Deep Sea Drilling

Gladys: ‘Why are you sitting here alone? Thinking of swimming ah?’

The company chalet had came to an end after all the food was finished, majority of the staff headed home while a handful not on duty the next day stayed for the night. Among those who remained, there were three girls and two guys, which my other male counter part had too much to drink and fell asleep before the rest.

Me: ‘No la. Just enjoying the night sky. Lie down and close your eyes for a while. Then you’ll be able to see more stars.’

On the concrete jetty, the two of us laid quietly still, admiring the sight that most of our city lights had hidden. Gladys was the newest staff that joined us, working part time while studying in a private uni. Physically wise, she was the tiniest lady amongst us, but fashionably dressed outside work.

For that evening by the sea, she joined me in a bare back spaghetti blouse, bikini knots exposed around her neck and above the waistline of her shorts.

Gladys: ‘You want to go into the water?’
Me: ‘It’s dangerous eh. But I can save you if anything happens.’

She got up before I did and stripped her top and shorts off, ducking under the rope blocking the steps. I hurriedly threw my shirt away to follow her down in case she missed her step. In pitch darkness, we joined hands as our bodies dipped into the chilly waters, current pushing us around the pillars under the jetty.

Gladys: ‘Don’t let go of me ah.’

Within seconds of the pounding waves, she was hugging me on my back as I waded out into the open. Feet unable to touch the sand beneath, I executed the biggest strokes to get us to the side of the boardwalk, till I could stand firmly on the sand.

Me: ‘Ok ok. We are safe now.’

After she got off my back, she still could not reach the sand. Very cooly, she kept her grip on my arms as she floated closer to my chest. One arm wrapping over my shoulder, I could feel her other hand running down my waist.

Me: ‘Eh eh.. where is your hand going?’
Gladys: ‘Sorry la. Just trying not to die.’

Her fingers wriggled into my shorts that had a very elastic waistband, going around to my groin where my dick was shrivelled in coldness. She gently peeled the foreskin back and the erection came imminently into her grasp. I placed one hand on her back to hold her against my chest and ran the other across her thigh. Going straight for her pussy that only had a little triangle for shield.

Once I slipped my finger between her clit, hot breaths started blowing down my neck in contrast to the cold water. One thing leading to next, she had both her legs around my hips leaving a big gap to let our hands fit through her groin and my belly, still working hard stroking my manhood to keep herself warm.

As I dug my way into her pussy, moans drifted into my ears, increasing my speed till she was shivering in ecstacy. Minutes later, she let go of my cock and readied herself closer to me, guiding my arm around her back to hold her tight.

Gladys: ‘Let’s do it here. Shall we?’
Me: ‘No one will ever know right?’

I held her waist as she relaxed her arms and slid downwards, sheathing my sword into the warmest spot in the ocean. The tightness drew the largest breath of air I had and the fear of falling into the waters caused involuntary contractions over my dick.

Me: ‘You’ll float up and I’ll pull you down.’

A firm nod confirmed her enthusiasm and we did as I suggested, making our own waves as our genitals connected, driving deeply into her love hole. As our speed was greatly limited to the resistance in the water, we only managed to get close to climax but not able to satisfy our needs.

Like a jellyfish, we bobbed up and down to the steps and remained at the bottom, lifting half of our bodies into the open air. I did hope that the barnacles did not die when I sat on them, bouncing the petite Gladys on top till she was moaning in orgasms.

Rocking wildly on my lap, I was more distracted by the queerness of seaside sex than the waves of pleasure, drifting non-menacingly through my body.

Me: ‘Hey hey. Let’s change to doggie. There is a small platform for us to stand on here.’

She got up and we stood knees deep at the wider lowest step, bending over for me to ram her rear. My cock slipped into her easily and began ramming the foam out of the sea, garnering gasps as I went deeper than the (sea)cow girl style earlier.

Gladys (whispering): ‘You’re so deep inside me!’

My hands never let go of her waist as I repeatedly dragged her backwards, deep-sea drilling her pussy till she came another time. I continued fucking her as long as I could and it lasted for a good five minutes, against the freezing waters and the limits of my body. By the time I went all out, her elbows were shaking badly but moans never stopped exciting my senses.

Me: ‘Gladys.. I’m going to cum.’

A pat on the side of my hips slowed me down to a stop and she turned around to sit on the steps. Signalling for me to sit between her legs, I finally rested my tired calves and let her hug me from behind. Both her hands went around my two eggs, one sausage combo and jerked them rhythmically, caressing each of them like a dutiful mother hen.

Me: ‘Coming.. coming.. ‘

Her small palm wrapped around my dick head as hot cum sprayed out of the pee hole, filling her hands as she tried to catch all of it. While the last few twitches emptied my balls, she rubbed both her hands together on the tip and spread the warmth around, which I could not help but begged for her to stop teasing me.

Seeing her cum covered hands, we couldn’t be more happy to have each other in this specially romantic night. She washed her hands in the water and I wore my pants back, before returning to our clothes to head back to the chalet.

Our fingers magically interlocked for the walk back to our accommodations to which we could not find any of our friends inside.

Gladys: ‘Hey, Yi sent me a message.’
Yi (Whatsapp): ‘I can’t find your guys anywhere and we won’t be staying for the night. The key is in the corner of the BBQ, charcoal level.’

We found the key and went for a shower straight, in our birthday suits and of course, together. Since the both of us were not working the next day, there’s no need to describe how we spent the night together. Not especially when we have a fully air-conditioned bedroom to ourselves.

Somehow, the lack of condoms brought our night ‘activity’ to a whole new level, testing the ‘pull out’ method and holding a ‘cum tasting’ session in our comfy nakedness.

Robinson Crusoe

Hiding in my tent by the beach, the sound of rain had hid the frantic footsteps till my tent’s entrance was unzipped in a hurry.

Girl (shouting): ‘Sorry! Can we hide here for a while?’

Before I could respond, the two young Chinese girls entered to my half-dressed state, with my top naked. They had those dry-fit shirts and FBTs on, totally opaque to see what they were wearing underneath.

I was eating my dinner from a pan elevated by some rocks, surrounded by my opened, huge sleeping bag.

I had never expected teens their age to come to this lesser-known location, often untold to preserve the peaceful nature reserve. Well, I was there to relax and fish for a few days.

As they were drying their hair with the towels they had in their duffel bags, I quickly put on a shirt and tided my ‘room’.

Girl: ‘I’m Natasha. She’s Rebbecca.’

Rebecca: ‘You can call us Tasha and Becca.’

I replied with my name and shook hands in an unceremonious way, still slightly taken aback by this sudden intrusion. As the rain got heavier, temperature dropped to a level we Singaporeans were never prepared for. Not long after, they had my wooly pullover and sleeping bag around their bodies, shivering under the unhelpful cosies.

Becca (whispering): ‘Are you hungry?’

Tasha (whispering): ‘Duhh.. ‘

They were obviously eyeing my food and I had more than enough to fill my stomach. I grabbed two mess tins that I never planned to get dirty and filled it with rice I brought from mainland. They watched hungrily as the brown, butter sauce was poured over it, along with a thick slice of fish filet.

Without further ado, the two girls ate up and had more drinks, only to slow down once they were filled. Looking happily drunk, I took the mess tins from them and set them aside.

Me: ‘When are you girls going back?’

Becca: ‘Supposed to be an hour ago. But the boat didn’t come. Probably the weather?’

Great. On a secluded island off Indonesia, two girls, one tent. The next day would be the most likely time their boats would come. But not for me. I had no plans on returning till my mood was better.

Tasha: ‘What about you? When are you.. ‘

Me: ‘Shhh!’

I threw a worn shirt over the few light sticks used to lit the tent and we sat motionless. Shouts were heard and flares lit the translucent sheets of the tent to a fiery glow. Then, the shoutings came closer and the girls scurried to my sides, awaiting for explanation.

Both my hands were held in theirs until forty minutes later, when we didn’t hear any noises for the past ten minutes.

Tasha (whispering): ‘What happened?’

Me: ‘They could be hunters, or kids like you girls. This island is known for it’s peacefulness and.. ‘

Guy: ‘Oi! *incomprehensible shoutings*

The zip came undone and torches were flashed in our faces.

Guy: ‘J? Is that you?!’

Me: ‘Yeah. Me me.’

Guy: ‘Man. You really hide yourself well. Don’t come out for the rest of the night. Something is happening out here. Do you need anything? Water?’

Me: ‘As you can see, we have plentiful coming from above.’

Guy: ‘Remember what I say! Stay quiet like just now.’

He closed the entrance and shadows circled us a few times before leaving us in the dark again.

Me (whispering): ‘They are the local rangers. Don’t worry. I know that guy.’

The two shaking girls did not move anywhere and each took a mouthful of vodka from the bottle. There was no mistakes to be made about a bottle being handed around in the air.

We adjusted our positions and laid on the thick sleeping bag, jackets and towels pulled over our bodies by the frightened little girls. Having spent most of the day relaxing, the night was a different story for me. Adrenaline was rushing through my head to ensure my own safety, even if these two strangers weren’t around.

I was wide awake when snores started coming, deemed inaudible by the loud splattering of the rain. Just then, I felt a hand moving over my crotch, and turned to see Becca looking at me. Her eyes sparked with admiration, and her hand teased with passion.

In the darkness lit by the moonlight hitting my green tent, her hair ruffled along the groundsheet as our lips met, frolicking in the most unimaginable location, and situation. My hand dug into her tiny beach shorts and felt her stubby pussy, left untrimmed for as long she was here on the island.

After stripping our bottoms away, we carefully removed whatever ‘blanket’ we had over us and I laid on top of her, cutting short on the foreplay once we knew we were ready.

Me (whispering): ‘Condom?’

Becca (whispering): ‘What happens here stays here. Let’s skip that.’

She lifted her shirt to get it out of the way and guided my cock into her pussy. She was warm, wet and accommodating to my graceful entry, deep breaths taking over the moans if not for the dangerous grounds we were on.

Quite ironically, we began fucking in the most intense manner possible, hips slamming onto her groin, cock drilling into her body. It felt heavenly to be doing a warm body amidst the cold weather, calming our adrenaline/ lusting/ grateful rush with this simple act.

Although we could barely see, the involuntary contractions of her pussy on my dick told us more than enough. Her voice grew sexier as she whispered to me, about the ‘thing’ that was enlarging inside her. The wet, slurping sounds did not bother us a bit, as I pounded her as fast as I could.

We spent about ten minutes in the outdoor-indoor missionary position before she signalled a break for us. Her knees went onto the padded sleeping bag and her ass stuck out in the most slutty angle ever. I wasted no time and drove my cock back into her, slapping her ass loudly with my vigour.

The only thing that changed was her tightness, that pushed me to an overbearing state of mind as we fucked. Her friend Tasha, wasn’t even in our presence despite how close we were next to her.

Till then, I did not think about Becca getting her orgasms. I was nearing the edge myself and it was that passionate sex we were having that distracted me from the superficial proof of skills – orgasms.

Becca (whispering): ‘J?’

Me (whispering): ‘Yeah?’

Becca (whispering): ‘I’ll suck you off. You can unload in my mouth.’

I slowed down to a stop in that squeezing tight, addictive cunt of hers. And she patted on the empty spot next to Tasha for me to lie down on. Her mouth came over my dick shortly after and took her time, clearing with some training on her arms that never showed as much a tremble.

Her neck bobbed back and forth, using those agile tongue to pleasure me till I was ready to blow. Then, a hand from the side belonging to Tasha turned me towards her and we kissed.

As I squirted my manmade protein shake into Becca’s mouth, Tasha’s eyes were locked onto mine, gleaming with joy while my body let off a slight tremor. Becca’s mouth pulled away after the collection and she fell by my side, swallowing all of it without effort.

She turned her body towards me and hugged me while going to sleep, and another hand took over my retracting cock. Tasha kept fondling me for the next few hours, while my hand worked tirelessly in her black FBT shorts. We were both horny and overwhelmed by the time sunlight shone onto the waterproof canvas.

Tasha took Becca’s hand and flung it away, waking her up in a disgruntled look while I got worried. I wouldn’t want to be the reason for conflict between these two assumed-BFFs right?

Tasha rolled over my body and yanked my shorts down, while picked kneeled between my legs to strip her own shorts off. She climbed over my tummy and sat over my dick, with it all happening before her friend’s and my eyes.

The moment she started riding me, Becca jumped up and removed her shorts. Squatting over my face, my tongue began work at sunrise, licking the pussy I just fucked earlier while another was bombarding my mind with the juicy sounds.

The two girls had started a fight on each others’ boobs, squeezing and pinching while I was lying helplessly underneath. The pussy before me could only be tasted on and off while she fidgeted, but still managed to experience the increased flow of her pussy juice as Becca came.

*Mmm.. Mmm!*

I could only make those noises as I was about to cum. Not only did Tasha ignore that, she moved even faster, pulling Becca into her arms as they made out. The arms around the girls couldn’t be more sexy to watch. My body shook violently as my cum launched into the outer space, or inner space of her, pumping for as long as she kept grinding on me.

After I was spent and exhausted, or I should say, overwhelmed by the sensitive cock-head, I crawled out from under them and quickly moved to a side. The girls fell onto the ground and stuck their hands into their partners’ pants, fingering each other with a competing expression on their faces.

They only took a few minutes to cum together and the sisterly hug after that was heartwarming to watch. The two messy-haired, crumpled clothed, breathless girls regained their composure and changed into fresh sets of attire in front of me.

A bikini top and bottom for the skinny Becca who added a crotchet crop top and translucent shawl around her waist. A maxi-beach dress without any underwear for Tasha who had beautifully browned complexion. They gave me their Singapore-based contact numbers before leaving for the jetty, where multiple boats awaited the crowd of stranded visitors for departure.

Guy (shouting): ‘J!’

The armed man with two equally equipped teammates walked up to us and put his arms around me.

Guy: ‘So did you guys have fun in the tent?’

The two girls weren’t shy and teased them with details, while I was a little skeptical about his intentions.

Me: ‘So Raj.. what happened last night?’

Raj (whispering): ‘Resistance meet pirates. Pirates no likey resistance. Guess who did the dirty work forrest? And.. terrist a party on the other side of the island. Maybe you should visit. Lotsa girls – naked.’

Rebecca and Natasha left the island after saying goodbyes and I was back at my tent. No I did not visit the party on the other side. Those are for the locals (rangers perhaps?) to jump into.

After two more nights, I returned to civilisation and met up with the girls shortly after. For one, we will be back to that island, albeit on a more secure spot, with some equipments for sex apart from survival.

Beach See-Through

Alice and I known each other a few weeks ago, blogging as our common hobby. Although our sites had a huge difference in content, we shared the same goals to write and live out lives in our works. It had taken some time to arrange for a special kind of meeting that reached beyond coffee and meals.

We met at pit 50 as planned for a small picnic by East Coast Park. Although the weather was hotter with the haze, it was still fine for us to gather there and chat. A short while of waiting later, Alice came in a tempting white blouse that was slightly translucent and short denim skirt, strolling through the sand to where I sat, right under the sun.

Alice: ‘Is this the best spot you can get?’

Me: ‘Yeah! You can see your bags from the sea and while it’s hot, we can go for a swim.’

I arranged her bags on the army style groundsheet and did a candy wrap before removing my shirt and shorts, stacking them over the sand to dry. She did the same but in a more sensual manner, unbuttoning slowly and peeling those pesky top over her shoulders. Her skirt came off with a wriggle and the pair of white bikini clung onto her body in the sexiest way possible. It was a decent swimwear with the top covering the important places, and the bottom wrapped around her tight looking ass. The front portion of the bikini bottom was a tad narrower, but her cameltoe was well well hidden in shade.

We went straight for the waters with her hands on me against the waves. Waist deep, I went for a short swim, returning to her after I got breathless from the strong current. Laying on the sand with our feet in the water, the sunglasses we wore helped and the only thing we had to do was to keep splashing water on our bodies to prevent sunburns.

Slowly, the waters pulled us lower and we decided to sit in the wet sand waist deep. Whenever the water recede, her crossed legs revealed those obvious cameltoe and the material got a little translucent when wet, hinting at a shaved or waxed pussy that I wanted so much to lay my hands on. She saw where my eyes were staring at and glided her bum deeper, where the water would not expose her privates. Somewhat disappointed, I shifted next to her and let the waves hit against my fats, chatting on nonsensical topics while we basked.

The crowd behind us disappeared as the temperature got hotter, and her hand just went to my crouch, where my dick was shrunken by the cold water.

Alice: ‘Why is it not standing?’

Me: ‘And why are you so wet?’

Alice: ‘Cause I’m in the water?’

Me: ‘Is it?’

I placed my arms at her waist and pulled her closer, so no one would suspect what we were doing. Her hand went into my trunks and tugged at my dick, until it grew larger to her liking. With what she wore for her bottoms, it was easy to push the cloth to the side and sink my finger into her pussy, where a different kind of wetness caught my attention.

Alice: ‘Since there’s not many people now, shall we go into the waters?’

We got up and went neck deep into the sea, hugging her from behind and fingers going back into her bottoms, dipping into the mixture of saltwater and her juicy goodness. Her hands were on her bum, and stroking my rod as well, warm in contrast to the water. After a few minutes of foreplay, she perked her butt to slide up and down my shaft, before I angled it lower to point at her pussy.

Me: ‘Ever done this before?’

Alice: ‘Nope. It will be my first time.’

I felt the centre part of her bottoms get pulled away and I entered her easily, plunging my rod into a different kind of pleasure. That unforgettable tightness and slipperiness, kept my hips moving as the waves rushed against my back to drive my manhood deeper. With both of us looking at the beach, a few passerby glanced in our directions but did not raise any alert. After all, it wouldn’t take too long before we were done.

She floated away after some time and turned around to face me, arms over my neck and legs around my waist. In the wobbly environment, she let slip of her grip and lowered her pussy over my dick, where I held her waist and pulled her up and down, assisted by the buoyancy and natural ‘forces’. I could totally feel the tension between her legs, and the orgasmic expression on her face was priceless.

We had skipped the kissing part to prevent any water from entering our mouths, and at the same time, trying not to get dragged down into the deeper waters. Almost mouth level, I took a deep breath with her and went under, grabbing her waist and thrusting my hips with all my might, until a kick to the surface gave us another breath of air.

I was about to cum and she was squeezing her pussy tighter for me. Swimming sidestroke towards the shore, we gained footing and resumed our sex better. Finally, I waded my way to get my chest out of the water and rammed hard into her, without exposing our lower body. The gush of hot cum made her gasp and her legs clamped around harder.

Lost in the pounding waves, she could feel better if I was done and once my pulsating dick calmed down, she swam away and adjusted her bottoms, before crawling back onto the sand. I followed her behind as I tidied my trunks, joining her exhausted on the beach.

Me: ‘Sorry Alice.. I totally couldn’t tell if you came. The waters, are just too fierce.’

Alice: ‘Don’t worry k? I did. In fact, the moment you put it in from behind, you touched a sensitive spot and almost knocked me out. I came a few times.’

Me: ‘Look.’

I pointed at her pussy and we saw a thick white load of liquid gathering on the cloth. She pressed onto it and rubbed it around, smearing my cum all over her pussy.

Alice: ‘No one can see now.’

We waited for the sky to get a bit darker before stepping out of the sea, heading to our spot to start on the simple BBQ. She only wore her skirt, leaving her top to keep neighbouring eyes busy on her slim, curvy body, while I was dressed in a similar manner, but garnered no views, but jealousy.

Having sex in the sea.. is both thrilling, but a little disappointing. As my mind had to balance and pump. I would still prefer the bed or somewhere more comfortable.

Slumber Party

A warming energy travelled down Clarissa’s nose, to her small mouth painted in a glossy pink lipstick, moving across her yellow halter bikini top, tingling the areola. Well, that was just the beginning of an adventure which will bring her senses for a wild ride. The two-level chalet near Changi Beach was jointly shared with two other couples, whom the girls (BFFs) brought along to help carry their stuffs, huge portions of food and do the cooking. Luckily, Eric and Benjamin were nice guys. With no intention to involve their boyfriends, these three guys (including me) were merely friends, at least on the surface. We, three, guys were sharing jokes and gossiping as we slaved away cooking and bringing food to the girls. Much of the day passed with enjoyable moments laughing and tickling while strolling on the beach, swimming in the lap pool and ending with a barbecue.

Clarissa and her two friends, Rel and Choi Ying were close friends, to an extent they even fantasized about sharing guys together, but thankfully, such a situation had not happened with their different taste for guys. Anyone could easily tell that their family backgrounds were similar, from their courteous upbringing, to their selective choice of clothes and outfits. Standing at 178, Choi Ying was the tallest among them, owning a toned body from the netball practices. Rel, was slightly shorter, but her slim frame made her a living fantasy of any men. Her waist was one you could easily picture holding while in doggie style, no matter in a cramped public toilet or on the bedsheets. Her skin was also one you could drop her dress with no resistance, especially on her baby face which innocence will turn you on even more. Clarissa was quite the tiniest of them, but don’t let that small frame trick you into thinking she was easily dominated. At 165, her mystically slender limbs contained power and speed that guys had problems matching in the pool. Okay, now that I am done introducing them, let me proceed.

The scent from the vaporizer Eric brought wasn’t a normal one. The girls were soon stirring in the bed to ease the sexual urge that was building up, forcing their minds to seek relieve between their legs. But with these three guys sleeping mere inches away on the mattress beside, it was impossible to get off without a single bit of moans escaping.

Clarissa wasn’t going to wait any longer. She hopped out of bed in her oversized white Singapore Poly T-shirt and a pair of red FBT shorts, came to my side and sat beside, ready to go out for a walk. Little did this ladies know, Eric had ‘prescribed’ a mild stamina drug to us, and went on as planned, to start the aroma ‘therapy’.

Clarissa: ‘Hey, you asleep? I can’t sleep. Could you accompany me for a walk?’

Even my half-closed eyes could make out the erection under her shirt, well, I was just pretending to be asleep. None of us could with that raging hard on in our pants. There was no hiding. I agreed and slipped on our beach footwear and left the building which was filling up with pheromones. Her icy cold hands met mine on the way to the coast and I guess my warmth was all she needed.

Me: ‘The sea smells so nice. Why don’t we go for a dip?’

She was already wet, just short of a place to free herself. Maybe this was what she needed.

Clarissa: ‘But I don’t have my bottoms.’

Me: ‘Just go bottomless? The water is quite clean.’

Clarissa: ‘Then you go bottomless too!’

There was no lights nor people around. The empty lifeguard post served as our pick-up point for our shorts. My erection was seriously making me awkward as it swung left and right. I pulled her hand and paced into the cold water, wading out into the sea. Not too far out though, we wouldn’t want to be swept into ocean. Clarissa’s arms were around my neck to weigh ourselves down from the underwater currents, as we clung onto each other, I felt her toes gripping my dick. She was really on her toes this time huh?

Clarissa: ‘Someone’s horny huh?’

Her big and index toe began moving up and down, inflicting a slight pain as the rough waters made her movements random. The mixture of pain, cold water, and pleasure was new, but subjectively appealing. I was rendered helpless as my hands couldn’t reach her, meaning she had total control of me for a while. This while didn’t lasted long as the choppy waters calmed, and so did she.

Like a koala bear, she manoeuvred around in front of me and slipped lower slightly to the perfect height for penetration. With some space between our genitals, I guided my ship into harbour which welcomed me with warmness. The journey to the centre of her was a smooth and easy one, well-lubed with the blend of nature-made fluid. She started bouncing up and down, generation micro-waves that followed a rhythm. As my dick went in and out of this legged mermaid, my middle finger was behind her, and drilling into her virgin ass.

Her pussy tightened about threefold as I eased my finger in and out, close to three finger bones deep. The pressure of her vagina was perfect to speed things up even more, causing tiny whirlpools to form around us. The water temperature could have well rose with this two sex-filled mortals procreating in the middle of the night. The waves helped the thrusts to reach deep into her, buoyancy assisting her up-down movements to be much harder.

Clarissa: ‘Why don’t you seem to be cumming despite how tight I’ve gotten? Oh god, your fingers are getting me wild.’

Our deep-sea adventure lasted for as long as I remembered with no signs of tiredness nor concern for the world. But all good things have to come to an end right? The thirty minutes of time bomb had finished counting down and had to blow.

Me: ‘Clare, I am about to cum. Where do I…’

She pushed herself off my blood / sperm filled dick and disappeared into the water, then devouring my stick into her mouth, and continued the warm treatment, which felt crazy in contrast to the temperature of the sea. In the fifteen seconds or so she was down there, her sucking was as fast as the resistance allowed, and that was all I needed for the launch.

My hands gripped her hair and pulled her mouth closer in, squirting the precious swimming organisms down her throat. She unhurriedly slid her mouth out and emerged at the surface, with a smile. Splashing water at her face and lips, there was no need to see if she swallowed. The depth was at such a level it would all neatly flowed like water down her gullet.

After a bit more frolicking, we left the beach and headed back to the bedroom, just in time to find the two couples interlocked in some oral fun positions. Of course, we didn’t interrupt and made our way to the kitchen for more dry land pounding. Then again, how could I resist going back and topped a few more droplets of the ‘magic’ essence into the vaporizer.

I hope Clarissa didn’t notice the few drops of concentrate into her drink before we went crazy for the second time in the night.

Wrong Subject

Harnold was at his school’s Red Cross camp which happens once every year. Since it was organised only for the secondary two and three, there were just 20 or so people. And to make this camp different from the previous ones, the committee planned it to be at East Coast Park. A whole day of activities and even the night was packed with a few events for the daring.

His favourite teacher, Ms. Ng, was there as well, as one of the teachers in charge. All Harnold thought of was the times he had with her, and how to squeeze some time out to do it again. CCA t-shirt, with a pair of blue FBTs, every move she made, Harnold would be watching her slender legs and slim waist move. Dirty thoughts running through his mind almost for the whole of the camp.

At around 3pm, all of them were given some time off for a dip in the waters. Scorching sun, perfect time of the day to swim. The guys basically just stripped and changed quickly in their tents and the girls took a whole lot more time and shyly jumped into the waters with their swimwear. A few shapely ones would be in bikini with shorts and others just in t-shirts. Ms. Ng did join in the fun too, in her pink shirt and shorts. Harnold was really looking forward to seeing her in whatever attire she brought to swim though.

As she waded into the water, her clothes soaked up and the pair of micro bikini became very obvious. All the guys, even the male teachers were awkwardly stealing glances at her. She didn’t seem to realise anything different though, since she was appropriately dressed and wasn’t revealing anything she shouldn’t. If she looked harder, those guys with a hard on would be in the water, pretending that everything would be fine. Anyone could tell what she wore. A pink shirt, with a red bikini, probably a matching thongs as well.

The water play lasted till about 6pm, where everyone was too hungry to splash anymore water. Everyone got up and changed out, and Harnold was watching her tent move and imagining her stripping and slipping on her dry undies. Ms. Ng put on another pink colour shirt and a pair of black FBTs, and Harnold was so glad night time was coming. The BBQ started and laughter filled the air.

Nothing kinky happened until then, but as a few of the students and teachers had to leave, Ms. Ng remained to take care of the other eight who stayed. Since the numbers of participants dropped to eight, the night activities were removed as well. 9pm was simply too early to be sleeping. Being a ‘good’ student, Harnold decided to drop by Ms. Ng’s tent to check on her.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, are you asleep?’

Her tent entrance unzipped and she poked her head out.

Ms. Ng: ‘Nope. Why?’

Harnold: ‘Okay. Don’t sleep first k? I’ll come back again at midnight.’

Ms. Ng could have guessed what was on his mind. So she gave him a smile and a nod.

At 12am, Harnold’s bulge twitched and he impatiently went over to her tent and climbed into it. Ms. Ng was already waiting, in the same shirt and shorts, but something was protruding out of her thin top. Harnold pulled her shirt up and sucked on it hungrily, and his hands were running all over her perfumed body, smooth and soft to the tough. As his dick was between one of her thighs, he loosened his shorts to rub onto her legs.

Harnold’s hips slowly moved up and soon, he was kneeling in front of Ms. Ng, between her legs. He held her head and pushed it towards him, all Ms. Ng did was to look at him while she stuck his manhood between her lips, moving her mouth in and out, with her tongue at the base, stroking and running along his shaft. After three minutes of tight slurping goodness, it was time for the next.

Ms. Ng leaned backwards onto her haversack and Harnold positioned his dick between her legs, opened and wide for him.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, I’ve been fantasizing this moment for the whole of today. I was afraid you wouldn’t ask.’

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, here I am now.’

With that, he forced his meat into her slit, splitting her wide and deep. She couldn’t respond any other ways except to grab his strong arms and bite her lips to silence any escaping moans. As Harnold thrust his dick in and out of her dripping pussy, the slurping and slapping sound was attracting the three other guys in the tent beside. Issac slowly unzipped Ms. Ng’s entrance and Wilson being the daring one, stuck his mobile phone in to view the ‘action’ on a bigger screen. Well, it was more than a magnifying screen though, it’s on recording.

After watching Harnold enjoy himself, the guys were awkwardly getting harder too. A quick discussion later and Kiat and Beng boldly open the door while the other two stood watch. The tents they used could fit six man, US sized, so there were plenty of space to play.

Ms. Ng: ‘Guys! What are you doing!’

Kiat: ‘Ms. Ng, Harnold, of all places, you are doing this here. Ms. Ng, the group of us can’t just let this pass.’

Ms. Ng: ‘All of you guys, come in now. Don’t let those girls see you.’

It was quite clear what was happening, intentionally or accidentally, the tryst was exposed. And now she had to pay the unknown price.

Ms. Ng: ‘What do you want me to do?’

Kiat: ‘Your offer?’

Ms. Ng couldn’t bring herself to even face her students, let alone giving them this kind of answer.

Ms. Ng: ‘Let me satisfy you guys then. But promise me not to tell anyone.’

As a teacher, it was important that she kept her reputation. A panel review is coming up and she might get promoted to the disciplinary committee soon. Higher pay, more power, better control over her income and life. This blackmail would probably never end, but she could minimally just keep it to this five kids.

She took off her top and shorts, lying stark naked in the middle of the five of them. Yes, she once fantasized of being in a gangbang, but everything else was wrong. The people, venue, reasons. But she knew there was no other way out than to keep this five kids quiet using her body.

Kiat: ‘Ms. Ng, get up.’

The five of them attacked her at once, like vultures hungry for days. After all, it might be a few of their virgin experience with a real woman. Kiat got Ms. Ng on her fours, and lay below her, poking his dick aimlessly at her pussy, Wilson already had experiences at it, and he stood behind her, ready to rape her ass. Harnold remained in his position, at her head, with her mouth ready to savour his dick as a relieve for what’s to come and her hands busy with Beng and Issac’s tool.

Her ordeal began once Kiat and Wilson got their sticks inside her, as for her ass, it was basically torn apart as Wilson was quite huge for his age, possibly as big as Harnold’s. It was a wild twenty minutes of her life, bouncing her back and forth, up and down and in and out. She was everywhere, and so were her senses. Her ass was screaming pain while her pussy was squirming with pleasure juice, the slight suffocation from her gagging was generating a little more pleasure to reduce the intensity, or at least to make it easier to go through. Her hands were already covered in white syrup as the two guys given handjobs were twitching in orgasms.

The five of them remained in their positions for the whole session as there wasn’t much space nor time. Well, I think it wasn’t the time or space, but their impatience to cum onto this slutty teacher, seemingly intelligent and horny. Ms. Ng’s body by then had received enough to ease her soreness, by simply overpowering the pain with the electrifying sensations up her spine to her mind.

Wilson pumped harder all of a sudden, forcing Ms. Ng to push Kiat’s dick out of her pussy while she grasped onto Harnold to handle the pain and muscle soreness from her butt hole, ten seconds, her body went into shock from the pounding and Wilson injected his cum, pushing it further into her ass, and exited with her ass closing tightly back. No signs of penetration, unlike his girlfriend. That was exactly what would make Wilson come back for more.

Kiat quickly put his over sensitive dick in and Ms. Ng naturally continued bouncing on him, while sucking hard on Harnold’s.

Harnold: ‘Ah ah ah!’

He cummed into her mouth and she took his load of warm cream down her throat quickly and continued breathing through her mouth as Kiat’s member impaled her. None of those who had shot stayed in the tent to watch. But it didn’t take too long for Kiat to exit too.

He had been tortured but Ms. Ng’s pussy that he gave her the hardest and heaviest load of sperm into her, driving them deep into the tightness. Her pussy wasn’t those large nor loose one. Her body recovers quick, and it would all seem like she never had sex once she’s all cleaned and rested. Definitely too tight for Kiat to handle. He cheekily pulled it out and rammed it back in a few times to see his favourite maths teacher moan uncontrollably.

Kiat finally exited the tent and adjusted his clothes. Well, who would have enough of her? Wilson made his way back into her tent after they were all done and the heavy breathing, meat slapping and occasional yelps could be heard till morning. What has Ms. Ng gotten herself into? Immense pleasure? I think she thinks that way.