Deep Sea Drilling

Gladys: ‘Why are you sitting here alone? Thinking of swimming ah?’ The company chalet had came to an end after all the food was finished, majority of the staff headed home while a handful not on duty the next day stayed for the night. Among those who remained, there were three girls and two guys, […]

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Robinson Crusoe

Hiding in my tent by the beach, the sound of rain had hid the frantic footsteps till my tent’s entrance was unzipped in a hurry. Girl (shouting): ‘Sorry! Can we hide here for a while?’ Before I could respond, the two young Chinese girls entered to my half-dressed state, with my top naked. They had […]

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Beach See-Through

Alice and I known each other a few weeks ago, blogging as our common hobby. Although our sites had a huge difference in content, we shared the same goals to write and live out lives in our works. It had taken some time to arrange for a special kind of meeting that reached beyond coffee […]

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Slumber Party

A warming energy travelled down Clarissa’s nose, to her small mouth painted in a glossy pink lipstick, moving across her yellow halter bikini top, tingling the areola. Well, that was just the beginning of an adventure which will bring her senses for a wild ride. The two-level chalet near Changi Beach was jointly shared with […]

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Wrong Subject

Harnold was at his school’s Red Cross camp which happens once every year. Since it was organised only for the secondary two and three, there were just 20 or so people. And to make this camp different from the previous ones, the committee planned it to be at East Coast Park. A whole day of activities […]

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