Twists and Turn

Stepping out of his house to the void deck, Darren’s eyes scanned for the lady whom described her outfit to him, a pink floral sundress with long brown hair. Half a minute after he planted his ass on the concrete stool, a girl in that exact dress appeared looking casual.

Darren: ‘Mavis?’
Mavis: ‘Hey. Hi.’
Darren: ‘You’re really not tired? It’s late.’
Mavis: ‘Nope. I just wanted to take a walk. Is there somewhere quiet around here?’

The two of them met for the first time after a brief introduction on the app, coincidentally living in the same estate within ten minutes from each other. He walked with her to the back of some HDB flats, before arriving at a park connector route where sparingly placed benches became their final stop. Not only few people used that path to jog, the lamps were located far away for some reasons.

Opening her large cloth tote bag, she took out two bottles of Bacardi Breezer dripping wet from condensation.

Mavis: ‘I’ll open it for you.’

Using a bottle opener, she popped the lid off and bubbles started fizzing out of the top, forcing Darren to sip them up while she took a few mouthful from her own bottle. The two of them sat motionless telling stories, exchanging more facts about themselves as the neighbouring flats began to darken.

The next thing he knew, she had slipped her fingers into his hand and leaned her head on his shoulder, conversation going dead slowly. Mavis unfolded her crossed legs and placed her thigh over one of his, spreading her legs a little too wide if not for the privacy of where they were.

Mavis: ‘Are you tired?’
Darren: ‘A little. I’m feeling light headed but still alright.’

He felt his shoulder blade and thigh muscles trembling under the skin, as if drained of energy. However, his arms could still move, misinterpreting as an onset of tiredness after his long day at work. Soon, she was guiding his hand under her dress, and he felt her soft, shaved pussy when he reached her groin.

Darren: ‘You are always this open?’
Mavis: ‘Nope. Only when I’m in control.’

His attempts to move his arm away proved futile and the situation got him worried. What if the paralysis is permanent? What exactly was happening to him? His fingers could move on her clit, even feeling the wetness that was coming from her. When she began to unzip his pants, that was when he realised it was something he drank.

Right, my drink was fizzy when she opened it but hers wasn’t. But she popped the lid in front of my eyes.

Darren: ‘Did you put something in my drink?’
Mavis: ‘So you noticed? I dropped it in when I opened it.’

By then, her hands were wrapped around his dick and stroking it to hardness. There was nothing he could do except to move his fingers, piercing into her pussy as she got faster. Just after he felt her vagina contract from an orgasm, Mavis got up and pulled her dress straight.

She spread his knees apart and half-squatted between his legs, tucking the rear of her dress towards the front. Before his eyes, she lowered herself over his raw dick, engulfing it in a level of heat he never experienced before. Apart from the breath-taking warmth, she was squishy wet when his dick slipped into her.

The rest of it was self-explanatory as she bounced up and down, fucking herself with a helpless guy’s dick. Changing between a hop and back-forth twerking, her moans escaped freely while Darren groaned in excitement.

Mavis (whispering): ‘You’re the biggest I’ve ever had and it felt wonderful!’

She suddenly slammed her body backwards onto him and his dick ached from the squeeze, hot juices flowing down his balls and into his lap where all of it was soaked by his badly-positioned underwear.

The crazy bitch then climbed on top of the bench and squatted face-to-face, calves horizontally flushed with the seat. Grinding front and back, her arms around his neck tightened with moans into his ears, combined with lip nibbles.

Slowly, over the course of two more orgasms, he regained his strength and could move his arms again. There was no way Mavis would know his body reacted differently to the same drug she used on an undisclosed number of guys.

Darren just wrapped his arms around her back and stood up, collapsing on his knees onto the grass patch surrounding them.

Mavis (shouting): ‘Oh fuck!’

She struggled to back away from him but he quickly secured her wrists under one hand, and covered her mouth with the other. Now thrusting in full control of himself and her, something in him was telling him not to let her get away with it.

He pulled out of her and tucked his knees together, helping her up by holding onto her wrists. In a swift motion, he swung both her arms behind her back and locked her movements, sending pain through little twists of her elbows.

Darren: ‘You like dominating guys huh bitch?’

One hand was all he needed to hold onto both her wrists, before he flipped her over onto her fours. The zip on the back of her dress came off and he ripped her clothes apart, tearing the shoulder straps away like paper. Half-naked, her strapless bra-clad chest was pushed onto the wet grass, still unable to move from the pain in her shoulder joints.

A nano-second into her screams, he yanked on her long hair to silence her.

Darren: ‘You scream and you will lose your hair.. and dress. Try me.’

He flipped her dress higher waist and lifted her hips (with one arm across her waist), perching her ass into a submissive doggie position. In a second, he rammed his cock into her and choked her body straight with one move. One hand across her throat and the other locking her wrists, there was no escape for her.

His hips pounded the confused girl’s pussy continuously in rage, making her moan while fighting needlessly. She simply could not overcome the pain that allowed him to rape her. Talk about a plot twist. Darren had all the anger needed to tear her pussy apart, dick growing significantly thicker inside her.

The unwanted orgasms weakened her struggle slowly, until she no longer made any sounds. He shoved her onto the ground and turned her over again, holding both her ankles wide apart like a gynae-examination. Stuffing his cock all the way, the exhausted girl laid unresponsive, eyes barely opened as her body jerked on the soil.

Darren (groaning): ‘I’m gonna cum bitch. Guess where am I unloading?’

He raised one of her knees to her chest and hammered down his ‘nail’, driving it so deep she sobered up immediately.

Mavis (weakly): ‘No please.. not inside.. ‘
Darren: ‘Arghh!’

His body paused for a second before he rammed it again, following the rhythm of his ejaculation that built up into another orgasm for her. Tears began rolling down her eyes as he grinned wider, making the last few thrusts to bury his semen deep.

Once his deed was done, he whipped his phone out and adjusted her dress. Flashes blinded the girl as the shutter sound fired away, in various positions he shoved her lifeless body into.

Darren: ‘I’m done here bitch.’

He unhooked her bra and threw it into the bushes, leaving her to fend for herself top-naked. He easily ripped whatever remains of her dress away and pulled his shirt off, stripping the singlet he wore under for her to put on. Once he was dressed appropriately, he began to record the last part of his adventure, aimed at her stumbling away in a translucent piece of top that barely covered her perky ass.

Darren (shouting): ‘Text me or these will go online!’

Mavis darted off once she heard him and disappeared around a corner, possibly faster than The Flash. Now, what would Darren do with those photos and video?

What would you guys do? You might be directing the next part of this story with your comments.

Flipped Around

Lily (shouting): ‘Come in now.’

To think that an older guy like me, has to be commanded was kind of shameful, but there wasn’t anyone to judge in the house. Still in my suit and blazer, I entered the minimalist-designed bedroom of my mistress and stood before her.

She was an eighteen year old girl who was still in poly, and the way she dressed didn’t even look anything like her age. Wearing a pair of tiny skirt and tank top, her figure was barely fitting into the outfit that looked like it came out from the children’s section.

Lily: ‘What? You don’t know what to do?’

I began stripping myself and then helped her to get naked, throwing a thin satin scarf around her neck as soon as she was in the nude. I went closer to the bed and took a moment, while she adjusted her iPhone on the ledge of the night stand next to her bed.

Holding her head with both hands, I led her to my dick, that was totally uninterested. It was after all a blackmail that got me into this mess, and she continued ‘adding’ content to the stash of compromising evidence by recording our trysts portraying her as the ‘victim’.

Between my hands, her face was mostly obstructed and her mouth took my flaccid dick in, suckling on it like a baby bottle. In less than a minute, I was growing harder with a view from the top, watching a little girl suck on my dick as though I was in control. Gradually, her strokes got longer and most of my shaft was penetrating into her lips.

Her tongue, kept sliding around my dick head to get me to groan and I did. She had been using me to practice whatever skills she needed. Imagine getting paid to be pleasured and still have control, that was Lily for you.

Lily: ‘Mister, please take control.’

Finally, it was that ‘time’ again, where I had to pretend I was the one fucking her at her expense. Even though I knew I was being commanded, there were certain things I could do freely. Like..

Pushing her down onto the bed, I fiercely raised her legs into the air. In that position, her pussy was in full view, just inches away from my dick. Having lubricated by her saliva, there was no need to wait for her to get wet. I leaned closer to her and split her pussy with my fingers, before poking the tip in.

A loud scream from her did not last after I covered her mouth, and the rest of my dick went into her unprepared pussy. Rough and full of friction, I endured the glowing heat and rammed into her, exacting my revenge at my own loss.

She began struggling from pain not long later, but could not overpower me at all. I pinned her head to the side and continued fucking her, slamming our hips together in loud echoes.

Lily (shouting): ‘It’s fucking hot down there! Take it out!’
Me: ‘It will go away soon. Just bear with it.’

I slowed down to let her pussy start wetting itself and went on with the deep pumps once I felt there were enough. Her arms grabbed whatever sheets she could on the bed as her vagina took the full wrath with no mercy.

Frankly speaking, I was just acting my role and did not care about her, especially not after the emotional and mental torture she put me through for the last few weeks.

As soon as her body went weak from my ferocious fucking, I placed her feet together and flipped her over, dragging her waist backwards to raise her ass for me. In that doggie position, I dipped my rod in for the second time and hammered her innards to a mess. Her body kept twitching and the struggles she put up with was useless in my vengeance-mode.

I was angry.

Lily (moaning): ‘I’ll let you go.. please stop.. I’m getting destroyed.’
Me: ‘No you’re not. You’re enjoying it!’

She continued moaning as I went deeper, going faster as I felt her pussy tightened. Juices were flowing non-stop and orgasms were felt directly on my dick. I could totally tell she was cumming non-stop with the ‘oh yes’ phrases whenever she climaxed.

Pumping my thick rod into a tiny hole was no joke. Despite the determination to make this agonising moment last, my own timer was about to go off. What else could I do? Except to make use of the final burst of energy to drive her insane?

Me (groaning): ‘Lily, I’m cumming.. ‘

The few seconds wait did not get me the command I needed and my mind was barely keeping up with the powerful strokes my body was making. At last, a plan came to mind and I took a pause, one that she sighed with much gratitude.

I leaned over her back and lined my chin against her shoulders, ready to surprise her with my action plan.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m going to cum inside you.’
Lily (shouting): ‘You can’t do that fucker! I’ll report you!’
Me: ‘Go ahead.’

I wrapped my arms around her body and thrust my hips, making short, quick strokes in the deepest ends of her pussy. The contracting vaginal walls simply refuted her threats, as if they wanted things to go my way.


My body jerked forward as the first shot filled her up, without any means to break free from my adrenaline-filled body. Her pussy kept milking me as I exploded, forcing my huge load into her unwilling body. After she felt me calming down, she no longer had any fight in her. Things were done, and she was helpless.

The used rod slipped out of her and I got off the bed, cleaning up with her panties while I checked the video on her phone. Well, I must say, the whole clip was worth jerking a few times to.

Tucking her phone into my pocket, I threw her blanket around her and left the room with my suitcase. Right as I stepped out of her house, her feeble voice was heard at her bedroom door.

Lily (weakly): ‘What are you going to do with my phone?’
Me: ‘I’ll help you upload it to the net. That’s what you wanted right? I’ll help you censor your face.’
Lily: ‘No.. please don’t.. you’ll kill me.’
Me: ‘You know where I work. Come find me tomorrow. We’ll edit it together. I’ve had enough of you.’

Before she could stumble to the doorstep, I was out and in the lift. For one, I was never going to ruin her by uploading it. This whole fucked-up shit just needed to end. I guess no one synced their iPhones to their computers anymore, let alone have a copy of everything unglamorous as a back up.

Nonetheless, I wonder how far would she go to prevent those clips from being spread around.


Jasper (WhatsApp): ‘Room 343.’

The message Melissa was waiting for finally came and she made her way to the lift. Wearing her school’s sky blue skirt and a white ‘Victoria’s Secret’ t-shirt, eyes were on her as she carried her backpack across the lobby. The door opened before she could hit the doorbell and a topless Indian man walked away after seeing his ‘order’.

Man: ‘I’m Muthu. You?’
Melissa: ‘Melissa. You can call me Mel though.’

He laid on the bed while she changed her top to the uniform in the matching blue colour. It was the request from the guy whom had caught hold of her compromising photos, putting her in a situation she could not get out off easily. Somehow, her bad habit of not closing the curtains in her room resulted in the collection of long videos Jasper had recorded at her window, from her changing her clothes to masturbating in the bright afternoon light. The fact that he even filmed her in HD made it worse if anyone had seen those videos.

Back to the room, she sat at the edge of the bed, sending a message to Jasper to let him know she had reached. Muthu was behind her, unbuttoning her blouse and reaching into her bra where his hand fondled her boobs like a dirty old man. Melissa stood up after her shirt was undone and let him stripped her skirt off, followed by the white panties she wore underneath.

Muthu: ‘Come. Let’s get started.’

She placed her phone down and turned around to see him lying comfortably at the headboard, legs opened wide and a red stick standing for her. Seeing that there was no way around this, she kneeled between his legs and began stroking him. The squeeze tube of lubricant was placed into her palm as the handjob went on, wetting her hands without anywhere to wipe it off.

After a few minutes, he commanded her to lie down and give him a blowjob, sounding fierce and impatient to the gentle shy girl who was forced into this situation. Beginning to feel the pressure, she laid on her chest and let him hold her head, guiding it to his dick. He gave her no chance to catch her breath before forcing her mouth over his dick, and using her mouth as a cum dump. Choking sounds echoed in the room and tears just flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks.

As her teeth closed, Muthu let one of his hands go and delivered a painful slap that glowed on her face like a hot iron rod was pushed onto her. She quickly composed herself and opened her jaws, returning back to gagging on the piece of meat that was causing irritation to her throat.

Muthu: ‘You’re quite bad in your blowjob. Climb on top now.’

He grabbed her by her arms and pulled towards himself. Of all things, she did not open her knees in time and sent a kick to his balls. Now, that was something she shouldn’t have done as another slap went across her face on the same side. He threw her face down on the bed and flipped her over violently. Bending one of her knees ninety degrees, he sat on her other leg and penetrated into her without a condom. The shocking pain caused her to freeze and her wrists were pinned behind her back.

Feeling his dick pierce into her pussy was the worst sensation she ever felt as her vagina heated up despite the lubricant he applied during the handjob. Every time she made sounds too loud for his liking, her ear would be twisted. As time went by, her pussy began relaxing for the rape and Muthu was heard groaning as he fucked her.

Just as her pussy tightened to an orgasm, he coiled the ends of the blanket around her wrists and tied her to one of the corners.

Muthu: ‘You wait here.’

He grabbed his phone and took a photo of her before making a call. From the conversation, she could hear him asking Jasper to come up and the minutes passed by quickly when the bell rang. The familiar face appeared shock at the state Melissa was in but something was holding him back from questioning Muthu.

Muthu: ‘Help me record.’

He shoved his phone into Jasper’s hand and it was aimed at her exhausted body. Muthu returned to the bed standing on it and tugging on the straps tied to her hands. Her hair was jerked mercilessly and her face was shoved into his groin, dick disappearing into her mouth in one stroke. Forcing himself on her, he treated her like a sex toy and fucked her mouth to his delight. Only when he felt his load about to come, did he drop her on the bed and flipped her to doggie.

Muthu: ‘I’m going to cum inside you bitch.’

The pleas from Jasper not to do that went unheard as he squeezed more lubricant behind her body. Except that he did not smear it over her pussy. Melissa yelped as his thumb pushed some of the jelly into her asshole and he pulled out to use her other hole. In under a minute, she felt some pain on her ass as he found his way for the first inch to disappear. Following that, a powerful jerk sent her screaming as he tore her anus apart, pumping violent to the crying girl who was too tired to resist.

A minute past before he cried out that he was cumming, and she felt her hole warming up as a gush of cum poured into the unexpected virgin opening never designed for sex. Groaning and moaning in despair, her body dropped lifeless after he pulled out. The man went to the toilet immediately and got dressed after getting what he wanted.

Muthu: ‘Your ass is great though. Here.’

A few pieces of two dollar notes was strewn over the bed and he left after taking his phone.

Jasper: ‘You alright?’

The poor girl couldn’t reply him no matter how many times he asked. He had turned her around and tucked her in, leaving her groin uncovered to air it.

Melissa: ‘Can I go now?’
Jasper: ‘Is it still painful?’
Melissa: ‘Yes it is.’

He did not just leave her to rest after hearing what pain she suffered. He had gone to his bag for a condom and slipped it on before she knew what was happening. Not that she had the strength to fight back, but the loss of hope had drained her motivation away to break out of the blackmail threat that was keeping her up every night.

Once again, her legs were opened and he leaned over her body. A smaller dick slid gracefully into her pussy and while it took away some pain, it had replaced it with some pleasure as well. As much as she did not want to enjoy it, it was soothing the pain at an alarming rate she could not reject.

The dick inside her began moving and her pussy was getting wetter. Moans came uncontrolled and her body was taking the chance to recover while the intended hole was being worked to take the pain away.

Jasper: ‘Feeling better now?’

She nodded at him and saw how caring he was, despite the fact he was the person that blackmailed her. Her body had recovered from the anal sex and she felt somewhat grateful to Jasper for the act of kindess. Wrapping her legs around him, he rammed deeper into her and let the pleasure flow through her body.

Jasper: ‘Can you suck me off? I don’t want to cum just like that.’
Melissa: ‘Don’t force me down k? I’ll be gentle.’

A ‘k‘ came from him and she let him take her place on the bed. Lying on his abs, she took his dick into her mouth and slurped the raw cock that was just inside her. Maintaining her suction and speed, she took her time to work her tongue along his shaft till she felt his legs trembling. The end of her torture was here and she went lower down on him.

Jasper: ‘I’m cumming.’

Those words were spoken in a tone so calm that she did not mind him cumming in her mouth. Sucking harder, the first squirt coated her tongue and the rest gathered in her cheeks, still using her lips to stimulate the sensitive area under his dick head. Finally, everything was done and she dashed into the toilet to relieve her bowels.

After expelling the unwanted cum in her ass, she joined Jasper under the sheets where she willingly tucked into his arms.

Melissa ((whispering): ‘Can I just serve you alone? I don’t want other guys to touch me anymore.’

The two of them dozed off after a heart to heart talk and all she needed to do from them was to satisfy his needs, and she would be taken care of.


Feeling a little down by the lack of passengers for the day, a hand stuck out into the road along Marsiling and I glanced to my rearview mirror for any other cabs that might be snatching my customer. Driving a taxi for so many years, I have seen all sorts of customers, including those that dressed so sexily like this girl.

Me: ‘小妹,去哪里?’

I looked back at her when she told me her address while adjusting herself at the backseats, legs almost spreading wide enough to let me catch an upskirt. Her long bleached hair and her long legs complimented her so well I couldn’t stop staring once she got busy on her phone.

Me: ‘Working so late?’
Girl: ‘Oh. I just ended my tuition. N levels coming.’
Me: ‘I see. What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Celestine. Why eh?’
Me: ‘No lah. I like to talk with my passengers. Can learn more about the outside world.’
Celestine: ‘Haha. Sorry uncle. I’m a bit tired. I will catch a nap first. Let me know when we reach?’
Me: ‘Ok ok. Can can. Goodnight.’

The seductive straps going around her neck seemed like a halter neck bra and it made her thin shoulders stand out. I kept driving till we reached the place she stated, hardly and residential buildings to be called home.

Me: ‘Umm.. Celestine?’

I turned to her and nudged her knees before she opened her eyes wearily. She looked out of the windows and a frantic look appeared.

Celestine: ‘Where are we?’
Me: ‘Look out at the pole. It’s the road you said.’
Celestine: ‘It’s not here leh.’
Me: ‘Huh? Where else have this road? You want to call and check? It’s a long way in and I still need to pick up other customers. How much money do you have?’

I bombarded her with the standard questions when faced with customers who gave wrong addresses to hinder our long hours of work. It wasn’t easy to make money in this times and although she didn’t looked like those kind who would intentionally tell me a wrong address, I was still hours away from ending my shift.

Celestine: ‘My mother only gave me S$10. Can drive me out of here and I find my way home?’
Me: ‘Girl, cannot lah. S$10 not enough to cover my gas, still want me to drive you out? Just give me what you have and alight here.’

A frightened face looked at me and we spoke in a heated tone, arguing about me cheating her and even wanting to drop her at some secluded area. After five minutes of pointless debate, I was out of ideas about how to settle this without intimidating her further.

Me: ‘不然这样,你给我看看,摸摸你的小妹妹,我就送你回家。’
Celestine: ‘你。。没别的办法吗?’

My patience was running out and I did not say anything. After a few minutes of rummaging her bag for money, she replied in a soft voice, ‘好吧。’ Finally, we were heading somewhere and I took off to a multi-storey carpark nearby.

She did not speak a word when I got out of my door to join her in the back. Her bag was placed away from us and I sat behind the front passenger seat while she hid behind the driver’s.

Me: ‘Come, don’t waste time. Open your legs.’

She turned herself to face me and left one leg on the floor while the other got on the seat. I slid my hands along her thighs and reached for her panties, except that it was only a tiny string that kept her decency in place. Tugging the g-string off her legs, I tucked it between the backrest and raised her dress to her waist.

She held it for me and I focused my attention on the curved mould between her legs. Carefully splitting her pussy apart, I found her clit and rubbed on it forcefully, feeling her body tremble as I masturbated for this young looking girl.

Me: ‘How old are you?’
Celestine (whispering): ‘Sixteen.’
Me: ‘Sensitive body huh?’

I repositioned my finger at her pussy and waited for her to nod before pushing my way into the wet hole. A sharp gasp was heard and I had to undo my pants while I rammed my fingers into her. Her moans couldn’t get any sexier when I increased my speed, sending her into orgasms while my dick got more excited about instigating her to do things while she was high.

As she was slouching opposite me, the juices that coated my fingers seemed so tantalising. I kneeled in front of her and went down to taste this sweet, young thing, flicking her clit in my mouth as I slurped up her juices.

I did not stop till her back arched upwards and released yet another wave of yummy juices, signalling the end of her enjoyment. How could she be the person to be having fun right? Once she was out of breath from the climax, it was time for her to ‘pay’ the fare.

Me: ‘Come. Help me out.’

I leaned against the passenger door while she bent over to my dick. She used some of her saliva to lubricate her hands and proceeded to jerk me. My dick was so close to her face that I wanted to just force her head down but it was risky for me to be doing that to a 16 year old.

Having no choice, her hand was all I could ask for and she just kept pumping while breathing in the manly scent from my day’s long of driving. I closed my eyes and just kept groaning as her hand went faster. It was truly a good time for me to relieve myself after working for so many years without a chance to do such things with my passengers.

About five minutes later, I could feel my urge coming but I did not want her to know. Smiling at the busy girl, she jolted up when the first load blew into her face and my cum continued to spray over her fingers as she held it in shock.

Quickly, I grabbed her g-string to clean my cum off her hand and stuffed it into her bag that was behind me.

Me: ‘You’re good with your hands.’
Celestine: ‘Can we go now?’

I zipped my pants up and went into the driver’s seat, started the taxi and drove out of the carpark. From the mirror, I could see her picking out her underwear and rolling it into a bundle before keeping it.

I got her postal code and keyed it into my phone, driving non-stop until we reached her place, a semi-detached bungalow just along the road we stopped earlier.

Me: ‘Girl, take this.’

Four pieces of ten dollars were taken from my hand and she darted out of the car hastily. Just as she was looking for her keys, I unrolled the window facing her and called out.

Me (shouting): ‘Celestine, thanks for the wonderful time. Want me to pick you up tomorrow?’

She did not turn back and disappeared into the house, knowing she won’t do what she just did again. Feeling refreshed from the handjob I received, vivid images of her jerking me off was still in my mind while I went around continuing to pick up and drop off passengers.

Definitely a good day to remember for time to come.

Raped by Some Guy

After a long wait for Evelyn to head to the shower room, Seth walked behind her eyeing on her cute, small butt in that high cut FBT shorts. It was a reckless plan he thought of when he saw her nude pictures emailed to him by her current boyfriend, on the request that he raped her and bring her ego down. It was no problem for him since she had been one of those sought-after girls who did not care about any guys that came from humble backgrounds, only hanging out with those rich and pretty friends.

Once she turned into the ladies, he waited for a while before entering. Locking the door and pulling down the full face mask he held ready in his hands, everything was in place for his evil plan. Evelyn did not notice that it was a guy who entered and Seth wasted no time as well, going behind her and dragging her by her hair into one of the shower cubicles.

His hand over her mouth suppressed the futile screams and a punch to her waist quietened her in a split second.

Seth (whispering): ‘You can either listen to me, or get your face punched up.’
Evelyn: ‘Okay okay.. what do you want?’

He did not want to expose himself by speaking and simply shoved her to the wall, where he placed her hands on it. Tugging her shorts down, the g-string she wore ripped easily with a strong pull and she was bare waist down in an instant.

Evelyn: ‘No, please don’t.. I’ll give you money.’
Seth (whispering): ‘I am not interested in money. You’ve been asking for it for a long time.’

Evelyn’s pleas went unheard as his zip went down, pants dropping loudly onto the dry shower floor. He lifted her by the waist and dropped her a few steps away from the wall in front, further pushing her chest perpendicular to her legs. He then took one of her arms and locked it behind, using it to keep her compliant for the rest of the session.

Giving his dick a spit, he rubbed his saliva over his rod and placed it at her pussy. A hard shove then sent it into her and sent her groaning in pain from the rough entry. Holding her waist with his other hand, he pounded her continuously while she was moaning loudly to get the attention of the passing students. Sadly for her, no one had walked past and she was being fucked by a fellow student with a mask on.

After a few minutes of standing doggie, Seth had enough of her less-than-ideal tightness. How disappointing was it when he did not get his kick out of fucking this hot JC girl. Requesting her to kneel on the floor, he moved her to the wall and placed her head against the tiles. Squatting just enough to position his dick at her mouth, he jabbed that meat lolli into her and used the wall as a support to stop her from moving, as well as to go as deep as he wanted.

Evelyn could not make a sound with his dick in her mouth and the forceful thrusts disabled her thoughts about giving him a bite. She was practically choking and Seth was enjoying the mouth fuck, being tighter and wetter. Going for as long as five minutes, the poor girl was turning pale from the lack of air and Seth knew she wasn’t going to help him cum with the current frightened mindset.

Seth: ‘If you want this to be over, suck me till I cum. I won’t force it on you.’

He made some space between his dick and her mouth and let her catch some air before she went down on him again. This time, a much cooperative girl used her tongue to tease his dick, while her lips stroked along his shaft with a hard press together.

This ‘rape’ had taken a unique turn when he felt how good she was with her mouth, working diligently on the swollen cock. Another few minutes passed before he felt her hardwork came to an end and he was cumming soon.

Seth: ‘I am going to shoot now. Take it all in your mouth. Keep going.’

Evelyn moved her mouth faster upon hearing that and kept swirling her tongue around his dick head. Expectedly or unexpectedly, Seth finally blew his load in her mouth and forced her head up and down to milk every drop of it. The last part took him a minute to recover from her powerful suction and he hurriedly wore his pants back.

Stepping out of the cubicle with his clothes straightened, he took his phone out and snapped a few photos of the girl still kneeling on the floor, with cum all over her lips when she tried to push them out.

Seth: ‘I’m done. See you soon. And don’t be so bitchy.’

He ran out of the toilet and left the place, leaving Evelyn in a dirtied state with cum dripping all over her body. Whatever happened after was none of his concern, only tasked to send the photos to her boyfriend once he did his job.

After that incident, Evelyn had became nicer to all her friends and wore longer clothes, partly to cover the bruises delivered by the unknown classmate. For her boyfriend, he went into bondage and those violent sex, often inviting Seth over to join in the fun when she was all tied up.

‘Emotional blackmail’ was the term to use and she was a victim, afraid to let her boyfriend know what happened in the toilet (despite him already knowing it) for the fear he would leave her.

Wishful Thinking

After the young girl dressed in a lacy office wear alighted his cab, Wai turned his vehicle into a nearby coffee shop where he would usually drink at. As usual, he did a check on the passenger seat before leaving his car and saw a thick brown envelope stuck between the backdoor. Taking it with him to the coffee shop table, he ordered his two bottles of beer before opening the envelope. As he had expected, it was money. Not in denotations of fifty, but the rarely seen ten thousand dollar notes of Singapore. There was no need to count it as he knew that stack would be in the millions, and a sudden realisation of getting out of his mediocre life put his morals to the test.

Wai lost his mood for beer after the thick wad of notes awakened in his hand , no longer sure if ‘the right thing’ mattered any more than ‘the sensible thing’. After a few mouths from his mug, that forgetful rich girl came running into the carpark, frantically looking for his yellow cab. Seeing that there was no one in the vehicle, she scanned the tables at the coffee shop and spotted him at the smoking area, looking at her in a disappointed gaze.

Girl: ‘Did you see a brown envelope in your car?’
Wai: ‘You mean this?’

He raised it up from the yellow chair and placed it on the table, resting his hand firmly on it.

Girl: ‘Yes yes!’
Wai: ‘I can’t give it to you. I don’t know if you are the person who left it in my car.’
Girl: ‘What the hell! I just got off your car! It’s really mine.’
Wai: ‘Any proof?’

The poor girl was almost crying when he said that he was bringing it to a police, suspecting that the money came from unclean sources. Despite being saddened that he could not claim the package, he did not want to part with it so easily too. If he had turned it over to the authorises, there might even be a chance of a reward.

Girl: ‘Can we don’t talk here? Let’s go to my place.’

Wai wasn’t sure she was alone in this, for there might be men waiting, even ready to kill for it.

Wai: ‘Why don’t YOU come to my place. I don’t want to get killed by your friends.’
Girl: ‘But I really want to settle it.. Argh fine. Let’s go now.’

He hugged the envelope tightly in his arms before leading her to his place, right above the coffee shop. Before he could removed his shoes, the girl kicked her heels away and went to the middle of the living room, stripping her dress in repayment.

Wai: ‘What are you doing?’
Girl: ‘Get my money back.’
Wai: ‘You tell me where it comes from.’
Girl: ‘I.. clean money for a living.’
Wai: ‘How?’

In very simple terms, she explained to him how it worked and the dreams of earning from her job was tempting too. She continued stripping her bra and panties off, going down on her knees between his legs. Wai did not move an inch except to give her a ‘what are you waiting for’ nod. She undid his belt and whipped his cock out of his sweaty underwear, taking a sobbing sniff after.

As her mouth went over his dick, he took out the wad of notes and opened the piece of folded paper clipped between them.

Wai: ‘Alicia Goh. 28. Address is here. Company is here.’
Alicia: ‘What are you planning to do?’
Wai: ‘Why did you stop?’

She went back to sucking his salty dick and going deeper this time, trying her best to distract him from the contents in the paper. Although Wai did not receive a high education, he was gifted with good memory and stuffed the note back in between the stack of money.

Wai: ‘So, you’re going to Royal B*** casino for this huh? I have seen what you are going to do. You think the police will give me a reward for this?’

She ended the blowjob abruptly and started climbing over him. The sofa was wide enough for a little cowgirl ride and she mount herself over his dick with a sensual moan into his ear.

Alica (whispering): ‘You won’t be so bad as to expose me right?’
Wai: ‘And you know I can get better sex with this money right?’

Her pussy began rising and falling, engulfing his dick in a constant motion into her warm hole. As he recited the procedure for the money laundering, Alicia went faster and harder, till he was finally groaning. In a swift move, he grabbed his old Nokia phone and took some time to go into video recording mode, holding it at her face as she was moaning.

Wai: ‘Suck me again.’
Alicia: ‘Can you don’t record?’

No words came from him as she went between his feet again, slurping his wet cock and keeping her sight on the phone. The bright LED light was blaring into her eyes but she was on a different mission – to get the money back. Going deeper with her tongue roaming around his dick head, Wai was truly enjoying the girl’s service by then, watching her suck his dirty cock in the tiny screen of his phone.

Wai: ‘Bend over the table. I’m going to fuck you from behind.’

Alicia had no choice but turned herself around, half squatting with her butt facing him. He held his dick upright and commanded her to sit. The slow descend down his cock was captured so clearly in his phone that he was already tempted to replay it. After he was fully embedded, she began rocking her body forward and back, massaging his dick with the long strokes.

Wai: ‘Don’t move like that. Use only your butt.’

The first few tries ended up all over the place but she quickly found the tempo to just bounced her knees, slamming her pussy over his groin.

Wai: ‘Yes yes. Just like that. It feels so good.’

This particular position set off her pleasure spots and she was getting into the mood, feeling her vagina being stretched by his manhood as he entered, over and over again. Soon, the girl was getting disorientated and could not maintain her pace. Alicia slammed her butt onto his groin during the orgasm and Wai grunted like a bear as her pussy squashed his rod.

Wai: ‘I think that’s enough fun for you. Just suck me off.’

Sitting in the tiny space between the table and couch, he moved closer to the edge and let her work those luscious lips, milking him as he kept filming. He slouched onto the backrest after she went faster, and no longer threatened her anymore.

Wai: ‘I’m going to cum in your mouth.’

Right after he said that, a huge load burst into her mouth and she swallowed each time he squirted. Going down on him after he came resulted in the most wonderful sensation he could not forget, as it was the first time he felt it. Alicia knew exactly when to stop and used her hand to extract the last bit, slurping it up before looking blankly at him.

Wai: ‘How much commission do you get?’
Alicia: ‘Twenty percent.’
Wai: ‘Quite a lot for a simple job huh? I’m going to keep nineteen percent for you first. Use the one percent to finish the task. Then come back for the rest.’

A quick mental calculation gave him the total figure and one percent alone was a piece of ten thousand dollar note. She hastily took whatever that was left and snapped a picture on her phone, sending it through email to presumingly, the person who had entrusted her with the money.

After Wai requested to keep her underwear, Alicia put on her dress and left his place, wondering how many more times does she have to do it before he would return the full amount. The confident taxi driver had her personal details, compromising videos and a huge sum of he money, almost nothing to be worried about, not even a police report about blackmailing.

As they spiralled into the depth of the seven sins, Alicia found herself feeling something for her unexpectere partner-in-crime during the next few months they met. From then, they had set off on a journey that could not be undone. She later sold her place moved in with Wai, to get even more collateral to expand her business. You know? Something like insurance for get her clients to entrust her with more money.

Alicia: ‘We’re going to Dubai tomorrow. Don’t bring anything, we’ll shop there.’

Wai was already standing in front of the bed, naked and rock hard. Alicia wasted no more time and granted him with a striptease, before falling on her back with her legs opened for him.

Alicia (whispering): ‘I want you to rape me tonight.’

He grabbed the silk rope that was always on standby around the bedframe and wrapped her wrists together, attacking her nipples to the unprepared girl. Her pussy was the last to receive any love from him, a routine she had never gotten used to, for him to heightened her desperation for sex.

That very night, although it was just one out of many, she struggled herself free after his foreplay and rode him till he came. Throughout the years they had been together, he was getting stronger and fitter from the twice-a-day sex, lasting for close to an hour before she could get him to cum.

Let’s hope their blissful relationship would last before the law catch up with them.

High Score

As the school bell rang after the last lesson of the day, Ricky went up to his biology teacher, Mrs. Koh, with an envelope. She had a stack of worksheets in her hands and the letter was dropped on top of it, while he asked her to look at it when she was free. Mrs. Koh did not think much of the gesture and made her way towards the staff room after giving him a smile, guessing that it was a personal note to thank her or perhaps to ask her some personal questions.

For two years, the 28-year-old teacher took Ricky’s class for biology, and was an ideal person for anyone to confide in. She basically acted as a counsellor to any students, highly respected for her dedication to getting good grades. On the other hand, Ricky was a quiet boy who did average for most of his subjects, particularly excelling in art and non-memory subjects. He had been one of the problem-free student she never had to worry about.

Back in the staff room, she freed her hands and tided her desk a little before getting into the chair, prepared to go through one of the most difficult paper she ever created for them. On top of the stack was the envelope, so she had to take a look at it first. Gliding the penknife across the flap, a word filled piece of paper showed itself. Holding it in her hand, she felt a harder piece of paper, similar to a photograph. Skipping the wordy sheet, the photo was pulled out behind it and she tucked it back instantly, shocked at what she just saw.

The quick glimpse was enough to scare her wits out, for it was a nude picture of herself, taken with her ex-boyfriend whose face wasn’t shown. The details regarding when and where the photo was shot resurfaced in her mind, and everything in her life suddenly became irrelevant.

Mrs. Koh is also known as Desiree.

Colleague: ‘Desiree, joining us for lunch?’
Desiree: ‘I have something on later. Won’t be joining you guys. So sorry.’
Colleague: ‘Alright then. See you tomorrow.’

The piece of paper with the words turned important and she frantically unfolded it. Upon reading just the top part, she understood what was happening. Ricky had stumbled upon her intimate photos on a picture sharing site, much like, and had reported all of the photos with her face a minute into the publication. All of her photos were removed within 15 minutes, but not before he made a download of everything related to her. Now, here came the time to ‘repay’ him for his quick-witted actions, or risk undoing what he did for her.

Mrs. Koh’s Christian name, Desiree, was shown clearly in the photo, tattooed across her heart. It could not be a worse mistake she made she was younger. Very quickly, she sent a text to the number written on the note, belonging to Ricky. And a few messages later, a ‘date’ was set up to start with the repayment for his act.

Worriedly, she walked towards the void deck a few minutes drive away, to see Ricky sitting at the table with books and foolscap laid on it. He waved at her and began packing his bag, ready to head for another place that was more private. It was only 2pm when they met, and there was no place she could imagine that was free of people. Even flats had people constantly walking about, doing daily chores and grocery shopping.

The walk to another block was in silence, until they reached the top most level of the flat, where a single unit was on the floor. The door was locked in chains and Ricky knew that particular unit was unoccupied, because it belonged to his family but remained unoccupied. Desiree did not know about that, and did not ask either.

Ricky: ‘Mrs. Koh, shall we start?’
Desiree: ‘Start with what? And don’t call be by that name.’
Ricky: ‘Okay then. Desiree, stand against this wall.’

With a height of 1.7m, he was slightly taller than his teacher and it made things a whole lot easier when he pulled himself close to her by her waist, brushing her hair aside and started making out with her. Desiree had no choice but to let him take advantage as he had indeed saved her. Things could be worse if more people had her photos and asked for the same thing. Instead, serving one would be better than more.

She kept her eyes tightly shut as she felt his hands moving up her skirt, tucking it underneath as he made his way to her panties. The smooth area of her panties between her crouch was made possible thanks to her ex-boyfriend, who paid for the IPL hair removal, making the hairless state permanent. Ricky couldn’t be more excited to feel up his teacher’s pussy, displaying such beauty to his touch. Her navy blue blouse was untucked from her skirt and unbuttoned, giving a feast to the seemingly innocent boy’s hand. The white lace layered strapless bra was tugged to her waist and her nipples were attacked by his mouth, hungrily licking and sucking on the sensitive tips.

Her body could not resist the energetic young man’s advances, making her moan softly with a totally different voice from her classes. For once, Ricky seen her soft side and his erection grew in response to the gentle shiver of her body. While her breasts received all his attention, his hands had pulled her pink cotton panties with sheer hemlines down to her knees, where it fell to her ankles and got kicked away.

Seeing how prepared she was, her bra was unclasped and flung to a side too, giving him full access to her body.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, how did you maintain your sexy body? I can’t get enough of it.’
Desiree: ‘I do it daily with my husband.’
Ricky: ‘Meaning that you will be even slimmer since you will be doing it often with me too?’
Desiree: ‘I don’t know.. ‘

Her innocent look turned Ricky on to the max and he took a step back to undo his long pants, whipping his dick out after his underwear reached his trousers at his feet. He brought her silky smooth hand to his hard on and she stroked it lightly, unsure of how sensitive he was or how he liked it to be done. His fingers returned to her pussy and he only used a little effort to slide his middle finger between her pussy lips, moving on to rub her swollen clit at high-speed.

Needless to say, Desiree was moaning louder and her breathing got faster. She had been fighting hard not to crumble to her knees. The urge to devour that piece of youthful rod was too strong even for her strong character. His fingers slowly dived lower between her legs and the first inch entered her body, driving her insane with temptation.

Giving in to his demands, she finally rested her chin on his shoulders, whispering into his ears and asking if he wanted a blowjob. There was no way he could say no, especially to this sweet looking body with a glimmering light pink lipstick on. A kiss to her ears was the answer.

They changed position to let him lean against the wall, and his trousers was removed completely. She squatted with her legs opened between his, and she brought the dick lower so she could admire it. Keeping her eyes on his expression, her mouth went to work, starting with a kiss on his tip. Keeping her lips pressed, she pulled his waist closer to her and the long piece of meat disappeared into her mouth. It did not stop until her mouth was near to his groin, and her head started moving up and down his shaft.

The well-trained tongue tracked along the veins on his penis, lubricating it while her head thrust at it mercilessly. Looking closely at her diligent student, he was high in the heavens with his eyes rolling behind his closed lids, and the roaming hands on her head showed her how much he wanted to fuck her mouth, but he controlled himself not to. Giving the young boy a satisfying blowjob was all she wanted, and he gladly received it without taking advantage – or rather, further advantage.

After five minutes of non-stop sucking, Ricky sobered up as his cock almost unloaded. She guessed that he knew and paused at the base, giving him a tight suck as train exited the tunnel. She stood up and his fingers returning to her pussy detected a trail of juices flowing down her legs. His teacher obviously needed more.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, can you stand at the railings?’

She went over and kept still, while he pulled at her waist to make her take two steps away from the railing. His feet nudged at her heels and she parted her legs shoulder width apart, bending her body to place her chest over the handrail. Never before she had so much privacy while in public, and it was getting so thrilling for her that she wanted him inside.

A few seconds later, her pussy got what she wished for and the tip entered her opening. With her eyes closed, she could feel his penis prying her tight hole apart and stroking along her vagina walls as it sunk deeper. In no time, he was fully parked in her slot and he was grunting without movements.

Desiree: ‘Is something wrong?’
Ricky: ‘It’s my first time.’
Desiree: ‘Really! Take your time then. I’m yours for now.’

It was amazing to feel his size inside her, it was almost the same thickness as her husband, but only longer. That extra length made all the difference and she wanted him to fuck her slowly, so the fun would last longer. Finally, after a minute of wait, she felt his hands on her thin waist and the hot rod began pumping.

Slurping in and out of her pussy, she could not help the erratic contractions of her body. Doing the same ‘squeeze’ felt extra good, but her mind was finding it harder to maintain the same pressure as he picked up his speed. Shoving his dick faster at her, his grip got tighter and her mind was drifting into a trance. He was moving at his fastest when she suddenly lost control of her orgasms and peed through the metal rails into the flight of stairs in front of her.

Seeing how crazy she got, Ricky fucked her with all his might, determined to get her addicted. Her pussy was wrapped so closely to his shaft, but her juices made things more slippery for him. Of course, for a first timer, he knew he might not last long. Less than five minutes into the intercourse, he felt the urge coming and went berserk after he realised no amount of relaxation or ‘Zen’ could delay his ejaculation.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, I think I am going to cum.’
Desiree: ‘Shoot inside me.’
Ricky: ‘But you will get pregnant.’
Desiree: ‘Don’t worry. I won’t.’

Since she had said so, he held nothing back as he grabbed her shoulders, driving his dick even deeper. The long strokes he did made her climax another time before the sudden pause in his hips. Desiree could feel her next orgasm coming and stood a little straighter, hands going onto his waist and holding it still. She started grinding her butt on his thighs where his dick was in a standstill mode, unsure whether to cum or not. Making that grinding action slowly built up her climax again and her vagina contracted desperately around his shaft, ready for the last lap.

As he needed a little more help to shoot, he began ramming his dick into her again and felt his muscles tightened, body going into overdrive. The warm cum fired into her pussy and the first shot hit her G-spot, sending her into a tremble while his rod continued unloading into her. The milking motion of her vagina kept squeezing him for more while she grabbed onto the handrail tighter, keeping her body stable while her body tried to overtake the pleasurable twin climax.

They stood in that position for at least two minutes, until she recovered and his balls were emptied. Very slowly, she stood back up and he pulled his dick out of her. Ricky went back to his bag against the wall and she followed, only to turn him around before he bent down for his belongings. Her knees touched the ground and her mouth went over his rod, giving him a few long suck before licking the skin around his shaft, cleaning him up. She had a taste of his cum and it was as familiar as her husband’s, sweet with a little bitterness.

Ricky: ‘You like it?’
Desiree: ‘Don’t want you to waste tissue.’

She went to her side and wore her bra back, adjusting her clothes before holding up her wet panties to him. She pulled opened his pockets and tucked it in, before turning away shyly to touch up her hair.

Ricky: ‘Thanks Mrs. Koh.’
Desiree: ‘Remember to call me by the right name in school. I can trust you right?’
Ricky: ‘Of course, I didn’t do all these to harm you.’

After the big clean up, she dropped him off at a nearby bus stop before returning home to her husband. The sex at night between the married couple had a little change, with more energy and a different sexual appreciation for her own body. Through the session, the physical impression of Ricky’s dick in her pussy made everything wilder, and her husband was more than happy to be on the receiving end.

A Little Rub

To make up for the lapsed entries everyone has been waiting for, Jhae is publishing a story he just completed. Apologies for what happened, and this will be one of the few (hopefully) this month during the hiatus. Once again, thank you guys for your continual support.

Melinda (whispering): ‘Hey! Not here!’

Rick pushed his way between her crossed legs and she let him, trying to sit lower under the table in case anyone walked past. She had wore the blue spaghetti top with thin straps and a pair of white skirt that has a high slit between her thighs. That particular outfit was bought by him for dates on such free days from their work.

Rick’s fingers pushed onto her matching white panties and caused a moan, where she quickly silenced by grabbing his bulge in response. Stroking his member, she felt her panties shifting to the side and his fingers coming in direct contact with her pussy.

Rubbing away, her reaction was slowly pushing her embarrassment away.

Melinda (whispering): ‘Wait wait.. ‘
Melinda: ‘Umm.. excuse me. Where is the toilet?’
Waiter: ‘Upstairs.’

She grabbed her purse and Rick led the way, spotting a store room that has a sign ‘Staff Only’ on it. Without a word, he dragged her into the room and flipped her skirt, pinning Melinda against the wall and digging into her panties.

Rick (whispering): ‘You’re so wet babe.’
Melinda (whispering): ‘And you’re so hard.. ‘

As they continued petting, they had missed the footsteps coming up the stairs, till the door suddenly burst opened wide. A quick fumble tucked his dick back between the zipper and her skirt was messily hanging on her mid-thigh, while her spag top was barely covering her nipple-sticker-only boobs.

Waiter: ‘C’mon! This is out of bounds.’

Being the last two customers in the resturant, there was no need to pay extra attention to them. They got it all. Shamelessly, the guy fished two pieces of fifty dollar notes and handed to him, before leaving his girlfriend to get her skirt into place.

Melinda: ‘Just don’t report this to your boss k? This is for you.’

Another fifty dollar note was pushed into the waiter’s palm and they hurried downstairs to their belongings.

Waiter (shouting): ‘Excuse me miss!’

Melinda turned back to see what she had forgotten and only saw him pointing at the ceiling. To her shock, an old rotating camera was in the corner and the red LED light was unmistakable.

Melinda (shouting): ‘Wait!’

Melinda (shouting): ‘Dear! Dear!’

The swinging glass door needed no more description as it signalled his departure, leaving her helpless with the waiter who was pissed off by their late night dinner beyond his working hours.

Melinda: ‘Fuck my life!’

Her wallet was empty save for a few pieces of two dollar notes, and the waiter just stood at the cash register finalising their bill.

Melinda: ‘Umm.. I can give you more money.. ‘
Waiter: ‘It’s alright. I’m not after money. I need to go home.’
Melinda: ‘Will your boss check the CCTV?’
Waiter: ‘It records when there are motion detected. Your boyfriend didn’t stay quite still right?’
Melinda: ‘Ex.. I’m so done with him.’
Waiter: ‘Okay. So can I go now?’

She rushed outside the restaurant and yanked the halfway-down shutter, closing it fully. Getting back to her unkempt table, she began stacking the plates with her shaking hands.

Melinda: ‘I’ll help you pack k?’

The waiter did not say anything and joined her, bringing all the plates into the kitchen where they were left in a sink. Without stopping, she began washing them till all the dishes were in it.

Waiter: ‘Excuse me. This is my job. You can leave already.’

He shoved her aside with his hips and took over the washing, while she stood out of sight. Slowly, sobbing sounds got louder but no one paid attention, there were things to be done thanks to her – or them.

Until the sight of her blue spag came onto the dish rack where he piled the plates, only did he quicken and finish the last of them.

He turned around to see Melinda nude, with just a pair of stickers on her breasts. Needless to say, an erection stirred under his work pants and he led her out of the kitchen with her top.

Melinda (sobbing): ‘Can you do something about the CCTV?’

Standing in front of the sweet looking, brown-tinted hair girl, she remained seated after completing her sentence. His belt came undone and pants peeled opened, with a hard object behind his underwear.

With her teary eyes, she began stroking his dick, that had not seen any release in a week. Knowing what she should do, her hand did not stop pumping to get him to groan continuously.

Waiter: ‘Hey, I think it’s okay. I don’t think it’s going to be easy to get me to shoot.’

Her lips parted and a bit of snort lubricated his entry. As she went straight to deep throat, a long groan satisfied him and his hand went behind her head, guiding her into the momentum that was fast but nothing she could not handle.

A hand reached for her boobs and squeezed, making her go deeper for longer duration. The full wrath of her throat was massaging his rod and he was getting so close to demanding sex.

Gradually, moans came and the blowjob was at its full speed, pressing all the right spots for him to cum.

Abruptly, Melinda stopped and caught her breath, before standing up to remove her panties. Those sticky, wet panties only told him one thing, one thing that she got ahead to asking him for.

Melinda (whispering): ‘If I fucked you, can you help me out of this mess?’
Waiter: ‘Then I don’t want it.’
Melinda: ‘Please, you have to help me.’

She lifted her body onto the table and opened her legs, skirt pulled all the way to her waist. She gently held his dick and brought it closer. Using her feet, she pushed him into her and the size of it immediately garnered a tight huge into her boobs.

Melinda (whispering): ‘You’re really big.. bigger than.. ‘

Using the bit of extra meat on her ass, she rocked her body back and forth, fucking the lucky guy without him moving a muscle. Suddenly, he held her still and looked down into her eyes, pulling himself out at the same time.

Waiter: ‘I’ll help you. You can stop already.’
Melinda: ‘Really?’

A nod from him secured her worried state and he helped her off the table. Before he could pull his pants back, she stopped him and wrapped her slim fingers around his rod.

Melinda: ‘At least let me help you shoot.’
Waiter: ‘Hey.. no.. ‘

He could not finish what he wanted to say in that mouth that quickly devoured him, moving way faster than when he received her blowjob out of guilt. This time, it was gratitude and he could feel it in his balls.

Ramming her face into his groin, his hips went to work and moved in sync, pounding at her beautiful face.

Waiter: ‘I’m going to cummm.. ‘

She slid his cock down her throat and held it in place, letting her body squeeze him for the final blow.


Choking slightly, his huge load of cum poured into her stomach, where she could not hold him in any longer and pulled herself away. He lined her gullet all the way to her lips with cum, till a few gentle sucks drew the last bit of him out.

The sexed-up duo rested for a few minutes before wearing their clothes back, skipping her panties and stickers for her final outfit.

Waiter: ‘Wait for me for a while. I’ll rewind the tape to overwrite your part.’

He disappeared into the storage room again, and swapped it with a new tape, keeping the ‘action-packed’ one into his bag. There was still lots to do with the old one.

Waiter: ‘Done!’

She gave him a kiss to thank him and hopped on a cab, where he offered to drop her off before heading home. During the ride, the unsatisfied girl was clinging onto him and hinting for him to help her out.

What more could I say when he alighted with her, at a humble HDB flat where she lived with her parents. In a way, the ‘blackmail’ kind of sex turned her on and into a lady that could not keep her panties dry. Especially not with the waiter who found a way to own and keep her at his disposal.

Imagine what happens every night after the restaurant closes.. the banging sounds.. the sensual moans.. the unforgettable explosion in that cutesy looking, pink lipstick mouth..