘

Somehow, she liked the torture and I went at it for a full minute, going about 20 spm (strokes per minute). After that, I began to pick up pace and exposed the other side of her.

Emily: ‘Fuck me harder.. fuck your little bitch.. I’m all yours.’

Her hands on my cheek, staring at me with those gleaming eyes. The slopping sounds went faster at a steady tempo, till she pulled me in for a tight hug. With my dick still slamming into her, a clench came in and sucked me right in, pulsating rhythmically with her vaginal walls.

Emily: ‘I’m cumming.. don’t move. Don’t move.’

I kept still for the ten-plus seconds she breathed hot air into my ears, till I felt her thighs relax and her hands pushed my body upright.

Me: ‘You like it?’

Emily: ‘A lot. He never did this before. It was just all fast and intense sex. But never this.’

She reached her arms out for me and I helped her up. Lying on the sofa in her place as she requested, she turned her body around and placed her knees on each side of my head – a 69. Right as I stuck my tongue out to lick her, I found myself immobilised. Her lips had sealed my dick in the equally tight suction as her pussy and the overwhelming pleasure distracted me from even reaching out to please her.

I could sense her head nodding quick, but none of her teeth hit. It was just tongue, saliva and lips. As time passed, she slowed down and I resumed my job of licking her, listening to what she said as she took a break.

Emily: ‘If you are still fucking me, I would have gone crazy by now. Just cum when you feel like it k?’

Me: ‘Umm.. how about I make you crazy?’

Emily: ‘I don’t want to tire you.’

Me: ‘I can’t be tired around you.’

She giggled and crawled forward to the armrest. I went on my knees still on the couch and slipped my dick right into her pussy, where a groan told me I was in the right angle.

Holding her sexy waist, there was no other words to describe what came after. Her fists grabbed the armrest with such killer force as I pumped my dick at her, slamming into those firm, tiny, fair ass. Moans turned into screams, and screams turned silent.

Waves after waves, I felt her pussy closing in, but I bit my lips and endured. Juices were dripping between our legs and she was trying to escape my vengance.

Emily (groaning): ‘How long more? I can’t take it anymore. I’m going crazy.. ‘

Me: ‘Soon. I’m going to cum.’

I took a second to compose myself before changing my grip to her shoulders. Pulling her back as I rammed forward, she straightened her body and let me go supersonic on her. In a couple of minutes, I had pulled out and leaned back just like the 69 position from before.

She then crawled backwards and took my dick in her mouth, going deep throat for a few times before my legs held her down.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.. ‘

I frenched her pussy as the first load fired and she bounced her head in whatever tiny motion she could. The oversensitive move got me shooting the most times I could remember while sucking her off. Right there, a long moan came and a small stream of juices came into my mouth.

I swallowed them and she sat herself over my head before climbing away from me.

Emily: ‘You.. swoah llok gaem?!’

I nodded and she kissed me once again, throat emptying her mouth as we paused in that moment. She got back into the sofa after our crazy little adventure ended, dressing me up like a little boy.

Emily: ‘It’s super crazy.. I super love it.’

Her arms didn’t let go of me till I gave her butt a squeeze. We cleaned up the mess we made and left the place with her arm under mine. Being a gentleman, I told the taxi driver her address and we were soon on our way.

Throughout the ride, she never left me and her hand was under her skirt, touching herself till we arrived below her flat.

Emily: ‘Uncle, we will be alighting here.’

She pushed twenty dollars into the driver’s hand and dragged me out. It wasn’t till when we reached her doorstep did she talk to me.

Emily (whispering): ‘Spend the night me with?’

Me: ‘Do you have clothes for me?’

Emily (whispering): ‘Shhh! Yes I do. Umm.. I bought some guys’ clothes that I really like but have no chance to wear.’

Me (whispering): ‘I guess I can sleep here tonight.’

Emily (whispering): ‘But can you fuck me here before we go in? I always wanted to try it.’

I raised her skirt and she lowered her panties, while I whipped my dick out for the second time. In a stroke, I was inside her again and the silent outdoor sex began, right outside her door. It was so hush hush against our bodies’ wishes, yet our hips pounding against each other was impossible to silence.

This time, my cum ended up inside her but it wasn’t just ‘this’ time that I thought initially. Upon entering her room (with our clothes still out of the way), we went for our.. third.. forth round, with all my seeds going into the creampie guys love to ‘bake’.

After that encounter, she finally allowed herself to be the little bitch that yearned to be owned by someone – me.

Final Boss

Girl: ‘So you are the boss of this place?’
Me: ‘Nah. I am just an employee, but I manage this place.’

The girl grinned as I cleared the cups off the table in front of hers. She was the last customer whom I had seen before, at the very first cafe I worked in. I remembered teaching her how to play darts, and she had been at it since. For the nights I closed the shop, I would bring my own bottle of sake and sit by the window, then occupied by the lovely brown-haired girl.

Girl: ‘Join me?’
Me: ‘Sure thing.’

Seated before her, I had something to look at. She was sipping Carlsberg from the bottle and I was emptying the sake carafe into my tiny cup. I wasn’t a good drinker, but without anyone else around, I couldn’t care more about my blushing face. It was my time to unwind.

Girl: ‘Can I have a cup too?’
Me: ‘Can you drink from mine?’
Girl: ‘Yeah sure.’

She emptied the cup and was taking some time to enjoy the heat down her throat. Compared to the beer, it was much stronger, and the mixture in her stomach certainly made it worse.

Wobbling on her feet, she dragged me from my seat and stood in front of the darts machine, obviously too drunk to get any dart near the bullseye. In just a few minute, we were on the couch in the middle of the cafe, and she was just lying so suggestively against my chest.

Girl: ‘I really like this place. You’re so lucky to have this to yourself.’

Nonsensical blabbering, I called them, were mentioned freely. She was high and had her arms around my neck, trying to pull me closer. Being dressed in shirt and jeans, I had no worry about losing myself. That pair of jeans, was one of the tightest I had. She grabbed my hands and cupped them over her boobs, squeezing her tits in a half-dazed mode.

Things haven’t gone beyond messy yet. But that was about it. I wasn’t going to move anywhere else. She suddenly turned herself around like a panther, kneeling over my legs and face so close to kissing me.

Girl (whispering): ‘I really love nights like this. I can let myself go, and there is someone here who doesn’t fight back.’

Her body slid against mine till she was at my jeans, painfully undoing the buckles and running the zippers down. I was sighing but did not want to end my Friday night without some fun either. She was there, full stop. My cock flipped out into the cold ambience and her warm mouth devoured it hungrily, rolling her head up and down to lube it up real nice.

The downblouse into her red bra? Only made me harder. She managed to step off the sofa and stripped her tiny shorts down at the same time, panties strewn on the wood-patterned floor inside her bottoms. Do I even need to do anything?

The hysterical SYT just hopped above me and sat over my dick, shocking me to an upright position where she just pinned me down. Her pussy clamped down on me so tight that I totally missed a breath.

Girl: ‘I’m going to do this to you if you struggle.’

Her vaginal muscles created a suction inside so intense I was certain I could cum right then. And I didn’t want to, because of some.. fears. I pulled her waist down onto my body and we frenched passionately, tongues slipping everywhere, bites happening everywhere on my pulled-up shirt. Needless to say, I left a few marks on her boobs too.

As soon as she was done with the kissing, she got back up and began grinding skilfully, going a little slower than a full-fledged doggie attack if I were behind. It felt good nonetheless, it felt sensational. A guy in his mid-twenties, fucked by.. wait. I don’t even know her age. Yet there she was, holding her own hair as she rode me like Zena.

The mind-blowing contractions on my penis was already bad enough, and moving at that speed, I was surprised she had not blew me up yet. I just had to keep holding on for as long as I could. And this girl moving so vigorously was enjoying herself.

Me (calmly): ‘Baby.. I’m going to cum soon.’
Girl (moaning): ‘Fuck.. I love it when you call me baby.’

She finally stopped and I was given a bitch to pump, yes, in doggie. I held no sperms back as I rammed my life into her, sinking that rod so deep she was emitting those high pitched, sore-sounding screech. My dick was thickening to its glorious moment.

Girl (moaning): ‘OH FUCK! Right there!’

I had already engaged my tenth gear, if there was one, pounding her firm ass to pinkness. I was as close as her to an orgasm. Sweat dripping onto her rear, it had formed the final bit of lubricant for the overdrive.

Me (shouting hoarsely): ‘Baby! Here it comes (or cums)!’

The first wave was pumped right into her depth and she face planted onto the couch, thighs straightening trying to escape the overbearing climax her body had reached. Loads of cum was flushed into her despite the struggle and she was just milking me for more, or all.

Those intense vaginal actions, I could only describe them as vengeful suctions. Everything, I had given everything and she was still convulsing. The moment I unplugged myself, she took over with her fingers and rubbed her clit in circular motion, as though she was massaging some kind of aches.

Girl: ‘It’s so hot down there!’
Me (panting): ‘Umm.. is it good or bad?’
Girl: ‘It’s just burning and I cannot stop rubbing it.. ‘

Another orgasm strike and she was rolling desperately this time, almost falling onto the floor. I had to hug her tightly by her side till everything went silent, till the poor girl was too weak to open her eyes.

Me: ‘I’m spending the night here. Do you want to stay?’

She gave me a nod and I helped put her underwear back on, leaving the jeans out to ‘air’ whatever was burning. For the rest of the night, I slept on the single armchair and she was blissfully sleeping, with a calmness I thought she deserved.

By day break, I had began cooking scrambled eggs and toast for her and she woke up to get dressed before the doors were opened. Whoever that girl was, she left for home to get a fresh change of clothes, and appeared later that night again, in a little black dress that was flaring at her thighs.

Girl: ‘Can I be the last customer again?’

Happily Working

It was the first time Jetaime had seen me in other clothes apart from the dull black collared tee as required by the company. Being assigned to have off on a short-handed day, I couldn’t leave my staff to run the place alone and made a trip down to help till another staff went on shift. I could see the shocked expression when she saw me enter, thinking that I was another hungry customer.

Jetaime: ‘Wah.. going somewhere after this? I thought you’re not working today?’
Me: ‘Haha. Come to help you open lo. At least till Z comes.’
Jetaime: ‘So nice huh. Okay can.’

I went ahead to complete what she had not done and throughout the preparation hour, she had been sticking close to me to help me complete each task faster. Within half an hour, we were done and each had a cup of coffee to enjoy while we slacked behind the CCTVs.

Her eyes had never seemed so bright and attracted before, certainly not expected from anyone working in the F&B line. We were usually tired and self-contained, ready to work in an monotonous mode. But that day, she was extra lively and got so engrossed in striking up topics.

After she took another sip on that white cup for the coffee, she stared into the cup and licked the creamy foam off her lips.

Jetaime (whispering): ‘You look good today.’
Me: ‘Thanks!’

Her cup landed softly on the bar mat, with the heart shaped latte art I drew for her. Just a minute later, she stood opposite me in front of the espresso machine and placed my cup down behind her without looking. How could I miss that blushing look from a girl whom always appeared so strong and capable?

A step she took brought us closer to under a feet apart and her hand reached for my neck, sliding her four fingers behind my ear and thumb in front of my lobe. It was a moment so magical, especially when her eyes darted from my lips to eyes. What was different about me today that made her lose control? Was it my clothes? Or just a feeling she had been withholding from me?

I did not let her take the second step to kiss me, it would be too ungentleman. In return to her contact, I planted my hands on her waist and pulled her in, just enough for our lips to connect and her soft tongue poked out to wet me. From then on, we could not take even a pause as things heated up, hands running under shirts and changing our position into a corner.

Right after I had unhooked her bra from behind, her shirt went up for me to attack her nipples and I feasted on them hungrily, sucking so hard she kept moaning for me to slow down. At the same time, my cock was pressing so hard against my underwear, to a point the pain was translated into pure lust on her boobs.

Once she could no longer take my nibbling, she brought me back to kisses and her hands fumbled to break my dick – out of my jeans. That piece hot rod stayed warm in her palm as she stroked it faster and faster, forcing me to french her more passionately. Still, there was one thing to clarify before my mind could think of anything else.

Me (whispering): ‘Jetaime, where do I unload?’
Jetaime: ‘Huh? So fast?’
Me: ‘No lah. Just asking first.’

We went back to the espresso machine and she tucked her fingers into her jeans, shaking her ass a little as she lowered them. Her panties had gone down at the same time, leaving an open invite that required no more directions.

I ran my middle finger across her slit to find a slippery coat, almost ready for me to enter. Because of her jeans hanging around her knees, there were limitations on how wide she could spread for me. Nonetheless, I was fine with her feet together. My dick was guided into the correct hole with her help and a gasp came with the first inch.

Jetaime: ‘It’s almost nine. Finish it soon k?’
Me: ‘You came already?’
Jetaime: ‘Haha. I will cum when you go all out. Don’t worry about that. If not you can make it up next time.’

I held her waist firmly and thrust to my heart’s content, pounding her against the heavy equipments at the bar. Cups were jittering as we groaned together, feeling her orgasms squeezing my cock so hard as I sank it as deep as I could.

Her hands had clenched around the handles of the portafilters so tightly I could see her veins, a sign of pleasure that made me smile with encouragement. Going at that crazy speed, in that super wet tight hole, I did not bother to hold myself back at all. Time is running out for the both of us.

Me: ‘I’m cumming.. ‘

She retracted her hips to let me out and squatted before my dick in a flash. Her mouth went over the tip and her face shoved continuously into my groin. She didn’t went too deep, but it was more than enough to trigger my load that blasted into her mouth.

Halfway through, she could not contain anymore of my cum and accidentally slipped my cock above her chin. The last few squirts of cum splashed across her nose and forehead, shocking her for the second time but it was of pleasure. She cupped her mouth over my dick for the last part, sucking whatever that’s left in my rod.

We hastily returned to our positions once we were cleaned up, looking as decent as we can be for our first customer. When I peeped over at her, she was grinning at me while licking her lips, certainly a good breakfast to have before work.

Time passed slowly for that weekday with little customers, and the handover to the second shift was done in a happy mood for the two of us. Just on the way out of the secluded mall, a discreet spot caught our eyes and we ninja-ed into the small corner..

To think I would actually miss work. :X

G-string Korean Girl

Lady: ‘You are working alone tonight?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just one hour to myself for the closing part.’

I tided the table beside the twentish looking Korean lady who had her jeans wore too low, showing a bit of her lacy g-strings. Not wasting anymore time, the new place was bigger and had more things to be done for the night. So I returned to work without chatting further till all the lights were almost out, leaving some paperwork to be done in the office.

Me: ‘Umm.. I will be pulling the shutter doors down. Can you help me look out if anyone wants to come in?’
Lady: ‘Sure. I can leave with you.’

I headed into the office after lowering the shutter all the way, silence filling up the place as I typed away on the desktop. Being in a small enclosed room, her appeared at the door caught my attention and she stopped next to me, looking at me stapling some documents together.

Lady: ‘Done?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

I went back to the screen to close all the windows, and her hands came to my shoulders, massaging them as I felt a little lost.

Lady (whispering): ‘I saw you looking at my panties a few times.. you like it?’
Me: ‘It’s just.. really sexy. I don’t mean to offend you Miss.’

She brought her head next to mine and whispered her name, ‘Hyori‘ into my ears. Right after, her fingers undid the only two buttons on my collared tee, reaching into my chest as I took a deep breath.

Hyori: ‘I think you are really cute.’

I stood up awkwardly with her arms around me and turned around, gently holding her waist while our eyes sparkled, unsure if I should advance. In that moment of lust, I could see her eyes glancing at my lips, back to my eyes, and at my ears. Everything was telling me I should just kiss her.

After gathering enough courage, I tilted my head and leaned in for a kiss, where she shut her eyes and let me plant my mouth on her soft lips. As we froze momentarily, her sweet fragrance flooded my mind, parting my lips naturally to let my tongue get a taste of her.

As soon as our tongues met, the ambience got wilder and her hands roamed under my shirt, with me doing the same to her. Her bra was unhooked from the back and both her hands were busy at my belt. Her bottoms were undone quickly and my hand was between her legs, returning the favour at the same time she wrestled my dick out of my briefs.

Pumping her fist with my rod in her palm, I attacked her trimmed clit mercilessly, making her wet to a point juices was trickling down her legs. Her lips were just next to my ears, turning me on with her moans as she enjoyed how my fingers worked her hormones crazy.

Hyori (whispering): ‘Condom?’
Me (whispering): ‘In my bag.’

She sat down on the wooden chair as I reached over her head for my wallet, and felt her mouth going down on me. It was so soothing to my senses though a little hurried, sliding her lips hungrily up and down. Groans were soon escaping from me but the condom wrapper was torn, seconds ticking away.

Hyori did the honour of capping me on and she kneeled on the chair facing backwards, while I positioned myself right behind. Using just my hips, I poked my dick into her pussy and felt a hard clench immediately, driving me to pause in case I cummed too quickly. She had felt my sudden lack of movements and did not hurry, instead, breathing slower to relax her pussy.

Hyori: ‘Too tight for you?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I don’t know.. ‘
Hyori: ‘It’s okay. Try moving?’

I moved my hips slowly, piercing into her hole in long strokes while she turned her head at me, giving me the CFM look as I grinned with an I-need-to-be-careful expression. There was no rush at all and I could move faster, feeling my dick going a little numb from her tightness.

As time passed, we were increasing our pace to a vengeful speed and moans came free-flow in the tiny space, small slapping sounds of our hips accompanying her high pitched voice.

Hyori was moaning in Korean as I fucked her harder and deeper, jerking the chair as I pulled her waist down onto me. There wasn’t any other places to do it more comfortable with those CCTVs in place, but she was alright with just this position as well.

Hyori: ‘I’m going to climax!’

I planted my dick all the way inside her and made small thrusts, teasing just her deepest spot till a sudden squeeze almost made me blew my load. Luckily, I was slowing down then and managed to keep calm, to carry on for a little while more.

Hyori: ‘It’s so sexy and hot to do it here. I help you to shoot?’
Me: ‘You had enough?’

Hyori: ‘Mmm.. I’ll be seeing you again. So no rush.’

She let me exit her love hole and asked me to sit on the chair, squatting between my legs and taking some time to place her hand at her own pussy. Engulfing my dick in another round of wet, sloppy blowjob, she fingered herself to a moan while sucking hard, forcing my mind to go blank as she choked on that piece of meat.

Going at that speed, I couldn’t last much longer, giving her a warning that I was about to cum. Focusing on the top part of my dick, she attacked the area under my dickhead till I was trembling non-stop. Spurting my load quietly, my hips buckled as she sucked hard at the delivery pipe. I was soon in a desperate state from the oversensitive cock head, but she was not stopping her deep throats treatment.

Me: ‘Hyori, stop stop.. I can’t take it anymore.. ‘

She gave me a sly smile before lifting her head away, swallowing while I stood up with her. A peck sealed our little secret and we wore our jeans back, and her bra was removed from under her shirt.

Hyori: ‘What’s your schedule this week?’
Me: ‘Umm.. afternoon to closing time. Like today. But there will be another colleague to help me.’
Hyori: ‘Oh.. It’s okay. Cause I drive. I can pick you up.’
Me: ‘Let’s meet tomorrow at 10.30pm at the bus stop outside? So they won’t ask me too many questions.’
Hyori: ‘Okay!’

On the way to her car, I found out she was just 24 years old, and studying in Singapore while working in the vicinity. We did hold hands on the way home (she sent me home despite the distance), and the days to come wouldn’t be so lonely with a sexy, hot Korean girl lusting for me (or my dick).

Too good to be true? Haha. That’s for you guys to find out.

Perfect Countdown

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Hey J, will you be working tonight? On New Year Eve?’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. Why?’
Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Nothing. See you later!’

Thinking that Asumi might be coming with her friends to get a drink, I didn’t think much of her questions until it was almost 12am. As the bar closes at that time, I was wondering if she was still turning up. Without any more strength for the night, I tided up the place and turned off all the lights, till the familiar shapely girl turned up at the glass door.

Asumi: ‘Still open?’
Me: ‘Haha! Not planning to let me go home huh?’
Asumi: ‘So.. you want to count down with me? Or go home?’
Me: ‘Of course with you if I can!’

She dropped her bag on the sofa and went behind the counter, where the receipt from the day’s sales finished printing. The lights were all turned off, leaving us blind except for the lights from the draft beer taps.

Right as I turned myself back at her, a pair of panties was hanging at her ankles, above those red heels she wore. Under the dim lights, her slim waist and ample side boobs were most prominent and I wasted no time in stopping what I was doing and hugged her from behind.

Me: ‘You’re not spending tonight with your friends?’
Asumi: ‘I already had too much to drink earlier. Tonight, I want to countdown with an orgasm.’

Her hands behind her worked on my jeans to free my dick and it was out after a full minute. With ten minutes to 12, there was enough time as long as I put my mind to her.

Me: ‘Let’s go over to the back. It’s too cramped here.’

She followed behind till we reached the circular sofas in the back, where she immediately got into doggie.

Asumi: ‘Let’s skip the foreplay k? I’m already wet when I am on my way down.’

Knowing my dick was still dry, she pushed my rod under her clit to let her pussy lube it up. As I moved my hips to get her juices all over, she got wetter with the small tease I was giving. As soon as I was ready, I simply moved back further and let my dick plug into her pussy, where her tightness stopped me before I could fully penetrate.

Asumi: ‘Oops! Hehe. Slowly?’

Not wanting to hurt the nice girl who decided to spend the new year with me, I entered slowly and it didn’t take too long before we were moaning in ecstasy. The perfect seal of her vagina over my long shaft, it was stimulating every area where it felt good. The occasional backward thrusts from her was soothing too, as she tried to get me to go deeper.

The slapping sounds of our bodies did not bother us as there was no CCTV, it was just pure lust and pleasure while we fucked away. As the continuous pounding took my sensitiveness away, I raised one of her knees to the backrest of the couch and let her balance on her other leg. Of course I was there to support her if she lost her balance.

With the slight relaxation of the pressure on my dick, I went faster and her fists clenched to my forceful strokes.

Asumi: ‘You feel so good inside me J!’

Suddenly, I realised we were just minutes away from the New Year, and I had to do it ‘hands-free’ to get to my phone for the radio app. It was after all, our cue to climax at the right moment.

Me: ‘It’s about two minutes away. Are you cumming?’
Asumi: ‘Yeah.. I can feel it. You?’
Me: ‘Need more time.. sorry.’
Asumi: ‘Just go all the way. Clocks are sometimes inaccurate right?’

I placed both her legs back on the couch and packed her knees together. The new tightness was driving me insane as I picked up my speed, going all the way out at the petite, well-endowed girl who was clenching and relaxing her fists to control her orgasm.

10.. 9.. 8..

That was it. I held nothing back as I grabbed her waist, hips pounding on her firm ass that was providing the cushion for a deep recoil action.

5.. 4.. 3..

Asumi (shouting): ‘I’m cumming!’

She squeezed her pussy so tight I couldn’t stand it anymore and as the radio broadcasted 2.. 1.., my gun just went off, firing non-stop into Asumi as she flipped her head backwards, groaning in a single breath as her body started shaking.

Some of the cum got pushed out of her pussy, dripping on the black felt material but it was not too much of an issue to clean it up. My dick got forced out as it shrunk and she did not move from the doggie till the cheers went off in the vicinity.

She rolled onto her back and tapped on my thighs, moving my dick to her head resting on a cushion. Her lips went over it without hesitation and sucked hungrily on it, till I had to beg her to let me rest.

Drained and exhausted, I tapped a pint of Carlsberg and finished it with her.

Asumi (panting): ‘The best New Year countdown I’ve ever had.’

She remained lying on the couch while I massaged her clit, sending her moaning sensually while she got busy on her phone.

Asumi: ‘Hey J! this country is half an hour behind us. Can we countdown again? We have more time.’

I smiled at her and she knew it was a yes. Half jerking and sucking me off, my dick regained its size and was back inside her again. This time, she made me lie down while she mounted on my dick, grinding me as fast as I was banging her earlier.

Sadly, we missed the second countdown as we lasted longer than expected, but the next two countdowns we went for was on the dot. By the time we were done, it was almost three in the morning, and she suggested sleeping over at my place since she had told her roommate she would be home for the night.

Well, I didn’t exactly tell her I sleep in the same room as my brother, so guess who joined in the fun midway?

Half Time

Wearing just a pair of worn out shorts and t-shirt, I walked towards the bar where Beatrice was waiting quietly at the alfresco dining area. We had planned to return to the workplace on a Monday where it was closed, to drink together since we both had nothing on. Closing in on her, the white fitting shirt and a pair of denim skirt was seen on her slim body. It was a surprise to see her wear so casual yet appearing sexy, so unlike her black attire when she worked.

Me: ‘Reached so early?’
Beatrice: ‘Don’t want you to be drinking alone mah.’

I opened the door and locked it behind us, turning on the aircon and putting some lights at the semi-circle sofa. She was quick to make herself comfortable while I brought a bottle of Barcardi and a jug of Coca Cola, pouring some into each of our glasses. There was nothing more relaxing than to drink and chat in a drunken state, sharing our lives over laughters and awkward silences.

As we reached the halfway mark of the bottle of liquor, she was hugging my arm and talking with her eyes closed, face flushed to a light pink. I knew things were going for a change when she held my hand and brought it to her tummy. Guiding me under her shirt, my palm was soon over her bra cup and squeezing as she moaned. It felt like I was on my job, except that I was serving her in a sexual way.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Can we have a little fun in here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. The CCTVs don’t come on on the closed days.’

Seated with our backs facing the glass door, she stripped her top off and unhooked her bra, giving me full access to fondle her boobs. She was lying with her back straightened and arching to my advances, feeling the gentle waves of pleasure wash against her mind. As a guy, I couldn’t just ignore the pair of erected nipples and dived into them, sucking and nibbling to get her to moan louder. That was one way to know if I was doing a good job pleasing her.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Take it off too.’

She let the elastic waistband slap against my groin and I hurriedly removed my shorts, with her hands lowering my underwear while I kicked my bottoms away. Those cold fingers on my dick did sent shivers up my spine, but I changed my arm to reach under her skirt, digging under to peel her panties away as well. Contrary to the outfit she wore, the pair of cute white panties with pink seams made her seemed cuter for that brief moment. Nonetheless, she was too heated up to care about what I think.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Lie down. Let me try sucking. I have my braces though, you don’t mind right?’
Me (whispering): ‘Just give it a go?’

She nodded innocently and I laid comfortably against the arm rest. She held my dick upright and brought her lips over the tip, sucking it hard before sinking her mouth down my shaft, saliva filling up in her jaws as things got slippery. Her teeth were well out of the way and just her lips were on my girth. Sliding up and down continuously, my groans couldn’t hold themselves back and my mind succumbed to the non-stop flow of euphoria making my heart melt.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey. My turn to lick you?’
Beatrice: ‘Don’t want! I want you inside.’
Me: ‘Condom?’
Beatrice: ‘Nope. Let’s do it like this.’

She flipped on her hands before I got up and I made my mind not to disappoint her. Adjusting her skirt to her waist, I parked at her entrance before ramming all the way in one stroke, causing her to grunt from the splitting pain that froze her momentarily. Not waiting for her cue, I thrust violently to ease the pain and soon after, the petite girl was screaming as my dick plunged into her. Her arms were straightening and bending while we were at it, sending orgasms shooting through her body as I alternated my speed.

Unknowingly, her pussy was taking my pounding for at least ten minutes before she crawled away in an attempt to get a break.

Beatrice: ‘I can’t go on anymore. Let’s pause for a while.’

A halftime was unexpected that night, but it felt good knowing I had given her orgasms to a point she couldn’t take it. We rested with her hand stroking my dick to keep me up and my fingers inside her to ensure the wetness. After five minutes, I did not want to wait anymore and let her lie on the sofa, while I angled myself at her legs.

Me: ‘Ready?’
Beatrice: ‘Yupp. But go slow k? It’s sore down there.’

I sent my dick in gentler this time and let her vagina spread at its own pace. A gasp came and I knew she was done, so I increased my speed and sent her moaning crazily once again, this time with our genitals slamming hard against each other. After the rest, my dick had regained its sensitiveness and I was feeling the disappointing urge so quickly.

Me: ‘Oh no. I’m going to cum.’
Beatrice: ‘I’ve had my fun the first round le. Let me suck you off.’

I backed away from her and sat dangerously on the thick armrest, obvious to the passers-by if they looked into the bar. Her head was between my legs and milking me through a series of deep throat and under-the-hood tongue swirls. My mind had gone blank from her oral skills but it always took longer to cum with a blowjob.

She took her time and did not stop for the next few minutes. It was certainly arousing to see such a beautiful 18 year old go down on me so willingly, and grinding her hips as though she was still feeling me inside.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.’

A nod from her head stirred my dick into ejaculation mode and she sent her lips all the way down once the first load splashed into her mouth. Sucking me without mercy, my cum was drained long before my dick had stopped twitching. The grin on her face told me I was hers to play with till she deemed it was time to let me go.

Finally, after another minute of mind-blowing cocktease, did she let me go and I just slide to the sofa to catch my breath.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘It’s so crazy with you. The orgasms just kept coming.’
Me (whispering): ‘Same for you too. Your mouth.. it’s awesome.’

She shyly covered her face with her shirt and we got dressed after dashing into the toilet, risked being seen. We drank for a while more and left the bar, sofa to dry the moisture on its own over the night. In the cab to her place, my fingers were inside her, jerking while her hands grabbed my forearm tightly.

Can you guys guessed what happened when we reached her place? That’s right. Indescribable.