High Score

As the school bell rang after the last lesson of the day, Ricky went up to his biology teacher, Mrs. Koh, with an envelope. She had a stack of worksheets in her hands and the letter was dropped on top of it, while he asked her to look at it when she was free. Mrs. Koh did not think much of the gesture and made her way towards the staff room after giving him a smile, guessing that it was a personal note to thank her or perhaps to ask her some personal questions.

For two years, the 28-year-old teacher took Ricky’s class for biology, and was an ideal person for anyone to confide in. She basically acted as a counsellor to any students, highly respected for her dedication to getting good grades. On the other hand, Ricky was a quiet boy who did average for most of his subjects, particularly excelling in art and non-memory subjects. He had been one of the problem-free student she never had to worry about.

Back in the staff room, she freed her hands and tided her desk a little before getting into the chair, prepared to go through one of the most difficult paper she ever created for them. On top of the stack was the envelope, so she had to take a look at it first. Gliding the penknife across the flap, a word filled piece of paper showed itself. Holding it in her hand, she felt a harder piece of paper, similar to a photograph. Skipping the wordy sheet, the photo was pulled out behind it and she tucked it back instantly, shocked at what she just saw.

The quick glimpse was enough to scare her wits out, for it was a nude picture of herself, taken with her ex-boyfriend whose face wasn’t shown. The details regarding when and where the photo was shot resurfaced in her mind, and everything in her life suddenly became irrelevant.

Mrs. Koh is also known as Desiree.

Colleague: ‘Desiree, joining us for lunch?’
Desiree: ‘I have something on later. Won’t be joining you guys. So sorry.’
Colleague: ‘Alright then. See you tomorrow.’

The piece of paper with the words turned important and she frantically unfolded it. Upon reading just the top part, she understood what was happening. Ricky had stumbled upon her intimate photos on a picture sharing site, much like sggirls.com, and had reported all of the photos with her face a minute into the publication. All of her photos were removed within 15 minutes, but not before he made a download of everything related to her. Now, here came the time to ‘repay’ him for his quick-witted actions, or risk undoing what he did for her.

Mrs. Koh’s Christian name, Desiree, was shown clearly in the photo, tattooed across her heart. It could not be a worse mistake she made she was younger. Very quickly, she sent a text to the number written on the note, belonging to Ricky. And a few messages later, a ‘date’ was set up to start with the repayment for his act.

Worriedly, she walked towards the void deck a few minutes drive away, to see Ricky sitting at the table with books and foolscap laid on it. He waved at her and began packing his bag, ready to head for another place that was more private. It was only 2pm when they met, and there was no place she could imagine that was free of people. Even flats had people constantly walking about, doing daily chores and grocery shopping.

The walk to another block was in silence, until they reached the top most level of the flat, where a single unit was on the floor. The door was locked in chains and Ricky knew that particular unit was unoccupied, because it belonged to his family but remained unoccupied. Desiree did not know about that, and did not ask either.

Ricky: ‘Mrs. Koh, shall we start?’
Desiree: ‘Start with what? And don’t call be by that name.’
Ricky: ‘Okay then. Desiree, stand against this wall.’

With a height of 1.7m, he was slightly taller than his teacher and it made things a whole lot easier when he pulled himself close to her by her waist, brushing her hair aside and started making out with her. Desiree had no choice but to let him take advantage as he had indeed saved her. Things could be worse if more people had her photos and asked for the same thing. Instead, serving one would be better than more.

She kept her eyes tightly shut as she felt his hands moving up her skirt, tucking it underneath as he made his way to her panties. The smooth area of her panties between her crouch was made possible thanks to her ex-boyfriend, who paid for the IPL hair removal, making the hairless state permanent. Ricky couldn’t be more excited to feel up his teacher’s pussy, displaying such beauty to his touch. Her navy blue blouse was untucked from her skirt and unbuttoned, giving a feast to the seemingly innocent boy’s hand. The white lace layered strapless bra was tugged to her waist and her nipples were attacked by his mouth, hungrily licking and sucking on the sensitive tips.

Her body could not resist the energetic young man’s advances, making her moan softly with a totally different voice from her classes. For once, Ricky seen her soft side and his erection grew in response to the gentle shiver of her body. While her breasts received all his attention, his hands had pulled her pink cotton panties with sheer hemlines down to her knees, where it fell to her ankles and got kicked away.

Seeing how prepared she was, her bra was unclasped and flung to a side too, giving him full access to her body.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, how did you maintain your sexy body? I can’t get enough of it.’
Desiree: ‘I do it daily with my husband.’
Ricky: ‘Meaning that you will be even slimmer since you will be doing it often with me too?’
Desiree: ‘I don’t know.. ‘

Her innocent look turned Ricky on to the max and he took a step back to undo his long pants, whipping his dick out after his underwear reached his trousers at his feet. He brought her silky smooth hand to his hard on and she stroked it lightly, unsure of how sensitive he was or how he liked it to be done. His fingers returned to her pussy and he only used a little effort to slide his middle finger between her pussy lips, moving on to rub her swollen clit at high-speed.

Needless to say, Desiree was moaning louder and her breathing got faster. She had been fighting hard not to crumble to her knees. The urge to devour that piece of youthful rod was too strong even for her strong character. His fingers slowly dived lower between her legs and the first inch entered her body, driving her insane with temptation.

Giving in to his demands, she finally rested her chin on his shoulders, whispering into his ears and asking if he wanted a blowjob. There was no way he could say no, especially to this sweet looking body with a glimmering light pink lipstick on. A kiss to her ears was the answer.

They changed position to let him lean against the wall, and his trousers was removed completely. She squatted with her legs opened between his, and she brought the dick lower so she could admire it. Keeping her eyes on his expression, her mouth went to work, starting with a kiss on his tip. Keeping her lips pressed, she pulled his waist closer to her and the long piece of meat disappeared into her mouth. It did not stop until her mouth was near to his groin, and her head started moving up and down his shaft.

The well-trained tongue tracked along the veins on his penis, lubricating it while her head thrust at it mercilessly. Looking closely at her diligent student, he was high in the heavens with his eyes rolling behind his closed lids, and the roaming hands on her head showed her how much he wanted to fuck her mouth, but he controlled himself not to. Giving the young boy a satisfying blowjob was all she wanted, and he gladly received it without taking advantage – or rather, further advantage.

After five minutes of non-stop sucking, Ricky sobered up as his cock almost unloaded. She guessed that he knew and paused at the base, giving him a tight suck as train exited the tunnel. She stood up and his fingers returning to her pussy detected a trail of juices flowing down her legs. His teacher obviously needed more.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, can you stand at the railings?’

She went over and kept still, while he pulled at her waist to make her take two steps away from the railing. His feet nudged at her heels and she parted her legs shoulder width apart, bending her body to place her chest over the handrail. Never before she had so much privacy while in public, and it was getting so thrilling for her that she wanted him inside.

A few seconds later, her pussy got what she wished for and the tip entered her opening. With her eyes closed, she could feel his penis prying her tight hole apart and stroking along her vagina walls as it sunk deeper. In no time, he was fully parked in her slot and he was grunting without movements.

Desiree: ‘Is something wrong?’
Ricky: ‘It’s my first time.’
Desiree: ‘Really! Take your time then. I’m yours for now.’

It was amazing to feel his size inside her, it was almost the same thickness as her husband, but only longer. That extra length made all the difference and she wanted him to fuck her slowly, so the fun would last longer. Finally, after a minute of wait, she felt his hands on her thin waist and the hot rod began pumping.

Slurping in and out of her pussy, she could not help the erratic contractions of her body. Doing the same ‘squeeze’ felt extra good, but her mind was finding it harder to maintain the same pressure as he picked up his speed. Shoving his dick faster at her, his grip got tighter and her mind was drifting into a trance. He was moving at his fastest when she suddenly lost control of her orgasms and peed through the metal rails into the flight of stairs in front of her.

Seeing how crazy she got, Ricky fucked her with all his might, determined to get her addicted. Her pussy was wrapped so closely to his shaft, but her juices made things more slippery for him. Of course, for a first timer, he knew he might not last long. Less than five minutes into the intercourse, he felt the urge coming and went berserk after he realised no amount of relaxation or ‘Zen’ could delay his ejaculation.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, I think I am going to cum.’
Desiree: ‘Shoot inside me.’
Ricky: ‘But you will get pregnant.’
Desiree: ‘Don’t worry. I won’t.’

Since she had said so, he held nothing back as he grabbed her shoulders, driving his dick even deeper. The long strokes he did made her climax another time before the sudden pause in his hips. Desiree could feel her next orgasm coming and stood a little straighter, hands going onto his waist and holding it still. She started grinding her butt on his thighs where his dick was in a standstill mode, unsure whether to cum or not. Making that grinding action slowly built up her climax again and her vagina contracted desperately around his shaft, ready for the last lap.

As he needed a little more help to shoot, he began ramming his dick into her again and felt his muscles tightened, body going into overdrive. The warm cum fired into her pussy and the first shot hit her G-spot, sending her into a tremble while his rod continued unloading into her. The milking motion of her vagina kept squeezing him for more while she grabbed onto the handrail tighter, keeping her body stable while her body tried to overtake the pleasurable twin climax.

They stood in that position for at least two minutes, until she recovered and his balls were emptied. Very slowly, she stood back up and he pulled his dick out of her. Ricky went back to his bag against the wall and she followed, only to turn him around before he bent down for his belongings. Her knees touched the ground and her mouth went over his rod, giving him a few long suck before licking the skin around his shaft, cleaning him up. She had a taste of his cum and it was as familiar as her husband’s, sweet with a little bitterness.

Ricky: ‘You like it?’
Desiree: ‘Don’t want you to waste tissue.’

She went to her side and wore her bra back, adjusting her clothes before holding up her wet panties to him. She pulled opened his pockets and tucked it in, before turning away shyly to touch up her hair.

Ricky: ‘Thanks Mrs. Koh.’
Desiree: ‘Remember to call me by the right name in school. I can trust you right?’
Ricky: ‘Of course, I didn’t do all these to harm you.’

After the big clean up, she dropped him off at a nearby bus stop before returning home to her husband. The sex at night between the married couple had a little change, with more energy and a different sexual appreciation for her own body. Through the session, the physical impression of Ricky’s dick in her pussy made everything wilder, and her husband was more than happy to be on the receiving end.

A Little Rub

To make up for the lapsed entries everyone has been waiting for, Jhae is publishing a story he just completed. Apologies for what happened, and this will be one of the few (hopefully) this month during the hiatus. Once again, thank you guys for your continual support.

Melinda (whispering): ‘Hey! Not here!’

Rick pushed his way between her crossed legs and she let him, trying to sit lower under the table in case anyone walked past. She had wore the blue spaghetti top with thin straps and a pair of white skirt that has a high slit between her thighs. That particular outfit was bought by him for dates on such free days from their work.

Rick’s fingers pushed onto her matching white panties and caused a moan, where she quickly silenced by grabbing his bulge in response. Stroking his member, she felt her panties shifting to the side and his fingers coming in direct contact with her pussy.

Rubbing away, her reaction was slowly pushing her embarrassment away.

Melinda (whispering): ‘Wait wait.. ‘
Melinda: ‘Umm.. excuse me. Where is the toilet?’
Waiter: ‘Upstairs.’

She grabbed her purse and Rick led the way, spotting a store room that has a sign ‘Staff Only’ on it. Without a word, he dragged her into the room and flipped her skirt, pinning Melinda against the wall and digging into her panties.

Rick (whispering): ‘You’re so wet babe.’
Melinda (whispering): ‘And you’re so hard.. ‘

As they continued petting, they had missed the footsteps coming up the stairs, till the door suddenly burst opened wide. A quick fumble tucked his dick back between the zipper and her skirt was messily hanging on her mid-thigh, while her spag top was barely covering her nipple-sticker-only boobs.

Waiter: ‘C’mon! This is out of bounds.’

Being the last two customers in the resturant, there was no need to pay extra attention to them. They got it all. Shamelessly, the guy fished two pieces of fifty dollar notes and handed to him, before leaving his girlfriend to get her skirt into place.

Melinda: ‘Just don’t report this to your boss k? This is for you.’

Another fifty dollar note was pushed into the waiter’s palm and they hurried downstairs to their belongings.

Waiter (shouting): ‘Excuse me miss!’

Melinda turned back to see what she had forgotten and only saw him pointing at the ceiling. To her shock, an old rotating camera was in the corner and the red LED light was unmistakable.

Melinda (shouting): ‘Wait!’

Melinda (shouting): ‘Dear! Dear!’

The swinging glass door needed no more description as it signalled his departure, leaving her helpless with the waiter who was pissed off by their late night dinner beyond his working hours.

Melinda: ‘Fuck my life!’

Her wallet was empty save for a few pieces of two dollar notes, and the waiter just stood at the cash register finalising their bill.

Melinda: ‘Umm.. I can give you more money.. ‘
Waiter: ‘It’s alright. I’m not after money. I need to go home.’
Melinda: ‘Will your boss check the CCTV?’
Waiter: ‘It records when there are motion detected. Your boyfriend didn’t stay quite still right?’
Melinda: ‘Ex.. I’m so done with him.’
Waiter: ‘Okay. So can I go now?’

She rushed outside the restaurant and yanked the halfway-down shutter, closing it fully. Getting back to her unkempt table, she began stacking the plates with her shaking hands.

Melinda: ‘I’ll help you pack k?’

The waiter did not say anything and joined her, bringing all the plates into the kitchen where they were left in a sink. Without stopping, she began washing them till all the dishes were in it.

Waiter: ‘Excuse me. This is my job. You can leave already.’

He shoved her aside with his hips and took over the washing, while she stood out of sight. Slowly, sobbing sounds got louder but no one paid attention, there were things to be done thanks to her – or them.

Until the sight of her blue spag came onto the dish rack where he piled the plates, only did he quicken and finish the last of them.

He turned around to see Melinda nude, with just a pair of stickers on her breasts. Needless to say, an erection stirred under his work pants and he led her out of the kitchen with her top.

Melinda (sobbing): ‘Can you do something about the CCTV?’

Standing in front of the sweet looking, brown-tinted hair girl, she remained seated after completing her sentence. His belt came undone and pants peeled opened, with a hard object behind his underwear.

With her teary eyes, she began stroking his dick, that had not seen any release in a week. Knowing what she should do, her hand did not stop pumping to get him to groan continuously.

Waiter: ‘Hey, I think it’s okay. I don’t think it’s going to be easy to get me to shoot.’

Her lips parted and a bit of snort lubricated his entry. As she went straight to deep throat, a long groan satisfied him and his hand went behind her head, guiding her into the momentum that was fast but nothing she could not handle.

A hand reached for her boobs and squeezed, making her go deeper for longer duration. The full wrath of her throat was massaging his rod and he was getting so close to demanding sex.

Gradually, moans came and the blowjob was at its full speed, pressing all the right spots for him to cum.

Abruptly, Melinda stopped and caught her breath, before standing up to remove her panties. Those sticky, wet panties only told him one thing, one thing that she got ahead to asking him for.

Melinda (whispering): ‘If I fucked you, can you help me out of this mess?’
Waiter: ‘Then I don’t want it.’
Melinda: ‘Please, you have to help me.’

She lifted her body onto the table and opened her legs, skirt pulled all the way to her waist. She gently held his dick and brought it closer. Using her feet, she pushed him into her and the size of it immediately garnered a tight huge into her boobs.

Melinda (whispering): ‘You’re really big.. bigger than.. ‘

Using the bit of extra meat on her ass, she rocked her body back and forth, fucking the lucky guy without him moving a muscle. Suddenly, he held her still and looked down into her eyes, pulling himself out at the same time.

Waiter: ‘I’ll help you. You can stop already.’
Melinda: ‘Really?’

A nod from him secured her worried state and he helped her off the table. Before he could pull his pants back, she stopped him and wrapped her slim fingers around his rod.

Melinda: ‘At least let me help you shoot.’
Waiter: ‘Hey.. no.. ‘

He could not finish what he wanted to say in that mouth that quickly devoured him, moving way faster than when he received her blowjob out of guilt. This time, it was gratitude and he could feel it in his balls.

Ramming her face into his groin, his hips went to work and moved in sync, pounding at her beautiful face.

Waiter: ‘I’m going to cummm.. ‘

She slid his cock down her throat and held it in place, letting her body squeeze him for the final blow.


Choking slightly, his huge load of cum poured into her stomach, where she could not hold him in any longer and pulled herself away. He lined her gullet all the way to her lips with cum, till a few gentle sucks drew the last bit of him out.

The sexed-up duo rested for a few minutes before wearing their clothes back, skipping her panties and stickers for her final outfit.

Waiter: ‘Wait for me for a while. I’ll rewind the tape to overwrite your part.’

He disappeared into the storage room again, and swapped it with a new tape, keeping the ‘action-packed’ one into his bag. There was still lots to do with the old one.

Waiter: ‘Done!’

She gave him a kiss to thank him and hopped on a cab, where he offered to drop her off before heading home. During the ride, the unsatisfied girl was clinging onto him and hinting for him to help her out.

What more could I say when he alighted with her, at a humble HDB flat where she lived with her parents. In a way, the ‘blackmail’ kind of sex turned her on and into a lady that could not keep her panties dry. Especially not with the waiter who found a way to own and keep her at his disposal.

Imagine what happens every night after the restaurant closes.. the banging sounds.. the sensual moans.. the unforgettable explosion in that cutesy looking, pink lipstick mouth..

The Girl Under Wraps

Part 1 | Part 2

I, Jhae, received this email on Sunday morning, with a request to publish this at a time and date I deem fit. The following content may offend readers, but I had to do this or risk hurting the girl as described by the sender in the email.

Hi Jhae,

I would like you to let me know;

1. The possibility of this entry going onto your blog.
2. The date and time of the publication.
3. If you can keep me updated of any personal comments you received about this entry.

Whatever choice you made to the requests above, will affect the girl’s treatment in the following hours/ days. Right after this sentence, will be what I will want your readers to read, in its entirety. Though I asked for you to ‘let me know’, you will notice that the email address I used cannot be replied to. You know what I mean.

Dear readers of Phantacee.com, what you are about to read is an entry from a 16 year old girl’s journal. She can be known as Ting here. Whatever relationship you guys can make out from here, is purely your own assumption. The details in it is what was required of her to record, in her own words.

#37 – 2014-09-20

Things weren’t the same anymore once I passed my 16th birthday. It was tough to pretend that everything was fine when I had to bade goodbye to my friends, or be really busy with meaningful things when I say I am busy. On normal days, I am allowed to go out with them and do what girls do, shop, eat and play. But on the occasional weekdays, Fridays and Saturdays, I had a different routine that was planned by him a long time ago.

Getting into his car after school, he reached for my legs and brushed his hand under my skirt, attempting to turn me on which I knew doesn’t work. At least not in that location. A blue floral dress was placed in my lap and he turned the car camera in my direction. In full light of afternoon sun in a HDB carpark, I quickly removed my blouse and slipped the dress over, before stripping my bra and skirt off from under. As usual, he placed his hand onto my panties to feel for the loop connected to the wireless vibrator that was inside me almost all the time.

We went for lunch at a coffee shop, where he closely watched if I let my knees touched. That dress was one of my favourite to go with jeans, as it was really short. I could sense eyes on me as we consumed our food, vibrator buzzing unheard in the noisy environment. From all these days of constant wetness, it had become a biological reaction to get turned from the attention, somewhat boosting my confidence despite my quiet self my friends know me by.

After the meal, he drove us to a well-shaded area, where he unzipped and took his dick out. There was no need for him to say anything. It was routine to me. Any signs of me forgetting or not being initiative will risk me losing some freedom I had.

I bent over to his lap and took his dick in my mouth, still lingering of the anchovies soup of my fishball noodles earlier. Perhaps that was what made it bearable. The image of his dick was long embedded in my mind. I had handled it so many times, touching, tasting and pleasing it.

His dick barely fitted my lips and I couldn’t open wider even if I wanted. Yes I had a small mouth, and the airtight seal was perfect for him. I went on to move my head up and down without doing anything with my tongue, just dangling downwards along his shaft. To me, it was a ‘massage’ except that my whole body was at it. His groans were loud even with the stereo on, but hearing how much he was enjoying it made me feel at ease, somewhat keeping me wet as my body had desired.

Never had I thought about the duration when we were at it. He had spent about two sessions guiding me till I was executing it right. I had enough of being choked unwillingly whenever he taught. He tapped on my head after he had enough and I wiped my mouth clean. He had always wanted me to write something more emotional in my journal, but how could I? When everything happened so many times.

Having done only the blowjob part, it was just the beginning. We went home straight after and he took a shower while I got naked on his bed, waiting for whatever was about to come. It was the weekend I was accustomed to. For him to come out cleaned and tuck myself into his arms.

He came out of the shower and I patted his back dry, before he laid on the bed lazily. I cuddled up to him and his fingers went tomy pussy, waxed and maintained by him every Saturday morning. His dick was in my hand when he got in bed, stroking and feeling him grow bigger as he fondled my clit.

That was how I understood men, that they will never have enough of pleasure, no matter if sex was involved. The constant reminder that ‘each guy dreams to have their own sex slave’ did not sway my hopefulness though. I could judge for myself. But the thought of having a boyfriend while pleasing him, I’d better get out of this first.

When he nudged my head, I knew what to do. I laid by his groin and resumed sucking him, to the twitching I was more than familiar with. The vibrator was still inside, and he was tuning the speed to control my pace. I couldn’t get the ‘routine’ out of my head no matter how hard I tried to disassociate with my daily life.

His hand wrapped around my neck and pulled me away, lying me on the bed with my head facing the opposite direction of the headboard. My body sank under his weight as he climbed on top of me, and raised my legs for me to hold onto.

Between the sensitive flaps of pussy, he replaced the vibrator by sticking his dick slowly inside, and my nipples erected on their own. ‘You want the clamps?’, he asked. My head gave the smallest nod and he helped me to secure the clips over my nipples. It was painful at the start, but it would go away as he begin to move. If I was already in it, might as well try to forget the suffering (no doubt temporary) with pleasure.

My pussy stuck itself out as he began thrusting, and moans escaped my mouth. I didn’t have to chance to discover masturbation when all these started, and I hoped he had not led me too far to rediscover them again. Was it supposed to be fast, loud sounding and intense? Or like drinking tea? To be enjoyed slowly and within control?

He was all to himself when he did me, he disliked the word ‘fuck’. I could understand why. I was after all his … My mind would go blank and begged for more, hands would go rubbing my clit to intensify the pleasure and each orgasms would send me screaming.

I was a slut in my own eyes. Unable to NOT get wet even when he wasn’t around. Each time I visited the toilet, I needed to relieve the urge my body was hinting at me. Everytime a guy looks at me, I would imagine how big he was. I was turning into a slave guys are looking to own.

‘Come, turn around’, he commanded in a deep voice and I was on my fours. Ass high in the air, savouring the moment when he filled me up with warmth again. My arms and legs were toned from trying to control his powerful pounding, and I learnt that squeezing my vagina tight would make it feel better, for the both of us.

As he went on non-stop for the ‘usual’ last part of our sex, I was cumming one after next, continously. That was when I did not mind what I was going through at all, it was something few of my friends could experience. Something so painful yet sexual, mindblowing at the same time addictive.

He pulled out as my body got weaker and he jumped off the bed. Standing towards me in front of the bed, I sat upright and slid off the edge, taking his dick and letting him finish the job. Although I disliked how he treated me here, I knew it was the end of part one. Maybe there would be two, or three? That was the only thing I couldn’t grasp.

My face slammed in his groin as he jerked his hips at me, choking me with his dick reaching deep down my throat. This time, he climbed onto the bed with his knees by my ears and was in missionary. From all these while, I had learnt how to feel his movements to prepare myself too.

A loud groan bursted out and he lifted his waist enough for me to milk his cum into my mouth, spraying a few waves of his salty semen right into my mouth. Ever since we begin doing this, I had no idea what was ‘a lot’. It was always little no matter how I tried to imagine ‘a lot’. That was how often I had helped him.

Once I licked him clean, he went to wash up and I got into the same blue dress again. I waited for him in the living room and had a small dildo ready. When he was comfortably seated next to me, I started pumping the toy into me for exactly two orgasms, marking the end of the session.

Surprisingly, that was the only time we did it today. Something else was on his mind. He was so busy on his iPad, scrolling on a wordy website. Although I was asked to jerk him off after dinner while he was on his iPad, it was still better to rest before he asked – again.

As requested, he wanted me to write something here if someone were to read it. So here it goes.

At times, I wonder if it was all so bad that I had to go through all these. All of us have something that set us on whatever path we are on in life, and this part can never be undone. I know myself best and I kinda(?) have an idea of the relationship I want to be with in future.

If you ever become my boyfriend, can you not change the routine too much? I want to please you as I know ‘pleasure’ and ‘sex’ to be. This is my ‘normal’ or ‘usual’, whichever way you put it. All I will ask for is to be brought out for dinner dates (with lots of awesome food) and movies.

Save me in a way I want to be saved.

Goodnight bearie.

Here is where her entry ends, and here is where you end as well Jhae. Goodnight to you.

Guys, I have no idea what to do except to post this entry for her. Anything that follows this entry.. I’m just afraid it will do more harm than good. So I will leave things as it is for now.

Part 1 | Part 2

Caught Skirt Down

In the heat of the moment, Tim turned Jill’s body towards the opening at the stairs of the HDB, unhooking her skirt and letting it drop to the floor. Her blowjob was getting him too hot to resist and she just succumbed to his force. Pointing her butt out, she waited for his dick to shove her tiny panties to the sides and felt the shove of his manhood into her. Bundling her hair with one hand, he held down her hips and began thrusting into her, jerking her body forward for lucky eyes to see.

A trio of men were loitering around that very block, and immediately saw what the couple was doing, the girl with her skirt down and guy ramming hard at her butt. Silently, one of them took out their mobile phone and started recording their acts, while sending the other two down another flight of stairs, ready to ruin the quickie.

With their backs facing the stairs, the two of them could not have anticipated the interruption when the two men below shouted, sending their faces into sheets of white. The three of them had their phones pointed at Jill, while they hurried to pull their bottoms up. In an instant, the men were at that same platform, giving them no room for escape.

Man: ‘Don’t bother covering your face girl. It’s all in the video.’
Man 2: ‘I think it will be messy once these clips are uploaded right?’
Tim: ‘What do you want?’
Man: ‘Simple. The same as what you had.’

He drove a punch into his stomach without waiting and Tim collapsed on the floor, weakened by the power and pain in his abdomen. The three men then dragged him onto the flight of stairs and cornered Jill, bombarding her with questions about what would she do. Clearly, it would be most detrimental to her if their quickie was made public. And any resistance from Tim would worsen things as well.

Jill: ‘What do you want me to do?’

One of them hugged her from the back and turned her towards the side to face another. The two which was not doing anything quickly unbuckled their pants, showing off their dicks that were yet to be erected from the sudden confrontation. A push down her back sent her head towards the groin of the guy in front of her, and he just held her hair and guided his dick right next to her lips.

Man: ‘Come. Do what you have to do.’

She held his waist with one hand for balance and her other went to his dick, holding it mindlessly unsure of the next action. While she was hesitating, the man behind her just unzipped his pants and freed his dick, rubbing it over the panties under her skirt.

Man 2: ‘If that guy fight back, make sure he cannot stand again.’
Man: ‘Shut up lah. Need you to tell me what to do?’

The third man went beside Tim and sat down, lighting a cigarette while resting an arm over his shoulders. With a dick outside her panties, he could not hold himself back further and placed her at an arm’s length, positioning himself before sinking his rod into her tight cunt. She was partly tighter because it was forced, but he was no doubt feeling the pleasure. Once he started ramming into her cute ass, her head was forced down on the second dick and she took it helplessly down her throat.

Gagging at the size of it, the unneeded orgasms were alleviating the trauma from the forced deep throat. After all, his hand was in control of her mouth, pushing mercilessly down his shaft. Unable to use her tongue much, he treated her as another hole and slowly changed to fucking her face, motion assisted by the guy banging her from behind.

Man: ‘Later is our turn k? Just watch first.’

Tim was terrified of them as their tattoos were showing a common symbol, possibly a gang sign. His pants were still undone, but it was the arm over him that was threatening to strangle him if he made any move.

As time passed, he realised Jill was enjoying the rape, moaning and groaning in the process. Halfway, the men signalled each other to stop and swapped places, letting her take that juice coated dick in her mouth while the other dick pounded deep into her pussy. Soon, juices were dripping from between her legs while she took pauses in between orgasms. Her legs were already weakened but the man behind was holding her up as he rammed.

The abuse went on for another five minutes, before the man at her pussy gave her bum a loud slap, grabbing the soft flesh in his hands, he gave a few powerful thrusts and held still inside her.

Man: ‘Oh man! She’s fucking tight!’

The juices leaking onto the floor had turned whitish and it was his cum mix coming out. The guy at her mouth held her head with both hands, and shoved his dick continuously down her throat, until he plunged himself in and stopped her from moving, shooting that foreign liquid down her throat as she gagged. Pulling himself out at the last few waves, her chest just toppled forward and the watery mixture just poured out from her mouth, onto the floor missing him by a few centimetres.

They had their turn with her and it was finally time for the other two. The man released his arm from Tim and went behind Jill, where he walked her in front of Tim and removed his slippers.

Man (impatiently): ‘Oi! Lend me your slippers.’
Man 2: ‘What for?’
Man: ‘Quick lah. Ask so much for what.’

He placed a pair of slippers on the floor in front of Jill and made her kneel on it, facing directly at Jim’s groin. He then positioned his own footwear behind her and knelt on it, getting into a doggie stance.

Man: ‘Boy, must I tell you what to do?’

Tim pulled his pants lower and Jill’s mouth went to his dick voluntarily. Working on his rod diligently, it was perhaps the only comfort she could get out of this. Without having to move, Tim let her sucked on it and watched her bounced her head over it, sending him into the heavens with her mouth.

Seeing how well she was performing, the man behind slipped into her pussy and thrust gracefully into her. It was those gentle yet powerful thrusts that got her cumming in no time, squeezing him tighter as she sucked faster. Taking his own time, he held onto the waist and rammed at a steady pace, stunning the other two friends with his skills.

Jill had never felt such expertise in sex before, and she was smiling and moaning while her mouth was busy. Tim too, was dumbfounded by her weird expressions. As his mind was still being flooded with that warmth and wetness of her lip service, the other man was still gliding his dick in and out of her, making her shiver as though she was peeing whenever she climaxed.

Soon, she began tightening her pussy to either get him to cum faster, or to feel better. Either way, she was making him jerk at a random tempo, until he went into berserk mode after a couple of minutes. He was literally pounding the breath out of her with his vigour, and it stopped her blowjob midway, mouth opened and covered while giving an ‘oh my fucking god!’ kind of look to Tim.

Just five thrusts later, he spread her ass with his hands and dived into the deepest spot, sprewing his hot load into her while grunting in the breathless state. He made sure to empty his load before exiting, and putting his slippers back on after. A few taps on her butt notified her to let go of his friend’s slippers, but her knees was back on the concrete floor.

Man: ‘Eh. Take your slippers off.’

He yanked it off Tim’s feet and placed it under her kneecaps, giving her head a push down back on the dick in front. Sucking it obediently, she went all the way until he came, and made sure her head was all the way down to his balls while he fed her with his precious semen.

Upon seeing his release, the first two men their video recording and had their heads smacked.

Man: ‘Pass me your phones. Fucking asshole.’

He took his seat beside Tim and showed the screens one by one to the couple, ensuring that the videos and pictures were deleted. I guess it was only right to repay with righteousness.

Man: ‘I will make sure nothing happen to you two. You can count on me.’

He gave them a clenched fist bump to his heart and left with the other two. Not once turning back to see what Tim and Jill were doing. After they went into the lift, he picked her up and helped her wear her clothes back, hugging her while apologising for the mess he created. Throughout the consolation, a faint smile was on her face as she had witnessed first hand how caring he can be. Especially when something that fierce and exciting just happened.

Jill: ‘It’s okay dear. Umm.. I have something to ask you.’

Tim’s face was filled with question marks as she did not seemed to be too affected by it.

Jill: ‘Did you enjoy watching me get fucked by other men?’

The sleeping worm in his pants began transforming into a dragon, pushing against his pants unto her arm.

Tim (doubtful): ‘A little?’

She happily jumped onto his lap in the narrow steps and sat on his groin facing him, planting her lips onto his for a slippery tongue fight. One thing leading to another, he lifted his butt to lower his pants and whipped his cock out, hungry for a second round. With his dick in position, she pushed her panties to the side and sat over his dick. Hanging onto his neck for support, she made the simple but stimulating motion to grind over his body, thrusting his dick by throwing her hips at it.

That wide opened legs of hers was pushing on all the right keys of his flute, bringing him up to heat with occasional kisses and hands given access to squeeze that soft cute butt of hers. For a treat, she decided to keep squeezing her pussy over his shaft, while bouncing atop of him. The whole thing lasted for a good five minutes without rest and interruptions, alternating between bouncing and thrusting.

Tim: ‘Baby. Are you ready?’
Jill: ‘I’m always ready for you.’

He used his feet to push his hips up in a non-stop upward thrust motion, scraping her sensitive walls until she was begging him to cum. With the final burst of her energy, she slammed her hips down on him and rose and lowered her hips quickly and shallowly, teasing only the dick head and part of the shaft.

Tim (groaning): ‘Oh yes baby!’

She held his hands behind his head and rode him into abyss. His hot load just flushed into that tiny pussy of hers, unable to stop or slow her down from overwhelming his senses. That twitching and squirting rod of his just kept erupting until he had to plead desperately for her to stop. With that, she remained seated on him for a while before lifting herself away.

Cum safely held in, her panties were adjusted to keep that slimy load over her pussy, and his dick was truly shrinking at the fastest speed. Once his pants were done, they left that happening location for supper before heading home for the night.

Would you guys enjoy or hate being Tim in the story?


Nicole arrived at the stranger’s house after a long walk from her place. She had been instructed to meet him at his place after he left a photo of her masturbating in her room, having her image taken from the window she left open by accident. She gave two knocks on the door and the sounds from the television went off before the man opened. He was way taller than her, about 1.7 meters, and had a lean body under the Bali singlet. She stepped in quickly before anyone she knew might spot her and went straight to the wooden sofa in the living room.

Man: ‘You can call me Pat. What’s your name?’

Nicole: ‘I am Nicole. How many photos do you have of me?’

Pat: ‘Let’s just say I have videos too.’

Nicole: ‘Huh! Can you delete them?’

Pat: ‘That is why I asked you here. So we can work something out.’

Nicole was speechless at that last sentence and put her bag at the side of the sofa. She knew how she looked was way mature to lie to him she was underaged or even make any threats. Bound to be doomed, she was prepared to give that man sex to settle the issue. He changed his place to the seat diagonal to her and turned on the TV monitor to show her the porno flick he was watching earlier.

Pat: ‘I want you to finger yourself.’

As prepared as she was, she knew her dignity would have to go for now. Nicole got up and stripped her shorts and underwear off, before sitting back down and spreading her legs on the floor. Her hand went between her legs and the awkward masturbation began with her rubbing her clit with two of her fingers. Clearly, she was more experienced than that. As she looked at the screen to avoid eye contact, the rate she was getting turned on was even quicker than doing it herself. Soon, the area around her privates were wet. And he stopped her before she could slip her fingers in.

Nicole: ‘Is that all?’

Pat: ‘What do you think?’

His body was slouching on the armchair so much that he was almost lying down, and the tentage built in his underwear was a hint. Nicole almost got up to him but that was not what he wanted.

Pat: ‘Look under the table and pick one.’

She peered over the glass coffee table and saw two toys, one being a rabbit vibrator and the other being a thick penis shaped dildo. Her hand reached under and picked the meat coloured toy, before leaning back on the couch.

Pat: ‘You know what to do with it?’

Nicole gave him a nod and her eyes went back on the TV, while her legs spread again and the tip of the toy pushed into the entrance. She fiddled with it by thrusting it gently while letting more of it penetrate into her, after all, it was her first time with a toy and the thickness of it was pushing all her buttons. The toy lubricated by her juices, did not take too long before it was magically appearing and disappearing into her. Her moans were also getting louder as she increased in speed, pumping the toy so quickly until she climaxed. As she cummed, she looked at Pat and watched him admiring the exposed parts of her body, neck, arms and legs, that was glowing with sweat.

Pat: ‘Good. I think you’re wet enough now. Come over.’

He pulled his underwear down to let his dick free while she went down on her knees, before her mouth gobbled his stick up and began sucking him off. She knew what was at stake for her, and that thought never left her head for once. Working her soft lips around his shaft, and using her saliva as lube, her head slid up and down the rod, and was rewarded by the manly noises he made. Not only did Nicole not feel disgusted, but the domination and control over her was making her comfortable. There was no need to wonder what was needed to be done next, since he was giving instructions.

After enjoying her mouth for about five minutes or so, he lifted her head up and walked over to the armchair directly opposite him.

Pat: ‘Come. Get into doggie on the seat.’

She followed him and placed her knees on the cushion, arms resting at the neck rest. He then slid the windows open and she was looking right over to the block next to his. Sure that no one could spot her, she did not move and just waited for him to go behind her. The entry felt familiar to the toy going inside of her as the size was about the same, but it was much hotter, and lively. Nicole could feel his heartbeat and the pulsating expansion of his dick.

Pat took a while to enjoy the short moment he was inside of her before starting to thrust his hips, back and forth into the tight pussy he had been served. Grabbing her waist firmly, he went deep and shallow, fast and slow to his preference, but it was making Nicole slightly desperate. It had been a long time since she had sex, and to get an orgasm from it was even rarer. But whatever that man was doing, she knew an explosion was about to happen.

Finally after teasing her for a long time, he gave her what she had been dying for. The last lap of furious strokes at her drove her weak and high that he had to hold her breasts over her shirt while she orgasmed. So vigorous was her reaction that his dick had to slip out of her to prevent her from falling off the chair. It took her a couple of minutes to recover from the convulsion, but she was still energetic.

Pat: ‘Looks like you had your fun. It’s your turn to help me off.’

He turned off the TV and went to the centre seat of the couch, while she moved like a drunk over his lap, before holding his dick upright. Sitting back, her pussy lowered itself all the way balls deep, and then she began rocking. Bouncing on top of him, his hands were free, so he went under her shirt, her tube bra, and gave her small tits a massage. With the extra stimulation from her sensitive nipples, her movements got faster and she even squeezed him harder as she grind her hips.

Given how wild she was going on top of him, he could not last long either. Right then, Nicole hugged him close to her and he felt a warm flow of her wetness down his balls. He lifted her waist slightly above his hips and then jerked his body upwards, pumping his dick deep into her pussy. Nicole did not have to do anything but tried to relax her body as his meat ran along her vaginal walls, until he whispered the deadly word.

Pat (whispering): ‘I’m about to cum.’

Without sitting back down, she carefully lifted herself away and sat beside him. Her mouth went over his penis once more and this time, she threw her face at his crouch until his dick exploded, sending the liquid soldiers into her mouth. Pulse after pulse of cum filled her mouth up and the taste was not so bad she had to spit them out. After he gave her a tap on her head, she pulled her mouth away with a tight seal to prevent any leakages.

Pat: ‘You can swallow it now.’

Well, that was what she wanted to do anyway. Two gulps cleared her throat and she was officially drained. He brought his iPhone to her face and showed her that one image and another video was deleted. There was just a page full of thumbnails, pictures and videos included. Deep down inside, she realised she was more willing that supposed to be, to have his dick inside of her and filling it up with his meat.

Nicole: ‘Can I go now?’

Pat: ‘Yupp. You want to leave me your number so I don’t have to leave anything in your letterbox?’

Nicole: ‘Yeah yeah.’

Pat: ‘Great. I’ll see you in a few days.’

Knowing it would not be ending soon, she went back to her house and took out the dildo she smuggled along with her. Taking a look at the opened window, she turned her body to face it and dildo went to work, dipping into her sore pussy and going wildly.

Suppressed Instincts.

Valerie was so frustrated at her desktop computer in her room that was running slower and slower. And while most people would be angst by such things when they are working on important tasks, it was more of watching her favourite drama that was freezing in frames so badly to a point she had to watch it on her outdated mobile phone. Giving up after restarting her computer a few times (thinking that it might improve the situation), she called up the IT guy in her old secondary school clique to help her out. Coincidentally, Lawrence was free that afternoon and so he took off for her place after getting her address.

Valerie: ‘Help me to fix my computer can? It’s moving so slowly.’

Lawrence: ‘I’ll see what I can do. You didn’t tell me much over the phone, just saying your computer is dying! Haha’

Valerie: ‘Gahhh.. ‘

She went onto her bed behind the computer chair and laid down on the bed, clicking away on her mobile phone. He spun himself around after he started the computer, which would normally take up to ten minutes according to her. With that short span of time to kill, he checked out his FaceBook on his phone while stealing glances at her. The musically talented girl was just wearing a white singlet without a bra underneath. He could clearly make out her nipples that were poking out of the thin clothes. Her short shorts were also distracting in a way that it was showing a lot of her legs, all the way down to her manicured toes. After taking a long look at her, he glanced around the room to act ‘normal’ as though she had noticed.

The computer started up when he checked and began the slow and tedious process of installing another piece of software, that would cleanse her PC. In between the waits, he would turn to her and watch her flip around in bed, at times turning sideways to him and letting her arms clamp her boobs together for a deep cleavage. With the software working hard to purge the toxins, he had set it to run a complete cycle that would take up to two hours, according to the countdown timer.

Having nothing to do with his phone, he peeked at Valerie and saw that she had feel asleep. Her shirt had accidentally shifted to a side and was showing that bit of pink around her nipple. His hard on showed him the obvious and a sick thought flashed through his mind. He removed his shorts and underwear silently, before scanning the room for anything that he could restraint her with. At last, it was the hat stand that was covered with bags, that he saw the belts hanging from it.

Quietly, he went one step at a time, tying her each of her wrist to the knees, having to move really slow so as not to wake her up. After her wrist and knees were bounded together, he ran another belt through both loops for each leg. In another lap of slow-motion, he pulled on the belts to raise her legs until the belt could be secured at the two wooden poles at the corner. Just as he placed the pin into the belts, Valerie woke up and found herself unable to move. In the change of event, he reached for his underwear and rolled it into ball before stuffing it into her mouth.

Taking a break to look at his work of art, he double checked on the belts to be sure, before he went to the side of the bed where her butt was. He grabbed the scissors he saw on her desk and snipped through the shorts, until her panties was all that’s covering her – apart from the shirt. Mmm hmm! Valerie shook her head violently in resistance but all Lawrence felt was even more turned on. Her lint covered smooth panties were cut away as well, exposing her freshly shaved pussy to him.

The struggle she had been in was cutting the belt into her skin and it did not take long for her to give up. Watching how this irresistible girl try to deny that she wanted it as much made it even more exciting for him to dominate her this way. Sitting down Japanese style, his head disappeared from her sight as he feasted on her cute pink folds of her delicate pussy. He took his time to run his fingers around it and played with her clit. Valerie had no more strength to fight him, but the natural response of her body was giving her away.

The juices that had spread over her pussy was reacting to his tongue that was clamping on her clit with his lips, pressing them so hard. While his mouth continued to go up and down on her, one of his fingers poked its way into her pussy and went in slowly with increasing depth. Soon, he was fingering her while licking her, making her moan all wild and crazy. Having no intentions to be the one pleasuring her, he increased his speed and went on until she climaxed with tight squeeze on his finger that was inside.

Lawrence took a sip of water and went back to her. This time, she could see him busy adjusting his position until the warm tip touched her private.

Lawrence: ‘Try to relax k?’

With the fearful looking face and constant shaking of her head, he went as planned without much thoughts, to hold her knees for balance, while he brought his hips close to hers. The entry was hurting her, but the pain soon went away once his penis started to stroking alongside her vagina. The tensed muscles in her legs loosened themselves and fell wider apart, giving him more space to go faster and deeper. Without hesitation, he leaned over her in push up position and started to give deep powerful strokes, that made her busy mouth filled up with moans and screams. Although she sounded in agony, her pussy was relaxing in contrast.

Bringing one of his hands to rub on her clit with the thumb, the double stimulation was driving her to the edge and an orgasm hit her so hard that her body went limp and a series of small vibration across her body broke out. It lasted for about five minutes, which Lawrence did not think much of and was still pounding his meat stick into her.

Valerie woke up to the rush of endorphins from the sex and resumed her moans through the underwear in her mouth. Taking no breaks, Lawrence just kept going until he was feeling it. The bell rang in his head and his movements got rapid, jerking in erratic depths into her, until the cocking effect was felt.

He paused inside of her to let the sensitivity die down, then pulled it out.

Lawrence: ‘Can I cum inside you?’

Of course, her answer should, and would be no. But he needed to hear it from her, along with suggestions she can come up with in that sorry state. Carefully, he removed the underwear from her mouth, and was prepared to cover if she decided to scream. But instead, she just panted and said nothing.

Lawrence: ‘If you can’t suggest where to release, I will just stuff my underwear back and.. ‘

Valerie: ‘No no.. Please.. You can shoot anywhere except inside me.’

Giving her a chin up with a confidence boost, he turned released the belt on the side of the bed he was standing at. But still holding on to it, her hand was still tied to her knee. With his other hand, he turned her face to him and brought his dick into her mouth. Scared and hopeless, she sucked on it and let him use her mouth at his wish, thrusting it shallowly so not to choke her. Within a minute, he felt ready and held her head down onto the pillow, before leaving the tip of his penis in her mouth.

The powerful squirts from it coated her tongue with his sweet cum and she just kept still for as long as he kept shooting. After he was done emptying his balls, he squatted down next to her and whispered.

Lawrence (whispering): ‘Now I want to see you swallow it.’

She turned her head away from him and faced the ceiling with her eyes closed, before the loud swallowing sound was heard. He left her as she was and went back to her computer, finalising the process. Valerie was worn out as well, she turned herself to the side with the belt still holding her leg up and rested, before realising she could reach for the buckle with her other hand.

And while she fumbled to free herself, Lawrence had already noticed and packed his bag to escape. While she finally undone the straps, he made his way out of her room and her house, running to the lift before she raced to her doorsteps.

Valerie (shouting): ‘I’m going to report you!’

Shit. Now that he thought of it. But that intense situation did not stop him.

Lawrence (shouting): ‘Then the video will go on the internet!’

He waved his phone and disappeared into the lift. Stunned by his reply, Valerie did not know what to do but laid on her bed, with hundred and one thoughts running through her mind. As she tried to sleep, the mental image of his dick appeared and her pussy just pulsated eagerly in response. What did he turned her into?

Wait, did he even have anything on her in the first place?

Freezing Deal

Tracy: ‘Chef, I think everyone has gone home.’
Mike: ‘Are you sure you want to do it in there? It’s freezing cold.’
Tracy: ‘Yeah. I’ve never tried it before.’

Tracy had been at the restaurant for the whole day, being one of the bidding suppliers for the new source of high quality seafood the business is looking into. The rest of her competitors had left after the conference and she was the only one who hung around until the closing hours to find the head chef. When she returned, he had still about thirty minutes of work to do in the kitchen, but the way she was dressed, had been distracting him too much to do any work. Earlier in the day, was a decent white blouse, blazer and a knee length skirt. But during the time she waited, another outfit was put in place.

Once Mike was done packing, he looked at her from her feet to her head. A black lace dress, leaving her arms, neck and long legs exposed, with a black bralet and small tight skirt as an inner wear, his domant lust had been awakened. Sex with his wife was dwindling in frequencies and this young girl in her 20s, had just served herself on a plate to him. The trade-off wasn’t difficult either. The offer price she gave was one of the lowest and confidentiality was part of the deal. The large freezer door hissed opened and they stepped into it warily. Although it was empty, security cameras were still working.

Mike brought a set of heavy coat along in case she felt cold, but given the activities they were about to do, he doubt it was needed. The pair of chef pants he wore dropped to his ankles once he saw that Tracy had pulled her dress off, leaving only her bralet top and black skirt on. Feeling his urge build up in his underwear, he walked that few steps towards her and stood a distance from the metal counter that was in the middle of the walk-in freezer. She saw how delighted he was to have this bonus part of the deal and got herself seated on a stool that almost froze her ass the moment she sat down.

With the cold kicking in, she grabbed his unerected dick and put her mouth over it, sucking it like a baby for a few minutes before it grew larger, sticking right down her mouth. It had felt easier than doing a deep throat, if she let it grow in her mouth. But of course, that wasn’t what he wanted. Her head started to move to and fro, maintaining a levelled suction while her tongue tried to give every part a lick. Doing this for a stranger wasn’t exactly intimate, and Mike felt it as well. Her mouth was working, but her mind wasn’t there at all. So how about moving on?

He stepped away from her after she got tired and let her take her time to rest her body on the freezing counter, before he used his strong hands to pry her butt open so he could get a better view – of the penetration. Bit by bit, his fat cock was going into her and she could barely contain the excitement of getting a dick so satisfying inside her. Her legs perched themselves up on the table and in a crude way, she was lying flat on the table with her arms and legs spread out – resembling a chicken in Mike’s eyes. Well, what can he do to stop her from looking like that right? She did felt like one.

Mike’s dick gave her no rest once he was fully parked inside of her, commencing with the slower thrusts, gradually going faster and faster. The experience of doing it in a freezer was new to both of them, the fluid that was on Mike’s dick had cooled so quickly that the thrusts he gave her was mind chilling. Apart from that, he also blew air at her pussy whenever he slipped out, making her wet from the frosty wind and then resuming the sex with more forceful thrusts. They took no break in between until he was about to cum, and Tracy knew her job was almost done. She peeled herself carefully off the cold counter top and sat back on the stool, with most of her skin numbed to the cold.

Her head was shoved into his groin and his dick that had been in the open for sometime, tasted like an ice lollipop. She licked him with her warming tongue and let him use her mouth after she saw how desperate he was getting. About close to five deep shoves into her mouth, she felt his cream escape like a can of whip cream, squirting right onto the tongue with the indescripable taste. The clean up was quick and they exited the freezer after a quick peek outside.

Tracy: ‘So the deal is on yeah?’
Mike: ‘And do I get special treatments whenever we place big orders?’
Tracy: ‘This is just a one time bonus k? Maybe when we renew our contract?’

He was a little disappointed for not clarifying this before they started, but thankfully for the seemingly needless camera he placed in the freezer room, it might had come in handy.

Mike: ‘Okay then. I’ll see you during the contract signing.’

What would you do if you were Mike?