Office Slut

‘Umm.. J. For the appraisal, can you write something nice for me?’, asked Tiffany whom did nothing but come up with excuses every time I tried to get her outside working hours. Most of the programming were done by me over sleepless nights and endless cups of coffee, on top of building the custom server […]

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Bigger Picture

Awkwardly walking to the house described by Jodie, the rawness on the pair of leather briefs she bought for him scrapped Sean across the sensitive foreskin. Upon entering, Jodie was seen sitting on the couch in a white, see-through dress, waiting for his arrival. For one, it was his stupidity that got him to where […]

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From Misery

From her, Misery. ‘Do you want me to pick your sister up from school? D*** Secondary right?’, the stern tone of the man’s voice woke me up from my afternoon nap, sending me right into confusion as I tried to recognise the number. ‘Hello? Lenny? Are you there?’, whoever that person was, he called my […]

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Plus One Minus One

Me (shouting): ‘Oi! Who’s there?!’ I dashed up the empty stairwell towards the top of the stairs, to see two teenagers frantically adjusting their clothes with their laptops and bags on the ground. The condominium was off limits to the public, but these two kids had somehow found their way in. While the guy was […]

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Leotard Under Lace

Chanel: ‘Please don’t make me wear this out.’ Roy: ‘I don’t care. Or do you want me to share your old photos online?’ The ex-model had once did a nude photoshoot and he managed to get hold of the photos, paying a high price to get them off the hands of the sleazy photographer. If […]

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